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Automotive window glass codes

If you look closely at your car's side glasses or even the front windshield and rear/hatch glass, you would note quite a few stuff imprinted on the glass. ISI mark is prominent. Along that, there is

# Car manufacturer's name [Ford/Skoda]

# Glass manufacturer's name [Saint Gobain/AIS]

# And a code which is marked by E and is followed by numerical, like E2 [Scorpio], Yeti [E8] IIRC, Figo [E4]

What does this decipher to? Thickness of glass? Hence the poor insulation inside a Scorpio and pin drop silence in the Yeti or Figo? One moment, I hopped from a Swift to a Polo and could instantly feel the amount of noise [external] which got cut and couldn't filter in.

Apart from other parameters which aid NVH, IMO thickness of glass too plays an important role.

Would love to know, what those spooky silent high end Germans come with, what code/s?

Finally, the question is, do those numbers denote thickness?

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Originally Posted by Sheel View Post
# And a code which is marked by E and is followed by numerical, like E2 [Scorpio], Yeti [E8] IIRC, Figo [E4]

Finally, the question is, do those numbers denote thickness?
The "E" means that the glass has been approved for road use in Europe on European member licensed automobiles by the Economic Committee of Europe (ECE). The number next to the "E" indicates the country which approved the item.

The numbers are as follows:
1 - Germany;
2 - France;
3 - Italy;
4 - Netherlands;
5 - Sweden;
6 - Belgium;
7 - Hungary;
8 - Czech Republic;
9 - Spain;
10 - Yugoslavia;
11 - United Kingdom;
12 - Austria;
13 - Luxembourg;
14 - Switzerland;
15 - (vacant);
16 - Norway;
17 - Finland;
18 - Denmark;
19- Romania;
20 - Poland;
21 - Portugal;
22 - Russian Federation;
23 - Greece;
24 - (vacant);
25 - (vacant); and
26 - Slovenia.


Found some more information

Automotive glass marking should contain:

A trademark or a name of the manufacturer;An official confirmation according to rules R43 ECE United Nations or the instruction 92/22/СЕЕ of states which form the EEC.

Besides designations of foreign standards to which autoglass, date of its manufacturing etc. correspond can be specified.
Examples of automotive glass marking:

Name:  ForumRunner_20160415_114352.png
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1. A trademark of the manufacturer.

2. Glass type:*Laminated ― a multilayered glass, Tempered ― a tempered glass.

3. The expanded type of glass:*I - strengthened windshield, II - standard multilayered windshield, III – worked-out multilayered windshield, IV – plastic glass, V - other (not windshield) glass with light transmission coefficient low than 70 %, V-VI - double glass with light transmission coefficient low 70 %, absence of index - glass light transmission coefficient not low than 70 %.

4. Countries have given an official confirmation of a code:*1-Germany, 2-France, 3-Italy, 4-Netherlands, 5-Sweden, 6-Belgium, 7-Hungary, 8-Czechia, 9-Spain, 10-Yugoslavia, 11-England, 12-Austria, 13-Luxembourg, 14-Switzerland, 16-Norway, 17-Finland, 18-Denmark, 19-Romania, 20-Poland, 21-Portugal, 22-Russia, 23-Greece, 24-Ireland, 25-Croatia, 26-Slovenia, 27-Slovakia, 28-Belarus, 29-Estonia, 31-Bosnia and Herzegovina, 32-Latvia, 37-Turkey, 42-EEC, 43-Japan.

5. Conformity with the American standards of safety M, AS, DOT.

6. Conformity with the European standard of safety ECE R43.

7. Number, month and year of manufacturing:*the figure with points designates year, the sum of points to figure – month of manufacturing, the sum of points after figure – month of manufacturing + 6. In marking XINYI the top figure – year (9 => 2009), the sum of figures on the centre – month (1+2+8=11 => November), decimal number + the sum of remained figures below – the number of month (10+1+2+4=17).

8. Conformity with the Chinese standard of safety CCC E000199/E000039.


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Quoting a post by PatchyBoy from another thread:

Originally Posted by PatchyBoy View Post is what it means:

1. Temperlite-LT is the brand name for this type of glass. This is the registered brand of Asahi India's fully tempered safety glass for use as side and back glass.

2. ISI Specifications.

3. Logo of Asahi

4. Manufacturing Licence of unit conplying with IS specifications. This particular number in the picture translates to - 2081844 Asahi India Glass Ltd, 94.4Kms. National Highway-8, Vill.-Jaliawas,Tehsil-Bawal, Rewari, Haryana, Pin - 123501

5. E code. indicates the country that certified the windshield. E2 is France

6. TP-M33A - This is the model number of the glass. TP here means tempered, 33 means 3.3mm thickness and A means for use in Automobiles. Since tempered glass has other than auto use as well the 'A' is used. This is unique to the manufacturer.

7. 43R-001264 - certification according to EU standards

8. Identification of the manufaturing time frame of the glass. Not sure how to dechiper this code, but let me try and guess. My car was purchased in Dec 2007. Manufactured in Oct 2007. The glass has 07....

From this I am guessing that the glass was manufatured in April 2007

This picture has 09 ......

Applying the above logic, this glass must have been manufactured in June 2009 and this car must have been manufactured / purchased some time in the July - Dec 2009 time frame. This is only a guess and could be incorrect.


