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shirishindurkar 4th January 2008 22:31

Why only this is not digital ??
Hi Friends,

FE or car is the topic which is discussed on and on and something which everyone is concerned of but had anyone came across the following thoughts?

The car automobile makers come up with every kind of digital gadgets (like digital odomoter, computerised fuel injection, various sensors etc..) but no car manufacturer provides digital fuel meter.

Why is this so? Is it because then calculating the FE wo'nt just be any probabilistic issue but a very clear indicator which may not be according to their claims all time.

I feel, its not difficult for the car manufacturers to provide this information in digital form , but none of them ever attempted.

It can only become difficult due to shape of fuel tank, but definately not impossible.

Any thoughts?



gr8guzzler 5th January 2008 02:18

There are cars which have digital display for FE like Skoda. But it is not very acurate. Read this thread for more info


vivekiny2k 5th January 2008 02:28

well quite a number of cars have fuel economy display (indian manufacturers may still have to catch up). my nissan quest has it too, and it's quite OK, but it also has a DTE (distance to empty) which in the last leg gows down very fast, within 5 miles the DTE drops upto 30 miles. I think it's because of the shape of the tank.

2007+ honda CR-V (and others) also has instantaneous MPG, which shoots up when you are coasting and goes down when climbing uphill. good for people to adjust to a fuel saving driving style.

GTO 5th January 2008 12:48

As already mentioned, a ton of expensive cars already have electronic fuel-efficiency display systems. Expect them to be standard on small cars sooner rather than later. I guess the Fabia already has it?

abhilashvk 5th January 2008 13:15

Ford Fiesta and Fusion has digital fuel merers which even show distance to empty indicator . Is this something different from something discussed in this thread?

ramkya1 5th January 2008 14:44

Fusion Digital Gauge
The Fusion, petrol I had had a digital bar graph showing the Fuel level, each bar approximated to 5 ltrs. However, it was not exact as it had only a bar graph. I think they have added a distance to empty indicator.

Now, Fieista has distnce to empty indicator also along with the regular dial type fuel level indicator, I travel with a friend many times on a Fiesta.



wolfinstein 5th January 2008 16:59

The Opel Astra Club had it, So did Vectra- By far thats what I can recall of a car in India with such contraption- By far Our Nissan Altima 2008 in muscat has a quite accurate Fuel display, It remains constant on the economy speeds, and fluctuates on High speeds.

CrAzY dRiVeR 5th January 2008 16:59

Wont it be so funny- when the display shows 8kmpl during TD, and the salesman says the car will give 18kmpl!

Could have stopped the blah-blah of some of these sales fellows! stupid:

hrman 5th January 2008 17:44

I know that the Skoda Octavia had it in India.. Not sure how accurate it was though!!

vivekiny2k 10th January 2008 20:48


Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR (Post 678212)
Wont it be so funny- when the display shows 8kmpl during TD, and the salesman says the car will give 18kmpl!

Could have stopped the blah-blah of some of these sales fellows! stupid:

No, it's the average kmpl since the computer was reset. with all the idling, and all kinds of people trying various gears, torque and speed testing, I won't be surprised it the computer shows 5kmpl.

funny incident, I reset my trip computer minutes after filling up, when i was already back on the highway, it kept showing 40+ MPG for a couple of minutes, until I had to brake and slowdown somewhere.

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