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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Nice review. Thanks!! Now in peak summer the ac performance was just adequate right? So is it a case of the i20 ac woes revisited or the ac was clearly better?
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Default Observations & Opinions of a current Verna owner

Let me start off by saying that the review, as usual, is one of the most exhaustive & best ive read about the car. Excellent work Zappo (and whoever accompanied him for the review).
But on the same note, im giving this thread a rating of 4 & not 5. Not wanting to be a tough critique, but ive gotten used to the most minute of details being present in any tbhp review right from the start. In the same breath, let me also state that this might also be because i am a current Verna owner for the past 4 years & know the minutest of nuances of the car & perhaps am expecting too much (but i also know that our mods are more than capable of giving much more than expectations).

NOTE - It just struck me, as a suggestion, why not have a member who owns the current generation of the car (if its a new generation of the same car) tag along for reviews? We current owners can give you moderators excellent observations & also a fresh perspective for the formation of the review (like the stuff im mentioning below). Will post this in the suggestions thread as well.

Now, coming to the review itself, im strongly considering purchasing the 2011 Verna soon & hence this detailed post of everything that i have observed through & through. This may help answer quite a few questions people may have & at the same time, raise a few that havent been asked or clarified.

Id suggest that this post may be clubbed along with/after the actual review to increase relevance & help people get all the info they need. If the car is purchased, i will certainly create a new thread along with an even more detailed comparison of both generations of the car. Also, this post may contain information from the review itself & also from previous posts before this one.

Before i begin, since this post has references to the new car & the older generation, i will refer to the new 2011 verna as the NV & the older gen as the OV.
New 2011 Verna = "NV"
Old gen Verna = "OV"

How effective is the aircon? Does it have AC vents at the rear?
Seems adequate enough, noisy at higher blower settings. No it does not
Personal Observation - The OV has a chiller of an aircon. Seems like newer Hyundai products seem to have a different one which isnt as good as the older ones. Case in point being the i20 aircon being not that effective (read - adequate) & im guessing the NV has the same unit. We do remember the niggling aircon issues the i20 had gone through just to get the aircon to the adequate level. Pity that the NV has not carried on the same OV unit.

Does it have a transmission hump in the flooring of the rear seat?
The hump is almost negligible.
Personal Observation - The OV also had a very slight hump but it was present nonetheless, but from the review pictures, the NV seems to have cut down on that very slight hump even more, almost to a flat floor like look.

Does it have only one reversing lamp in the rear taillights? (Like the asymmetrical design at the rear of the new Ford Fiesta)
No, it has the symmetrical twin reversing lamps (one in each taillight).
Personal Observation - Thank god they have retained this trait. Even the OV has the same & it provides much better visibility while reversing at night while also looking better than the asymmetrical look.

Do the rear windows roll all the way down?
No, they do not. They go three quarters of the way down.
Personal Observation - In the OV, it goes all the way down.

How is the handling?
Due to softly sprung suspension, the car wallows at higher than triple digit speeds (in the range of above 120-130) and is not that confidence inspiring wrt steering feedback on curves & under hard cornering. Straight-line stability is excellent.
Personal Observation - This has been retained from the OV. Though this receives a lot of flak on bhp, i can vouch for the fact that its not all that bad as most people make it out to be. Yes, agreed that its not excellent at handling and is less inspiring at higher speeds, but let me tell you, its great at in-city speeds & on in-city roads. And further, straight-line stability is excellent & doesn't make you feel nervous even at higher than triple digit speeds. But yes, you do feel the need to slow down around curves due to the non confidence-inspiring setup.
Above being said, Hyundai knows (and i agree) that most customers wont be buying this car for performance driving. They will buy it for the all-rounder package it is. And even though im a petrolhead at heart, the car is driven spiritedly very rarely & is still fun when done so while offering excellent ride on my daily drives which i am very happy about.

