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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

A good offering by Toyota but I doubt it will have too many takers. The pricing, average equipment list and petrol-only variant kill the pros of the cars which are its luxurious interiors and improved handling. Seriously, the pricing is an overkill for a CKD car. Toyota got it wrong with the Altis D pricing and now comes this one. The excess chrome up in front is way too garish. Apart from reliability and better after sales, I do not see why someone should opt for the Camry.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

A fantastic review that I was waiting since long. And on the 1st day of launch. Kudos to Tbhp Team. I had seen the Camry in the flesh in the Auto Expo and it is nice to see the exact same model launched. The car should be a 7th generation as far as I know and not a 9th as the mod has quoted. This car will be tough to survive a earthquake but there are some serious underlying issues which I find very surprising with the New Camry which will cost nearly 25~26 Lacs on road (which I feel is very overpriced), are -

1. Sacrilegious to see only 2 airbags for a car of this class. A glaring safety omission by Toyota.
2. No Sunroof option and many other small luxury items missing like non-cooled and non-padded glove box etc.
3. Reversing Camera as a paid accessory and not standard.
4. Petrol only!!!
5. No MT option for enthusiasts.

Weblink - Toyota - Camry - Lead By Example

A perspective from a Skoda Superb owner who is a Toyota lover at heart -
1. To think of paying 6~7 lacs extra for this petrol variant does not make any sense even though I am die-hard Toyota loyalist. I am quoting this high price differential because Toyota as a policy offers no/minimal discounts whereas people easily squeeze out 1~2L discount from a Skoda (especially on Petrol model)
2. A Superb offers all and much more safety and luxury features which this Camry is lacking. Can't really understand the Toyota Management's game plan here to cut essential luxury features in its top of the line offering.
3. I am disappointed by the large turning radius and less torquey engine.
4. The car is lighter than a Superb even though it appears larger in the flesh.
5. The FE figures seems at least 1 to 2 kmpl down from the Petrol MT Superb.
6. The ECO drive display is a gimmick which provides quite less information than the German counterparts. A Superb's MID gives much more information.

Some nice touches in this Camry that I always like about Toyota are -
1. Full sized OE Alloy Spare Wheel which most car makers skip.
2. The 6 Speed AT should be quite good from initial looks.
3. This should be much cheaper to maintain (but maybe not to run) than say a Skoda Superb.
4. Reliability will be its biggest selling point.

May eventually turn out to be a dud as the previous Camry and the petrol only Sonata. I am overall disappointed and sad from a Toyota lover's point of view by this over-priced offering.

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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

A little search and I find that the Camry is not available anywhere globally with a Diesel Heart. Only Gasoline & Hybrids.

That said, the price IS a dampener for sure. Considering the base level of safety equipment (read additional Airbags, VSC/ESP) and Convenience features at the rear, a price of say 20-21L would have been appreciated.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

What was Toyota thinking by launching a petrol sedan when the whole country has been bitten by the diesel bug. A chance to dent the Superb sales with a bullet proof reliability has clearly been lost by Toyota.

Agree it GTO its definitely overpriced especially with features (or the lack of it) it provides. I don't really see this parked in too many garages barring those with EPCG schemes.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Great review Jaggu. Thanks.

Speaking as an Altis owner I find the car attractive, the styling is much like a Lexus but dislike the 'bling' brought on by what I see as excessive chrome. I really liked the bold looking 8G Camry. I am a trifle disappointed by the styling cues of this generation

Would I buy this car? It is a big 'maybe'. Spoilt as I have been by TKM's after sales service and customer care, popping 23L ex showroom for a car with no traction control, only 2 air bags and a cheesy looking heads-up unit is a bit difficult. But I need to see this car in person and take it for a test drive. .

A diesel would have made sense at this price though I am of the opinion that a person who can pop Rs 25-28 lakhs OTR won't be running scared when petrol prices increase.

I would consider a Skoda Superb or a VW Passat for this kind of money there are the VW/Skoda bug bears to consider.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Nice review, thanks! For some reason I do not like exterior. I have a feeling there is a bit too much work on the panels, lines etc.

I remember reading somewhere that Camry will now be manufactured in India. If that's the case, why is the Camry still priced higher than the competition?
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Whoa... 23.8 lakhs for a Camry and then you have options too. Although I have huge respect for Toyota, the pricing just doesn't cut it for me. Overpriced by atleast 3 lakhs.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Seems over priced Yep loyalists will still go for it. But somehow the Superb and Accord both seem to be better option. The Sonata won't be flying off showrooms due to the image of hyundai for this segment thougt it too is a great option.

Rear Audio controls and a wide sun roof are now kind off expected for the segment and price levels provided.

Yes a reliable car but do a majority of the buyers of Camry segment vehicles in India keep the vehicle with themselves for a lot more than about 4-5 years.

A diesel would have got this flying off showrooms and buried the competition. But in it's present form seems to leave just a bit too much to brand loyalty.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

This has "sales Dud" written all over it. I for one see no reason to pay approx 5L more for this over the Sonata. The new Sonata has enough going for it by the looks of it and one des see the odd one every other day on the road.

Great review Jaggu
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Great review Jaggu. You have covered every bit of the car. Wonderful

I too agree with what many feel. Toyota has priced it taking the success of its other products and hope to continue with the same run. But, what they are forgetting that in D2 segment the options are plenty and what matters most is the pricing and relative features ( luxury and safety)

Except for the slightly lower popular badge of Hyundai. I would close my eyes and buy the new Sonata as its revamp seems much better from older sonata compared viz.a viz the Camry refresh.

I honestly dont expect these to sell much but, maybe our monthly sales chart may tell a different story.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

wow. What a dud. Awesome looks(a bit too much of chrome) but very very overpriced.Might actually boost Accord's sales, considering their launch is around the corner and they might be looking to offload inventories!!
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Thanks for the wonderful and comprehensive review

The last gen Camry never sold in India due to its pricing. Being a CBU it was never able to compete with the likes of the Honda Accord. With the new Camry being assembled here why is the price higher?

TH price is even more shocking when you consider that the car has no sunroof , no traction control, no ESP, no ventilated seats etc.... THe only selling point it seems to me is space and the fact that it will be reliable.

I am sorry Toyota ,you need to give your customers better reasons to buy this car.

No wonder Hyundai is giving Toyota a run for its money in the US with the New Sonata and Elantra.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Tell me they have disc brakes for the rear wheel? -

It is just bones when it comes to features, though the 2.5 litre is something to die for on Indian road with the right specs.

Exposed wiring is shocking for Toyota at this price. heat being its major concern.

The turbo hose length is unusally short. Will this give a better push?
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Thanks Jaggu for the excellent review. This one indeed is for hardcore Toyota fans. IMO, the car has a good stance, but somehow a new gen Camry always reminds of the immediate previous gen Lexus.

This probably will be least loaded car on safety in this segment. And overall I feel there is too much of bling overdose of chrome, and that melted chocolate-like faux-wood is too garish for my taste. Something like this (Camry Hybrid 2.5) would have been better.
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Default re: Review: 7th-gen Toyota Camry (2012)

Thank you for the fantastic review!

In my opinion this looks like a dated Lexus / previous generation lexus than a new generation Camry. That said, the safety equipment level and the audacity on pricing definitely makes the competition look a lot better. I understand that the target audience is going to be chauffeured around, I am no car research brain but doesn't that use case alone justify more airbags and safety equipment? 2 Airbags in my mind indicate dismal regard to rear passengers safety.

Personally, this car makes me love the old one more.
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