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Default 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

BE WARNED - What follows is a long story about how I got my Dad to part with his beloved Esteem, his complete fascination with the Volkswagen Polo, and our eventual choice - the Ritz VDI.

It all started a few months after I got my Silver Pegasus (2012 Honda City) home.

There were places in our city where Pegasus couldn't go. Besides, for the daily runs, Herbie (our '98 Esteem) was getting a bit long in the tooth. I come from a small city which has more lanes and by-lanes than main roads. The need for a smaller, comfortable car was felt more than once by me during the past 9 months. Even when it wasn't comfortable for my heavy build, I missed my M800 for the quick dashes throughout the city since it was so easy to drive and park.

And so began the quest to brainwash Dad enough to let go of Herbie.

"Dad, don't we need a smaller car?"
"Why? You are happy with your car, I am happy with mine. Why should we get a third?"
"Umm, we don't need a third. I was thinking of getting a smaller car for the daily runs in exchange for our Herbie. It's turned old, Maruti-Suzuki has already discontinued it, and everyone we know who owned an Esteem around us has sold theirs and moved on to other cars."

That "everyone" above referred to Dad's friend, a doctor, who had a similar Esteem and sold it some time back to get himself a Laura.
(Shhh, I was trying to convince him!)

"If you want a smaller car, you shouldn't have sold your 800. Go and get yourself an Eon or Alto 800 or something. Leave Herbie alone!" Dad was indignant.

Geez, I could understand his emotional attachment with Herbie. It was his purchase right after he had got promoted to the Senior Grade after 28 years of dedicated service, and Herbie had served us very well and faithfully through the past 14 years without complaint or hiccup. But inept local mechanics, ignorant garages and age had caught up with Herbie, badly.

Herbie was still fantastic to drive - started up with the first crank, pulled cleanly, had enough torque/power to shame it's more costlier peers from today, was shod with Bridgestones on Aura alloys which are still superb to look at even today, and had a gem of an engine. But the body of Herbie was going - rusting had crept up in many places, the AC had stopped working and the relays/plugs were tough to procure, rats had destroyed it's wires in many places, including the seats, the plastics had completely worn out, the central locking had become intermittent in it's operation, and the engine was due for a long overhaul soon. Yes I know, nothing that spending money couldn't cure, but I really didn't want us to invest that much to get Herbie back to tip-top shape again.

Yes, we had to get a new car in place of Herbie. I was determined, but Dad's fondness for Herbie was going to be a tough nut to crack. And I thought long and hard - and suddenly a plan came to mind. The only way I could think of, is to let him drive my Pegasus for a few days and let him feel the plushness and comfort of a contemporary, brand new car. Everyone knows how majestic it feels to drive a Honda City!

I decided to exchange cars with him for a week. And that worked!

After a week when he handed over Pegasus's keys back to me, he was a bit hesitant to approach Herbie, though he was looking longingly at it. I asked him innocently if anything was the matter, but he just shook his head, got inside Herbie and drove off. I had a feeling of immense elation that my plan had worked.

Later, that same evening.

Dad: "Say, how much does the Alto 800 cost?"
Me: (ears, eyes and mind perked to the full) "About 2,50,000-ish. Why?"
Dad: "Just wondering..."
Me: "It's a newly launched car. They aren't offering any exchanges or any sort of offers on it."
Dad: "Did I say anything about buying/exchanging?"
Me: "No, but I presumed..."
Dad (interrupting): "You presume too much."

And that was the end of the convo.

Somewhere inside, I was smiling. Widely.

October 2012

"Why don't I call up some dealers and get some cars to TD? Nothing to finalise - just get the feel of driving a new car. Sedans, hatches, your choice." My voice didn't falter even once.
"Do we need to waste time over such an exercise?" His voice had "Caution: Danger Ahead" filled to the brim.
"Like I said, no finalising stuff. Just some TDs. Humor me." I was cheerful, with an almost-honest smile.
"Umm, okay. As soon as we get the holidays in." He was still on his guard.
"So, sedans or hatches?" My voice was innocently curious.
"Well, since you have been so crazy about small hatches, let's see what you got." Dad waved me off in a dismissive tone, as if he did me a favor.
Deep inside, I had a faint notion that he knew exactly what I was thinking about, and what I was going to do.

Mentally, I made a checklist. We have full dealerships of Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra and Tata in our city, and sub-dealerships of Ford, Chevrolet and Nissan. Accordingly, the cars shortlisted/rejected by me were :-

Eon - The best option for a small city commuter today. Period. Shortlisted.
i10 - Could be considered due to it's compact size. However, reports of low FE made me rule it out.
i20 - Never considered, since we wanted a smaller car.
Wagon R - The best in-city car at the moment, IMO. Shortlisted.
A-Star - Cute and small. Peppy engine. Shortlisted.
Nano - Too small, with central console. I was briefly interested in the Diwali Edition (alloys, music system, double glove boxes, etc.) but it wasn't being offered in our state.
Indica/Vista - Never considered since both of us aren't big fans of Tata anyway.
Figo - Neither too small nor too large. Spacious, practical. Dated looks. Shortlisted.
Beat - Perfect size for our requirements. Shortlisted.
Spark - Not a fan of central consoles. Looked dated as well.
Micra - Too cute for my taste. Not a big fan of the looks either.

First immediate call was to Ford and Hyundai, for the Figo and the Eon, respectively. Vansh Ford had a sub-dealership in my city. As soon as I enquired about the Figo, an over-eager SA offered to drive up to our home with a TD car. Shamelessly, he came with a car which was rattling from all four corners of the cabin. Dad took an instant liking to the Figo, specially the driveability of the engine. When I took the SA aside to discuss the exchange in a hushed-up voice, he laughed off the offer for exchanging the Figo with our Esteem.

"Sir, good luck finding a taker for your '98 Esteem. Such an old car, already discontinued by Maruti-Suzuki, petrol, registered in another state, who in their right mind would buy it in today's world?" His words sounded more harsher than the way he said them.

