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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

If we add a body kit (that extends body length by 20mm), does the modification attract extra duties . The rear boot and glass being so thin, expect all honking and vehicle noises to "leak" inside. Could be a distraction in heavy traffic. Wonder how much usable space will be left after adding a 12" woofer at the boot. Reducing the weight - Maruti is crediting it to their "kaizen" process. and I hope "SWIFT DZIRE" branding does not fail like "ZEN ESTILO". They later dropped the "ZEN" branding. Interiors are a treat and it also guarantees the refresh of SX4. (They love sharing parts from same bin, they should do it without any shame). The boot does seem inspired from kizashi.

Name:  kizdzbootcmp.png
Views: 9733
Size:  215.1 KB

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

When I was a kid, I had read a fairy tale that an ugly duckling grew up into a beautiful swan. With this, I'm shown that it happens only in fairy tales.

This one's a combination of all the things that I hate to have in my car:
  • Compact sedan: its just a trick to fool people...a hatchback of same length will have easy access to and more boot space.
  • Ugly design: Except for the flat rear view, every view of this car is ugly
  • Insecure feel: a coffee cup kept on the boot door may dent this...ok, this is exaggerating but the sheet metal and glass used will never give a safe feeling.
  • Beige interiors for India: Our people buy beige interiors and keep the plastic covers and think 10 times before opening windows to keep it from getting dirty.

By the way, Thing I liked in this vehicle:
  • Pop-out cup holder: Nice touch there.
  • Textured plastic and faux wood touches: Atleast looks good in pictures
  • Automatic option: The future Indian market will see a great increase IMO

I know that people might disagree with some points above and I also expect this car to sell around a lakh copies a year. I have just put forth my two cents.

As long as people buy and give me profits, I would've also produced this car if I were a car maker.

Thanks GTO for a wonderful review...Voted 5 stars for the coverage content.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

@ GTO and Anshuman:
Great going guys. Very good detailed review.

I have a doubt though. The AT is it DSG or the conventional Torque converter?
Did u get a chance to drive the AT? How was the response and did maruti tell the FE figures for AT?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
That a sedan version of the 2011 Maruti Swift would be launched was obvious. We even knew that a "compact-sedan" variant is coming. No one expected Maruti to launch only the sub-4 meter version though. As things stand today, the previous-generation Dzire will continue to be on sale, and specifically target the commercial (fleet & cabs) segment only. The sole trim level will be a stripped-down version (no V or Z variants).
Now let me understand what you are saying, this means there will be no more V & Z versions of the earlier DZire on offer at all ! So even if I want a bigger car with all features, I cannot get one ? I don't really get the point here but, I guess this can go both ways for people. I personally would have expected them to create a segment like only for taxis & cabs which is shorter in length & leave the larger car for the masses. And if they are upgrading the engine & interiors for the new CS DZire where the only major change is in the boot, why not place the same interiors in the bigger car. Is this because taxis & cabs would not care about this upgrade ?

I personally think they have made a weird car, weirder ! It is VFM I agree but, just plain weird. Regardless of what I think though people will buy it in dozens... Just because its a VFM Maruti !

And on top of that beige floor carpets & wafer thin window panes, what were you thinking Maruti ?

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

GTO - Thanks for the superb, most exhaustive review, great eye for detail !

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I love the silver outlines, and the fact that the Dzire retains a temperature gauge (unlike some recent launches):
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Wafer-thin boot lid feels like it's made out of tin foil!
After reading the entire review I have a couple of questions:
1. Temperature gauge - where is this ? Digital display in instrument cluster ?
In the previous gen Dzire it was placed up front on top of the dash near the windshield (also had the clock display on that LCD) but I don't see that in any of the pictures

2. The boot lid seems perilously close to the rear windshield when opened. Does it go all the way up to end up touching the glass or stops short of it as shown in the picture ?

Selfishly, I'm happy that you think the older Dzire will retain high residual value

One request/suggestion for this review:
It would be great if you could do a side x side comparison of the old and new models - at least pictures so we can visually compare the two. How about front, rear, side, 3 quarters profiles of both the cars side x side ?

I had also mentioned this on the other thread that discusses the February launch of the new Dzire.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

I was waiting for this review from the time i read the Autocar magzine.Great Review GTO,Thanks !!!

I liked the beige interiors of dzire but the AC knobs should have been in black.

