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Default Swift VXI : Flat battery. Push start didn't work?

Was off to Nasik last weekend and while we left the car with driver for a 4-5 hours, on our return the driver tried to start the car and it won’t start? On probing him, we found out that he was sleeping on the car with the music on and also the a/c blower, which lead the battery to go dry.

Tried doing “Dhaka start”, which was not help, finally had to call for a mechanic. The mechanic came with a service battery and jumper wire, that did the trick!

My question is, do all the newer cars, do not start in the 2nd gear? ( Dhaka Start)? Or am I missing anything here?

The Mech. told us that all the newer car's will not start the old fashioned way? is that true? has anyone faced such issue in the past?
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i think it has to do someting with injectors. if no battery then no fuel and without fuel you cant start .
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I think with MPFI cars you are not supposed to attempt a push start. The right way is to jump start with a spare battery
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Check the user manual (you do get one; most probably in the glove compartment).

It would be specifically stated NOT to push start the car!
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There's no fuel going to the injectors from your electric fuel pump.
How WILL it start?
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If battery is completely drained yes fuel starvation can happen (nitrous explained it well), but if you had left the car idle for 10-15 mts then tried push start, it would most likely start.

NO this is NOT recommended, since it can affect the cat con of modern cars.
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I guess it has got something to do with the ECU of the car, ECU is resetted in the event of complete battery draing and is resetted only when you jump start/replace the battery of the car and not just dhakka start.
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With a completely flat battery (when even the ignition lamp on the dash barely glows), no petrol car will start - MPFi OR carburetted. That's because there's no current to produce a spark at the plug. No spark, no start.
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so any DIY trick when stranded?
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DIY in this case would be limited to carrying a set of jumper cables so that you can jump start the car (using the battery from another vehicle).
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Originally Posted by devrajman View Post
so any DIY trick when stranded?
Make your own, or buy a Jump Start Cable.
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does it require that the clutch be depressed for the swift to start ? like in the verna crdi ? I have seen may an verna's being grounded because the clutch sensor had malfunctioned. then no amount of push starting or cranking can bring the engine to life.
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A flat battery if given some time (unpulg ground wire) then it should be able to run fuel pump for some time till dhakka start will start the engine.

I can think of a low battery warning circuit which can trigger an alarm when battery voltage falls below 12v. These circuits are easy to make and they are cheap too.
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In most cases, while the battery may not have the juice to run the starter, it will still run all the other accessories. However, it is not recommended to push start an MPFI car at all and like others have suggested here, try and carry a pair of jumpstart cables. When I go on a really long distance trip, I also carry a spare battery, especially if the battery in my car is over two years old, so that I am not stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery !
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The entire fuel system is electronic. Hence the ECU, fuel pump, injectors are all dead,
With a low battery you can get away with a push start but with a flat battery there is no way.
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