That was the biggest problem with Herbie. Dad had never got the RTO transferred from Bhopal to our city when he was transferred during his service days to here back in 2003, so Herbie still bore the "MP 04" mark on it's numberplate.

Anyway, for now, Figo Titanium was on the back burner, since Dad had liked driving it.

The Hyundai folks were pretty eager for the Eon as well. I talked to the manager and SA about offers and if there was an exchange offer available, and they replied in the positive. Again, like the SA from Vansh Ford, the Hyundai dealership manager shrugged off the exchange for our Esteem, citing problems with their used car outlet, although the SA told me that he would try with their valuator at Raipur and get back to me when I assured him I could get the RTO NOC procured.

Needless to say, they never bothered to call back.

Same happened when I called up the Chevy guy. He didn't even bother to offer a TD of the Beat.

"Good, because I don't like that car one bit." Dad seemed happy at my resounding failures with striking a deal with the dealers.
I had hidden the exchange bit from him till then, but the time had come to disclose it.

Dad took it all pretty quietly. I tried to reason with him.

"Look, there's a rule pending about cars older than 15 years to be compulsorily scrapped. I read about it somewhere, and it's to do with emission norms or something. First Tier-I cities, then the rest. Why not give Herbie away when we can get something out of the deal, than sell it for scrap tomorrow? You know the number of niggles that have cropped up with Herbie. Besides, it's ageing. It will be tough to maintain it. Neither you nor me are enthusiasts to keep maintaining Herbie by spending a fortune on it."

Surprisingly, he agreed with me this time.

"Okay. Go ahead."
"Thanks." My voice was filled with relief. "Let's drive to Raipur to check out some more cars, especially the Brio AT which has been recently launched."
"An AT? I have never driven an Automatic in my life!" He was completely surprised.
"Trust me. You will love the ease of driving of an AT, specially when it's a Honda." I assured him.

Next stop - the Honda showroom at Raipur, 300 kms away, to check out a brand new red Brio V-AT. My regular SP was on leave so another SP brought it out for the TD.

"Impressive engine, not so impressive car." he mused quietly. "I am not particularly fond of that rear." That was like a gunshot, piercing my intense enthusiasm about the baby Honda.

I was downcast, thinking of the Figo (which he had loved) and imagined the atrocious Ford A.S.S. Telling the SP that we would be in touch, we walked out.


"Okay, shoot." I had covered my face with my palms, knowing what was coming.
"I didn't like the interiors, side/rear looks. Looks like a toy car. Lots of fizz. Not understated or quietly elegant for my taste." His words were like bullets.

As soon as we walked out of the dealership, he spotted a big hoarding across the highway, pulled halfway down.

"Sayyy, how far is the VW shop from here?" His voice had a sudden excitement in it.

My eyes widened. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat with a mouse in his mouth.

"Do we have to?" I was desperate.
"Well, it's going to be MY car." The nail was hammered in.

My mouth was open and just air came out, no words. I looked at the hoarding and the big VW logo in the center of the Vento smiled back at me.


"We want to check out the Polo & the Vento." I was praying that the VW showroom wouldn't have either cars for TD, when the entire glassed floor was full of both cars.
"Sure, sir. Please fill out this form." The SP pushed a form towards us.
"For a TD?!?!" my mouth was open, shell-shocked.
"Yes, sir. It's become mandatory for us to take feedback from the customers."

I stood there with open mouth, casting a roaming gaze around the showroom, not sure if it was the same VW dealership which I had experienced last year, when I wanted a TD of a Vento.

"Hey, I love this!" Dad yelled from the right, some distance away.

I turned around just in time to see him sink down into the driver's seat of a Polo.

"Sir, let me explain...!" the SP was practically running towards Dad.
"Hush boy! I have the brochures on my laptop." Dad was gruff.
"Dad, you want a TD?" I asked, helplessly.
"You betcha!" I have never seen him smile this widely in his eyes.

( ~~~ A LONG TD LATER ~~~)

"This is IT!" Dad had muttered "niiiiice" a trillion times in-between.
"Eh?" I pretended I hadn't heard him.
"I want this car." Dad's voice had acquired a dangerous finalised tone.
"Errr, don't be too hasty. Let's check out the Vento too." My feeble attempt to divert him away from that overpriced 3-cylinder.
"Meh, I am done with sedans. Both are the same in looks anyway. Slapping a butt to the rear doesn't make it more beautiful." Dad scoffed.
"Butttttt..." My voice trailed off.
"Exactly." He grinned.
"So which model is it going to be, sir?" The SP was positively beaming. No, glowing.
"Hold on. We haven't decided yet." I was alarmed.
"Who says so? I HAVE." Dad scoffed again, his mouth set firmly.

In my mind, I was hitting my head against an invisible wall. Aiyyo!

I could literally see the SP dripping saliva and froth all over the floor, rubbing his hands like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. Evil.

"This, is how you build a car. What finesse! What quality! Simple, understated yet radiant lines. Gracefulness everywhere." Dad's words were filled with pride, as if he himself had hammered the Polo out from scratch.
"3-pot mill." I whispered, exhaustedly desperate.
"So?" Dad's eyebrow was raised.
"Pricey. Around 6,50,000/- OTR for the Comfortline Petrol." I was pleading now.
"So?" Dad was as haughty as Kader Khan's on-screen persona.
"So?! DAD!!!" I was surprised at him, and all the years of his teaching the basics of cars and engines to me.
"Gotta love the grunt, just like a German Panzer tank." His voice took on a Nazi overtone as his chest puffed out.
"Let's go over this one more time at home." I was praying to all the gods and goddesses I knew.

I smiled ultra-sweetly at the SP, who was waiting expectantly like Yuvraj, all ready and poised to hit the first of his 6 sixers.

"We will get back to you." My words had sugar coated in them.
"Saarrrrrrrrr, before you go, we have wonderful offers on the Polo petrol - free insurance, 15K cash discount, 15K corporate discount, 15K exchange bonus." The SP started his six-hitting, dangling the carrots one after the other.
"We do have an ageing Esteem at home." Dad's voice boomed from behind, as he smiled widely.

I let out a deep sigh and rolled my eyes.

