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Default Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

I'll try to stop crooning about my car and repeat what's already there in the review (unless I feel strongly about something)

  • Handling: The way it steers.. hugs the corners and doesn't lose its line. Inspires confidence.. makes you feel like a better driver. The #1 reason I put my money down on it
  • Looks: Still haven't recovered from Rehaan's pictures in the official review. (IMHO Only the verna tops it in its segment and the Elantra out of it.) 6 months later, still grabs eyeballs.
  • Airy non claustrophobic interiors. Good visibility all round. Good helpings of glass combined with large well designed ORVMs
  • Clutch+Brake drive-ability is a god-send in the traffic (and for newbies)
  • In the box ICE quite good
  • The mid-variant 'Style' is Value for money. I got a lakh off for being willing to go without alloys, USB+Bluetooth+Voice controls and chrome highlighting
  • The rear seat isn't the place to be. The pullout rear arm rest is too high as compared to the arm rest on the door – so you’re doing an involuntary Amitabh impression. I never use it
  • Sales not that hot.. fear for parts availability down the line. Claims of ‘global car’ and ‘local production of low cost spares’ to be confirmed
  • Seat design: the rear headrests are horrible. Didn’t need to mess with the fiesta classic settings. Front seats are okay though barring the neck support
  • Let’s not forget the elephant in the styling room – the rear end. However 4 months later, no one has found it revolting enough to mention it. And I barely notice it.
Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-20120809_threeq.jpgMemoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-20120809_back.jpg

Bringing her home - Aug 2012

Note: If you want to know why I chose the Fiesta (which is a good question), jump to the Buyer's Dilemma section below.

And then there were two – The Fiesta Style 1.5D (9.6 ex-showroom) vs the Vento Highline (10.4 ex-showroom). I will fast forward the agonizing decision process and repeat test-drives.

+: Great , robust, elegant car. Luxurious interiors. Bigger, more powerful engine. Great discounts ~40k. 1-2 week delivery promised.
-: Might turn out to be expensive w.r.t parts and service: 15k / yearly service visit was what the salesperson gave as an estimate. ABS only on the top-variant. Jury still out on Volkswagen india. Dealerships few & far apart. Elegant but definitely 'uncle-y'

New Ford Fiesta
+: Put a smile on my face. The mid-variant costs less + has almost everything. Pleasing on the eye. Peaceful/Silent cabin.
-: Fords have a fun to drive but expensive to maintain image. Low if any resale. New Fiestas not selling that well. Delivery might take a month

My ode to Wasan Motors - Chembur, Mumbai
I had dropped them a line since quite a few folks I knew had got cars from the veterans Wasan (previously located in Thane). No discounts (the ford pattern continues) and no follow-ups either. We dug in our heels for an eternity before the sales rep (Ravindra Sharma) agreed to match the best discount. Promised me that delivery will be as quick as possible with 30 day tops. No freebies either, just get the standard accessories waived off(3.5k) which is nothing but some floor mats. Declined the sunfilms because of the change in RTO’s stance. Added 4.5k parking sensors and opted for extended warranty+RSA 10K