Are the driver side door switches backlit? (Power windows & OVRM adjust switches)
No, they are not.
Personal Observation - The OV has partially backlit, i.e. the power window switches are whereas the OVRM switch are not. But the OVRM switch is very intuitive to use & lack of backlighting didn't pose any trouble.
On a different note, i noticed that the review mentions that the switches lacked good feel. When compared to the OV, the OV switches feel good & built well even if not excellent & solid.

The questions also contain the minute details which have not been covered in the review which i thought could have been (and in some bhp reviews, they are).

What is that net in the boot?
The boot net could have been covered as its hardly present in most cars & also its use could have been explained.

What do the front seats look like?
Would have loved a picture of the front seats as well. The support bit has been explained & a picture of the rear seats is posted in the review as well. These small things matter & if you notice in the new fiesta, the front seats are almost genuine bucket seats & these small things do get brownie points according to me.

Is there a deal pedal?
Cannot be ascertained in the first picture of the interior post of the review.

What is the ground clearance?
Id suggest having a technical details post as part of the review. I know the engine & transmission tech specs are provided, but it would be excellent to have a separate tech spec sheet for other things like ground clearance, suspension details, wheelbase, etc. And even thought the tyre size is mentioned as part of a caption for a picture, that could be part of this tech spec sheet as well.

What are the NVH levels like?
The sound intrusion of the engine itself has been covered in the review but that is only a part of the overall NVH. Case in point being that the OV has particularly high tyre noise intrusion at higher speeds.

How is the headlight & fog lamp performance?
Very important & generally covered in most tbhp reviews. The OV seriously needed a bulb upgrade for the headlights & the foglamps are just decorative as they are functionally useless.

There is turbo-lag below a certain rev range. But how about roll-on figures/in gear acceleration?
The subjective part of this has been answered & it is mentioned that the mid range is "punchy" but how about actual test figures? 0-100 timings, roll-on timings, brake distances, etc? This particular suggestion is not just pointed at you Zappo, i would like to suggest that this become part of every BHP review. We are after all an enthusiast bunch Will post this in the suggestion thread as well.

How many jets does the rectangular nozzle have?
This cannot be seen in the pictures. The OV has 3 jets per nozzle which is something unique to it & also helps clean the windscreen very effectively.

A very important question is that only the 1.6 Diesel was tested. The 1.6 petrol motor has been mentioned but not actually tested by tbhp reviewer. Will the 1.6 Petrol be tested by a tbhp reviewer anytime soon? And what about the 1.4 Petrol & Diesel???
Eager to know about the 1.4 P & 1.4 D engines as well.

How is the A pillar view during corners & turns?
Very important from a safety perspective & generally a part of most reviews.

Is the Auto Day/Night inner RVM standard across all variants and engine options or reserved only for the top end variants of the 1.6 models?


- The Antenna is thin & long. Looks almost like a "shendi"
The OV has a stubby, short one. Do hope they give a shark fin option as mentioned by a fellow bhpian in the previous posts

- The hood section is raised over & above the windshield at the end & includes the windshield washer nozzles instead of having them on the hood. This would lead to better aerodynamics - lower drag co-efficient - better NVH levels. This can be easily noticed in the picture showing the rectangular nozzles. This particular design aspect has also been seen in the Fiat Linea if i remember correctly.
Name:  2011 Verna Nozzles.jpg
Views: 5433
Size:  56.3 KB

- Absolutely love the design. The C like rear sounds good doesnt it?
- Auto Day/Night IRVM is great & a segment first as well i think.
- The sun visors are carried forward from the OV. Not a bad thing at all.
- The chrome strip at the rear, above the number plate, is a small design detail carried forward from the OV as well. Only difference being the OV chrome strip had the Hyundai logo embossed within it whereas the NV has it seperately.
- The faux wood seems to be carried over from the OV as well. Again, not a bad thing at all.

Id like to end the post by saying that though a fantastic review, Zappo, it could have been even better. The points could have been a little more visual & more small observations could have been made. One look at the Linea T-Jet Review & you will see what i mean. Further, i also think that since this is a newer generation of a particular car, research on the previous generation could be done & along with the comparo to the competition in the end, comparos to the older gen should be constantly shown within the review as & where relevant. Have stated certain points in the Misc section above. Will also give this suggestion in the suggestions thread.
In the end, i would like to say that by no means am i trying to criticize the review. Am just trying to give my suggestions so that next time they are even better. After all, a tbhp review is forever evolving & setting new benchmarks.

