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Originally Posted by Sheel View Post

I too have begun to like the Scorpio. And in this shade it looks real nice.

Benny, your Car desperately needs a nice set of alloys. Have a look here (shot @ Sikkim, a random Car
Wow, those alloys looks cool on Scorpio. And especially this color looks pretty good
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re: Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!

Benny, I also own a Scorpio LX Fiery Black. I've been thinking about putting in a universal armrest for the front seat as I feel the need to have it especially moving in slow traffic and long drives. I found some posts in T-BHP and also found this in ebay.

I believe it would fit in, but have a few questions around this:
1. I think we will need to drill minimum 4 holes in the console near the hand-brake, would it have any impacts
2. I also think the front seats have to be removed to make this fitment, would it have any impacts in the long-run
3. How difficult would it be to access the power-window switches (Especially for LX) would
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Looks quite interesting. Waiting for reply from Benny. Also, Diwakar, please keep us updated here once get this done. Me too having LX black.

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Scorpio found a new home

Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!-img_7386.jpg

While getting a new car is always a happy feeling, sometimes it takes a while to become part of the family... especially when it comes in with the first car in the family still around. These were the circumstances under which the Scorpio came home. When it came, it had its tasks cut out, most of which were for purely utilitarian purposes. These included helping battle the bad roads/ no roads scenarios quite prevalent in Bangalore, good cruising ability on the highways, and most importantly sip the cheaper fuel, which drastically helped bring down travel costs, while allowing us to travel to places we shied away from earlier.

Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!-img_6764.jpg

It was big, it was burly but it sure had character. Pesky autos and cabbies made way, teammates loved it as we could cram upto 9 people while out on a team lunch, wifey and kiddo loved it for the flat bed rear seat on which they comfortably slept while on the highway runs. It had its quirks which included a battery indicator which lit up on the first weekend we had it - only to disappear later, notchy gearshifts when cold, illogical positioning of the power window switches and so on. Some we got used to, some we found ways to overcome thanks to helpful fellow members on Team-BHP.

Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!-img_7093-copy.jpg

Looking back on the ownership experience, service costs for the lumbering giant were borne by the company as the vehicle was on a lease, but i wasn't too happy with the costs involved for a normal service even on a trouble-free vehicle. However, it crawled and made its way into our hearts. Soon, it was part of the family, with kiddo affectionately christening it as 'Bocchio'.

Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!-img_7265.jpg

We traveled far and wide across various states in Southern India, clambering up rocks and steep gradients, and also crossing streams and water bodies. Needless to say, not having a 4WD option restricted some of the places we could go to, but then that was known to start with.

Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!-img_6577.jpg

As they say, change is the only constant thing in life, and true it was. We decided to move out of India, and so some tough choices had to be made, one of which was the Scorpio. While i would have anyday preferred to have the vehicle stay within friends/acquaintances/Team-BHP family, this was not to be, and the sale was fixed with an external buyer.

Being a Scorpio, it had a lot of inquiries. Some backed off when knowing it was the LX version, some tried haggling seeing it was in pristine condition. Finally, it was sold to a genuine buyer and the documents were signed.

The last day i drove it to work, the feeling was one which i still find hard to explain. On the way back home, i stopped along the way, clicked some pics, knowing very well that i wouldn't be doing this again with this truck.

While the Scorpio stood at its regular parking spot, we continued to use the Ikon. My daughter quizzed us as to why we weren't going out in the Scorpio anymore, which we patiently explained. The day the new owner came to drive it away, she had already gone to school.

Bringing home the Mahindra Scorpio LX. EDIT : Scorpio finds a new home!-img_7736-copy.jpg

In February 2013, away it went, from our lives to a new home... but not from our hearts.

KA 53 Z 592 - Scorpio LX 2011, thanks for coming into our lives. You will be missed.

In addition, a big thank you to all fellow members especially Vikram, Riju and Vijay who commented and contributed on this thread, immensely helping me with my ownership experience.
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