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ap10046 5th January 2006 13:29

Lancer running extremely rough!
Hi Guys!
I just came by this forum and I had to join in.
Wonder if anyone can help me??
I have a 1999 Lancer (4G15!! Ecchh!!), K&N Typhoon, 2 1/2 SS Headers, single straight through muffler, Kent 240 cam, mild head work, 205/40/ZR17 (Dunlop sp9000..really really good tyres), Splitfire plugs, MSD coil and wires, engine rechip.
With this lot i may be pulling maybe another 15 or so BHP so about 100 or so.
My Lancer runs SO SO badly, i want to wreck the car, swifts, stock Citys and the like wreak havoc with my crate!!
I have a couple of options,
1) Chuck out the horrific 4G15 and put in a FTO Mivec 2.0 V6 (+120BHP)
2) Add a Turbo+Intercooler kit (+60BHP)
3) Add a Supercharger. (+80 BHP)

Someone told me that the 4G15 is a strong engine and can withstand punishment easily.. so would the Turbo/Super kit be a better option than the V6?
Also, with my present setup, of late, on idle, the RPM fluctuates constantly between 350 and 850 RPM, this makes it very difficult to drive in traffic.
Please can someone shed light on my dilemma!!
Thanks in advance

Psycho 5th January 2006 13:34

Please try and swap your ecu with a stock ecu and try... really cannot understand as to what you mean by a rechip???

viper 5th January 2006 13:44


Where did you get the mods done from. I would suggest you get your cam timing and ignition timing checked. Do you have a fuel pressure regulator. With all the mods mentioned you should be able to kick some serious butt and not the other way around.

Also what is your engine compression get that checked as well.


ap10046 5th January 2006 14:16

have got the compression checked, changed the ingectors, uprated fuel rail..more flow..timing is spot on but still running like a dog!
got the chip from the States, plugs in before the Air sensor.
She's plenty plenty fast, can easily touch the stop on the speedo but getting there is a painful experience..considering the money spent!!
If I wanted to pop the engine alone..what would I be looking at??

Rehaan 5th January 2006 17:54


Originally Posted by ap10046
got the chip from the States, plugs in before the Air sensor.

Is there unburnt fuel in the exhaust?

Is your car just slow to pick up or does the engine run rough? (apart from the inconsistent idle)


iceman91 6th January 2006 05:59

that air sensor chip is the oldest and stupidest trick...does not do anythign but fools the intake sensor thereby making the car run a bit rich...suppose to increase 25bhp and 1/4mile times by 1 second according to the bogus..remove that and flush it down the toilet!!!! stock ecu with a increase in fuel flow and play with the ignition and cam timin car will fly...

viper 6th January 2006 09:40

Hey Iceman,

How r u doing. Thats what I suggested as well. Our friend here seems to be knowing what he is talking and prefers being discreet. I suggested he get the car over or at least give the name of the tuner so we know the experience level. Also I do not think anyone can give the right advice without looking at the car.


iceman91 6th January 2006 10:41

hey viper i am good..well the "chip" he is talkin about is the widely advertised "dragonchip" "superchip"etc...its a load of crap...nothing but a resistor avble for 2-5rs. in any electronics chop.

yeah best thing is to pop the hood spend some time under it and sort it out..all the best..let me know how it goes..
what news on your currrent ride..

ap10046 6th January 2006 11:08

Hiya Guys!!
Thanks for taking the time to try and help me out.
The car is running rough from idle all the way to Redline.
The exhaust WAS full of fuel but that was due to injectors no. 2&4 being stuck open...I changed the lot and to be honest, I expected massive differences.. i got discernable. The car is in paint right now, so Viper, i will buzz you the minute she is out.

BTW, some people wanted info on Rio Designs.. Rio Designs ROCKS... He is DA BEST..seriously..I have known him very very well for over 10 years and apart from being a BRILLIANT SUPER chap..he will go out of his way to help anyone out. His paint /body work is beyond excellent. Obviously, if someone has chana..he's gonna get chana..have you seen his pearl white Octy??? Jeezus!!
Cheers lads!!

iceman91 6th January 2006 11:18

well remove the chip and see the difference..!!

devarshi84 7th January 2006 01:58

all I can say is that there is some backpressure created in the engine due to the modification. Because as you said the engine is rough this can be one of the possible reasons.

The best bet would be to ask an advice from the dealer service person.

just ask them the problem. They will letcha know where the engine is having trouble. get that problem fixed and zooooom you go.

iceman91 7th January 2006 02:03

devarshi, he just said that he sorted the problem was due to the injectors being jammed open

Mpower 7th January 2006 02:49

Question: Does Lancer have a MAF sensor or does it use TPS signal?

chetanhanda 18th January 2006 04:20


Originally Posted by Mpower
Question: Does Lancer have a MAF sensor or does it use TPS signal?

the 4G15 has a MAF sensor .. atleast the 1.5 litre 4G15 in the US has one ... found in the Mitsubishi Mirage.
I think DOM will be able to confirm that.

z klasse 19th August 2006 23:23

2 and half inches exhaust manifold and piping?? that is way to big for the engine. for a 1.5 litre engine 1.75 is good for exhaust manifold and pipes can be same or slightly bigger to 2 inches but more than that is reducing the effective flow of the exhaust gases. Also put on the stock ecu and drive it with the injectors. the 4G15 engine is very sensitive. Put in more air it bogs down, put in more fuel it bogs down. Needs alot of work but at the end of the day any Honda City 1.5 or the Vtec stock wil be able to outrun it. Lancers are amazing handling cars. In a straight line the 4G15 engine suffers.

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