Once again, thank you for the wonderful review & kudos to all the hard work & effort that went into it. Hope that this post of mine contributes to it.

EDIT: Point to be noted that the Quotes are not actual quotes from other posts. They have been used in order to help distinguish the questions more effectively.

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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Brilliant review Zappo!! Excellently compiled report.

A 1.6L diesel, finger licking good
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Super review. One qn: I see the Hyundai Fluidic ads on the tele. Is the Fluidic same as the car reviewed in this thread?
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Thank you Xehaust for pitching in & adding value to the already wonderful review by Zappo. I was unaware that this car has 3 jets per nozzle, such minute details do really help. However no rear AC vents for a car with these many bells & whistles is really going to bother many. How could Hyundai conveniently neglect this (especially when it is going to be launched in the sweltering heat of Indian summer) & when this car would supposedly be chauffer driven in most of the cases, with the "Shetji" in the back seat.

I would agree with Xehaust & many others who have said that there is a scope for further improvement in this review (We have been spoilt by excellent reviews & expect each new review to set the bar higher up). Giving constructive feedback rather than just goody goody ones would keep everyone on their toes & derive the best out of self.

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Thumbs up re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Thanks Zappo for penning down such a nice review. Almost all the aspects have been covered. As always have a few more questions to the current Queue :

1. Does the ANHV MID Display provide standard DTE, KM/L , AVG Speed per trip information like it's Europian rivals?
2. Can the Co-Driver airbag be turned off like in i10?
3. Are Features like Follow-me-home offered?
4. The rear seats are they foldable (60:40 Split)?

@Xehaust, thanks for adding the extra points and doing a little comparo between the two.

Again, a nice and detailed review, would've be nicer had these minute details been included and more Interior Pics , Rated 5 Stars!!!
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Thanks for the review Zappo.

It seems almost a perfect car (as of now) with an excellent look, the one in Black is a killer!!
good engine 1.6L , nice interiors, all the safety features and add ons.

I just pray..they price it well...7 to 10.5 lakh range you mentioned seems a decent price range..
but was just wondering, i20 tops at arnd 7.7L for the diesel ex showroom. Will it overlap so much with a new car in a altogether new segment.
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Very well written review Zappo! Nice set of picutres too. The purple colour looks a good add on to the existing set of colours.

Just wondering why Hyundai is not offering better Auto Gear boxes??
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Nice short and sweet review Zappo along with good snaps. Hyundai's 1.6 mills in both petrol and diesel will be the treat to choose. I am not sure how the 1.4 variant would perform in market. Panel gaps, now this is one thing I hate the most in a C-segment car. We don't expect such gaps when paying 8-10 lakh rupees. It’s therein VW Vento also which have put many buyers’ mind off. Now the price will be very important factor, anything above 10.5 lakh rupees on-road, then there will be problem for Hyundai.

Let's hope for the best. "C-Segment is on fire".
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Great review! And unfortunately confirms my suspicions that with this car too, hyundai is going to stick to the family gene. Fully loaded, VFM (hopefully), upmarket fit-finish and more number of trim/engine options than the comptetion but a car that does everything but excels and no particular thing.
Not that there is anything wrong with the strategy but just that after owning a getz for 4yrs and driving an i20 for a while, i repented not buying a ford ikon (over getz!) and not recommending a figo over the i20 to a friend of mine!
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Nice, well detailed review. Echoing some of the points already stated, the 4-speed auto for a 128 bhp /260 nm oil burner would be a thorough disappointment as anywhere around 4000 odd rpm on highways and the car would be screaming simply as it as so much more power to go on further yet no further ratios. Though an auto box spells convinience in our horrendous city traffic and drivability in bumper-to-bumper is not perceived to be the best, i would still always want to drive the manual top end diesel verna given that juicy engine block. Since its also not one to handle curves and chicanes with aplomb , this model would make for a great American Highway tourer.
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Excellent review Zappo. Many of us were eagerly waiting for this.

