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Default rear windows problem in a new palio1.1 slx

i bought a new palio 1.1 slx and within a week the rear window is giving me truoble. its not opening and the workshop guys say that it needs replacment of rear window part which is not available and will come in 15 days!
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So your problem is.... The workshop people have owned up a fault and have agreed to rectify it. I do not think it is abnormal for a particular spare to be stock - it happens often and is a "part of the game" is I may say so.
OTOH, if after waitng for the spare to arrive and / or even after replacing it, you are facing difficulties, yea, you have a problem.
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Old 21st November 2007, 14:22   #3
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@BackSeatDriver : His problem is that its just a week old car, and normally one wouldnt expect an issue to crop up so soon in its lifespan.

That the workshop people have owned up to it is actually a mandate.
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Old 21st November 2007, 14:33   #4
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what is the problem ? Both windows not opening or only one.
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Old 21st November 2007, 14:39   #5
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I liked bakseatdriver's response. It was like a total ignore to the root of the problem ( Why this situation in a brand new car)

@Aryan, it is not uncommon that sometimes even brand new cars develop some issues be it mechanical or body related.
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Old 21st November 2007, 20:02   #6
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errr... I did not say that there is no problem. Not having a component of a windup/down window would have me dissed off too. Especially when I have spent 3 years income on a car.

He does have a problem; agreed. If one does expect and accept that problems do happen in brand new vehicles, my query is, since the dealer has promised a solution, what problem remains??

If small details like whether the vehicle has p/s (please do not take it for granted that everybody knows the features available in all vehicles and their variants), which side, and what exactly the component is, etc would have been useful to all on this forum, and certainly would have made me give a different response.

There is a difference between a rant and articulation of a complaint / existence of a problem. A rant is when you simply go on saying bad things about somebody/thing, A complaint is when you have a problem and find that you have to go out of way to solve it. (Let us not get into semantics and dictionary meanings, please).

My question was asked with the intention that a response by dr_aryan would have elicited more information, thus letting others know what precisely the issue is.

From a consumerist perspective, as a user community, if people share the problems they have faced with new buys in a forum like this, it is useful for others too, who would otherwise remain silent that theirs is an isolated incident. In that sense, the post is welcome; but for it to be useful for others, you have to give us more details.

And I do admit that my first post was a bad way of asking or more details.
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Old 21st November 2007, 21:52   #7
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its a case of malfuntion of electrical system which controls the up & down movement of power windows.. its located inside the door.. its an issue with FIAT cars.. will be replaced under warranty...

FIAT, always....
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Old 22nd November 2007, 01:16   #8
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Well lets say I buy a brand new car. The AC does not work. ITs mid summer. The dealer says."Sorry sir, we acknowledge the problem. We will fix it in 15 days when part comes".
If you are saying this is acceptable, then it means that the state of consumer affairs is really bad
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if they have placed an order for the parts just follow up with fiat,

usually someone called mangesh replies

Mangesh Kodalkar
After sales
Fiat India Automobiles Pvt.Ltd
Pune 412 210
+91 2138 672764

hope this above info is still current though
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