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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

LoL! I thought they could not make boot uglier than old DZire, I guess I was wrong!
Great review GTO, detailed as usual.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Wonderfully done review!

Nice to know the Dzire has got the right interiors along with some real rear seat comfort. This will help it to reach new heights in sales.

What i liked the most from the review:

-Price cut
-Interior fit and finish
-Front view is surprisingly good!(i didnt like the old one).
-Engine refinement

what I dont:

-Boot space
-Brakes(L & V variants).
-Side profile
-Head room

No matter what , the Dzire will improve its numbers without any doubt as its the king in taxi-private combo segment!

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

I dont know about others but I like that car . Its surely is VFM and in beige is going to clock double the numbers compared to its predecessor . I see more and more people booking the desire than the new swift . A lot of potential swift buyers will opt for the desire now and one of the most dominating factors for teh decision change would be the beige interiors .

The boot should have been designed a lil better . What I was hoping for was something like the old gen skoda octavia boot which has the rear glass panel integrated . And I wish it was more slanted . This boot just breaks the slant of the rear galss , abruptly and takes away a lot of sportiness that could have been achieved if the boot was a lil more slanted .

The tyres will definitely need an upgrade , am assuming a 195/65 R15 should do justice to the car .

The front grill looks like the cheap black plastic that gonna turn white in a couple of days and will look like bad after a few days .

The pricing is absolutely awesome .

the spare alloy wheel is a welome change , a first in this class I assume , none of teh other manufacturers provide a spare alloy wheel , am I right ?

The beige climate control or the AC knobs look a bit too much . I wish they had them in black .

For once , I love all the beige treatment , definitely gives the car a more airy feeling .

I see a lot of AT bookings now .

Awesome review team BHP . Rated a well deserved 5 stars .
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

I don't know if I will change my opinion after see it in flesh, but I quite like the looks of the car, including the boot.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The brakes of our ZDi variant test car were excellent. Stopping power was satisfactory and the pedal was easy to modulate. However, we haven't received any information if the braking system of the lower Dzire variants ((LXi / LDi & VXi / VDi) have been upgraded over that of the Swift. Thus, it is safe to presume that the Dzire lower variants have the same, poor braking capability that the 2011 Swift suffers from. The Lxi / Ldi & Vxi / Vdi don’t get brake assist (powerful brake booster) from the factory. The brakes on these variants simply fail to inspire any confidence at speed, and are completely unsuited to emergency braking conditions or an enthusiastic driving style. When I drove the Swift VDi, I was actually surprised that the brakes even passed Maruti's internal pre-launch tests.
This post with new features list:, says the braking is improved (in the second pic, Point No:1 under 'Safety').
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Excellent review as usual, GTO.

Your penchant for the finest details is amply demonstrated by the shot you guys have taken of the seat fabric quality. Fantastic attention to details!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The previous-generation Dzire had a large boot capacity of 464 liters; that's bigger than some 1 million rupee sedans like the Chevrolet Cruze & the Honda Civic. Customers who wanted a Maruti sedan with a proper boot looked no further than the Dzire, much to the SX4's dismay. The differentiation is now more distinct between the two Maruti sedans. Simply put, if you want a full-size sedan, buy the SX4. Remember, one reason for the SX4’s average market performance was product cannibalisation with the Dzire right below.

Effectively, Maruti now has three carefully positioned sedans in the C segment. Fleet segment : Old Dzire. Chunk of the personal owner segment : 2012 Dzire. Full-size sedan : SX4.
An important differentiation which I have pointed in the other thread.

This is why the new Swift 2011 has an almost non-existent boot - if one wants a usable boot with the Swift, get the DZire. If a bigger, proper boot - SX4 or it's (future) alternate proper sedan.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
In the times that Maruti didn't suffer from labour problems, the Dzire usually managed 10,000 sales a month in 2011. Do I think a majority of those will look away because of a boot that's 150 liters smaller? No ways. The boot is smaller, but the car has improved in many other areas. A good part of the market still prefers a "boot" over a "tail-gate", whatever the reasons may be. Conversely, I don't think the new Dzire will sell much higher than the old car either (unlike the new Swift which keeps going from strength to strength) in the private segment. Market share increase might come from the old Dzire, if it's well accepted in the commercial segment.
That is because Indians (for the most part) still think that even a small sized boot scores bigger than a hatchback's "artificial" boot space. One of the reasons why the Indigo CS has been such a bestseller for TATA. Of course the diesel/mileage combo is a paramount reason as well.

