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hellmet 18th January 2008 11:00

Something wrong with brakes.
Hi guys,

I recently bought a nissan sentra here in the US. I didn't notice this when I bought it, but it seems that there is something slightly wrong with the front brakes. When I brake, I can feel like the brake pad is bent, and whatever is using the pad to stop the vehicle is sliding on a bent pad. At higher speeds, braking makes the steering wobble. I guess the bent pad makes the tires wobble too? I'm really not sure. I just want to know if this is a serious issue, and what the problem is. If its not serious, I'd rather not spend $$ fixing it.

Thank you for reading.

allandaem 21st January 2008 23:38

Hello from Canada, my e mail sounds like 1 or possibly both rotors are bent. Its a common problem in mountain driving. An easily fixed one Allan

hellmet 22nd January 2008 13:43

Hey allan. Wassup!! Thanks for the reply. Will now check with local mech. If I don't know what's wrong, there is a huge chance I'll get ripped off!!

iraghava 22nd January 2008 14:14

Well it's a common problem if there is hard usage of brakes. What happens is that the Discs aka Rotors become slightly warped so when you break from high speeds it induces a wobble from the steering.

There are two solutions to this:

1. Put the rotors on a lathe & machine their surface to remove the dips & make it smooth again.

2. Put in new rotors.

theMAG 22nd January 2008 14:38


Originally Posted by iraghava (Post 696904)
There are two solutions to this:

1. Put the rotors on a lathe & machine their surface to remove the dips & make it smooth again.

2. Put in new rotors.

1. Unless he has owns one, he can contact American Choppers' Paul Sr. for renting time on their suppliers' lathes

2. Short and easier path.

allandaem 29th January 2008 08:46

hellmet, Nissan sentra yes new discs versus replace Good news is you can do this job yourself in an afternoon. Better news is the autowreckers are a viable alternative. Where I live the labor cost to re true <probably worn> and warped rotors is usually higher than buying new ones, and changing them yourself. I found new ones online for $14 plus shipping. Shop hard. Allan

Gasolinejunkie 29th January 2008 14:47

Hellmet! Long time no see!
Hows it going dude? Big jump eh, TVS to Nissan?
I have a Nissan as well, itís a Pulsar 1.8.
How are the cars in Texas? I know quite a few people who go to Detroit, buy a car and get it shipped down under. Cars in Australia are pretty expensive compared to most other modern countries so Iíll have to bust my tail to get a slick SUV.
Anyway, coming to your problem it looks like your disc rotors are either worn out or have run-out due to heat or excessive use. If they are not too think get them machined and youíll be alright. If they are think or machining costs a lot just treat yourself to new ones. Donít bother with the wreckers, after you buy them you need to machine them and after that they are too thin and then they get run-out Ė so your back to square one.
And remember to change the pads along with rotors.
If you DIY youíll save big $$. Iím a mechanic so its not too hard to keep my car on the road!

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