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anachronix 3rd June 2009 22:31

Brand New Fiesta refuses to start!
Its been 12 days since I have bought the Fiesta 1.6s! I have crossed 1000KM on the ODO today.

Offlate I am facing a starting trouble. It cranks perfectly but the engine simply doesnt come to life. It fires up in the 3rd or 4th crank though. This problem is there from yesterday and it doesnt happen quite often. But I have faced this problem already 3 times from yesterday!

I keep the clutch pressed and my feet off the accelerator and wait for all the sensor lights to go off before I crank. I guess this is the right way to start.

I havent see any warning lights in the display.

I am taking it to the workshop tomorrow, but I need your suggestions just to have an idea of what could be the problem!

netarchie 3rd June 2009 22:41

Have you tried stepping on the gas a little while starting? I do that to my fusion once in a while when it refuses to start at one or two cranks.

malgudi 3rd June 2009 22:48

Bad quality fuel may be the culprit here. Try having a tankful from a known and reputed petrol bunk to see if the problem disappears.

anachronix 3rd June 2009 22:48

Nop! I havent tried that part.

But, I usually keep my foot off the gas while starting!



I had tanked up from a reputed bunk and the fuel is just below the 1/4 of the tank!

BTW, I had added the SystemG this time when I had fueled!

netarchie 3rd June 2009 22:51

Try that, i guess its mentioned in the manual as well.

anachronix 3rd June 2009 23:07

But thats in case of an extremely cold start or a flooded engine case right?

Zappo 3rd June 2009 23:23

Anachronix, does this problem happen mostly during cold starts? Or does it happen in a warmed up engine? Normally if the idle is set very low you may need to step (very lightly though) on the gas pedal while starting.

Also, check that your battery is properly charged. Since its a brand new car the battery should be in the pink of health. Check whether while cranking the car's electronic equipments like digi-clock, audio panel display etc. turn off for a brief while. Normally in an absolutely new and well charged battery this should not happen.

anachronix 4th June 2009 06:30


It happens in the warmed up engine! I will get it checked in the Ford A.S.S today.

Aditya 4th June 2009 07:14

A friend's Honda had a similar problem. Fuel quality was bad. It messed up the filter. The idling went for a toss.
If that dosen't help, as zappos said, have the electricals checked - though I've never heard of a Ford giving electrical problems. The Mondeo had fuel pump issues. The Ikon and Fiesta are quite reliable.

malgudi 4th June 2009 09:07

I would not suggest using SystemG in a brand new car. Hold on till say about 3K - 4K Kms before using SystemG.
As I said earlier, I have faced this couple of times when i have got fuel filled from unknown fuel pumps. Usually a tankful from a trusted pump and a spirited drive after that resolves the problem :D

Bubby 4th June 2009 09:16

Dont let FORD A.S.S know that you used system G, as this might be put against you, you know all A.S.S have this habit of blaming stuff on the owner.

They might even go on to say that you voided the warranty.

gemithomas 4th June 2009 09:33

I had experienced this same thing on our fusion. It mostly happens when the car is parked for a few minutes after a small run. I jus tap the pedal on the second try and the car starts. It happens only very rarely and never bothered about it. But in your case it seems to be a high frequency. Try idling for just a few more seconds before switching off. I suggest you try for some more time before letting the A.S.S peiple touch the car.

hillram 4th June 2009 10:31

Tapping the pedal should work most of the times.But it is relativly an older system before cranking.
Modern cars really dont need that !!

anachronix 4th June 2009 11:16

Took it to the Ford A.S.S today morning. All the electricals were checked and the PDS was connected and checked for any fault. But there was nothing really wrong!

I feel the fuel to be the culprit here!

I got the ECU flashed once and I will put it on observation for a couple of days.

SystemG, the mechanics & the SA were suggesting me to use it continously. Even my friend who was ex-Ford A.S.S Manager suggested me to use the SystemG.

And I am driving to Kerala tomorrow, the first long drive :D

Rehaan 4th June 2009 16:29


Do you notice any difference when driving? Less power, occasional unresponsiveness ?


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