And this is precisely why there won't be much of a change in DZire's sales. If at all, I foresee sales increasing in the near future - cheaper price, a full VFM Automatic option, Maruti's A.S.S., and the brand Swift DZire's appeal.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Wafer-thin boot lid feels like it's made out of tin foil!
Holy schamoli! That looks more like a fully-fried and crisp paper dosa folded into a makeshift boot lid than anything else!

This makes me really apprehensive of the boot's sturdiness when this car gets rear-ended by a truck! Heck, even the Brio's rear glass seems thicker than this nightmare!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Should have been named simply "Dzire":
Oh, but Maruti needs the "Swift" badging desperately on this contraption to sell. (See how the "Swift" badge is bigger than the "DZire" badge below it?) Remember - brand Swift is still the biggest appeal in the entire Maruti range (other than brand Alto, but of course!)

And for people to look beyond the quirks of this ugliest duckling of MSIL, they need to look at that "Swift" badge on the rear and feel reassured. That badge will bring in the customers. Obviously, renaming it simply "DZire" or "DZire CS" won't be as appealing as "Swift DZire" to a majority of prospective DZire buyers!

Besides, we have to admit that it is after all based on the Swift's platform.

This DZire will sell - maybe almost the same as the older model's monthly sales or maybe a wee bit more. It has plenty of good things going it's way - Swift DZire badge, a super pricing range, "150 new features", an extremely well-priced Automatic option, Maruti's wonderful A.S.S. and the allure of driving a "sedan" version of the Swift!

Smaller boot and ugly looks notwithstanding, this new DZire CS should bring in good, decent numbers for MSIL in the days to come. Now, it remains to be seen what MSIL does with it's proper sedan offering - the SX4.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by born2drive View Post
What i liked the most from the review:
-Price cut
-Interior fit and finish
-Front view is surprisingly good!(i didnt like the old one).
-Engine refinement
Well just looking at where the Original Dzire was priced not too long ago at around 4.8 lakh; I get the feeling that Old -Dzire's pricing was increased so as to get the feel of price reduction to the end customer. Great psychology lessons from maruti guys, Bravo.

Beige looks good; gets exemplified in this car.

Originally Posted by born2drive View Post
what I dont:
-Boot space
-Brakes(L & V variants).
-Side profile
-Head room
Wow, The less said about the boot, its better.
Looking at that Laptop Bag and Camera bag in Boot's Picture, this Boot looks even smaller than my UVA, Atleast in UVA I can fill the items till roof whereas in Dzire its restricted by Boot Lid

Side profile is ugliest for sure and sets the new benchmark in ugliness, Indian Designers are not going to be in demand in international market if those decision makers start measuring design/innovation capability of Indians with this car. What the heck though. I am sure its going to sell like hot cake, But i will definitely stay away from this. Credit to maruti Designers for making 2.2 Box car instead of the usual 3 Box car.

I am clear, just like Indigo-CS this definitely is not a sedan. Probably we can start calling these cars as SedWags (Sedan-Wagons).

Manza, Etios and even the newbie on the block, Nissan Sunny is better than this car in this segment and all of them are better value for money, despite the fact that what we end up paying extra goes to the government due to different excise slab and not the content. The ones really hung up on National Engine and wish to stay-away from Tata A.S.S., can wait for Chevy Sail sedan.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Awesome timing GTO, Spot On with the launch... Love the detailing in the review!

My comments

  • I have been telling folks around for sometime now, that from the pictures that are doing the rounds, it would take some courage to view the side profile and this review has summed it up. Front-three-quarters might still find some acceptance, but I am at a loss as to what I should do to at least start being neutral towards the side profile and rear-three-quarter views.
  • I am happy to see that the front and the rear views have exceeded my expectations. I feel, the rear chrome strip could have been cut short in length or placed higher up for better looks. Not very sure, but something's looking out of place here.
  • I feel this sedan unlike the Maruti hatch shouldn't have had the A Pillars blacked out, could have possibly made it look more like a sedan.
  • Check this, if you dismantle the boot door, one might just classify this as a hatchback.
Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire-marutidzire20.jpg
  • Rest looks good.
  • On the inside it looks airy and roomy for what is on offer, but too much beige is going to be a headache to maintain.
  • "Maruti Suzuki makes wonders and blunders all in one package." The shin area of my leg kept hitting against the plastic panel on top of the clutch pedal and I found my left knee hitting against the waterfall console in an annoying manner when I test drove the new Swift. This was very annoying and what is more is more annoying is that this has been carried forward in the new Dzire. Shame!
  • I banged my head on the roof when I was checking out the new Swift and from the review it is clear that I am not going to miss it in the new Dzire. I am 5'9" and there are quite a few out there who are taller than me!
  • Rear headroom is at a serious premium in Swift and it become disturbing when there are 3 in the rear, the 2 sitting on either side risk not only hitting the roof, but also the roof corners on the inside of the C-Pillars, if you see what I mean. From the review and the pictures, the Dzire isn't going to be any better. Very poor.
  • No other complaints, good VFM.
Absence at the Auto Expo:

