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srijit 14th May 2008 01:26

Video: See what difference 5km/hr makes. Please watch.
See what difference 5km/hr makes

Not practical, but interesting, nevertheless.

PhrozenFire 14th May 2008 01:45

Like you said - interesting. Point to be noted is, the distance of the truck from the point of braking. Had the truck been 5-10 feet further away, both the cars would probably have been safe. On the other hand had the truck been 10 feet closer to the point of braking, both the cars would have hit it at quite a velocity.
But yes the video does highlight just how much distance is covered after you start braking to come to a complete standstill.

CR-V 14th May 2008 01:47

So is this real? does it really makes so much diffrenece? and if it does what would be the difference if the cars were traveling at 65 and 70?

srijit 14th May 2008 03:08


Originally Posted by CR-V (Post 829312)
So is this real?

No reason to suspect otherwise. All they are saying is that 5km/hr might not sound like a lot, but it make a big difference.

ps: In the videoe, you can see the tyres stop and release. Is that the ABS?

mezereo 14th May 2008 09:35

interesting video. 5 kmph does make a difference ha

jat 14th May 2008 13:39

for people who are mathematically inclined:

The KE is proportioanal to square of the speed. Which means the differenc is square of (65/60) = 17.36% and same with square of 70/60 = 36% (doubling the difference increase the risk and damage factor by more than double)

VJ_MAVRICK 14th May 2008 13:58

The breaking distance always depends on the speed which is quite obvious as there is significant amount of buffering space and stability in being slower than being faster, be it 20KM/hr or 5KM/hr

sbasak 14th May 2008 14:13

The truck could have pulled out earlier - in that case even lower speed would have caused accident!

Speed alone doesn't kill. It's the inappropriate speed and the circumstances which make accidents fatal.

diabloo 14th May 2008 14:17

agree:. Also the car with higher speed has the option of swerving towards right and avoiding the truck.

Originally Posted by sbasak (Post 829815)
The truck could have pulled out earlier - in that case even lower speed would have caused accident!

viper_711 14th May 2008 14:19

The braking distances provided in OD and ACI (as a part of the car specs in the buyer guide)show the same trend - the difference from 80kmph-0 and that of 100kmph-0 is almost 70-80% more for most cars.

Shan2nu 14th May 2008 14:22

When testing braking, time required is not as significant as distance required to come to a halt.

If you compare a truck that goes from 100-0 in 10 secs against the Veyron which goes from 405-0 in 10 secs, even though both vehicles take the same amount of time to stop, the Veyron will travel a much larger distance in those 10 secs.

Moreover, if both drivers have a reaction time of 0.5 secs. It equals to 13.88mtrs for the truck and 56.25mtrs for the Veyron (Veyron is travelling an extra 42.37mtrs even before they start braking).


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