"Perr-fect!" the SP had a devilish gleam in his eyes.

I had to literally tear Dad out of his beloved Polo and take him back home, and the return journey was filled with tales of Germans, World War II, Nazis, Hitler, German engineering, European cars, Deutsche Welle, etc. By the time we reached home, I had turned half-German and Dad was, umm, let's just say, the Indian epitome of VW top brass - The Heinz.

Before reaching home:

"If you have to consider a large hatch, why not the Punto or the Jazz?" I tried to throw a wildcard out.
"No chance! The way things have been shaping up at TATA-Fiat, I wouldn't want to be stuck with a Fiat car, then pass on the troubles to you." He was indignant.
"Besides, the Jazz is simply too big." He added.

Back home.

"Ha! Oversized matchbox!" Dad was treading on dangerous ground now, as he commented by looking at Pegasus.
"Sacrilege!" I was indignant and not at all ready to see my beloved Pegasus get insulted.
"Worship Honda all you want. The Europeans have them whipped." He was calm and his words were matter-of-factly said.
"Let's go online and I will show you the issues people have faced/still facing with their Polos." I said grimly.
"And all Honda Citys and their owners are perfect?" Dad was sarcastic.

I had no answer to that, although I did try to reply but just an audible sound came out.

"I didn't hear you." Dad had a strange all-knowing smile on his face.

Now, Dad had already traversed the length and breadth of India with his grand-daughter in HIS polo, I was going mad by his constant "brrrrrrrr" car-engine sounds which were being imitated by my daughter perfectly, the VW SP had called up at least 50 times (maybe more), and I was in a complete quandary.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the Polo's looks, but not a fan of it's 3-pot heart and expensive price/maintenance. Moreover, Polo was a big hatch and we wanted a smaller car. I wanted the reliability of a Honda to go together with it and had hoped he would have liked the Brio. As things stood, he was completely smitten by the Polo.

I had to do something. Fast.

And the only immediate solution came to mind when I cast a look at Herbie.

Maruti-Suzuki, bail me out of this situation!

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

November 2012

Ahh, the month of Diwali. Usually the best time (after December) to avail the best offers/discounts on cars throughout the year. Rapidly scanning through the papers, I chanced across the wide Maruti-Suzuki Diwali offers ad - best offers were for the Estilo, Wagon R and the A-Star (obvious), good ones for SX4, Ritz (both petrol) and the Alto K-10, and none for the bestsellers Swift & Swift DZire.

I immediately called up Sky Automobiles in my city, the authorised Maruti-Suzuki dealers, and talked to them about exchange offers and told them to send over the Wagon R for a test drive. Being a tall boy, reasonably spacious and loaded with enough pep to be a worthy in-city commuter, I thought it was a reasonable option well within our budget of ~4 lakhs.

The SP, Rajneesh, came over on a Sunday to check out Herbie, drove it around for a bit, and came away impressed. He called his Manager on the phone and initially offered us 25,000/- for it. It was too low a price, but he made it sound attractive by bundling it with the ongoing Consumer Offer (20,000/- cash discount) and Exchange Bonus (25,000/-) alongwith a few others such as Maruti Genuine Accessories offer (10,000/- redeemable-as-cash discount) and Corporate Discount (5,000/-), taking it to 85,000/- overall discounts (including exchange value) for the Wagon R. The top-end VXI trim of the Wagon R came to around 4,70,000/- OTR, so we would end up paying 3,85,000/- for it, as per the calculations. Plus, he said they wouldn't need the NOC from Bhopal RTO for Herbie (it was registered in undivided MP, remember?) as they would send Herbie directly to their Tru-Value outlet in Bhopal via container, to be sold there.

I was very skeptical about the price offered for Herbie (and knew Dad would never agree to such a low price), but since I needed some time to think, I told him to bring the TD car on the following Friday for Dad to do the TD. He obliged, and the following Friday saw us both (Dad and me) TDing a new Wagon R in red.

I felt the car was underpowered in the initial gears. While backing up and turning from a corner, the car stalled a couple of times in the 1st gear which cemented my doubts. Dad was of the opinion that he felt like he was driving my M800 all over again! Not surprisingly, since the Wagon R is powered by a 3-cylinder, 996cc engine. We casually enquired about the Ritz and offers on it, and were given a much lower offer (around 56,000/-, including exchange) for the Ritz petrol. Just to have a second option, I asked him if the Ritz was available for a TD. He said they didn't have any Ritzys with them at the moment, but expected a TD car within the next few days and offered us to drive to the showroom to TD it there.

After the SP left:

"I didn't like it (Wagon R). Too boxy for my taste. Tin-ka-dabba!" Dad shook his head.
"All Marutis are, with a few exceptions. What did you expect?" I shrugged.
"Herbie is a powerful car. Aren't there any powerful hatches available with Maruti?" He was inquisitive.
"Just two - the Swift and the Ritz. Same engines, same power, same torque."
"The Swift is too big. I don't like the Ritz's looks." He dismissed them.
"We don't have many choices." I felt helpless.
"Why don't you contact that VW fellow and strike a deal with him?" Dad came back to his now-familiar territory. I had to reason with him all over again.
"Look, Dad, we want a small hatch. The Polo is a big hatch, it's in a different league - with the Swift, Punto, Jazz, Fabia - all of them are big, premium hatches. You know the reason why. Our city doesn't like big hatches or sedans. Just look at the number of paint jobs and touch-up jobs I had to do on my Pegasus in the past 8 months. For those common, every day runs, a small hatch is much preferred. Furthermore, the VW A.S.S. center is 300 kms away just like my Honda A.S.S. center. You can't do the runs like I do. We only have Maruti, Hyundai and Mahindra in our city. It's best we stick to them." I gave it my best shot.

"But you forget that the Polo has a 1-year service interval. That's fantastic." I could swear I saw twin VW logos in both his eyes at that moment.

