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Shan2nu 4th March 2004 15:05

Which is more effective Turbocharger or Supercharger ?
I'd like to know which is more effective.

toyota 4th March 2004 22:06

Superchargers are more efficient but as it acts as a load on the engine output , it take some power of the engine.You can say it is like a air compressor connected/taking drive from engine.You know why with AC cars give a lesser mileage , bcoz the AC compressor loads the engine and it inturns consumes more (little more)fuel.
But on the cont , the turbo is taking its drive power from the exhaust , so it is not loading the engine .So there is no power loss from the engine as it is not a load in the engine .
But as you all know Turbo doesnt perform well in less RPM , it comes to action after a particuular RPM(based on each engine chareteristics)..But in Supercharger you dont have that problem as it is a direct drive from engine and it works in all RPM.
So eventhough you cannot comapre both the system drectly as each have its won advantage and diasadvantage , i feel the Turbo is better than SC as it doesnt act as a load or takle a drive from engine .
And over all performance of a Turbo is better than SC.
So SC taken seperately compared with TC is better , but when you fit it on a engine and then compare , TC is effecient than SC.
And ya we have multi stage TC to handle this problem in Low rpm s too !

Shan2nu 4th March 2004 22:11

I don't think a TC should have any problems in a race car where the revvs hardly fall. I wouldn't want a SC to load my engine, i'd like all the power to go to the wheels.


_Crazi4Speed_ 4th March 2004 22:22

Also isnt there a turbo lag, whch is not desirable while racing??


Shan2nu 4th March 2004 22:34

I guess that problem is only with big heavy TCs. So instead of having 1 huge TC you can have 2 small ones. That way the TC will reach optimum revvs quicker.


GTO 5th March 2004 12:54

Aha, one of my favorite discussions. I'll list the important similarities and dissimilarities in point format to make it easy for you to follow:

1. The turbo charger and the super charger are both forced induction systems i.e. forcing more air into the engine. More oxygen = More power.
2. A supercharger is belt-driven, while a turbo charger is exhaust driven.
3. Due to point no. 2, the supercharger will "wake" up almost as instantenously as the engine, while the turbo would need sufficient pressure from the exhaust gases to get it spinning. Thats why the term "turbo lag";.
4. Turbos have more of a potential to deliver greater power than superchargers. In fact, most installations of the same budget and scale will yield significantly more power from turbos than from superchargers.
5. Since turbos are free power (exhaust driven) and superchargers generate their power from the engine, fuel mileage is better with the turbo.
7. Turbo's are generally quieter than superchargers.
5. T-chargers have a load of potential for tuning, not so the case with superchargers.

Hope that helps,


toyota 6th March 2004 23:10

If it is for Racing then Turbo is better.
And all the other adv and dadv have been clearly stated in the message board.

Rehaan 7th March 2004 02:49

Hey guys,

I have stayed away from this topic till now because the question of which one is better really depends on a lot of factors! What purpose the car is going to be used for, what you are looking for, which model of TC/SC etc etc etc!

Check this site out...


toyota 8th March 2004 14:53

Rehaan thanx for the information the site is really informative

Shan2nu 8th March 2004 14:59

The TC would be the perfect weapon for racing, keep the revvs up and you'll fly.


ported_head 16th March 2004 19:40

both turbos and superchargers stand their own, it's really upto you. the fact that supercargers do rob power at peak revs/boost. but then again the supercharger whine IMO is to die for. as anybody who's driven a Kompressor engine would know.

Shan2nu 16th March 2004 20:09

Hey guys check out this months Auto India. they've printed a whole article on TC vs SC. Wonder where they got that idea from


Technocrat 22nd September 2004 12:19

Hi guys, sorry for opening an old thread but got here from a new thread(;f=7;t=3175;)

check this out, hope it will solve ur query

What is the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger on a car's engine?

GTO 22nd September 2004 12:41


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Hi guys, sorry for opening an old thread but got here from a new thread

All of us love revisiting older discussions. Members MUST and are more than welcome to open up earlier threads to restart discussions. Team-BHP has the best knowledge base for Indian cars.


coloneljasi 3rd March 2005 22:09

You tend to be a turbo freak after you drive the Octavia RS,any CRDi or CDi powered car (the technology's basically the same) till you drive a Kompressor.Any Kompressor,C,E,SL,SLK,S and you're hooked.Supercharge my cars anyday!!Too bad only MB has managed to perfect the system.

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