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Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
Jat and Aravindwarrier,

As Der Alte said, the motor does not have to be on the chassis.
But, Ofcourse the motor will be fixed!!!

Take a look at the picture again.

Suppose the pentagon/coffin shaped peice with the 5 bolts was attached to the chassis, and also attached to the motor (the two black cylinders on the extreme right). That would solve your query right?

Originally Posted by jat View Post
Motor has to be connected to some part in the car.
Originally Posted by aravindwarrier View Post
One simple doubt, unless the motor is mounted rigidly on the chasis, how will it manage to turn the wheels? I mean, you can pack it within the wheel, but the motor has to be mounted on the Vehicle frame right?

Well that would solve the issue, If the Pentagon is the secured to the chasis rigidly

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
As Der Alte said, the motor does not have to be on the chassis.
But, Ofcourse the motor will be fixed!!!
Aren't you self Contradicting here? The motor ,if is fixed to the chasis, and is connected thru some linkage to the wheel, then is it a part of the wheel or is it a part of the chasis? Of course the compact size might enable the motor to be contained within the wheel,but still.......

And in that case,returning to the original topic , the motor would be sprung mass only as it is rigidly attached to the chasis , right?
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Default this technology works

I'd been to the motor show in london in 2006 I think, and had seen this car. they use the same kind of setup as the active wheel technology.

here's a link I found on google
Electric powered MINI QED Concept with 640 Hp!

outdrag ferraris with your battery operated mini! how does that sound?

at some point in the future I hope michelin comes out with kits for retrofitting every IC car on the planet with 4 of these babies.

4WD for everyone
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Default In-Wheel Suspension System

Michelin's Active Wheel Technology: In-Wheel Suspension & Motor-1.jpg

I had recently got this pic on a whatsapp group. The discussion was about design elements, clean lines, etc. This pic popped up and the poster asked us to identify why this car looked a lot ‘cleaner’ than other hot rods. (Comparison pics were not given).

Then it was pointed out that, there is no suspension sticking out. On a closer inspection, oh yeah!, there aren’t any. But is that a ‘clean’ look? The discussion lost track from then on, with people pouring in on what a ‘clean’ look is.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder.

But that concept got me interested and I went on to google a bit. (That is where I got the better quality pic to post here).

In 2007, Canada-based Multimatic stuffed the entire suspension system into the wheel of one of their build-offs. One of the reasons they highlighted struck a chord. Wheels these days are getting bigger and bigger, from mere 12-13” ones to dubs. So the designers and engineers have a lot of more area to play with.

Name:  1a.jpg
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Multimatic, was hoping that eventually this sort of suspension will allow for things like low, flat rear loading floors in mainstream automakers’ vans.
But for some reason, between 2007 and till now, the concept hasn’t really caught on.

About Multimatic's 1932 Ford Model B with in-wheel suspension.

Some more reading on these lines threw in a lot of tit-bits.

1. In-wheel Motor by Michelin

Michelin's Active Wheel Technology: In-Wheel Suspension & Motor-2.jpg

2. Only EV maker Venturi responded by making a car around it.
Michelin's Active Wheel Technology: In-Wheel Suspension & Motor-2a.jpg

3. Early contraptions
Name:  3.jpg
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4. Crazy looking wheels with suspension for bicycles & Wheel chairs.
These are design marvels.
- Loop wheels
Michelin's Active Wheel Technology: In-Wheel Suspension & Motor-4.jpg

- Soft Wheel
Name:  4a.jpg
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I am wondering why this fad hadn’t caught on yet. Is it part replacement difficulty, or may be the total re-engineering that is required, or the fact that retrofitting on an existing automobile design isn’t it easy.

It has caught up better in the bicycle & wheel chair market.

** All pics from the sources above.
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