"Yes, but what if a niggle springs up before then? What if the car develops a problem before the service interval? Roadside Assistance doesn't cover a 300-km range. Towing it up to there, getting the problem rectified, getting the car back, it's all risky." I was still sincere in my argument.
"You took that risk, didn't you?" He was forthright.
"Yes, but in the case of sedans, specially a Honda, this risk can be taken. Hondas are known for their bullet-proof reliability. Plus, I have to travel to Raipur now and then for meetings, and that's when I can get Pegasus serviced. Look at him - apart from my moments of carelessless, the stupid traffic of our city and that one incident involving after-market fitments, has he given any sort of trouble to us in his 8-month presence in our lives? Absolutely none. That's why I sort of hoped you would have liked the Brio." Still sincere.
"No, not the Brio. That damn toy car," he murmured.
"Besides, the VW people can't match the Maruti Suzuki guys with these offers. But still, just to satisfy you, I will give them a call." I had decided.

I called up Vishal, the VW SP, and enquired if they were visiting our city within the next week or so, and he replied in the affirmative. 3 days later, he drove up in a Polo TDI to check Herbie out. He drove it around a bit, talked to one of the guys in the newly-opened Das Welt Auto, and didn't like what he heard.
"Sir, they are not agreeing to take a '98 Esteem, specially a MP-registered vehicle." He was apologetic.
"It's too old, or is the offer from Maruti-Suzuki unmatched?" I queried, casting a look at Dad whose face was immediately filled with instant sadness.
"Yes to both, plus it's an old petrol car. The Das Welt Auto outlet has been newly opened, and your car is of another company plus registered in another state. Right now they are trying to deal in only VW cars." Vishal was courteus yet slightly disappointed himself.
"I can procure the NOC from Bhopal RTO, if that's the issue." Dad's desperate throw for the Polo.
"Let me call them back and get back to you once our 2-day display mela is over." He promised and left.
Wifey came over to us and said one line, "That Polo is a big car. Almost as big as the Esteem. Didn't you want a small car?"
That one line made Dad see reason, I thought. Because his reply wasn't what I was expecting.
"See what the Maruti guy can do about the Ritz." His voice had a tinge of resigned sadness in it.

I felt bad for him. I myself loved the Polo for it's looks and build quality. Dad was a big fan of all things german, VW included. All those nights in the 70s when he used to tune into Deutsche Welle Radio, interact with those people through letters which he used to write to their radio shows, free gifts received via air courier back then (we still have them now). How I wish we had a VW dealership in my city! I could have gifted him a Polo just to see that smile back on his face!

The next morning, we were in for a pleasant surprise. Apparently, one of Dad's staff people owned a white Ritz (VXI) which Dad drove to our home for us to check it out. He was beaming.
"I like it's power and response. Same specs as the Swift, you said?" He was grinning.
"Yes it is." I was glad. Wifey and Mom came out to check it out and found it a tad too wide, although the length was just about right for our requirements for a short car.
Dad's comment later that evening made me realise he had made a compromise with himself.
"The jack-of-all-trades is usually the best option. We have to be practical in a world of practicality."
How right he was! But, inside, I felt obligated to him. I was taking his beloved car away from him and not giving him something which he had instantly fell in love with!

I decided to call Vishal.

"Sorry sir, I have already left your city. Our Assistant Manager who had accompanied me has to rush home as his father-in-law has expired!" He was apologetic yet again.
Not suspecting anything, I told him I would talk to him again and hung up.

I called Vishal again in the last week of November. He again made some excuse, and I realised then that he was trying to dodge us. Apparently, he didn't get the go-ahead for our exchange deal.

So, that was it from VW, and the short tale of my Dad's intense likeness for the Polo.

December 2012

The Diwali offer was gone, but the December offer sprung up. 61,000/- off the Ritz petrol was on offer (including 15,000/- scrap value for an old car). Rajneesh had called a few times to enquire about our booking date. Me and Dad had discussed the differences between the VXI and the ZXI, and for about 64,000/- extra, the features offered in the ZXI were - dual airbags, ABS, alloys, steering mounted controls, Nippon HU + 4 speakers, driver seat-height adjustment, and some other bits. We felt that the VXI was the best VFM variant of the lot, with all essential features on offer. Eventually, we struck a deal with Rajneesh for the VXI variant, and stretched the Maruti Tru-Value Exchange Price for Herbie to 30,000/-, then stretched it to 35,000/- after a lot of intense haggling, which was their absolute final price offered. Bundled together with the Consumer Offer, Exchange Bonus, MGA, etc., the overall discount came to 81,000/-, which we felt was a good enough offer.

Specially for a car which had been launched as recently as August 2012 - the Ritz facelift.

Dad was apprehensive about the stock model which they might allott to us, thinking they might deliver the older pre-facelift Ritz to us. I had an idea, from a suggestion made by Team-BHPian antz.bin, to go for the VXI ABS variant, as ABS is a requisite in today's cars, specially when driving inside the city. I told Rajneesh that we would like to go for the VXI ABS, a model which isn't in ready stock usually and had to be ordered fresh off the factory. That way we could be assured of getting a latest-manufactured car. We visited the Sky Automobiles showroom and on 10th December 2012, booked our Ritz VXI ABS with a token amount of 10,000/-, with a promised delivery time of 15 days. Color chosen was Silky Silver (unanimously). Dad was initially in favor of Superior White but when we came to know that it was a non-metallic shade, he shifted to Silver as well.

Doubly special, because my birthday fell on Christmas day (25th December) and we could take delivery on that day, plus we could still avail the December discounts. Dad insisted to get the car registered in January 2013, though. His staff advised him to get the diesel variant citing a number of reasons - the driveability of the DDiS is as good as the VVTs, maintenance is reasonably lower, and good resale value. Plus, Maruti Suzuki is well-known for tweaking the fantastic Fiat 1.3 Multijet engine into a stonker, which they call the DDiS! But since the corresponding diesel variant was a good 1,12,000/- costlier, he had dropped that idea then.

