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Default Re: Engine Swap in a WagonR Stingray?

Originally Posted by Rshrey22 View Post

The 1.0 Ltr all aluminium k10b engine is very sluggish. Throttle response is very late, only when you rev this engine hard, you will get a slight push in the name of performance. Driving the stingy in traffic is a pain.

Also, the car vibrates like a truck when idling.

What I am thinking to do is swap the existing k10b unit with swift's k12b unit. I own a petrol Swift Dzire as well. That car is so smooth, that you just can't hear the engine when it's idling. It is the perfect 1.2 ltr engine. Rev happy, smooth and gives good feedback.

I think the swap will be worth it if we are able to do it as one of the BHPians has done this with his Brio, he swapped the 1.2 ltr with City's 1.5 litr unit.
Firstly, think of smaller mods to start with. Like GTO and others have told, its a good idea to do some simpler changes than swapping an engine right away. Regarding Frank's Brio, you would have read that the 1.2L and 1.5L i-Vtec engines share quite a lot of things in common. Hence, such a swap will be more straight forward compared to the K10 and K12, which does not share any commonality apart from few obvious things like being manufactured by the same manufacturer, running on the same fuel and so on.

While the K10 in WagonR(manual) is non Drive by wire, the K12 is drive by wire. Hence, you will have to go deeper than just the engine and ECU, and fetch all the other components like a new accelerator pedal, wiring harnesses and so on. In the end, you will end up spending more than the cost incurred in case you sell your WagonR and get a car with a better engine.

Having owned a K10 WagonR before, I have to agree on certain aspects like vibrations, poor gear ratios and so on. For this, you can think of simpler tweaks. Why dont you swap the engine mounts of the Celerio with the WagonR? It should be possible, except if the mounting bolts on the chassis are different. The engine mounts of the Celerio eliminate most of the vibrations at idle and while revving. For the intake and exhaust, contact a good tuner and tweak them. Of course, the low end torque is nothing to speak about, so you will have to change your driving style to keep the engine boiling at all times.

You can perhaps sell the car easily at a later stage with simple mods rather than trying to sell a car with an engine swap. Given the poor dynamics of the WagonR, more power will just make it more unstable and unsafe. Hence, leave the K10 as it is.
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Default Re: Engine Swap in a WagonR Stingray?

Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
Given the poor dynamics of the WagonR, more power will just make it more unstable and unsafe. Hence, leave the K10 as it is.
I suppose this is slightly OT, but as someone who has owned a WagonR for very long, I admit that it is far from ideal when one is discussing its dynamic prowess. The tallboy stance itself inherently works against any sporty aspirations you might have. That said, one of the reasons I love my car so much (I will never sell it, just buy something to replace it and put it in a sealed glass box in my living room for the rest of eternity ) is because of how awkwardly it tends to handle. Call me mad, but driving this thing over the years with its unstable body and annoying nature that induces a lot of weight shift, has taught me a LOT and has allowed me to refine my skills as a driver to a GREAT extent. The sheer need to be able to control all that weight shift and awkward stance in order to keep its engine on the boil and belt that little box all the way to your destination has in my view, made me extremely sensitive to the dynamic ability of cars. Take me out of my WagonR which I belt about on a regular basis with ease since I've been driving it for years, and put me into any thoroughbred low slung sedan with brilliant suspension, steering and a lot more oomph, and I find myself being able to effortlessly take advantage of the extra grunt as these cars are a lot more composed and far less twitchy at the limit. I know I probably sound crazy saying this, but I thank the vague, rolly-polly WagonR for making me a good driver. You would be surprised what a car is capable of once the driver is skilled enough. Once you have learnt how to control the WagonR from rolling over, the narrow shell makes it soo much easier to nip around in traffic meaning one can actually blast through the city leaving the cars with brilliant dynamics like the Swift, Polo, Punto etc. biting your dust. Not to mention the joy of being able to catch a glimpse of the look on the other drivers face sitting in his more accomplished car as you pass him in your down-to-earth WagonR is simply priceless and never gets old

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