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lordofgondor 16th October 2007 16:13

Expected problems on long-term Esteem ownership?
Hi fellow BHPians!

I got myself an Esteem VXi this February and am very much satisfied with it. Have clocked ~7K Km in it. Getting to the point, I wanted a feedback from long term Esteem owners about the issues that might crop up as the car ages and what all could be done to avoid them. Am planning to keep the car in stock condition, except going for tire up size (185/60 R14) and alloys in the near future.

My driving style is a 50/50 mix of sedateness and aggression, and I am very particular in getting my cars serviced on time, and getting them inspected on first signs of any trouble. Haven't ever faced any hiccups with my other cars.

I would really appreciate the feedback provided by you all.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Mods I feel this is the right forum for starting this thread, but if I am wrong, please feel free to move it to an appropriate section.

flipsyde 16th October 2007 19:18

better get used to rattling.... pretty common on esteems.

power-windows aren't the best..... the motors become weak after a couple of years.

the engine and gearbox are pretty much bullet-proof. buddy you JUST got your car..... its less than a year!!! stop worrying so hard. make sure you don't miss the service intervals and you'l be just fine.

have fun......

Jaggu 16th October 2007 22:36

agree completely with flipsyde, power windows the rubber beadings are the source of worry, do regular service and look forward to a long n happy tenure.

bruce 17th October 2007 00:53

I have a 96 Carb VX Type 1, it's driven for 80K kms till now, G13A Engine is exceptional, no issues as of now, Body, The type1 has less rattling in my opinion than the Type 2, 98 Carb my dad uses has a lot of rattling, suspension is something you get checked in Esteems regularly. Engine is still good after all these years...

lordofgondor 17th October 2007 10:25

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

@flipsyde: Hey bro, I ain't worried, its just that I wanna take real good care of my baby and take precautions about the things that can go wrong.

Point taken fellas, regular servicing! Anyways it's something I am very particular about myself.

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