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Default Converting from LHD to RHD

Hell Guys!

(I did use the search - but could not find any thread on this)

Is there any one specialising in converting LHD cars to RHD. The background for this question is as follows

I have been out of India for sometime. So is my family. Now my daughter and my mother are relocating to India (from Sept 09). So I need to get them a car there. Any decent car will be in the price range of at least Rs 500 K at least. So I am looking at my options.

The second car in the family now is XTrail 2004 model LHD. Done only 18,000 KM (wifes car - her office is with in 5 KM from where I live). She is now looking at Lexus IS 300 (seriously I believe and I may have to yield sooner or latter). With the economy being what it is getting a good price fo Xtrail is a distant dream.

So my thoughts are why not ship it to India - any way my mom or daughter can take a TR and duty would be about 60%. XTrail is also peppy enough car for me when I am down there. Also quiet comfortable with the ample ground clearance it has.

But driving LHD there is not something I want to do on a longterm basis.

Is there some one reliable enough, who can do the job of conversion. The car is full automatic model with all power options except the Moonroof. So the basic jobs would be the Steering Column, Pedals and the dash board, Driver side door pannel controls (central locking etc) The Gear Lever can reamain as it (though you may have to use the palm to push the shift lock button).

Anywhere in South India would be good enough for me.

Any suugestions would be welcome.

Thanks and Best Regards and Drive Safe.

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Dude! don't bother! it will be very costly. unless you have a sentimental value for the cars you own back there.

Its a precession job, also all the parts needs to be imported, they too will attract duty.

Look for options here in indian market. Now we too have a whole lot of choice here.
Beemer, audi etc.

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Convert it in Dubai and have it shipped to India.
Else it won't pass through customs.
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Its not a wise decision to either import it or modify this car, its going to be an expensive affair but mostly a Big Messy affair.


India has enough cars that you can choose.

Buy one here, it'll save a lot of troubles.
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Anywhere in South India would be good enough for me.
To convert the car to an RHD in India, you'd need to get it here first. LHD imports have been banned since a while (except for Consulates & some other categories). As others have posted, sell and buy a new car from India itself. Plenty of options on hand.
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no point in going through all this pain and hassle. Better to opt for a new one here. the job that you are mentioning requires a lot of precision. Again its an imported model and the spares will be difficult to get. You may end up shelling out a lot more than required.
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I fully agree. Converting a LHD car to RHD involves far too much work and is almost certainly not worth it. As GTO pointed out, the conversion will have to be done abroad prior to export to India.

Let me go further - keeping a car which is not available in India is a pain due to problems in sourcing spares. I was reading somewhere that in the UK there was a market importing Japanese spec cars to circumvent high taxes in the UK. People who bought these cars had a real problem with the spares. A broken windscreen took three months to replace as there were minor differences between the UK and Japanese models.

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