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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Good review as usual.
Personally think suzuki should have made a seminotchback design like octavia resulting in better functionality.The bustleback like lip on top of boot just kills the design and surely adds no much utility to storage space.Have to commend the excellent job on the refinement front.Does it still use non synthetic oil for the MJD?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

A well documented and comprehensive review i must say.Finally(my personal opinion) the new desire looks way better than the old gen.Though yes the boot space is on the negative side,but yes its better looking one,This one would sure sell like hot cakes.The old desire did have a nervous tail,maybe a stiffer shock set up should solve the problem but again the comfort would go for a toss.
Kudos maruti,they sure know the Indian mindset,though i wish as you had mentioned a 90hp swift and the desire would have created a different scenario.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by NitinBatra View Post
What changes it involves to make a suspension softer and more pliant & Can this be modification be done to other stock cars as well?
The coil+struts and coil+shocks are refreshed to tune the ride quality. This is a scientific decision as softer ride usually implies average handling, and too much of bounce on heavy loads (as the shocks are not excellent in minimizing replay). Today's city is defined by lot of potholes and craters, so there is an improved comfort while driving a car with softer setup. however, its a different story on highways. Atleast in bangalore, a softer setup definitely helps. Ride quality can be varied in any car provided there is some basic thought applied and parameters like body weight, ground clearance are taken into consideration. the new dzire suspension is not an ideal replacement for heavier outgoing dzire. also recall that the wheelbase is extended (so is the weight distribution) and some changes to platform. old and new dzire are not upgrades. they are different cars.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Excellent review GTO. 5 Star.

I really liked the new dzire when compared to the old one. I have booked a car for my dad in the month of Jan. I specifically mentioned to the dealer that I need the new dzire. I don't have to regret. The interior's are much better than the predecessor. Thanks for the review.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Excellent Review GTO and Team!
IMO new Dzire is for people who are not satisfied with the Swift boot space but still want to stick with the Swift family. Some one who is upgrading the car for boot space will definitely look for other options. Just wondering what would have been the response if the boot space was same as old dzire. It would have killed SX4 sales and affected Manza/Etios sales further.

SX4 is outdated and MSIL should soon come with a Upgrade version.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Threadbare review indeed. I am shocked at the fact that Maruti learnt no lesson from the braking fiasco of the 2011 Swift. Poor brakes really nullify whatever other advantages that a car has. Does anyone have any clue what the brakes are like on the Swift that sells in other countries?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Thanks a lot GTO for yet another comprehensive review. Initial impressions are positive, but the looks might be a deal breaker. Also the boot space is comparable to some large hatches, not really a practical sedan this.

@GTO : Are the criterias mentioned for the excise duty benefit in the review right? I think the criteria is- Less than 4m in length, Petrol engine size less than 1.2L and the diesel engine size less than 1.5L (Not 1.4L as mentioned in the review). Correct me if I am wrong.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Great review.

I am not a great fan of Maruti's approach of offering the previous generation Dzire to the taxi segment. No wonder it would be successful in the taxi segment. But IMHO, this would result in a long term damage to the company's image in the minds of private buyers.

Will these Dzire taxi's be serviced in the same service stations as private cars ? Are the existing service centres capable of handling this increased load, especially in tier 1 cities ? Will this excess load not result in inconvenience to private car owners ?

Many private car buyers reject Tata products on the basis of taxi image and excessive load in service stations because of commercial vehicles. Is Maruti taking any steps to ensure that such a problem is not faced by Maruti customers ?

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Way to go Maruti!!! (Thanks for screwing up an already screwed up design!!!)

Thanks to the new Compact design of the Dzire it now looks more Logan/Verito from the side profile with the boxy rear standing out (see the pics attached for the comparison) and large panel gap between the boot lid and the body makes it look even more cheap!

Even the alloy wheel design looks horrendous (same for the New Swift).

To me the Indigo CS looks more well put together without any offensive design.

But does all our complaining and booing really matter? No! Because of the obvious fact that its a Maruti after all and is sure to continue its momentum in the market.

All I can say is that the practicality factor for which people bought the Old Dzire (the big boot) has been lost and buying this car makes no sense as many other hatchbacks can offer more space.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Somehow Maruti seems to capture the trends just in time, just a little ahead of other OEMs which keeps them ahead:

1) This is an era of conspicious consumption: People want a rich-feeling car - nothing better than the beige interiors of the DZire to make it feel that way - add the faux wood (in place of the chrome for the Swift) and you have a premium look. And the point of getting a sedan still resonates of "having arrived" in life. With killer pricing, they have a large set of customers in the 5-7 lakh space.

2) AT is being slowly but surely considered an option: The other sedans in this segment seems to miss it and when the AT acceptance will reach a sizeable number, Maruti will have the market to itself, thank you. Also, AT is not something that should be offered on the top-end. Pushes the price far too high. Very very sensible model mix which other manufacturers need to learn from.

And as for people complaining why the old model is not continued, GTO has hit the nail on the head. The DZire probably costs less to manufacture than the Swift - no reinforcements for the hatch, no hyrdaulic struts and rear-wash-wipe. This is time for MSIL to claw back the profits and the product planners have done a fabulous job!

PS: 5 star rated review. Consistent with others from Team-BHP. Many thanks GTO and others!
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Fantastic GTO-esque review as always. Happy to see the review up on TBHP so quickly after the launch.

The new D-Zire retains the practical points carried over from the earlier D-Zire. The shrunk boot space is a disappointment. Might work in favour of the Swift as 316L vs 204L may not make a hell of a difference. The curvaceous contours suit the Swift more and the car is certainly more fun to drive.

The front end and the side profile of the D-Zire look very ugly. The car looks the best when viewed from the back. I wonder why the front grill of the new Swift was not carried over to the D-Zire. To differentiate both cars when seen up front?

The A/T variant is a good move. I wish the diesel too had this option. Would have been a game changer in this segment.

Will be interesting to see how the waiting period pans out. The Swift already has a heavy backlog of bookings. Now the "new" D-Zire and later the Ertigo. Maruti is going to have its hands full for 2012.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

I looked up today's TOI but found no ad for new Dzire. Has Dzire been advertised at all? When I asked non-petrolheads, no one had any idea about new Dzire.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Excellent review GTO and team.

<<The shin area of my leg kept hitting against the plastic panel on top of the clutch pedal. It actually got painful after a couple of kms>>

This was felt when I drove the new swift also and could not understand the concept of the design. I did push my seat to the maximum and felt bit comfortable but at the cost of the rear leg room.
The boot size is decreased in the new version like the new Swift. These fuel efficient motors are preferred for longer drives and bigger boot is required.
Think the space management team has not done their home work again.

Why BT is not made available with the OEM - Audio.

Even with all the mentioned negatives, this car will continue to be the segment leader due to its excellent service network and highly reliable diesel motor.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

MSIL has place the swift Bang on the target. It has everything one can think from a small sedan. Other OEMs need to change their strategy, i guess.
Any idea about the waiting period for this beauty.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

One more ugly car from Maruti ! and one more super review !
Really helpful in ensuring that I ask people to stay away from MUL products .If the new swift was ugly this is uglier .Yuck !
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