Has the handling changed from earlier Dzire??
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Top quality report with superb photos as usual!
I cant understand the fascinaiton with 3 box (well 2.5 or even 2.25 in this case) versions. Car doesn't seem to offer anything substantially more then a swift other then it has something called a 'dickey'. AT with diesel would have been a unique offering which could have addressed significant (potential) market.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Superb review GTO. Maruti may have risked by reducing the boot size, but they have made up a wee bit in the pricing. I have a feeling a chunk of swift buyers may now opt for the Dzire. This may be a good thing for Maruti. They may actually make more money in Dzire than in Swift since the incremental cost may be next to nothing. Besides, they still retain the Ldi of the older dzire for taxi segment, which also may bring in some numbers. In my estimate the Dzire may now probably settle close to 10k per month, which may be the same as before with the taxi segment doing around 1000 nos. A bold step but a significant one indeed.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

That's a nice detailed review.
The designers ought to have you chaps as consultants to help avoid those mistakes in design and execution that you have pointed out!!
Well done, please keep up the good work.

In my opinion, the Swift Dzire, apart from that very awkward side profile, generally appears to be a better & proportionate design when compared to its older fugly sibling

Thread rated 5 * (as usual!)
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by shyaGO View Post
LoL! I thought they could not make boot uglier than old DZire, I guess I was wrong!
And they spent Rs 120 crore at that!

Great review and awesome snaps. Most of those snaps could easily feature in the new DZire brochure.

Simply cannot understand why Maruti did not plan a folding (and perhaps split) rear seat, especially when the boot space was chopped off. This could easily have appealed to those who may have wanted to free up more space whenever the need arose. May be, Maruti will spend another Rs 50 crore to design a folding rear seat!
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

two times 5 stars to this review. 1 for the review, 2nd for the photos. Really brilliant.

Now coming to the car, I kind of liked the new Dzire. Infact since the first time Dzire was launched (old one), I have always hated the way it looked (no offence). I mean how could one even make a boot uglier than the erstwhile indigo. And to be honest, everytime it clocked nearly 10K numbers per month, I felt a pain.(just personal opinion).
But the DZire 2012 looks good. I know its contrary to what GTO reviewed, but just a personal take on this. The boot does not have that strange "somehow designed" like the old one. Ofcourse it is a tad too small but just because of the price tag. Indigo CS, the influence behind DZire 'CS' doesn't sport any bigger boot, but its the price tag that justifies it.

Now coming to clientele, I feel the mid variant should be a hit for the personal use. All those who needed a compact sedan and did not like the Indigo CS will simply switch to this one now. Another killer for Tata (alas!) A friend of mine was hell bound on Manza, TD'ed it and was let down by the horrible Demo car. Immediately he wanted to go for a DZire. Now this one would make a good deal for him and many like him.

In all, looks quite a decent car to me. The BHP and other paraphernalia trouble only us, many don't even go through them. I can sum up as a good market share building car.
BTW, whats with that ZZZZ in the DZire. I hate that logo on the back. Just call it a DZire please.
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Originally Posted by NPV
1. Temperature gauge - where is this ? Digital display in instrument cluster ?
I'm pretty much sure that GTO is referring to Engine Temperature Gauge, which is located on the extreme left bottom corner of the instrument cluster and NOT External Temperature.

I'm yet to see the car in real, so have no idea about the location of External Temperature Display.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Thanks bhp-ian team for providing us the Comprehensive TD review.
Launch of New Dzire 2012 at very aggressive prices have added another woe to my Car purchase decision & its now between New Swift, Dzire 2012 & Punto 1.3 Emotion 2012.

Seen in its brochure now at 2012 Maruti Swift Dzire brochure reveals all details! that Maruti Suzuki have upgraded its Brakes with bigger 15-Inch Front Ventilated Discs & they've Highlighted it in brochure too.

So a question for New Dzire TD-ers: Is its Brakes are really Cutting-edge as MSIL is highlighting ??
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Nice review GTO. It was timely and 'desirable'

Dzire is one of those cars which shows opinion in Tbhp is not necessarily the opinion of general mass.

Btw any idea about booking and delivery?
What about the first batch aspirants?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
A firm, unsettled ride was complaint no.1 from Dzire owners.
Maruti had even gone to the extent of softening up the car in its later production years. The 2012 Dzire rides noticeably softer than even the Swift.

The advantage? Absolutely superb ride quality within the city. I was pleasantly surprised at how supple the suspension felt when driving over broken roads too. The cushiony urban ride quality has actually gone from being a Dzire disadvantage to an advantage over its competitors. You will never complain about ride comfort <100 kph. .
One more brilliant review from Team-BHP . No wonder Google is listing you at the top

What changes it involves to make a suspension softer and more pliant & Can this be modification be done to other stock cars as well?

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