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Default Foul Smell from Blower / Fan in swift

I have a Swift LDI bought in 2008. It has been bought with great love and is admired by both me and my wife. The problem is that from the day 1, if we put the AC on 'fresh air' instead of internal circulation then the air comes in with a very bad smell as if something is rotting. So, my wife never lets me turn on fresh air and we are always on internal cirulation and AC...even on superb cool/rainy days. Using ambipure now, but still.... as soon as the AC mode is turned to 'fresh air' the air starts smelling bad.

Any clue why this might be happening and how I can rectify it? 'Fresh air' should be fresh, right?
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something dead/rotten in the tubes? you might want to check the ducts

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As Greenhorn has suggested getting the ducts checked would be a good idea. In your case since the car has this problem since the beginning it is highly possible that something dead or rotten is blocking the External Air Inlet.
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no CONCRETE solution yet? I am sure it will be a HELL of a job to explain this resistance business to the a holes at the A.S.S for most of us.
And others who want to get it done outside will risk voiding their warranty.
God, I wish they addressed such issues at birth.
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first of all STOP USING car deo/perfumes in your vehicles as they only mask the smell and are not the solution for bad and foul smell!

usually the smell comes from the bacteria and fungi which develops and breeds in the evaporator coil of your AC, located behind the central AC vents of your vehicle.

evaporator is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and fungi because its dark and moist out there, which helps them breed!

the air from the blower motor passes through this evaporator coil into your cabin.

i would give you a simple solution and do this once in two weeks.

open all windows of your car.
run your AC blower motor on full speed with temparature setting on HOT.
every five minutes change the air flow setting from front to foot to windscreen.
the air flow setting should also be changed from re-circulation to fresh air.
AC should be OFF all along this process.

this process should be carried out for atleast 15-20 minutes every two weeks (twice a month).

the hot air dries the evaporator coil and kills all the bacteria and fungi, because they cant survive in heat!

see the same way we open the windows and doors of our house to let the fresh air circulate in our house, we hardly do it with our cars!

some people smoke inside the car with AC running!
some people use perfumed scents/deos/air freshners....STOP using them!

all the smoke and air freshners get stuck in the evaporator coil and keep giving you bad smell after a while.

also always do this> when you are 1 km from your house, switch OFF the AC and let the blower motor run till you reach your house.

this will make sure the evaporator coil dries with the air from blower motor and will not cause bacteria and fungi breed in the evaporator.

if your car has a cabin filter, get it cleaned/dusted out in every service and change it as and when required.

we had a case of bad smell with a customer, it was later diagnosed that there was a cat around the area he use to park his car and the cat loved sitting on the bonnet and use to pee over it near the front windscreen and all the pee dripped down to the fresh air intake of the blower motor.

another case was of a rat being found dead inside the fresh air intake.

any Questions about this, discuss here and dont pm, that way others will also learn few things about maintaining hygine inside the car.

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Originally Posted by Parm View Post
first of all STOP USING car deo/perfumes in your vehicles as they only mask the smell and are not the solution for bad and foul smell!
any Questions about this, discuss here and dont pm, that way others will also learn few things about maintaining hygine inside the car.
neat advice !

Additionally the 3M bacteria/fungal removal solution can be used once in a while to ensure there is minimal organic activity in the vents.

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Default Stinking A/c in SX4

Hi Guyz,
My Sx4 A/c Stinks Everyday , the First time i start the car, It has done 6000 kms.
Ive put 2 air freshners On either sides (godrej Ambi pur )
But none seem to be car has been driven only in A/c From Day 1,Hardly remember opening the windows.
Please Advise what needs to be done & what shall be the sureshot Car Aroma brand i should put in ?

Thanks in advance,,..
Ravi Patel

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What is the stink like - a dead rat/lizard, wet cloth kind of stink? Smoke? Fuel smell? Find the source rather than just use perfume to try and nullify it.
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I would suggest get it check, if some water has gone inside or some animal like rat, you should get it checked at MASS.
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besides other's suggestion, this sometimes happens, when some food items thrown in to the vent, very common with kids, and its start rotting giving foul smells.

I guess get it checked at MASS
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small rodents like rats, squirrels etc find cars a comfortable place to nest - could even have had a litter of babies inside and maybe one or two of these perished inside.
Suggest that you have the complete AC dismantled and the dash board facia taken apart to locate the problem - have it completely cleaned up and then install a rat proof mesh to prevent these things in future.
These steps are slightly painful but better to prevent such occurrences in future.
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i had a similar problem with my tata estate which gave off a sour chemical like smell as soon as the ac was turned on finally was linked to the alternator overcharging the battery which was emitting gas which was being sucked by the ac into the cabin.
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is there any member in this forum with a Chevrolet spark who has encountered smell from the AC vents? the reason why i am asking this is one of my colleagues who owns a spark has complained to the A.S.S. several times regarding the pungent odor coming from the vents but the Service team are unable to provide any solutions denying there is no incident of AC smells from Sparks sold, if there is anyone who has come across this problem please let me know what actions have been taken against it, this will be a relief to my colleague who is planning to sell his spark because of this niggling issue,

Thanks in advance
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For me in swift, If I get the foul smell, I keep my car windows open and run the AC full flow on hot condition for 2 mins. Then make the temperature to neutral for a couple of mins and then cool it with windows closed. It worked for me all the times.

Try it out in Spark and see if it helps
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