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arunkumar_rec 23rd August 2007 14:17

Hyundai Getz Parcel Tray Rattling Noise
Hello Friends,
I bought a new Hyundai Getz 6 months back from Advaith Motors, Mysore. I have a problem. There is an irritating rattling noise from the parcel tray. Just to avoid this rattling noise, I am forced to blast music always. I dont have any speakers mounted on the parcel tray.
The sound is really bad when the road is rough.In smooth roads however the rattling from parcel tray is less but it is always present. This is defintely not from the rear number plate(number plate has been pasted with the sheet metal in additon to the 3 screws).
Anyone has found a solution for this problem. The dealer says that this is a problem in many of Santros and Getz..
Appreciate if someone can help me get rid of this noise.


vivek_pinkoo 23rd August 2007 16:26

Either remove it or always keep some thing (toys or books) on the tray so that tray will not vibrate.

arunkumar_rec 23rd August 2007 16:31

In fact I tried out with sticking dual side adhesive tape. It worked for 2-3 days. Then again the same old story... Now that tape also was removed by the dealer when it went for 2nd service last week...

It is surprising that Hyundai is not addressing this basic design flaw even though the dealers are well aware of...

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Akshay1234 23rd August 2007 17:36

are you sure its from the tray.. event he rear seatbelts if not clipped they can rattle.

arunkumar_rec 24th August 2007 10:41

Yes. Surely its from the parcel tray only. The seat belts are clipped properly.

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