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Default Paint protecting coat

Buying a new car, wanted to know if there are other ways of protecting the paint on a brand new car,
teflon from my personal experience peels off after some months and the shine effect will last for max 3-4 months.

a friend of mine suggested that i could go for a 3m coat (he stressed its not a teflon) is there some other paint protective coat available from 3m ?? if yes, then is it good enough (for indian condition)??

also at the Mumbai auto show i saw a film based paint protective product being marketed, but the scary part was that the promoter wasn't giving much of a guarantee for the product (1 yr), said that in UK markets (product origin) the product has 5 year guarantee (coz its not been tested in India conditions), so basically if the film melts or something then the paint it is supposed to protect might get spoilt by the film itself.

please do let me know about paint protection, earched threads but they talk of teflon for new cars or wax, 3m polish for old ones with minor scratches.

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Default teflon: 40 years proven

Originally Posted by Delta9 View Post
Buying a new car, wanted to know if there are other ways of protecting the paint on a brand new car,
teflon from my personal experience peels off after some months and the shine effect will last for max 3-4 months.....
I am wondering what teflon product you bought that peels. Teflon has been around for more than forty years and that is the first I have heard of any product doing that. I suspect it is not the teflon part that is peeling but some carrier chemical.

Teflon is not in itself going to give you much shine compared to other products. It seals paint and protects better and longer than wax. That is its value, not cosmetics. It stands up to sun, polution and dirt much, much better than wax. If you can find a good teflon product you can buy it yourself and apply it pretty much just like a wax and save yourself the expense of labor. Away from direct sunlight you apply it with a clean rag as a liquid, wait for it to chalk up in a couple of minutes and then wipe off the chalk. It's that easy. You have to be careful to keep it off your black rubber moldings. It will not hurt them but it will tend to discolor them slightly. I think teflon gets a bad rap from its expense, from the fact that people pay techs to apply it when they could easily do it themselves for a whole lot less money.
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Default Its all a myth

Ask any expert from India or abroad, there is nothing like a paint protecting coat. Period
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I would strongly recommend you to go in for 3M Car Detailing. Read my post in this thread: Post # 12.

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For you, the 3M car detailing seems to be the best bet.
I have read up on some MRF-Clearcoat (2 micron coat), which lasts years and the owner said his 2 year black corsa looked like new compared to the brand new ones. It costs close to 7-8000 and takes 3 days.
Here is some more info on the same:

" Teflon coating is nothing but premium polish which is about 2
microcon thick. This will loose its properties in a few washes. Its
is always better to get teflon coating done frequently but its an
expensive affair. I would suggest that you take it to your dealer or
an MRF Autocoat place and get your car clear coated at a marginally
higher cost. the clear coat is abt 25 microcon thick. Its like a
plastic coating on the car which is PRETTY scratch resistant and
gives the car a wet look. Standox is another good product available.
This is a one time investment.

This is probably one of the best you can do to your car.. believe
me.. ive done it on my opel and its still looks like new after nearly
2 years. Infact, the car looks better that a new one.

It may cost about 7000 - 8000 rupees.

It is always best when the clear coat is done when the car is new.
But I guess its "better late than never".

You can call MRF office in your area to get the details,
alternatively, go to the dealer of your car and ask
then to do it for you. It takes about 3 days."
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Get as many coats of clear coat that you can afford.
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Teflon has to be mixed with another binder so that it can adhere to the paint. Usually it is wax, clearly mentioned on the Dupont bottle. Or acrylic binder. There are pores in the paint after spraying during manufacturig. The pores have to be filled up and than a layer of wax or any synthetic sealant is layered so that it acts as a book cover to the paint. Depending on the technology used the sealant resists washing, cloth abrasion and bird dropping. An ideal sealant is which retains a higher gloss for atleast a year or two and which does not have static. Many products have a tendency to attract dust because of their hydrophobic nature.
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