Then suddenly, on 22nd December, a fresh ad by Maruti Suzuki made Dad perk up. When I woke up, he showed it to me. 58,000/- discount on the Ritz Diesel!! I rubbed my eyes twice to see if I was reading right. We hurriedly called Rajneesh to check the status of our VXI ABS booking, and he said it might get more delayed. We fixed an appointment with him in the afternoon, and rushed to the dealership. I tried to show that I wasn't excited at all, and casually told him and the manager, Mr. Agarwal, that we were worried about the delay of our VXI ABS booking. Mr. Agarwal replied that he was getting some feedback about ABS kits being in short supply, hence the delay.

I then told Rajneesh about the new ad and confirmed from him about the discounts on the Ritz diesel - 15,000/- Consumer Offer, 20,000/- Exchange Bonus, 5,000/- MGA offer, 3,000/- Corporate Discount, and 2,000/- discount on accessories for that one day. I also got him to agree on a special "2 ka 4" discount offer whereby if you own a two-wheeler and produce the RC + Insurance photocopies of it, you can avail an extra discount of 5,000/-. And the best thing about these discounts - we were getting them on ex-showroom price!! Dad and me insisted that we would get our car registered in January from outside, for which they readily agreed. The deal was mouth-watering, and too good to be true. We were then led into the stockyard where a white Ritz VDI stood, with red/black interiors and Bridgestones shod on it! I checked the VIN and found out that it was of November 2012 make. (thanks again to Team-BHPian wildon!) Dad was sold on it just for the tyres, but I didn't like the red/black combo. The red looked pale and outlandish. I insisted for grey/black interiors, and Rajneesh talked to Mr. Agarwal for this. Mr. Agarwal called up some people, and assured us that we could have our Silky Silver Ritz VDI with grey/black interiors by Monday, the 24th of December!! Only problem - he couldn't say which tyres the car would come with. I told him that we would pick it up immediately if it was shod with Bridgestones as well, and will debate with the White Ritz if it's with other company's tyres. He agreed.

Dad and me again had a short discussion for the ZDI over the VDI. We discussed the features differentiating both variants, and felt that Dad (who will be primarily driving the Ritz), won't use the steering-mounted controls and seat-height adjustment that much. The Ritz's alloys aren't that appealing, and since our car was to be driven extensively inside the city at very moderate speeds, the need for Airbags wasn't that paramount. The brakes on the TD car had enough bite and braking was decent, so we could skip the ABS as well. In the end, we decided to stick with the VDI. We had already exceeded our initial budget by a whopping 1,50,000/- rupees anyway!

Come Monday, the 24th of December (24/12/12), I got a call from Rajnish that our Silver Ritz was being unloaded from the truck. Armed with the Team-BHP PDI checklist, I reached the showroom at 11 AM where our Ritz was being lowered from the washing ramp after being given a thorough wash. I checked it out thoroughly (it was of November 2012 make as well), and had come shod with Apollo Amazer XLs. The ODO was at just 2 kms, and the grey/black interiors looked much, MUCH better than the red/black combo, complimented superbly by that metallic Silky Silver body color. Since I rate Apollos higher than JKs (the third tyre choice for the Ritz), I decided on the Silver. Although I casually asked Rajneesh if he could do me a favor and swap the Bridgestones of the white Ritz with our silver Ritz, which he vehemently refused on the grounds of manufacturer warranty and a bunch of other excuses. I knew otherwise, but decided to not press the matter. Promising him to return in the afternoon to take delivery, I headed for the bank.

Initially, we had decided that our whole family would go for the delivery, but my Mom suffered a health relapse and wifey had to stay back to take care of her. Promising her with a smile that we would be getting our second daughter and a younger sister for my 1-year-old Isha, I left home to pick up my father-in-law to accompany me and Dad. My father-in-law is a sharp man and has a keen eye for details, which would come in handy during the delivery process, I thought. The paperwork for Herbie to be sold to Tru-Value was done swiftly, and by the time shadows started lengthening and the orange sun cast it's beams on our Sylver (our baby silver Ritz christened by me), we were ready. Dad did the long puja, complete with incense-sticks, mantras, coconut-breaking, etc., and finally, Sylver was ours!

I have to be really thankful for my father-in-law here. Dad had become a bit emotional when he parted from Herbie for the last time, as one of the dealership boys drove Herbie into the stockyard and out of our lives. My father-in-law overlooked and scanned all documents, checked if all of them had been properly filled up and duly signed, got the covering letter from Tru-Value for Herbie, and also reminded us that Herbie could be carrying a reasonable amount of petrol which had to be taken out!! Dad suddenly realised that he had filled 15 liters of petrol a few days before, and we promptly got 2-3 boys from the service center to take out that petrol and dump it into my Pegasus. They were able to extract 18 liters of petrol from Herbie, which when calculated, is quite an amount!

Since the dealership is in the same city, they agreed to give us a covering letter from them so that we could drive Sylver within the city for the next 8 days before we registered it in 2013. Initially, I had decided to get the black door handles, black ORVMs and black mud flaps painted in body color, but when Mom and wife both said that the black inserts gelled well with the silver color of the car, I decided to skip it. Since we would be using the boot extensively, I skipped the parcel tray fitting as well. Speakers would be going inside the doors, I had decided.

Remembering GTO's instructions for a workhorse/beater car, I had decided to go for bare minimum mods - a decent HU, good set of speakers, 3M Underbody Anti-Corrosion sealant, and decent art-leather seat covers, preferably Autoform. The MGA Alpine HU (now being offered as OEM on the top Ritz/Swift models) looked superb and sounded very good (I have to thank BHP-ian blue_pulsar here for his feedback on this HU) so I zeroed in on it.

For speakers, I went for MTX Thunder 6000 2-way 6-inch Components + Tweeters for the front, and MTX Road Thunder 3-way 6-inch Coaxials for the rear. Superb sound, clean, clear and crisp, and bass the way I want - tight, without too much boom. Not like I had many choices anyway, my local accessory guy had only Sonys, Panasonics and Philips speakers available with him. Those are what his customers want, and that's why I am thankful they left the MTXs alone till now. JBL/Rockford Fosgate ovals could be procured, but that would have meant a parcel tray fitting, so I skipped those.

