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Default Fuel siphon not possible in Elantra /NHC

Hi Guys

Recentely I tried to remove fuel from my Elantra by siphoning. But however long the pipe was it was not able to reach petrol inside the tank ( The tank was 90 % full).

Getting curious we tried it on my frinds City. Same thing

1. The tank pipe is with lot of twists making it difficult to put the pipe in
2. There seems to be a filte or stopper of some kind as when I tried to put a wire in it could easily connect with petrol as evident when taken out.

A quick serach in google threw light on the situation.

1. There is a antitheft machanism in most of the new cars . It is made of small plates with drilled holes installed in tubing at atleast tow places so that no hose can pass through but the fuel will reach the tank

2. Some euro 4 cars have a baffel plate of cover always floating on top of the fuel to prevent the fuel evoporation and oxidation .

Now the question is how do I remove fuel in emergency ( say ona long trip ) without neddeding to bleed the fuel line.

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I think there is screw underneath the car body, which is used to take the fuel out of the car. Don't know the location though
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Easier way is to unclip the fuel line which goes into the engine in the bonnet, just turn on ignition (not the engine), the fuel pump will pump out some fuel before cutting off.
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To Take out fuel without siphoning from fuel-filler tube:

1: open the hood, take out fuel feed hose clip & then hose itself, turn ignition on(let the self starter run) & vehicle pumps fuel.CAUTION: spill overs can be dangerous in hot engine condition.

2: Take out the clip & hose connection from fuel filter(usually located near left rear wheel) & fuel starts coming out under gravity, It is much safer area to take gasoline out, as petrol spill over near hot engine is dangerous.

May need to bleed the fuel line if vehicle has close fuel feed system as in diesels.

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Have you tried a thinner pipe like the one used by Mason's in the construction industry for checking the flooe level, same can be found in the Motorcycles tank to engine.

If there is a flap covering it, no way, but if its a small mesh, might be possible. Also check with your A.S.S mechanic on how they do it, if required.
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