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Dear vezj420,

For grooves we need a quench or squish pad.......if we have two pads then we can have two grooves per cylinder else with only single quench pad a single groove will be my esteem having 2valve/cyl I made only one groove per cylinder where as on kaizers mpfi zen having 4 val/cyl & having two flat surface or quench pad in a cylinder we made 2 grooves/cylinder.....

People had tried more then one grooves....but so far a single groove is effective....

We need to mark boundary while grooving with the help of new head gasket....grooves must be done covering 75% area on the pad......means they must be just a centimeter or few mm away from gasket marking......they can be 2to3 mm deep & 2 to 3mm wide.....groove is to be extended towards inclined surface where both valves reside......also they must not be too deep as there is coolent water running beneath head portion......

Do check various photos for more confirmation......


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Originally Posted by vezj420 View Post
@finetuning, please elaborate on "good understanding"!

As psycho mentioned on the grooved esteem thread, randomly placed grooves will not work. My understanding, for Indian engines anyway, is two grooves per cylinder perpendicular to the center of the cylinder's combustion area towards the spark plug port. Is this correct?
Quite right,
the best way to know where to make the groove is to check out the pics on - Home i have posted my images on this forum, the same can be done on any mpfi maruti 16 V engine, but if you need any thing pls dont hesitate to mail mr singh the maestro is really helpfull.
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Thanks for your inputs again guys.....I think I have a fairly good idea of where the single groove should go on a 2 valve/cylinder setup after looking at Mr. Singh's website. Most of the pics he has are of heads with this setup.
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Hi all,
Does anyone know whether the "grooving technology" by Somender Singh will be helpful / can be done on a Premier Padmini? If yes, I would like to do it. Does anyone know how to do it apart from going to Mysore?
Also I would like to know about porting/polishing the head. Can these 2 mods be done together?
If yes, then these will be the mods I would start with. Then fatter rubber and FFE on a padmini makes sense. Otherwise it will be "all show and no go".
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