I haven't chosen a good set of seat covers yet. Still debating on getting a security system installed for Sylver, since it comes with Immobiliser + iCATS for all 4 doors. No other upgrades planned as of yet.

Total Expenses

Ex-showroom price - 6,03,941/-
Insurance - 18,067/-
RT Charges - (not registered yet)
Alpine HU - 9,250/-
MTX Components - 6,000/- (from outside)
MTX Co-axials - 2,500/- (from outside
Fitting Charges - 760/- (including charges for Spacer Rings)
3M Underbody Anti-Corrosion Treatment - 2,450/- (with 5 years warranty)
Freebies - Mud flaps, Floor mats, perfume.

Booking Amount - 10,000/-
Discounts - 85,000/- (35,000/- for our Esteem, 15,000/- Consumer Offer, 20,000/- Exchange Bonus, 5,000/- MGA offer, 3,000/- Corporate Discount, 2,000/- Additional Accessories discount, 5,000/- 2 ka 4 offer)
Final payment to dealer - 5,36,258/-

Feedback as of today:

We have driven Sylver for about 100 kms till now, since we took delivery on the 24th. The biggest reason for us to smile is the space inside - it's enormous, specially the headroom. Since it's a tallboy, you walk and sit inside, instead of bending down to get inside, like getting into my Pegasus. Dad is 5'6", and there's a considerable amount of head space available for him, both in front and rear. For me, it's significant (coming from the lower roof of Pegasus, my Honda City). It's remarkably spacious in front, and the front seats have long travel which can liberate more legroom space. The rear is good enough for two occupants, and it would be a squeeze to push in a 3rd person. Boot space is very decent at 236 liters, significantly more than the new Swift! There are a lot of storage spaces available up front, but glaring lack of storage for rear passengers, who have to do with the boot space behind them.

Driveability inside the city is simply fantastic! I have to really commend the Maruti Suzuki engineers for the way they have tweaked the Multijet, shaping it into the DDiS. Crank up the engine and it starts up with the customary diesel clatter, which is minimal inside the cabin with the glasses rolled up (excellent NVH levels). The pull from 1st gear is excellent, and the 2nd gear compliments it well. The car has a sweet spot right between the 1,500 RPM to 2,000 RPM mark, when it simply "whoosh"-es forward in the 2nd gear, pushing you back into your seat! The 3rd gear is the place to be, for all speeds between 20 kmph - 50 kmph. Keep the engine on the boil and shift your gears, and the car rewards you with a wonderful driveability feel which makes you think that you are driving a petrol! Effortless driving. The maximum speed I have taken Sylver to is 65 kmph on 4th gear on a lone stretch, and the car behaved wonderfully well in a straight line. The steering is a bit on the heavy side (coming from the effortless EPS of my Pegasus), and I guess it's because of the additional weight of the oil burner under the hood. Feedback is pretty good at all speeds, low or high. Riding comfort is really good, except for crawling speeds where there is some bounce and body roll involved. Overall, satisfactory.

Most important reason of all - Dad is happy. I am glad I could give him some happiness in exchange for taking Herbie away with him. But as like they all say, all good things must come to a close.

Goodbye Herbie, may you drive off peacefully into the sunset. Hello Sylver, I hope you provide us many years of faithful service, like the loyal steed which you have replaced.

Thanks for reading my gigantic journey of an opening post!

BIG thanks go out to the following for their inputs on the Ritz -

-: GTO, for his stupendously comprehensive official review (I recommend it whole-heartedly) -
-: Team-BHPian blue_pulsar, for as good as an official review as you can get (highly recommended as well) -
-: Team-BHPians govigov, Schoudhury, gaddiwale, salunkhe.vizz, Crazy4.Cars.
-: my Pune/Thane Chapter friends - Team-BHPians selfdrive, ajay.satpute, antz.bin, dot, sajo, Guderian, shridhar.s.i, gautamkhadse, paragsachania, mandarmax, yogesh.nagpal, ashishpallod, ironshark, Thar4x4, sudarshan, kevinephraim, 1self, kpbhatt, kaustubh.vaze, libranof1987, and many more whose Team-BHP handles I have forgotten. (sorry, guys!)

Pictorial to follow, with my inputs on the likes/dislikes of our Sylver, the Ritz VDI.

A very Happy New Year from our family to all of you and your families, my Team-BHP friends!

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

First off, I would like to highly recommend both GTO's official review of the Ritz and blue_pulsar's stupendous Ritz pictorial review as THE truck stops for all things Ritz on our Team-BHP forum. Trying to emulate them would be like showing a candle to the sun, so I will try to focus just on the changes in the 2012 facelift.
Pardon the quality of most of the pics - they have been taken by my Galaxy Note.

First look at Sylver, as she gets prepped after her wash.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121224_155536.jpg

VIN decoded as November, 2012 (LC).

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121224_160311.jpg

Dad getting ready to start his puja, with our SP Rajneesh behind him, as Father-in-law looks on from the right.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121224_165336.jpg

Puja ends as the setting sun casts it's glow and blessings on Sylver.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121224_165738.jpg

Spacer ring being fixed to attach the MTX components up front.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121225_144428.jpg

At the dealership next day to get the 3M underbody Anti-Corrosion treatment done.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_111733.jpg

The stockyard, with our beloved Herbie in the far distance.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_113312.jpg

Another Esteem ditched by it's owner after years of faithful service.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_113345.jpg

Our Herbie. Look how handsome it looks even today in front of his more modern peers - the Alto 800, Swift & Ritz!

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_113416.jpg

A close, farewell shot of Herbie.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_113432.jpg

Probably the best angle to view the Ritz.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114635.jpg

...and the worst angle. Herbie in the distance, probably agreeing.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114650.jpg

The boomerang tail lamp cluster. Unique to the Ritz, and the biggest contributor to it's atrocious rear looks.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114705.jpg

A gentle reminder to the fuel attendant.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114618.jpg

One of the 52 all-new changes in the 2012 facelift - the foglamp casing design.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114737.jpg

Shoes - Apollo Amazer XL 165/80s on 14" steel rims. Wheel cover looks cheap.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114802.jpg

The proud badge beside the side indicator.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121226_114814.jpg

Another welcome change in the instrument cluster - the multi-information display. Stalk on left can be clicked and twisted to adjust the time. Stalk on right to be used the same way to tweak the MID.

