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Default Honda announces Advanced VTEC engine (AVTEC)

Honda has announced it’s next generation VTEC engine, the Advanced VTEC engine (AVTEC) which will make it’s debut in a production car within the next three years. Honda’s new Advanced VTEC (AVTEC) engine combines continuously variable valve lift and timing control with the continuously variable phase control of valve timing to achieve a good combination of better performance, fuel economy, and lower emissions.This is an improvement over the i-VTEC system which has preset changeover settings in valve lift - the new AVTEC system can adjust the valve lift continuously

More at:

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Looks like Honda is at it again...absolutely super ambitious nerds these guys are!!!
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A-VTEC Details Break Cover at USPTO; TOV Analyzes

The key to the system lies in an innovative circumferential, cam-centric rotationally adjustable camshaft only in the proposed implementation) is surrounded by a drum that rotates around the same axis as the camshaft. The position of this drum is determined by a computer controlled gear.

What makes this rotating drum so important is what it carries – a new intermediate rocker shaft that moves with the drum. Explaining the function of this drum is probably best done by first covering how a traditional valvetrain works. Take, for example, a traditional DOHC i-VTEC setup. A camshaft lobe acts upon a follower (underneath the cam). This follower (using a roller to reduce friction) acts upon the valve tip underneath it, often multiplying the lift of the cam through the use of a lever ratio. While various and sundry alterations have been made to such systems over the years, the basic principle is the same. The A-VTEC system changes things in several ways. First, the camshaft is located below the follower. While this is not novel, it is new for Honda DOHC engines (Honda SOHC engines typically locate the camshaft underneath a follower as well). Outside of some small changes in valvetrain mass and inertia, and cylinder head dimensions, this of the follower isn’t all that significant in and of itself. The significance all lies within the intermediate rocker shaft.........

Source + more reading+pics :
Temple of VTEC Rumors and News - A-VTEC Details Break Cover at USPTO; TOV Analyzes
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Hmm..interesting. But the question is..will it eliminate the throttle plate like the BMW does.
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Default Honda anounces advanced AVTEC Engine

Honda has just anounced its Advanced - VTEC Engine. AVTEC not only allows for valve timing but also features continuous valve lift. Currently the only other manufacturer that has this is BMW with it's valvetronic.

Source: Honda announces Advanced VTEC engine (AVTEC)

United States Patent: 6968819

edit:oops been discussed already.

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Two AVTEC threads merged. Please continue the discussion here.
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Congrats to Honda for this. Honda has succeeded by remaining a focused Japanese company that has a product line that is relatively modest, but better than most of its competitors. Perhaps it is the only auto company, that thinks of itself as an engine company first, and still maintains a sizeable business in motorcycles, lawn mowers, marine motors.

BTW, the VTEC, VVTs, Vtvt, VGIS, DVVLT-I, D4D, TDI, PSD, blah blah are all marketing and engineering names. What sells is what they achieve and give to the consumer.
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Wow Glad to hear about the AVTEC. Hope we get a chance to see it in India.. LOL.. Where and WHEN is the CIVIC Type R coming 2ltr 200 bhp.... I want one of them..
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