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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Thanks GTO for awesome review.

Well, somehow the beige interior in Dzire doesn't appeal to me. As mentioned by GTO and others it will be hard to maintain it. I want to buy a sedan in 3-4 months time and was really looking forward for the Dzire but disappointed with the final outcome.

My search for Sedan begins again.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Top notch review! Detailed the core! No magazine / website can match the reviews of T-bhp!

My 2 cents on the new dzire :-

1) As someone who has owned a dzire for the past 3.5 years, I would say I'm disappointed. I did look at the car in person 2 days ago and found it quite weird in flesh than in pictures!
2) It may sell well, but it lacks that aspirational value. I wanted to sell my dzire and go for another 8 lakh diesel sedan like the etios or so. But I didnt like the etios and was waiting for the new dzire. But the new one is a turn off. So you see, first time sedan buyers or hatch buyers may actually go ahead and buy this, but some one who already has a sedan may not want to upgrade to this dzire. Etios / manza inspite of their flaws offer much better VFM. The ZDI makes no sense at least to me. At 8.5 L OTR bangalore, its just 1.5 lakhs away from the Rapid Ambition, which more or less has the features of the ZDI.
But can you actually fault maruti for this? I would say no! The basic design of the Swift does not allow them to create a sedan that will look good, yet be cost effective. And they must be assuming that if the last dzire did not look great and yet sold 3.4 lakh cars in 4 years, then this must do well too! But this dzire will fail to eclipse the last one's sucess as it probably appeals to a lesser audience now.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Great detailed review GTO and team. Amazing pictures especially the ones in the beginning.

My 2 cents about the new Dzire. I am actually confused what kind of market data Maruti had which helped them make the call to go sub 4mtr for there flagship and very successful sedan. Looking at the sales figures of the old Dzire, price definitely doesn't seem to be any deterrent for the consumers. Infact in India the driving reason for sedan is the "dicky". With that advantage/USP kind of lost, I am actually curious to see how this plays out with the sales figures.

Cannibalization of SX4 doesn't really seem to be good enough factor since other C+ segment sedans directly competing with SX4 are also fairly better and more modern products.

I am certain it will sell well being a Maruti and follow product to Dzire, but my take is that Maruti missed taking this success to another level with this sub 4mtr strategy.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Great review GTO. 5* as always. Though I can't say the same about the Dzire.

Hot-potch design - The boot appears to be stuck in as an afterthought. Common on Maruti what were you thinking.

Beige Carpets - Try doing a test in Mumbai or Kerala in the rains

AT with no Auto Climate - That's like wearing an Armani with Paragon footwear

It might just make SX4 sell more considering that it may it be in its last lap. All in all a shoddy job by Maruti. Car might even sell but Maruti's image will definitely take a knock.

May be the cons far outnumber the pros (personal opinion) hence it wasn't showcased in the Auto Expo.

Dzire certainly not my desire.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

is the new dzire more roomy than the fiesta classic? The comparison at the beginning says that the fiesta classic is the smallest of sedans. Atleast in comparison to the swift, the classic doesn't feel cramped . It should be slighlty more roomy if anything.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
3-spoke steering wheel is nice to hold & light to use. Too bad that the horn pad isn't wide enough. You will have to stretch your thumb to honk:
Well, I prefer it this way. May be they can move it to where boot open lever is. Basically, make it bit difficult so that people can use it sparingly. In any case, with everyone around honking, it is difficult to achieve its purpose.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Very good Review. The interiors are quite good. Exterior from looks appealing. But the reduction in the size of the boot is a disaster. The mail selling point was the large boot space at low price.

What about a CNG Option. Is Maruti planning for that? In other models they have started but any ideas on Plans for Swift or Dzire?

I was looking forward to buy one but the new shape has forced to rethink.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Excellent review. The opening post photo was a bit over processed IMHO, esp the headlights.

So, Mediocrity (aka Swift Dezire) Version-II has arrived and that too in an even more wierder form!

The original creator of the Swift concept will commit suicide if he sees this contraption.

Tin like boot lid? Common, this one will sell even if it had a boot made of recyled pizza box

But all said, this car ticks the right boxes for a good part of the Indian car buyers so does it really matter if a bunch of people scratch their heads on how this sells?

P.S: Kudos to Maruti for offering an Auto transmission. I wonder why doesn't Ford give Auto transmission option for the Figo Diesel. It would still cost less than the Swift D.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

The OTR for ZDI for Mumbai is ~8.13 Lakhs as per Sai Service. This is roughly equal to the old Dzire's price before the Jan 2012 price hike.


Ex-showroom: 7.35
Depo charges: 0.05
Insurance: 0.18
Rego: 0.55

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

This is a great review for, IMHO, a bad car!

I've always hated the Dzire. It just reminds me of the old Hindustan Ambassador. The new one is even more quirky looking. It looked like someone just sliced its back! I never thought I'll say this, but, err... the Tata Indigo CS looks far better compared to this.

But, the dash? That looks stunning for such a cheap car! I can imagine why this will be another success for Maruti. People buying such a cheap car will not only have the happiness of getting a sedan, but also a great looking dash everyday they drive!
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

thanks for the review, had been waiting for it.

I will be booking the AT version, will have a look at the car in the showrooms first.

Biege all over is too much to maintain, grey would have been better (atleast should have been an option)

Two queries.

1. Does the AT has hill hold ? The car shouldn't roll back on steep inclines.
2. Whats the FE for AT ? Cant find it anywhere.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Thanks for that superb review, GTO!

Though the side view may be awkward in flesh, it has a bit sporty look in this pic, and much better than previous gen DZire, IMO.

I will surely consider this one if I am in the market for a "sedan status", but never the previous one!

Now the big need - Maruti has to revamp SX4. Need to remove those front quarter glass and those bulging rear bumpers, and make it look sleeker. Big hatches and small sedans are the need of the hour.
Attached Images

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

A very well written review! Rated 5 star deserving! So does the new Dzire really have 150 new features or is it just a marketing gimmick?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Dzire is a let down when it comes to booted sedan's practicality. A split seat would have made perfect sense, don't know why maruti hates to add basic touches. however, I give dzire a thumbsup in terms of price tag v/s features and worth considering if the mind does not differentiate between sedan or, hatchback in terms of usability. no doubt, functionally its a modern japanese car. yet, don't expect it to be a mobile family mover. Think of a car where you need a space to store stuff, being comfortable, decent space - yeah, it ticks those boxes. In terms of ego/bias, those who own "actual" sedans will want it to be compared with a hatchback and some hatchbacks will consider themselves to be superior. Look at the price, forget the boot - its looks like a good deal - its a better choice than SWIFT (with less space) and outgoing Dzire functionally. if someone owns this one, they should not think that they "own" a sedan, as it inflates the expectations and role of the car. think it as a better swift.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by NPV View Post
1. Temperature gauge - where is this ? Digital display in instrument cluster ?
In the previous gen Dzire it was placed up front on top of the dash near the windshield (also had the clock display on that LCD) but I don't see that in any of the pictures
Originally Posted by Klub Class View Post
I'm pretty much sure that GTO is referring to Engine Temperature Gauge, which is located on the extreme left bottom corner of the instrument cluster and NOT External Temperature.
I guess since I quoted GTO's post about Temperature Gauge it caused the confusion !

I was wondering where the External Temperature display is - not there anymore ?
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