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arunmshenoy 28th January 2008 14:35

Backlash in Swift Zxi
Dear readers, I am Arun From Bangalore. I own a Swift Zxi 2006 model. I am happy with it except the backlash of the gear box. When ever I release the clutch I hear `Khat` noise from the gear box. I tried to get it rectified with the dealership, but what ever they did the problem persists. Please any body help me to solve this problemplease:. And also give me some garage name in bangalore where I can do modifications.
Thank You.

amit 30th January 2008 15:59

Another set of Swift/SX4 problems!

What do the Maruti ASC people say? I hope they don't claim it to be 'normal'! Also, please elobrate on this problem because it's the first time this problem is being reported.

Swaroop77 30th January 2008 16:19

Well, before my first servicing of Swift ZXI, very rarely I used to get a shudder when releasing the clutch in first gear ( and it is not the normal shudder you get when the car is trying to wake up from its slumber or in a uphill road!). I mentioned it at the time of servicing but was unable to replicate the problem before the service advisor. They said that it is normal for a new car and it will be taken care of. It has not surfaced in 11000 Kms ( completed third service). I have a Mar'07 model. If you have a '06 model, that means it has been a really a long time in resolving the problem. Please escalate by contacting Maruti helpline directly and get it checked by Maruti engineers before the two years warranty is over ( you obviously would not want to get saddled with a hefty repair bill after the warranty expires).

lambuhere1 30th January 2008 16:23

Is this khat due to sudden release of the clutch ? Are you facing it in all the gears ? Let us know more info.

Let Suraksha people have a look at it. They might give you a correct picture.

ram_hyundai 30th January 2008 16:56

havent heard of this problem before .elaborate on this like lambuhere you face this issue even after a short run.

snaronikar 30th January 2008 17:07

Just check the release of clutch. Also pls post the details more elaborately. It will help people here to suggest a solution.

viper316 31st January 2008 23:47


This can be an issue with the Clutch rod in the bottom touching the axle of the front Wheel . Please check that or you might need to check the clutch plate if the springs are working fine

arunmshenoy 10th February 2008 12:56

Thanks Guys,
This is accutually a jerk, when ever i change the gear and release the clutch i get a jerk no matter which gear. It is felt in 1st & 2nd gear but present in all gears. This problem according to maruti people is from a worn out shim in the gear box. In the 1st service they changed the shim , in the second service they changed the clutch kit assembly, & again in the third service they changed the shim. Despite all the repairs the problem was not resolved. Please help

humyum 10th February 2008 16:34

Push them for a replacement of the gearbox.

snaronikar 10th February 2008 17:00

Howz your driving style? By any chance are you a clutch rider. I mean do you hold/engage the clutch while the vehicle is in motion or driving?

redfire 12th February 2008 12:32

It's there in my VXI and also there in my friend's VXI too. No matter in what gear you are, when you release the clutch, a 'TUK' sound comes and we feel a small hit / vibration on clutch pedal and somewhere in the bottom of the car. I talked this to dealer but there was no rectification done. Swifters - what do you say?

arunmshenoy 19th February 2008 13:26

Thank you BHPians once again.No Snaronikar sir i never ride clutch. As Redfire said this is the same problem with my swift also. Please anyone help me.

d4dpak 19th February 2008 18:38

This problem exists in my WagonR also sometimes.... shd be something to do with Maruti technology...

dvswift 20th February 2008 20:45

Arun> Just a few questions to help understand the problem better:
1. Does the "thud' vary as a function of gear? (more in lower gear and lesser in higher ones)
2. Does it occur when you're upshifting or downshifting or both?
3. When you press the clutch, does the engine RPM drop to idle speed (1000 rpm) or stay higher?
4. Do you experience the same "THUD" when changing from deceleration to acceleration or vice-versa?

This would help me. Thanks.


Originally Posted by arunmshenoy (Post 727824)
Thank you BHPians once again.No Snaronikar sir i never ride clutch. As Redfire said this is the same problem with my swift also. Please anyone help me.

arunmshenoy 26th February 2008 13:11

Dvswift sir, Yes the thud is more in lower gear and less in higher gears, it is there bothtimes, Yesturday i gave it for 30k service and they promised to rectify the problem.

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