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View Poll Results: How did you go about your vehicleís run-in, and what has been the result?
Maintained low RPM. Definitely helped. 80 24.46%
Maintained low RPM. Didnít see any significant use of doing so. 89 27.22%
Drove across all RPMs. This helped. 35 10.70%
Drove across all RPMs. Made no major difference. 45 13.76%
Didnít follow any standard process. Regretted this later. 2 0.61%
Didnít follow any standard process. Made no difference. 76 23.24%
Voters: 327. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Very good topic. Though new engines are made to precision and are very good at internal component tolerances they may not need running in as older gen engines. older engines were advised to run in to be in proper sync in first few hrs of running of all moving and interlocking parts. even an mandatory oil change was done at 500-1000kms to get rid of any debris or burr/micro particles formed in the engine in first run. New engines building/machining and test facilities are well too advanced and there is no need of giving time to sync or virtually no debris or particles are formed even in first few hrs of running. in many engine manufacturing plants a test run is done and then the oil used to do the test run is drained before mounting the engine in the car, so any micro particles generated are taken care at the build stage only. (fresh oil is filled at the later stage) so technically you should be OK without any long term issues even with no running in.
Personally I believe in running in the vehicle. I at least follow it around 2000 Kms, running it in low RPM and Avoiding sudden acceleration and also sudden Braking. though one cannot make out a difference in properly run in engines and not run in engines in modern engines, I still feel its better to run in the engine as no matter how well built the engine is running in will make a slight difference not only to the engine but the entire vehicle.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

When I shifted to a 3 cylinder petrol engine, on the first changes I heard to learn was maintaining a high RPM at launch, or else the car would almost stall!

I think a lot depends on the type of engine.

But yes, I did ensure I don't hit too high rpms in the initial phase. There was a certain sluggishness of the engine which I could feel while driving. In my case, the engine kinda opened up after 2000Km when it started to feel to be breathing more freely. That was when I started occasionally flooring the Accelerator, especially for sudden overtakes, while earlier I would downshift and ease it.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

In addition to the MC Garage video posted by ashwinprakas, Fortnine also did a new video on breaking-in a new motorcycle. He recommends varying the engine RPM throughout the rev range and taking frequent breaks.

The owner's manual recommends taking it slow since it's a good idea for everyone to not push the limits of the vehicle when they're still new to it: "Every experienced rider is inexperienced on a new bike".

Like GTO said, tyres etc. need breaking in as well.

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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

My preferred way is to pull the car out, show it most of the rev band in 2nd, 3rd, 4th gears. i.e. 2k-5k RPM in a petrol car, 1.5-3.5k in diesel, 3k - 8/9k in a motorcycle. This is considerably rougher than my typical driving style.

I do this for about 100-150km on the highway and then change the oil and oil filter. Next, I go about life as usual.

I've only done this with the Beat diesel. So, far, it's doing alright. Unfortunately, I don't get the chance to break in an engine because I buy used vehicles only. Thankfully, I get a service history to get an idea about the vehicle's health.

I followed the manual with my Pulsar 180. Compared to my rough-rider friend's P180, mine had noticeably less performance across rev range. Could be something else. But otherwise, the engine was alright. No issues during the ownership.

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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

I have voted for option no 2.
My present car is a size bigger (Ecosport) than my older car (Wagon R) and thus with the new car, I took all the precautions I can while driving as roads are narrow and traffic is dense in peak hours. I mostly maintained low rpms as FE takes a big hit proportionally to increasing rpms (turbo petrol). Also, didn't find anything about engine run-in in the user manual. Once the first oil change was done, varied the rpms during my office commutes (includes around 10kms of highways one-way). I followed the same with the Wagon R.
After the 2nd oil change, never bothered much about running-in or FE and I am enjoying the engine now.
I think, apart from us Bhpians and a small percentage of vehicle owners/drivers, many do not know or even care about engine running-in. With that in mind, never heard of engine failures due to improper running-in (may happen but haven't heard). So, my conclusion is that in modern cars running-in is not compulsory. But if I get a new ICE car, I will definitely follow the exercise I did with the Ecosport to keep myself contented.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Great Poll!