As exclaimed by GTO, it is indeed strange that the Dzire was not present at Maruti's Auto Expo 2012 pavilion? What I can make out though is:
  • MS was trying to protect itself and not give away too much, so that the competition couldn't get an early advantage
  • MS didn't want to create too much hype which if +ve might impact its bookings, which might become too difficult to handle OR if -ve might result in people losing interest even before it launches.
  • MS is still reeling under the booking backlogs for new Swift Diesel which is as high as 9 months in some locations.
  • It is priced 15K lesser, which is attractive. Reference below:
New Maruti Swift Dzire launched - News - Autocar India

Overall another VFM Car from MS, and I feel this ALL NEW Dzire is going to continue doing what the old one did, being right there "AT THE TOP"!!!


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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Fantastic review . I think this car actually looks good.
Automatic transmission sedan at this price point is very exciting . GTO how would you compare the AT of the Dzire against the i10 Automatic .

I know they are from different segments i10 Being a small hatch and Dzire being a sedan ( Just about ) . Which of the 2 ATs to you think is better to drive in the city.
i10 Automatic is also close to 6 lacs OTR mumbai so its not a cheap automatic any more.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Few points from my side:
  • Suggestion: You may include tachometer in the feature list (Excel docs). The Swift Ldi did not have 1. What about the dzire? And is the tacho rated to 6000 RPM only in the Petrol?
  • The first thing I noticed in the swift was my shin area hitting the platic part you mentioned. I had to place my seat a bit more inches backward to get around the problem.
  • Then there was the seats. Which hindered everytime I tried to slot into second. The may provide lateral support but creates more bad than good.
  • You are right GTO. It should have been named DZIRE and not SWIFT DZIRE. Imagine the cost that Maruti could have saved on these chromes. Rs15 / car I guess.
  • One thing I can't agree is on the lag. Sure there is some. And before 2000 RPM it isn't one of the fastest. But it isn't very dull either. The Swift I drove felt similar to the Figo at low range and miles better in the midrange. The Vento I have is in a different league altogether. But bottomline is, If you say Swift has lag below 2000RPM, Figo has lag till 4000RPM after which it runs out of breath.
  • The thing I love aboout the Swift is the refinement. I cant drive my Vento with my windows rolled down. The Figo when pushed, moans like an wounded animal. Its awful. No such issues here with the Swift though.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

I somehow like this boot treatment done to the Dzire. It will not sell in better nos. than the old one, just because its a Maruti. It deserves to break the old-gen Dzire's record. It is an even sweeter deal for a prospective Swift buyer looking at an all rounder. I expect intense sibling rivalry between Swift V/Z & Dzire L/V variant respectively.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Very well compiled and comprehensive written review, with some great pics. Attaching a pic of a black dzire delivered a few hours back.
Attached Thumbnails
Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire-20120201-16.30.06.jpg  

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Superb review as always, rated it a well deserved 5 stars.

As much as we love to hate this car on the forum, it appeals to the masses due to the boot(now reduced) plus maruti a.s.s.

It'll be interesting to see how the diesel dzire will do IF the additional taxes on diesel cars will be levied from April this year.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

This is from last week. See what Google's autocomplete algorithm suggests (twice at that!). Thanks for the love, guys!
And it doesn't stop there. Look closely at the first "related search":
It is a fact that any automobile related search brings T-Bhp by the autocomplete algorithm Brings in a great feeling.
Nice review as usual. I like the New Dzire. One and only sore or sour point is the view from the sides.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Awesome review. Looks like the New Dzire has borrowed the boot from the Kizashi. I think this car will find takers for the folks who are focused on fuel efficiency and not out right performance. The other key point to note will be the improved demand for the old Dzire in the used car market.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Nice review GTO. I also faced the issue of Shin hitting the plastic above the Clutch pedal :(. Was a big irritant for me
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