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Vehicle movement without acc in 1st gear is normal. Neeraj, do not worry. It is a new car and am sure you will not notice it as you get used to it. Would not suggest any fiddling with the idling.

And do follow the points as said by BackSeatDriver - these are good pointers which you not get from anywhere else but which go a long way in keeping your vehicle in good condition.
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Originally Posted by Bass&Trouble View Post
Darling, the car wont go into reverse gear at such an high rpm without making the 'trrrrrr' sound of gear teeth grinding. So if I want to move immediately, I have to start the car with reverse gear engaged and clutch depressed.
Check your clutch setting. Or as a good practice, always go a leap forward in first and then switch to reverse. It will eliminate that sound.

Disclaimer: Please follow normal course unless you park the car when sober. A leap forward after parking the car in an inebriated state the previous night might lead to a totaled Wagon R.
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Thanks all for your suggestions..

At this stage i really dont think it should be any issue with the setting of the clutch..Would like to trust Maruti on that.

Backseatdriver - thanks again, Ur advice had helped me earlier with the selection of the car too Thats a lot of helpful suggestions there-
1) Will listen to the humming sound
2) You said when i start the engine, RPM will be high, and it will settle in 10-15 seconds..How will i know it has settled - will there be any indication with the sound/vibration?
3) I repeat my question - have read several times that it is "inadvisable" to use the clutch to control the speed. Or is limited use in parking lot fine, till i become more familiar, fine?
4) I will try out your second suggestion too - let me see if that helps.

kavesh55 - I somehow do manage to take the car out...its not too risky in that sense, but definitley scary And i am worried i am spoiling my clutch plate.

I noticed yesterday that once I drive the car around for a while, the speed seems to go down, and i have to use acclrator. Just to clarify my one more doubt - what is the "technically correct" way of starting a warm engine, say from a red signal?

1.Gear neutral
2. Start engine
3. Press clutch
4. First gear
5. Release clutch till bite point
6. Press acc little
7. Release clutch slowly

I have heard that left foot should slowly release clutch, while right foot should slowly press acc, but not yet managed to get that very smooth. Hopefully soon, but any pointers to how to do this smoothly? Is it necessary to stop once the clutch is at biting point, wait for the car to move, and then only release clutch..I hope these things will come with come, but any help to speeden the learning?
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Trust Maruti. There is nothing wrong with your vehicle.

Now to those points:

1. The humming sound is very low - you will not hear it on a noisy neighbourhood. The best thing to do is to insert the key, make a single step turn (this is when your battery check light and engine check light come up). Leave it at this position for 5 seconds. This should do the trick.

2. There will no vibrations. It is just a matter of keeping a good ear out. As soon as you start you car notice the rev of the car. You will find that it will be as if you have slightly depressed the acc. After few seconds (around 5~8 seconds max for your vehicle) this rev sound will come down. There will be no indication or vibrations. This is just the spot where your engine is drawing some extra fuel during the start and burning it. Once it get the right mixture, it will settle down.

3. Do not use the clutch to control speed. Too much of usage might lead to early detioration of it. Use your brake for reducing speed. There is no harm in using the brake if you haven't used your accelerator. If the vehicle is moving, use the brake for reducing speed, period. You can either close the clutch fully or leave it fully open based on how your vehicle is reacting to the slow speed. My suggestion will be to completely close the clutch and use the break. Once you feel you need to accelerate, release the clutch slowly and start accelerating.

The correct way to start a engine (warm or cold) from a completely stopped / parked vehicle:
1. Clutch closed
2. Turn key & start engine (no acceleration at all!)
3. Slot into 1st gear
4. Depress leg brake
5. Release hand brake
6. Release leg brake
7. Release clutch slowly till you feel that vehicle start to roll
8. Start depressing the accelerator very slowly so that the vehicle start rolling smoothly
9. Once vehicle is rolling leave clutch fully and accelerate slightly and then change gear to second.

Do not worry about the fine art of leaving the clutch and accelerating smoothly. You will learn it over the due course of time.

There was a time when I used to think that driving a car was next to impossible due to the fact that the driver have to take care of the body, change gear, accelerate, steer and all. But then, we all learn!

Happy driving mate! :-)
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HI Neeraj,

> I have a query regarding the high speed that it seems to reach in first gear
> even without accelerator.

All the modern cars with fuel injection (like your WagonR) are programmed to run faster than normal idle - to prevent stalling when engine is cold and also to bring the engine faster to normal running temperature. Once warm, if you start the engine you would not have this faster idle speed.

Never press your accelerator pedal while starting. The initial RPM will setlle down in a little time. Try to hear the engine sound for this. When the idle RPM is fast, the car indeed can move without you having to press the acceelrator.

> Is it alright to press brakes while releasing clutch - will it cause any damage > to either of the two.

It is alright in the circumstances that you have mentioned. When you press the brake in such a situation, please remember to press the clutch in if the speed is too low to prevent stalling.

I am sure all these procedures will become natural to you in coming months and you would be giving all these answers to another person who would be asking this question.

All the best.
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Hi Neeraj, Lots of comments on your doubts and queries already. My 2 cents added here. I too own the same car. As my theoretical and practical knowledge goes: all MPFI cars behave similar way when it comes to starting, idling, moving, stopping etc. My wagon R can move on 1st gear and 2nd gear without touching the accelerator (on a levelled ground) also not using the brakes in the whole process. To test this you can check the following order in a free open parking leveled area;

1. Hand brakes ON, Gear in Neutral, start the engine (Dont touch the accelator pad as its written on the dash, right side of your steering), wait for 10 seconds for engine to wake up (only for cold start)
2. Press the clutch pedal, change to 1st gear, release the hand brake, slowly release the clutch, NO accelator, car will start moving.
3. It will keep a speed upto 10/15 usually, press the clutch and change to 2nd gear and release the clutch slowly. Car will not stall but will keep moving as long as you are in a levelled ground. Accelator pad and break pad are never touched in this process.

Now to another aspect: For a normal starting and moving, you can wait for the car to move on its own atleast few inches (by using the slow-clutch-release step) before using the accelator to increase the power of movement. Technically its called 'the bite point' but on a levelled ground its hard to feel in an MPFI vehicle.

To get the exact feel of the 'bite point' of the clutch, you need to take your car to a slightly upward slope area where car can not move on its own due to the ground. From standstill, keep the 1st gear, apply the break pad (some people use hand brake), slowly release the clutch and wait at the point when you feel the body vibrating (edit; not your body but car's) or the engine humming more than usual, you can feel it on the steering too most times, thats the actual biting point. Leaving the break pad and immediately applying the accelator at that point and releasing the clutch fully will move the car without stalling. It requires lot of practice, not in the heavy traffic but in peaceful areas without crowd.

These are very basics of driving, which I thought would be taking me years to practise and master, but became part of habits within few days of practise.

There are lots of online tutorials (mostly UK based) on driving, parking at various spaces, driving in various terrains etc. which helped me a lot in practising and getting confidence. Just google, you will get plenty of them. Happy driving !!
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