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tsk1979 16th November 2005 15:51

Hydrogen injection to boost power/efficiency
I came across this article in the wired magazine,2554,69529,00.html
It seems that a device uses engine power to generate hydrogen. This hydrogen is injected in the engine along with the fuel, and in the process increases the efficency of the engine by more complete burning of diesel.
The net gain in efficiency is positive as the energy spent in generating Hydrogen is less than the amount of energy increase. In this process Hydrogen is a catalyst which aids in better burning of diesel. Unlike water injection which boosts efficiency and power only when its detonation limited, hydrogen injection will give a net gain in most cases. Infact in canada truckers have started using it extensively to lower fuel costs.

drifter 16th November 2005 22:15

i think this has been in use for some time now...there was an article on hydrogen fumigation of diesel engines....and i think theres a thread that exists on the forum about it up...might turn up some good links.


ananthkamath 16th November 2005 22:49

Correction drifter i think that discussion was about LPG fumigation not hydrogen.

drifter 16th November 2005 22:51

Are you sure? I think i remember reading hydrogen.


tsk1979 17th November 2005 10:42

I searched hydrogen in search forums, and did not come up with anything about hydrogen injection to improve efficiency

Harish.Krovvidi 17th August 2008 18:34

Hi... an electrolyser is made to run off the car battery, this breaks down water into Hydrogen and oxygen gases, which in turn is fed thru the air intake similar to the way LPG /CNG is in a Carb fitted car.

Water cannot be broked into its elements just by passing electric current, we need to add backing soda, salt ... salt isnt advisable as it gives off chlorine which anit good for anyone.... so its backing soda to go with... oh i fgt you could also use caustic soda or citric acid to water...

If you want the designs for making this contraption let me know. am making one and got my self an really old sunny to test it on.

let you ll know of the results

Jr Godzilla 17th August 2008 22:22

i read somewhere that the main problem was storing hydrogen in a safe manner on a commercial vehicle due to its properties.

rohan_fonseca 17th August 2008 23:50

Thread already exists. Please use the search funtion. (sorry tsk, just couldn't help it:D)

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