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Re: Automotive window glass codes

If the windshield of a car reads "transparency 70%", then what does that mean? Is that a tinted glass?
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Re: Automotive window glass codes

Was casually browsing for more data on the manufacturers of Automotive Glass so I came across this list on the website so thought of adding it here for the benefit of others.


The Asahi Glass Company was founded in 1907. AGC owns more than 50 companies in Europe and Asia. Concern is the official supplier of glass for largest Japanese automakers. ASAHI GLASS Co owns the original trademarks of their automotive glass: Splintex, Asahi, Temperlite, Lamisafe and AP Technoglass.

FUYAO (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Fuyao Group is a joint venture corporation founded in 1987 in Fuzhou specialized in production of automotive safety glass, and is the first company of the trade in China listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1993. Fuyao (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong in December 1994, the company is responsible for import and export business of the Fuyao Group. Fuyao Group is the largest, most advanced manufacturer, and the biggest exporter of the automotive glass in China. Today, FUYAO automotive glass are successfully exported to Asia, America, Australia, Europe, including Ukraine and Russia.

Splintex Distribution

Splintex Distribution belongs to the group of companies Glaverbel. It is a supplier for many European Auto Giants. Manufactured glass out of polished glass sheets (clear glass with planar parallel surfaces, with a natural glossy surface and undistorting visibility).


The Guardian Company was founded in 1932 with a headquarter in Michigan, USA. Company has 19 automotive glass factories. Volume of produced products is 1 000 000 glasses per year. Guardian supplies General Motors.

Nippon Glass

Company was founded in 1918. The distinguishing feature of Nippon Glass from mentioned companies is that it supplies glass only on conveyors of Japanese automobile plants and almost doesn't produce products for secondary market. Since 2006 Nippon Sheet Glass company holds the block of shares of Pilkington company.


JAAN, was founded in June 1991 in Koszalin (Poland). The company manufactures windshields branded Nordglass. Nowadays JAAN has 29 branches in the country.

Olimpia AutoGlass

Olimpia is one of the oldest rooted and leading companies of glass industry in Turkey, manufacturing automotive, industrial, architectural glass, and side windows with sliding glass for all marks of buses, minibuses, tractor cabs, etc. Olimpia carries out production activities under DOT-739 (USA), ECE Regulation 43 (Belgium), ISO-EN-9002 (TSE), TS-917 (TSE), TS-11502 (TSE) standards.


Pilkington is one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products. Founded in 1826, Pilkington is a leader in the global Flat Glass industry. The Float process, invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1952 - now the world standard for high quality glass manufacture. For the last 15 years, the group's activities are characterized by output expansion. Sales of Pilkington products during this period increased 15 times.


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (PPG) was founded in 1883. Pittsburgh-based PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials, chemicals, glass and fiber glass. The company has more than 100 manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Asia. PPG had developed network in Europe, but it recently has been owned by Japan's Asahi Glass.

Sekurit Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain was founded in 1665 in Paris to make glass for the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles. Today Saint-Gobain Sekurit has 55 glassworks in all parts of the world and supplies its products to every second car in Europe and one in five - in the world. Saint-Gobain Sekurit operates in all continents, with 37% of products sold in Europe, 43% - in America, 16% - in Asia, 2% - in Africa, 2% - in Australia and New Zealand.


Since its establishment in 1935, Shatterprufe has grown to become the leading manufacturer of laminated and toughened automotive safety glass in Southern Africa.The company is a major exporter of automotive replacement glass to Africa, Europe, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East, and has been named “Exporter of the Year” on numerous occasions.Shatterprufe has three manufacturing plants which produce over 4 million pieces of safety glass per annum.


The Soliver Group an independent group of companies with private capital. Soliver's origins date back to 1937. It was in that year that Etienne and Arthur Bouckaert established a glass wholesale business in Roeselare (West-Flanders). Today, the total production capacity of automotive glass is more than six million units per year.


Supplying auto glass shops & windshield repair technicians all over the country with resins, tools and supplies for repairing rock chips and cracks in windshields since 1992.



Xinyi Automobile Glass (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., established in 1988 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinyi Glass. It is one of the largest automobile glass production bases in China, which mainly serves overseas markets.

The company is specialized in Solar-X heat reflective glass, laminated windshield, rear windshield, side-window plane-bended tempered glass and coach glass. The product quality strictly complies with the requirements of ISO/TS16949 procedure, China 3C, USA DOT and EU ECE. The company's products are sold well in more than 100 countries and regions including North America, Europe, Africa and Japan, accounting for 35% of the total automobile glass export in China and 10% of the global maintenance market.

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Re: Automotive window glass codes

Sometime back, at a Land Rover event, had observed glasses of various models of their vehicles. Interesting observation was that there was no one manufacturer from whom glasses were installed. Different glasses were from Fuyao, Saint Gobain - Serukit, Pilkington in there vehicles.

This is from Range Rover - Evoque. Notice the code for HUD display.
Automotive window glass codes-range_rover_hud.jpg

Window glass from Evoque
Automotive window glass codes-range_rover_normal.jpg

This one has code for rain/water repellent properties
Automotive window glass codes-range_rover_rain.jpg

This one seems to have code for shatter proof?
Automotive window glass codes-range_rover_hammer.jpg

This is the land rover discovery window glass. Has an acoustic code. Filters out noise?
Automotive window glass codes-land_rover_window.jpg

Another one from Land Rover discovery
Automotive window glass codes-land_rover_normal.jpg

This one from land rover has code for a lock. Wonder what is this?
Automotive window glass codes-land_rover_lock.jpg

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