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Driving in the Rains - Tips

fellas ,

now that the rains are well and truly here, we need to adapt to driving in the rains. so lets all of us pool in our ideas and make it a SAFE RIDE in the monsoons.

let me try - some basic points to remember

1) keep the winshield washer fluid topped up always !

2) try and drive in the middle lane as much as you can. the lanes to the right invariably have water puddles and the left lane lane is similar !

3) drive with your headlights on if it turns dark grey ( should judge by experience)

4) rubber mats inside will help too in not dirtying the carpet.

5) check your wiper blades and change them if you cant see clearly.

6) drop speeds to 40 kmph in the city and 60-70 kmkph on the highway. you cvvan go closer on the highway if visibilty is hampered.

7) check your A/C cooling and gas - if dicey top up.

8) check your blower settings - especially the windscreen one . comes in handy when u have to demist the front windscreen.

9) check your defogger on the rear windscreen is working allright

10) change your tyres if required ( no scrounging here ).

11) check brakes - top up brake fluid if required.

12) check up the horn.

13) take care of 2 wheeler riders and give them right of way in the rains. they are at more risk than 4 wheelers.

14) try not to splash water on pedestrians.

thats all i can remember as of now. you guys please add to this !


Note from Mod : Please continue the discussion on our Monsoon Driving Article. Thanks

Last edited by GTO : 21st April 2010 at 12:58. Reason: Adding thread closure note & link to Monsoon Article
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I hear a slight screeching sound like the one you can hear in trucks when i brake during the rains. any idea what this can be? i just got my car serviced and the brakes have been checked and brake fluid topped up
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thats the water on your discs and in the drums...normal nothing to worry about
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Another suggestion. When going thru water that is atleast half a foot deep, especially in arterial roads, keep the car in lower gear, revv high and don't let go off the accelerator pedal.

It prevents water from entering your exhaust and ultimately shut-down of your car in the middle of a place you wouldn't wanna be. Though it is basic knowledge, it is very important.

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Here is my 2 bits.....
Be extremly carefull of puddles as you dont know how deep they are.... even if its a small one which is usually clogged in the patches in the first and last lane, these are the dangerous ones as if you on a high speed they can make you loose control totally....if you feel pushed off the road by the water trapping into you wheel archs just catch the steering extremly firm.
While going through a flooded area keep pumping the brakes after your through the water.
Keep the racer boy in you at home!! Its not worth the risk even on open roads when its pouring as you have to take turns at half the speed of that you could take when dry.
Lastly....if you have an SUV then park the sedan at home when it rains hard.....The SUV is more fun to slash you way through while other cars struggle to get across flooded roads.
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A small one from me . I do it regularly

Drive with your hazard lights on in very heavy rain. Keeps the car behind informed about you being in front in poor visibility

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u guys are lucky .. because IT RAINS !!

..on wet roads
- do not accelerate while cornering
- maintain a car lenghts distance between urself and the car in front ..
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its very dangerous to drive two wheelers in rainy season since the bike or scooter skids very often and it can sometimes prove very fatal and you cant drive when it rains it seems the water is hitting you its stings you
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One more,
Try pumping the brakes to slow down,rather than putting pressure on it by continously keeping the pedal pressed.It really helps.

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Originally Posted by kooldude
you cant drive when it rains it seems the water is hitting you its stings you
Always wear a full face helmet when it's raining. Keeps your head dry and the rain won't hit you so bad
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Few more:

* Make sure tires are in good condition and are at the recommended inflation level. Driving on tires that are over-inflated or under-inflated is extremely dangerous.
* Steer and brake with a light touch. When you need to stop or slow, do not brake hard or lock the wheels and risk a skid. Maintain mild pressure on the brake pedal.
* Try to drive in the tire tracks left by the cars in front of you.
* Don’t follow bigger vehicles, especially trucks or buses. The spray will impair your vision.
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err Mentioned before but not clearly enough-
When you go though standing water / big puddles etc and then come out
(i.m assuming you are kinda goin through them slowly!!)
Pump you brakes!!!!!!!!!1

When you go through deep water, the water fills in your drums and between the the brake shoe & drums,
this then takes a while to drain out.
If you then hit the brakes when you wanna stop all you are doing is pumping the water out, but not applying the brake yet!!
So, pump the brakes, get the water out, check the brakes are effective and then continue
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Keep all windows, windshield and rear glass clean inside and outside.
Also check whether all lights (headlights, taillights, etc) are in good working condition.
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Originally Posted by normally_crazy
7) check your A/C cooling and gas - if dicey top up.
Hey N_C,

Why do you say that? I mean its not like the monsoons put much of a load on the AC as compared to the other times of year? (however i just got a full AC service done yesterday )

Heres another tip, mostly for 2-wheelers-
*When driving in the rain, try to stay off the paint on the road like on zebra crossings etc because it is more slippery (apparently?).

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He probably means that as you keep your window's up in the rains, they get fogged up if you don't turn the AC on.

And really good point about staying off the paint rehaan, i've seen many bikers skid off on zebra crossings.
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