When I bought my Verna 1.6 CRDI back in 2015, as a precautionary measures, I limited my speed between 70 - 80 km/h. I was particular not to redline the car for initial 1000km. After almost 6 years and 80k kilometres, I feel the engine more refined and responsive. (Touchwood)

I will go with option 1.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

I change my vehicles every 3-4 years for 2 wheelers and about 5 years for cars. I always ensure that the manufacturer's recommendation is followed during the break-in period.

Since I do not keep my vehicle for a long duration, I really do not know if this has helped or not.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

I usually follow the break-in.
I have driven my Swift Dzire diesel approx 70K Kms. It is in good shape.

7 months old Rapid, 10k Kms driven. No complaints as of now.

As somebody has already mentioned earlier, we need to have 2 different vehicles for testing this.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Even though I was not warned by my sales advisor back in 2009 when I took delivery of a Japanese sedan, I was particular not to push it hard for the first few 1000km. That habit continued and I canít recall a single time I redlined the car (actually, I never had to as the comparatively light weighted car with 1.5L NA Petrol was adequately powerful/torquey for my driving style). Habituated to starting the car first time I step in, then do any setting to be done followed by seat belt. By this time, it would be 30 sec to a minute. Drives sedately for first couple of km. This has become a habit and not at <1,00,000km (low for the age) on first clutch and not much worn-out replacements except tires and rubber few bushes. Planning to continue the same with any car I drive or own.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

I didnt see any one mentioning of oil changes and the need for cooling during break in time.

I change oil and filter after first 100 kms. Also allows the first 100 kilomenters to be run when the temperature is cold and traffic is light (early morning rides). This also helps me familiarise with the car on a light traffic sitation.

Once it reaches 1000 kms, will do another service or it should be time for the first service - Will relegiously do it with an oil change. The only other thing I keep tab of is varying the RPM of engine. I do engine breaking so that the engine is loaded (but only upto 60-80% of load). Always tries not to knock the engine at early days.

Not sure if this is a bit too much, but I always keep my vehicles for long term (10+ years).
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

I was told that my new 2021 Fortuner doesn't need a running-in, but limited the RPM and avoided hard breaking for the first 1000 KM. Same was done for my earlier vehicles, but can't comment if that made any difference, but why take the risk
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

There is challenge with the way the poll options are worded - if I mainined low RPM during running in and my car is doing fine after 5 years, does it mean it would have not done well had I not maintained low RPMs during running in? And if an owner is facing engine issues after 5 years, would he be able to accurately relate those to what he did (or didn't do) during running in? And would he be candid enough to accept that the issues have cropped up because of what he did or (didn't do)?

Also, the way running in process is mentioned in most owner manuals is - there is a certain RPM limit that is not to be exceeded but within that, you have to vary the RPM. There is no poll option corresponding to this!

BTW, my bike's running in RPM limit was equal to my car's red line

IMO, simply follow the instructions in the owner manual that came with your specific vehicle.

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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

My colleague brought home a new Skoda Kushaq. He was told there is no run in period and he can do as he please. The first service is at 15k km's as I am told.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Never ever followed the run in, I simply follow the 30 second idle rule in winters, nothing else, absolutely nothing.

Never faced an issue with the engine or turbo of anything I owned till date. So I have concluded that this is simply a relic of past that is being still pressed upon.

One Rule though: I don't press hard for first 2-3 minutes of the drive, it's normally a light footed low rpm drive, and same applies to returning home, last 300-400 meters is a relaxing section when the car is driven quite slow at low revs.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Did not complicate. Simply followed the manual which said "Keep under 2000 rpm and vary speed/gear as often as possible".
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