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Originally Posted by rahuldeodhar View Post
Hi Praveen,
I was simplifying a rolling backward case - so in essence the situation is equivalent to applying accelerator and brake simultaneously.

In your case we are in complicated territory. I am simplifying the step but its a complicated answer and you need to interpret this carefully. So here goes:-
I understand you simplified it. Consider a scenario.. I am travelling at say 60-80kmph and see a singal a few hundred meters ahead turning red. Here's what i'll do the clutch, shift a gear down and slowly release the clutch.. The braking will be provided by the engine. Once the speed comes down a bit, once again shift down and release the clutch slowly. repeat till I get to first gear, put the gear in neutral, apply brake and stop.

2.Remove the foot off the accelerator, start applying the brake with the vehicle in gear till the engine shows signs of struggling to pull at the gear, depress the clutch,put the gear in neutral. Brakes being applied continuosuly but gently easing off to a stop

3. Remove the foot off the accelerator. Then before applying the brake, depress the clutch and shift the gear to neutral. Release the clutch and then start applying the brake and come to a stop.

I hope you can get the picture of what i'm trying to say. Now what I wanted to know is which of these 3 is the better/best way to bring the vehicle to stop. Leave out any inclines, i am just talking about a level road.
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Thanks Rahul..that was quite a gyan explained in very simple words

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Default Release the clutch - always!

Originally Posted by amohit View Post

Imagine you are waiting at the traffic signal. the traffic is just abt to start moving forward at a very very slow speed. How do you move your vehicle forward.

What I do is get into half clutch position without pressing the accelerator and then release the hand brake. Does this cause clutch wear?
From what I understand about a clutch, you should - as far as possible - lift your foot from the clutch pedal (I remember some ads on doordarshan mentioning this long back - probably 10-15 yrs back).
At signals keep your vehicle in neutral and fully release the clutch instead of keeping the vehicle in a gear (or neutral) and pressing the clutch. Simple reason being whenever you are pressing the clutch, the two simplified discs mentioned in this thread start rotating at different speeds thus causing wear. Whereas when you release the clutch, you are making the discs rotate at same speed (at least thats what is desired) thus causing less wear or no wear.
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Lets try and keep this thread limited to the "half-clutch" (/clutch release).

For other topics, like pressing/not pressing the clutch while braking, leaving the car in neutral when going downhill, etc please use the existing threads that have already discussed these topics in-depth.

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You've provided an excellent insight on drive on inclines and how to manoevre.
I've have some fear in my mind about driving on the inclines, typically ghats.
It actually started with the inclines to get into the porch at some hotels.
I think information you provided should be a great help in getting that confidence.

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Default driving on inclines

Hey thanks man!

And dont worry - everyone is afraid sometimes - particularly when fellow behind chooses to honk your heartbeat through the roof- its natural

you will be the best at it!cheers:

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Default reply posted elsewhere - link below

Hi Alto and Praveen,

taking advice from Rehaan I have mentioned the reply in the following thread - there is already a discussion similar to this.

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Does anyone know whether a hydraulic clutch can be adjusted so that the bite can changed slightly.
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