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maverickzCar 28th January 2008 16:49

Swift VDI - sounding very harsh
Hey all,

My Swift VDI is just a month and 10 days old and was working fine till 1000 odd kms. Got it serviced and still fine for another 250. Of late, i am noticing that its engine has started producing a sound normally associated with jeeps!!! As soon as i turn the engine on, it starts to sound soooo harsh that eyes closed, one would mistake it to be an old Indica!! :( How could this happen?? I didnt put in any non-recommended diesel or anything which should cause this. And worse, as the car starts moving the sound only gets harsher...the pride on being an owner of a super-silent diesel machine is gone!

Does anyone here faced the same problem or has a clue as to what has happened?? Or whats the rectification for such an issue? Am sure I wont get good answers of these questions from our Service station here (as they were clueless why my car is is not putting reverse gear easily)...though will go to them coming weekend...but expecting much from those morons is itself moronic! let me know guys...m sure someone here wud have seen this issue....or is it me only who got a lemon!:Frustrati

Jaggu 28th January 2008 20:53

does this harshness happen only at a particular rpm? or is it throughout the revs?

can it be diesel pitter patter?

check your fuel line for air trap.

horsepower 28th January 2008 21:00

You can go back to the service station and ask them to check. Or someother Service station for an opinion. I think Suzuki is concerned about swift Diesel and they attend all the complaints promptly.

maverickzCar 29th January 2008 17:15


Originally Posted by Jaggu (Post 703462)
does this harshness happen only at a particular rpm? or is it throughout the revs?

Nopes, no connection with rpm, crank the engine on and the the harsh heavy sicko note kicks in....and continues unabated..

ram_hyundai 29th January 2008 18:09

if you have mixed normal and premium diesel then noise of engine would go up.this is because valves get the service centre guys to clean the fuel line and then stick on to either premium or normal diesel.i feel only this would be the problem as this is a new engine and hardly 1000 odd kms clocked.

Lalvaz 29th January 2008 19:06

Oops, hope you manage to get this fixed. I thought this was the latest gen of diesel engines and I was kinda hoping to get this multijet engine for my next purchase. Keep us posted of what the service center does to rectify the issue.

Jaggu 29th January 2008 23:14

get to the workshop and check, also check what oil they have put, just in case.

viper316 31st January 2008 23:51


Please check the fuel and the oil filter . It might also be an issue with the blocked exhaust which is cranking. Check them only in a maruthi dealer .

viper316 31st January 2008 23:52

Since its under warranty any replacement can be done free. please make sure u go for the premium diesel only

rbincorp 4th February 2008 10:40

Hey i have also been facing this issue with the reverse gear falling and when consulted with the dealer he said that we need to put the 1st gear and then move to reverse as its got something to do with the synchromesh. and about the engine noise i do get that at a certain RPM and that too it isnt that loud to concern me.

DieselFan 4th February 2008 11:15


Originally Posted by viper316 (Post 707392)
Since its under warranty any replacement can be done free. please make sure u go for the premium diesel only

Swift Diesel car is allergic to Premium Diesels:). Please avoid them at all cost. Else one would end up with huge column of while smoke from exhaust whenever one tries quick acceleration beyond 2500 RPM levels. This has been my experience on IOC and Shell premium diesels.This topic has been discussed innumerable times in this forum.:deadhorse

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