The Odometer first.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105733.jpg

First trip meter - A.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105747.jpg

Second trip meter - B.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105755.jpg

Real-time FE indicator. (liters/100 kms)

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105813.jpg

Overall FE indicator. (liters/100 kms)

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105820.jpg

And the Range remaining in kms (DTE - Distance to Empty).

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105826.jpg

All four power windows provided, with 1-touch Auto down for the driver's window. Lock button provided, to lock all 4 doors.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105855.jpg

Manually adjustable ORVMs. Electric adjustment provided in the ZDI variant.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105909.jpg

Thoughtful front quarter-glass makes the front feel roomy and airy, giving it a big cabin-like feel.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105918.jpg

ORVM is pretty wide and offers a good field of vision.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105925.jpg

Headlamp-indicator stalk on right. Rear fog lamp can be activated by twisting the center ring upwards, once headlamp switch is turned on.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_103826.jpg

Wiper stalk settings on left. 4-speed.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_105948.jpg

The AC controls. Knobs feel cheap to the touch. Notice the button given to enable/disable in-cabin air flow. 12V socket provided as well.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110125.jpg

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

The integrated Alpine HU, a certified MGA accessory. Options are USB, Aux, AM/FM tuner, and CD/MP3/WMA.
Welcomes you when you start it up, and says Goodbye when you shut it off.
Very decent sound output. Recommended.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110113.jpg

Short, round gear stick integrated into the central waterfall console. Gears are pretty easy to slot in, but not as slick as say, a Polo.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110149.jpg

Space provided above the dashboard for some quick stowaways. Pretty useful.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110309.jpg

Map pocket above the glove box.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110317.jpg

The glove box itself is pretty deep, but not that wide.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110338.jpg

The inner door handles with silver finish look classy. Not the door locks, though. El Cheapo.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110408.jpg

Notice the grey fabric insert complimenting the black interiors nicely. The other interior combo, red/black, has this fabric as dull brick red.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110415.jpg

Single cabin light provided up front, which doubles as map light as well. Theater-dimming effect provided.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110423.jpg

The steering wheel - meaty to hold but pretty barebones. Steering-mounted controls provided in the ZDI variant.
Notice the dual horn buttons at close access? Pretty neat touch.
No airbags in the VDI. Not even a driver airbag.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110439.jpg

Adjustment given for steering column rake (up/down). Not for reach.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110514.jpg

Cubbyhole and space below the handbrake. No, it won't take a bottle. Space can be utilised to stow away that mobile of yours.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110547.jpg

Space behind the handbrake wasted. Maruti could have provided a bottle holder for the rear passenger(s).

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110601.jpg

Seat belts lack height adjustment.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110629.jpg

Thoughtful grab handles given over all 3 passenger doors.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110642.jpg

The IRVM is narrow and doesn't offer a good range of vision. Coupled with the ultra-thick C pillars and the adjustable head restraints for the rear seat, rear visibility through the IRVM is pretty poor.
A wider, bigger IRVM is recommended, either that or a reverse camera. The IRVM is of the day-night type though (thank God for small favors!).

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110703.jpg

Space between all 3 pedals. Clutch has the perfect amount of travel. No space left for a dead pedal or even a semblance of one. Your left leg will have to do with resting against the central console.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_110919.jpg

Doors open in 2-step action. Step 1:

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111110.jpg

Step 2: (pretty wide ingress/egress)

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111127.jpg

Storage space (marked) for a 1-liter bottle provided in both front doors.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111041.jpg

Rear doors are pretty barebone, except for the speaker grille. No storage space provided.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111148.jpg

That's the maximum the rear glass will roll down to.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111239.jpg

Minimum/maximum legroom for the rear passengers. The rear seat itself is pretty upright, and lacks under-thigh support.
Middle lap belt for the 3rd passenger, with the rear seat belts.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111425.jpg

Adjustable head restraints on the rear seat. I actually would have preferred integrated ones in the Ritz.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111445.jpg

The boot space - fairly spacious and completely usable. No boot lamp provided.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111617.jpg

Rear seat can be folded in 60:40 ratio, or completely folded away to free up more space, if you require it.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111638.jpg

Thoughtful hooks provided on either side of the boot space.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111743.jpg

Unlike the Brio, Maruti has provided the Ritz with dual gas-filled struts for propping up the boot door.
This makes the hatch door feel really heavy and sturdy when opening/closing.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111802.jpg

A much-needed grab handle provided on hatch door to pull the door down for shutting.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111809.jpg

The rear spoiler - standard for the 2012 facelifted VDI. Comes with an integrated high-mounted brake lamp.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_111954.jpg

Look carefully and you can make out the bulges where the hinges meet the body. Not cool at all, and make it look cheap.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112004.jpg

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

The rear bumper with the integrated rear fog lamp. A bit too thick, and protrudes out from the hatch door column.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112031.jpg

Overall feel from watching the Ritz from behind is that of a pseudo "arrowshot" design, accentuated by the spoiler and the "cut-off" rear.
Black door handles don't look as cheap as say, a City Corporate.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112049.jpg

Very useful body-side mouldings provided. Should help protect the doors from those nicks and scratches.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112109.jpg

Look closely at the wheel well. Notice the black insides? That's the 3M coating!

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112154.jpg

Roof antenna can be tilted up/down in a short range, gives off the feel of an extendable type but isn't, though looks classy.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112236.jpg

Twin washer jets provided in both washers on the bonnet.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112311.jpg

The new, "smiling" twin grille of the 2012 facelift.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112331.jpg

The new multi-reflector headlamp design.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112340.jpg

Just look at that H-U-G-E panel gap on the bonnet! Gee whizkers!

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112403.jpg

And, to compliment that, the atrocious plastic finish on the right of the front windshield corner.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112417.jpg

Wide twin wipers can do the job nicely with their sweeps.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112459.jpg

The seat fabric and interior plastics look pale against the bright morning sun.
Both front seats get back pockets. Neat!

