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Default Bonnet & Bumper Replacement

Last couple of weeks hasn't been great for my car with some crazy bikers & Cabbies doing their magic to spoil my car.

It all started when I was driving in TVM & at a signal, an Indica cabbie hit the rear bumper while trying to squeue in. The impact was pretty heavy & caused a dent & some scratches on the right portion of the rear bumper. He fled, I chased, caught him, didn't understand what he sad. I said I'll call the Cops, I realised he begged for mercy. I had to leave for some important work, so moved on. I wasn't feeling good since this was the first ever damage to my car.

Next, back in Bangalore, at a traffic signal on Sarjapur road. I stop seeing the signal turning red before the white line. There's a M&M cargo jeep in front of me & he's past the line into the middle of the junction. Cop tells him to go back, he reverses & the Jeep's rear iron bar hits my bonnet. BUMP - a deep dent & some scratches. Jeep driver realises this, takes a U turn & flees. I cannot chase as I'm stopped by the Cop...Crap!

That's not It. Another instance, near Marathalli, BMTC Bus tries to make its way from a stop, TT stops abruptly followed by an Innova behind which I slam my brakes, All of us must be doing 20 kmph. And Bang, a biker hits the rear bumper, smiles saying nothing has happed & squezes away. I stop my car after the signal get down to see the blue paint of the bike's mudgaurd is all over the rear bumper. Didn't get upset since the bumper was already damaged!
Apart from these there are some hair line scratches here n there.

Feels bad!

20k service is due in another 500kms. I plan to change the Bonnet & Bumper.

Should I use Insurance? Renewal is due 1st Dec & NCB will be 25% this time.

I was also thinking of getting a custom bumper done; now that I am replacing it anyways. Yes, I can't claim insurance. Any idea what the cost will be? I plan to approach Chameleon or SS concepts.
Ohh, the car is a '06 Black Baleno

Cheers, AR
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If you have pics of other Baleno cars with the bumper & bonnet mods, i would suggest you post some pics for us to say yeah or nay...
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Old 5th September 2008, 15:32   #3
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wow bumper and bonnet change ? send in some pictures and then we can suggest but in all probaility it sounds like things which can be rectified without a change .. but dont wanna confirm unless you post some pictures....
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Sounds like everyday fare in the metros; dont fret, you will only be causing damage to yourself. I don't think you need to replace any body parts. A good body shop ought to get it back as good as new.
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as GTO suggested, a good body shop can get it back as new
Also, i doubt if you can claim insurance for all the stuff.
Because insurance companies would consider only one of the damages and not all.

Think about it, just spend some money and get it done at a decent body shop.
However if the damages are too small, just leave it.. because these things are pretty common in metros.

I had had a few instances. Infact my Palio still has the dent in the front fender due to some negligent driving by some lady driver.
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My friend got the rear bumper changed from TVM popular motors. it costed him 3350 (painting + labour + part price) under insurance claim. the car was under 2nd year insurance.
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Old 8th September 2008, 22:16   #7
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Replace.... no dude... you got it wrong...

In the city driving cycle, this is how it goes...

Repair - Repaint - Redent - Repair - Repaint - You know the rest....
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I would suggest that you take your car to a good garage who can help you fix it. Claiming insurance should be the last thing you should do. Let me know, and I can mail you the details of the garage that usually give my cars for denting and painting. I can vouch by the quality of work.
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Take it to Suraksha Car Care on Hosur Road, Adugodi or Sai Colorium , J.P. Nagar and they will fix it up good :-)
Just did 9k of work myself on from the former.
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Default Pics

Some pics of the damage. I got quotes of 12k for the Bonnet & 4k for the rear bumper - replacement, painting & labor.
Attached Thumbnails
Bonnet & Bumper Replacement-sp_a0374.jpg  

Bonnet & Bumper Replacement-sp_a0376.jpg  

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Old 11th September 2008, 12:08   #11
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Rear bumper can be repaired, I am sure if you hit in hard from inside it will pop back out and then the paint job will cover the scratches.

Check with the body shops, no harm in trying as the next option is anyways replacement.
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Old 11th September 2008, 14:09   #12
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I had much bigger dent on my rear bumper.
Got it repaired in 150 Rs.
Your one seems very simple one, only the repainting thing may cost you a bit.
There are two ways of removing bumper dent.
Some guys use torch to heat the bumper from a distance and then push it form inside.
Some guys use a halogen lamp, to heat up the bumper and then push it from inside.

I found the later one more safe, as it spreads heat more uniformly and with a mildness.
With torch method there is a risk of slight deformity.
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Yes halogen method works good. Infact in my case the polish was also not needed as it was not body colored bumper. For a dent like you i think within 200 bucks it can be done.
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Default 30K Service & Going Good!!!

Didn't wanna start a new thread, so continuing here.

What has changed since the last post?

- Car has gone through a complete paint job at a MASS paintbooth. Also painted OVRMs, side mouldings & any other non painted outside plastics.
- Bumper replaced
- Bonnet repaired & painted - Not happy with the job
- A round of rubbing, polish & wax job

Total cost - about 35k using insurance.
Overall paint job was good, but certainly could have been better. I went to MASS for a top notch job. But.......

Today, got the car serviced at 30k. Here's what was done apart from regular servicing:

- Engine Decarbonization
- Wheel Alignment/Balancing
- Brake pad set replaced
- Upholstery cleaning
- Rubbing, Polishing & Waxing for body

Costed me Rs 8.6k

Car runs real always

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The Baleno had one of the sweetest engines in the MUL stable. Glad you are enjoying driving the car.
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