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extreme_torque 11th December 2006 20:22

Negetive Camber in Rear Wheels: Indica
I wonder why hasn't this issue being discussed apart from all the refinement, reliablility and quality related issues with Tata Indica.
A very high percentage of Indica's that i see on roads have negetive rear camber. This is especially true for Indica's used as taxi's since they are overloaded but even with private cars. Wenever i see one on the road ( and trust me i see a lot of them on road with negetive camber) it looks horrible, looks as if suspension has given in due to weight. If its a flaw with the rear suspension then why hasn't TATA addressed it yet? Or is it that not many have observed it? Can anyone pin point the flaw in design of the rear suspension which is causing this?
Looking for valuable input on this.

drifter 11th December 2006 20:30

Its either the poor quality of suspension components or that the owners have overloaded and not maintained the car properly. But this is seen more on tourist vehicles.


tsk1979 11th December 2006 21:03

Our first indica(around 1997) had this problem and it ate the tyres. Tata did some upgrade and also replaced the tyres at 1/3rd the actual cost.
On newer ones this is there mostly on tourist vehicles which are abused and overloaded.
None of the indica's we have owned(3) have had this problem inspite of long running and real bad roads and terrain.

extreme_torque 11th December 2006 21:07

I see it everyday with most indica's on road. Today i saw a brand new TDi Indica with a positive camber, cannot call it a flaw but the wheels arent in the straight line as with other cars and it looks weird!
This post on the other thread made sense too...

wolfinstein 12th December 2006 20:39

I have a CNG Tank which would be approx 80 Kgs including Gas and Housing + Spare Wheel...So how does one look at the camber damage, The Mech at Vivek advised that after 2 years get the shock absorbers changed under warranty.

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