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Default After temperature gauge - oil dipstick to go as well?

Technology Alert: The dipstick's demise is blamed on dilatory drivers — Autoblog

I think it makes sense. That doesnt mean it thrills the part in me which likes to get dirty and check everything for myself but a lot of people simply never check these details. Its the same for the temperature gauge which is being removed from vehicles. How many people are more likely to pay attention to a red light that comes up suddenly as compared to a gauge that is one of many and is not bright / flashing? Most wont even recall if the pointer is within the normal range of the engine temperature.

What do you guys reckon?
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I don't have a problem with the electronic level indicator - but it is electronic, can fail! The good old dipstick can NEVER fails - and it should be zilch in expense to put it in! Please don't do away with it yet!!!
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It might make sense for relatively new vehicles, within their early tens of thousands of km. I have never bought oil, to top up between services, on my last several cars: Swift. Indica, UK Rover, UK Golf, UK Fiesta (that's going back about 20 years) --- but I certainly did for my 13-yr-old Civic!

I think it is short-sighted. Maybe the message would be that they only care about the buyers of new cars, not about what happens to car in ten years time


I don't think I'd got the point that it was to be replaced with an electronic gadget <Blush>. No: I vote for appropriate technology, and the mechanical dipstick seems to be wonderfully simple, reliable, and, surely, cheaper than electronics?

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