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Default Car Faulty OR Tyres??

Hey guys got mrf zvts 145/80/r12 tyres from gaurdex chembur 2 months back.they have run 2000 km by now and i have got it balanced 7 times by now
Every 300 to 400 km the steering and the floor start wobbling.
The front rims are new.The last time he put the new rims behind and the old rims ahead and the car has run 200km by now and its already vibrating.The vibration starts at 80 is there till 95(steering and floor vibration)after which everything feels like nothin happened.And when i brake too from 100 as it crosses 90 and 80 the vibration comes and as soon as the speed lowers below 80 everything is normal
Everytime the tyre is balanced for the next 300 to 400 km everything is perfect but after which the vibration starts and i go complain to the tyre fellow and he balances it again
What could be the cause of such a vibration?is it faulty tyres or a faulty car?
I really need your opinion now as i m on the verge of opening the entire suspension as well the steering system and get everything checked/fixed
Also the people at mrf say that maybe u have a faulty car which causes the balancing to give way in such a short time.Can this happen?
I had overhauled my suspension around 15000km back.
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Could be possible that the suspension is faulty but its surprising that balancing the tyres is causing the vibrations to go away. Try and get the tyres balanced at a different shop.
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Very small query to you dear,do you use air pressure prescribed by the company?If your tyres need frequant balancing then I fear you may be keeping air pressure on the lower side mostly.It is always advisable to have a good pressure gauge and use it atleast once in a week.
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Get your steering ball joint checked. Sometimes if there is play in that it can be the culprit.
The other factor could be the bushkit for front suspension. Its flimsy rubber and often the root cause of the problem.
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ECM Sir ji @ The company has prescribed 27psi and i keep 28 psi.
tsk1979.The steering ball joints was checked 5000km back when the steering bush required to be replaced.It was perfect.The entire front suspension was overhauled around 15000 km back with everything new.
There is one more develepment in the case now.
Yesterday i went to my trusted road side mechanic and told him about this.He said eh will tighten the damper kit and as he did the vibrations considerably reduced.Then he said go to another balancing fellow and put the new rims up front again and the old ones behind.While he checking the balancingo of the tyres he said that one of the new rims is out of center and is jumping which maybe is causing your floor to vibrate.
We put this defective one new rim as stepney and kept the stepney as the front tyre after balancing it and the other new rim as the other side front tyre.Went for a test drive and the results
from 78 to 80 km speed just for about 2 km there is about 1 % steering movement.It takes a lot of noticing to even notice this shake.Its hardly there and then upto any speed there is no floor as well as steering vibration.
Goin on a 400 km long trip on 23rd so will get an actual idea of the fact that for how long does everything say perfect.
What do u guys think about this?
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Can this happen?
This can happen; definitely
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