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Seeler_Rebeiro 8th July 2009 11:19

Palio 1.6 - AC cutoff on Load
During the last week of May, I was returning from Pune on a very hot day. I own a Palio 1.6 Stile. The drive was on the expressway and I never exceeded 100kmph. The drive is flat or downhill but not climbing up the ghats.
Now while I was driving the AC was ineffective. I even put the blower at high speed but no cooling. When I reached Mumbai, I checked the coolant level and all was OK. Once I reached the city, the cooling was very effective.
I read somewhere that the AC on Palios cuts off on load.
My question is - the 1.6 has sufficient power and I was not loading it too much. So why did it cut-off ? Is there a way or changing or disabling this setting ? Has someone experienced this and have you changed this behaviour ?


solly 8th July 2009 11:27

I also have the same problem in my GTX.. Any solution for this? Think it cuts off if you rev the engine beyond 2500/3000 rpm..

planet_rocker 8th July 2009 12:12

never faced this issue - but i feel that since you were driving at a high speed the wind kept the engine cool and somehow frose the already chilled ac pipes and it kept cutting off.

what was the temperature setting? full chill?

also see this:

aerohit 8th July 2009 12:19

AC works best when the temp difference between inside and outside the car is more.

When you were in the city, your car was probably hot - hence AC more effective.

On the highway cruise, it was probabaly not as hot anyway, hence you didnt notice it.

Rahulkool 8th July 2009 13:21

It happens in my car(palio 1.6) also, it has to do with ice formation of something. what i usually do is turn off the AC for 2-3 mins and after that it runs fine again. it doesn't happen always but sometimes i have noticed this after running the AC continuously for 2-3 hours .....

Seeler_Rebeiro 8th July 2009 13:27

@planetrocker - what was the temperature setting? full chill?

Yes, it was set to full chill. Is the recommendation that when doing long drives at higher speeds, to lower the temp settings ?

planet_rocker 8th July 2009 13:47

i think it is better to keep the temp setting at half or 3/4th of the blue / chill part of the control knob. that way the compressor cuts off and avoids freezing of the pipes which may lead to cabin flooding / in-effective cooling while doing highway drives / city drives - unless you feel the need to keep it at full chill.

while doing city drives the flow of wind is limited to the runs you make in between traffic lights / destination - this keeps the engine bay warm and me thinks that the pipes do not freeze at full chill and hence better cooling. this is not the case while doing highway drives where airflow is high for a long time and cooler engine bay and may lead to pipes freezing.

you may have noticed the cooling fans run at a low / 0 speed during highway drives. but if you idle the engine for a few mins they run at the regular speed.

i am not a techie - if i am wrong - please correct me. :)

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