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112543.jpg

A shot of the complete dashboard.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112631.jpg

The ODO and dash at night. A nice, pleasant amber backlight.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_233720.jpg

Another unique feature of the Ritz - the funky-looking, stylish separate RPM meter.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112844.jpg

Front aircon vents on either side of the dash can be fully closed.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112903.jpg

Front passenger sun visor gets a vanity mirror.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_233742.jpg

The headlamp leveller dial and the front foglamps button. In case you are wondering about that third dummy switch on the left, it's the central locking alarm button provided in the ZDI.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_103855.jpg

Door sill guards provided in plastic. Option available to change them to steel ones.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_112951.jpg

Tyre pressures sticker provided beside the driver door column.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113002.jpg

Another place to check the VIN number and engine number, at the base of the driver door column.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113015.jpg

Underhood damping provided for the entire engine bay. Probably why the NVH levels are so good.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113047.jpg

The heart of the Ritz VDI - the magnificent 1.3L DDiS Multijet.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113056.jpg

Bosch India powering the electricals. Battery provided is of Exide.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113126.jpg

Single inter-cooler fan to cool down the radiator.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113215.jpg

Look at the acres of headrom space! Dad is 5'6".

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113612.jpg

The ORVM, when fully open.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_074628.jpg

The ORVM, when fully closed! Yes, the range is very short and doesn't shut completely. Beware!

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_074638.jpg

A thoughtful parcel tray provided under the front passenger seat. Can be slid outwards and detached completely.
Won't take a laptop but just might squeeze your netbook in, or the odd thin book or two.

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121229_074746.jpg

A side view of the Ritz. Notice the arrow-head design?

2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**-20121227_113813.jpg

And so begins a new journey with Sylver by our side. Catch you all soon with the next update. Wish us luck!

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Wow thats a really very nicely written buying and initial ownership record there. Ritz for sure is one of the most sensible cars in the hatch pack. This can easily serve as a great reference guide for any and many who are looking for a diesel hatch and especially for the facelift Ritzy.

The best things going for it is the tall boy and the gem of an engine. It truly makes a perfect beater car if one is looking for daily runabouts and that too in a thick and crowded city space. Also the plus to its extremely popular sibling is the boot space which is just not existant in the other one (you know which one right).

Overall congrats on the super decision and many happy miles in it.
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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Let me first congratulate you on the new car and than say that your write up was fantastic. You penned your car buying journey with utmost honesty . I can almost relate to most of those conversations when we had to buy a beater car. We had a 2002 model esteem we sold to picke up a swift diesel. Coming to the car itself , its a maruti and a diesel. Two things you cant go wrong in today's times. I am sure it will give you years of hassle free ownership. Drive Safe.
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Hello RavenAvi,

Now this review complete with the pictures was equally comprehensive as the official review. Well done

I must applaud your writing skills. Ever contemplated about turning into an author? I am pretty sure, the response from the bhpians themselves will be quite over-whelming (that's 70000+ of us)

A very good and appropriate choice over the Polo. Maybe, once VW mend their ways, you can think of gifting the Polo to your dad.

The new Ritz is slightly better looking and gives you that distinct feel especially in this age when, all you see are Swifts being driven around everywhere (it's not the best seller for nothing but, the Ritz comes first for people who wish to have an uncommon car with decent boot + interior space)

And as for that vxi to vdi swap, that was a very good decision on your part. With Petrol prices soaring, a diesel car makes for a good buy. The difference between the petrol and diesel drivability for the DDiS is almost negligible. Compare that with the Polo TDi, my friend (owns a Ritz Petrol) and myself (Esteem Pertrol) just pushed ourselves out of the car as, we found that to be totally undriveable with the driving style (Petrol cars) we have developed over the years. I couldn't complain much with the DDiS.

Wishing your family many happy miles with the Sylver!

And now, with two down, looking forward to the EcoSport's ownership review as well. That shall conclude the tri-series. Haha

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Fantastic report Avinash!

Most comprehensive report of Ritz I have come across on TBHP and I guess the first exhaustive report of the face-lifted Ritz. Silver looks good, but personally I love the Baker's Chocolate shade on the Ritz. Planning on any mods, especially alloys?

Hoping for regular updates on the service experience and fuel economy graph.

Wishing you and your family a safe and long journey with this one!


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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Awesome report Avinash. I admire your writing skills and the patience to write such long and interesting reports, for I do not posess any of them .

Back to the topic, the Ritz is one heck of a workhorse and the DDiS on Ritz is an amazing performer. I am glad you eventually chose the Ritz over the Polo as the 3 pot engine in the Polo is annoying. I am sure Heinz will enjoy every bit of her.

Congratulations and wishing you many many happy miles with her! Drive safe.

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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

One of the best reviews. Congrats on your new ride. Ritz is indeed a "jack of all trades" kind of a car. And the diesel engine would surely keep the running costs extremely low.

Why didn't you consider the Figo when you had decided to stay with the dealerships in your city after ruling out Polo? Your dad had liked it and it is indeed more refined than the Ritz and way ahead in driving pleasure. The value of your esteem was anyways too small to be a deal breaking issue ( keeping emotions aside).
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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

RavenAvi, Congratulations on the new car and wish you miles of smile. We bought a Ritz petrol this year at my native for my parents. It makes sense as a family car than the Swift with a decent boot and ease of ingress & egress.
Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Bosch India powering the electricals.
Isn't this the brake circuit? (Distributor)
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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Fantastic review Avinash. It has to be one of the best reviews of Ritz on the forum. I especially loved the prelude of the car buying. Congratulations to your family and wish you many happy miles.
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Default re: 2012 Maruti Ritz VDI - Our new family workhorse! **EDIT: Now sold!**

Excellent review RavenAvi!! Loved it..

However, I am a bit cross at Maruti for omitting the body coloured mirrors and door handles in the facelift VDi. Seems they have made it similar to VXi in specs.

PS : <gloat> I told you so about availability of ABS versions! </gloat>
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