My 2 cents:

I am slightly disappointed to see that the shortcomings of the i20 being carried over to the new Verna. Ineffective A/C, steering feedback not upto the mark, etc.

However, the design is absolutely smashing. Love every part of it. Just one small negative point I think is the very very poor rear view for the driver. The boot is too heightened and with the intergrated spoiler/boot lid the rear view is badly hampered. SX4 kind.

Feature wise, its rocking. Electrically folding mirrors and all.

Price will matter too much now. Since, Vento dethroned the ANHC with mouth watering prices, evreyone expectes this car to be priced logically.

I guess the 1.4 avatar will fly more off the shelf, if priced in the DZire/Manza range.
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)


Two simple questions:

Q1: Do you rate the Verna 1.6P a better overall product than ANHC?

Q2: Do you rate the Verna 1.6D a better overall product than Vento TDI?

Alll parameters included.
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Zappo, I am speechless, why? for such a fabulous review. Trust me, I am short of words. 'God Bless You' and keep it up. I may not dare to give it 5 star, why? because for me the coverage is out of this world, so all stars of the universe are for you, not just 5

What I have decided, it will be visible in the end from my thought of the day.

So few are actually saying that 'ANHV' has borrowed looks from i10 or it's quite similar to i10 or i20. Friends, I am sure, all of us will easily make out which is i10, i20 or 'ANHV' if looked from front because bonnet, headlamps all are different for these three vehicles. Only common thing is the hexagonal grill, which is absolutely fine and it looks absolutely stunning on 'ANHV'.
So what if 'ANHC' has lowest GC, so what if it's most the expensive C-segement car, so what if the interiors are bland, it's still being sold in very good numbers.
What if VW Vento has few design flaws inside(protruding front seat arm rest)?
What if the HU is a primitive one? What if it does not have steering mounted controls? What if the rear visibility is not that great?
What if the hump behind provides discomfort?
We 'The People' are still buying it.

Can we make out, which is Polo or which is Vento, when looked from front? I am sure none of us can. So, let's appreciate the efforts from HMIL for such a wonderful product.

Whole point is, why not this superb 'ANHV'. It will definitely, as @sidindica rightly said, it's a perfect all-rounder in C+ entry level luxury sedan segement and we need all-rounder.

Enough said, now few questions for you:
1) There were few observations/findings about 'ANHV' like panel gaps etc. Have they been reported back to 'HMIL'?

2) I read somewhere long back, that top end model of 'ANHV' will have 4 speakers +2 tweeters, were they visible?

3) I experienced vibration on clutch pedal when test-driving VW Vento diesel, did you experienced similar in 'ANHV' diesel?

4) Were you driving 1.6 SX-O(Optional) diesel?

Thanks to you, one more time as you saved my few hundred which I was about to spend yesterday on all auto magazines. PM me your address, so that I may send you a box of chocolates for your efforts as an appreciation

I am sure many of us will have this new car from HMIL stable and many will cancel their VW Vento bookings. I can also foresee, ‘ANHV’ obliterating ‘ANHC’ and VW Vento…

Thought of the day:
"Will start a new journey, with your 'New Thinking, New Possibilities' to help you regain what is rightfully yours"
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Default re: Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011)

Abhi, it's hard to come to any sort of conclusion without the pricing info. Verna is feature-rich but the question is what price they are gonna extract. If we use the current Verna as benchmark, it doesn't look good at all, top end diesel AT should be close to, if not more than, 10L ex showroom. Further, barring the stop/start button, side air bags and folding side view mirrors, one can easily upgrade the feature list Vento or ANHC post-delivery - so all these extra features isn't quite a big deal for me. Actually, given the exorbitant road taxation we enjoy here in Karnataka, it may be wise to go for after-market solutions rather than pay that 20% extra on the features.

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