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Default Palio auto revving


Of late am experiencing a problem with my palio (1.2 nv sport). When I take the car in the morning, within the first 3-5 minutes of driving the engine auto revvs even when i take my foot of the gas pedal. It happens only once. After that everything is fine.

Also the car is sluggish at times. I know this is a universal problem with NV model. Is there anything that can be done to get away with the sluggishness?

Appreciate your help.

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Your engine auto-revvs upto what RPM levels? If it happens *only* on cold mornings, then it's normal phenomenon. (Engine RPM going upto 1200 rpm and then falling down to ~800 rpm over a minute or two). If not, it may be an ECU problem. Get it checked.
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Yes the engine Auto revvs in almost all MPFI cars. There is nothing unusual about it Remember the good old carb 800 days when the car does not start in the morning if you dont revv hard?.. MPFI systems are smart. They know that the engine is cold and needs revving. So it auto revvs.

As for the sluggishness, i have heard many people complain this about NV model. This is partly due to the fact that the NV model was a more "Fuel efficiency" tweaked model at the cost of performance. There is a lot of detail that goes into that, i dont think i would able to explain it here.

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Auto-revving on cold starts is normal like RX135 and dceite say. The engine rpm should drop to the idle speed when the ECU thinks that the engine is warmed up enough. I always let the rpms drop down to "idle" before pushing off. I also try not to rev hard for the first 10 minutes or so of driving from a cold start. Everything is rough and feels crude when it is cold. If you have a manual transmission car you might even feel that your shifts are not smooth. Give the car a few minutes to warm up and everything will be fine.
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faced this auto reving myself but arbid not only on cold starts. turned out to be crud/build p in the throttle body idle valve unit. fortunatly solved with a couple of applications of carb cleaner spray.
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It happenes the same on my Optra...
it happenes on all MPFI cars i even say it happen on M800 Mpfi...
so it's normal...
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