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gd1418 15th March 2008 16:54

What do you mean by "wiped it clean"? Wiped with a cloth? How did they reach every nook & corner of the bay?

And what is this steam-cleaning? Details...


Originally Posted by Steeroid (Post 759402)
Gave it to the service centre to get the engine bay back to what it used to be and they did the following:

1. Sprayed the entire engine bay with WD40 and let it soak for a while.

2. Wiped it clean.

3. Steam-cleaned the entire engine and the stuff around it.

The vehicle came back with a squeaky clean, polished engine bay that wouldnt look out of place on a showroom car.

abdriver2000 15th March 2008 18:04

Besides being very expensive, isn't WD40 supposed to loosen bolts? :Shockked: I am afraid this can prove a bit dangerous.

narayan 15th March 2008 18:19


Originally Posted by abdriver2000 (Post 759489)
Besides being very expensive, isn't WD40 supposed to loosen bolts? :Shockked: I am afraid this can prove a bit dangerous.

:) thats true - imagine, leaving the engine bay sprayed with WD40 and you come back after a few minutes and every nut and bolt just falls down !!

maybe this is some other product of WD40 used for cleaning ?

amitwiz1 15th March 2008 18:38

WD40 is only supposed to loosen rusted bolts and screws for easy removal, they dont fall off :D

harsha.cs1 15th May 2008 17:27


Originally Posted by svsantosh (Post 758817)
All those who said No...Hats Off... I was Pressure Washing my Hood for the last 5 years.. until some time last year my buddys NEW WagonR LPG got Dead after a wash a local car wash...Engine Started Misfiring, Backfiring, to an extent that the airfilter assly got blown clean away from the head..!! after weeks of trouble shooting, gave it RNS Bangalore, claimed warranty for both the (Distributors) I think..the 2 black boxes on the head that generate the spark... Whew.. close shave that one.. now the car is much ok...

i understand that the wagon r lpg comes with a closed loop kit including an lpg lamda sensor. if that gets wet, it goes for a toss since it is an electronic device made of various chips. this lamda controls the air fuel mixure. if this is spoilt, the above problems would arise, including misfiring and air filter related problems!

vipul_singh 16th May 2008 09:45

It is not only about the impact of water on electrics/electronics.

I assume that most of us would have to drive the car to the car wash people, so the engine would be hot at the time of the wash. So, spraying the engin bay with cold(er) water would lead to stress on the head/block and may cause the head to crack.

So unless you are doing it on a cool engine, getting the engine bay washed can cause big problems.

newcoolgadgets 16th May 2008 17:42

Here is what I do with my Zen VXi. Every once in a couple of months, I take a water hose, and reduce the water spray to a fine mist. To do this I use a highly perfected technique from my childhood days. I insert my finger in the mouth of the pipe and then allow out just a small opening, so that the water comes out as a mist but under very high pressure. I spray the mist around the engine bay, taking care not to over drench the electricals, but just enough to let the dust trickle down with the water. I also spray a good amount (not mist) over the radiator to clean all the dust between the fins.

I keep the hood up for about an hour or so to let the water dry and then wipe any excess water over the engine cover, battery, and other electricals with a piece of clean cloth. For hard to reach spots, just roll the cloth into a thin pointed roll and insert in hard to reach nooks. The cloth will absorb most of the water, the rest will just evaporate with the heat of the engine.

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