July 11: I gave them the go-ahead for a Kinetic Blue 1.5 TDCi Style variant. Sent them the docs
July 19:I get a call that they managed to snag one that someone else cancelled.
July 21: We are driven to their lot at the Kalyan-Bhiwandi bypass. The first time I lay my eyes on her. Check the car out – everything looks okay. Drive it a bit in the lot. While backing up, I managed to get within inches of a parked SUV. Cabin NVH reconfirmed coz my wife and Ravi were yelling at me to stop. Parking sensors add-ons@4.5k looking like an even better decision. Check back with Wildon on team-bhp and find out that my car’s production date is 29 June 2012 – not even a month old. Really pleased with Wasan.
Then there was some confusion with the documents flying between my office, the leasing unit, their legal dept and Wasan. It boiled down to two things
  • a 10k-ish diff between the actual registration cost (RTO receipts) and the Wasan quoted amount for which there was no proof. This was the rarely talked about “service charges”. Didn’t have the patience to haggle anymore – he was pretty honest saying that’s their margin (considering the discount I snatched from their cold rigid clamped fists, insurance I didn’t buy from them). I had to pay this difference.
  • The second thing was that the RTO tax calculations changed and Wasan ended up paying more. Instead of getting a refund, they were told that it would be adjusted against the next Wasan car registration. I was getting to the end of my patience.. but Ravi was calm, patient and above all always communicating.
Aug 8: Finally the day arrives, we agree on 8-8-2012. I leave my trusty Pulsar at home, cab to work and then rick to Wasan’s around noon. I take a friend along (who also drives a Ford Ikon) and my wife along. When I reach there, the showroom isn’t that big and they are having a meeting. I wait for about 10 mins, Ravi guides me through the paperwork. I double check all the documents. The car is out for refueling. 30 mins, a short pooja done by them. I get a demo of the car – ask every question I can think of. Was pleasantly surprised, when I was informed that service interval is yearly / 10k kms and not semi-annual.
Then I request for a trip to their service station – a few kms away. Ravi accompanies us. The service station is huge – multiple buildings 3 floors each (they also do Tata and Toyota). Speak and get cards from the CRM and SM there. Just as I was about to scoot out of there.. I ask them to take a look at the storage drawer not opening under the seat. 2 people try to get it out – it appears to be jammed. Soon they drive my car into an adjacent bay and there’s like 7-10 people swarming all over it. I am asked to wait for 30 mins. Sure enough they have it figured out – they had to take out the seat to fix it. Suspect: some impact during transportation. Impressed by the way they went about it. Some final QnA later.. my friend drives us home. I take the wheel for the last few kms and park it right outside my balcony. (I’ll skip the paranoid balcony car-watch that followed for the next few days. And Yes I admit it, I read the manual.)

Ownership Report (The good stuff)

So to recap, my car is a New Ford Fiesta 1.5 Diesel (Kinetic blue) Style variant (Manual). It cost me 9.35L ex-showroom. The difference between my car and the top-end Titanium+ is : alloy wheels, seats with more under-thigh support, Bluetooth-usb-'talk to the car' features, fuel-computer stats, auto-close/electrically folding ORVMs, parking sensors and some chrome detailing.

At the time of this writing, I have ~4900kms clocked. The car is usually used 35 kms/day. Half of it is on the highway 70-80kmph+ (love that part).
Fuel efficiency is a respectable 15-17 kmpl with the AC on (~25C) and recommended tyre pressure of 30PSI.

Graphs: Courtesy a nifty android app called Fuelio.
Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-odometer.pngMemoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-fueleff.png

Ford doesn't skimp on the mid-variant. period.

The mid-end has the same 15” tyres Goodyear NCT5 (PCT 108 – which means fewer alloy options.. not a common one) as the titanium+.

ABS and dual airbags (unlike other manufacturers which reserve this for their top-end only). Display also indicates which exact door hasn't been shut - which is useful before you move off.

A good audio system with 6 speakers is also included (Radio/CD/Aux-in with amplification). I'd trade in cruiseControl for USB-PnP if that was an option. (but practically a 200 buck aux-in cable works fine. Radio-surfing & cursing at ads is my 80% case - too lazy to compile playlists periodically.)

Steering mounted controls (allow switching tracks-radio stations, changing the volume & cruisecontrol) also included. Fog-lamps!

Exterior: I love the front of the car – the eyes are nicely done. The flared wheel arches are a nice touch too. Build quality is solid – Ford. The boot can be popped open via the buttons on the key, which is helpful at security checkposts. 43L fuel tank and a deep (but not wide) boot.

Interiors: once again, it’s a driver + 1 car. The rear seats are there 'just in case'. Legroom and headroom is adequate (I’m 5’8”). The front seats are good – however I’d have liked better neck support. I still haven’t found a good setting for the seats; I keep fiddling. The rear headrests are bad – I’d have a liked a more reclined angle ala Classic Fiesta. The way it is currently, feels like the car has got you by the neck. Uncomfortable for long durations.
Rear Seats can be folded to accommodate longer cargo. Lots of storage spaces.

Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-20120813_dash.jpgMemoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-20120813_steering.jpg
Dash is quirky but functional. Everything is within reach - esp the 6 customizable radio preset buttons. Armrest on the driver's door is just perfect for me. The only niggle is the button panel for the power-windows, It’s a bit oddly placed – once I accidentally rolled down the rear windows at a toll booth and drove for some distance. One touch up-down available only for driver. (The Vento and Rapid have all 4 – the rapid even has a nifty feature of rolling down the windows half way when you unlock the car. Useful when the car is parked in the sun.).

The Engine: This being my first car – I don’t have enough reference points. I’d say it has enough power for the city – it can sprint and cruise with ease but NOT a push-you-back-in-the-seat diesel rocket.

Gearbox: effortless to shift. Never shifted into a unintended gear. Sometimes though shifting into reverse, it doesn't slot in and you get a grinding noise. The first retry solves it.

Drive: Just using the clutch and brakes can help you move through stop-and-go traffic. A god-send during the initial months, especially on slopes. (I am amazed by the petrol car drivers who have mastered this… the sub-second jump from brake to accel while the car is coasting backwards and then spin fwd. Needless to say I keep 'safe distance')
I’d have liked the third gear to have a bigger range– the car won’t pull / jerks quite a bit at the lower end if you happen to slow down below 30 (or below 900 rpm) and requires you to work the stick.
The car is nimble – especially in the 4th and fifth gears. High speed stability is very good. No sideways movement.
All in all, it’s just fun to drive. No sudden thrusts of power, instead you get a linear response. Holds its line beautifully on curves – even in fifth, you won’t reach for the brakes.
The turning radius is on the short side too which is useful in the city; gets through by-lanes just like the smaller hatches & helps you park in tight places as well.
Brakes are confidence inspiring as well – had just one incident on the highway where a beeline braked suddenly.. the car came to a quick controlled halt without any drama.

All round visibility is another plus/deciding factor for me. Well designed ORVMs, indicators and dollops of glass. However without sunfilms, it is a double edged sword as well.

What could have made it perfect:
  • An audible warning when the windows haven't been rolled up and you lock the car. (It does give one when the lights are on).
  • Someone redesigning the seats for humans
  • Factory fitted tinted glasses
  • Lastly More power - after 6 months behind the wheel, 90PS does the job but sometimes you crave for more.
Oct 2012: First free-service 2039Kms / 3Months
I chose AVK Ford, Powai because this is a just an inspection type of service and closer to my office.
The service centre is behind a dilapidated factory or something – however my friend vouched that they are good work-wise. Dropped my car off around 11-12 pm. The service advisor inspected the car for existing damages and made all the requisite notes, checked my registration and asked for any complaints.
Was promised the car back by 5 (3 was the optimistic estimate). However didn’t receive a phone call till 6. Paperwork crawls @ AVK Ford.. by the time they were done, it was dark making it difficult to inspect the car. Timeliness apart, the car was pristine and almost everything was in order (or was it?? More on that later). Didn’t have to revisit for any complaints. The car was a bit smooth but I have not observed any surge in mileage.

Nov 2012: Upgrades
Since the car had almost everything in-the-box, the only accessories I bought were 5-piece generic black 'noodle mats' for 1.2K. Can't recommend them enough. Sucks in the water, grime and the dirt.
Car freshener - for my money the new Godrej one beats ambi.
A few days later, I realize I was running out of time to claim allowances for accessories. RTO had begun fishing for sunfilms- so they were out.
Decided to add some alloys. Called up Mark Premji @ Premjis tyre plus at Thane. Recommended. In around 2-3 hours, they were installed and I drove out of there 19k lighter for a set of 4. A bit pricey and not much bargaining; but hassle-free great service. Since I had used up the tyres a bit, decided to stick with the Goodyears for now. Mark seconded the decision.

Hot-wheels toy-car.. just life-size.
Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi-20121101_newshoes.jpg

S* happens.
Inspite of being a cautious driver (at least in the first 3 months), Shuttling from Thane to Powai, in Mumbai has left a few scars.

Scratch#1: After being periodically taunted that I was gonna scar my car and then stop caring about dents/scratches, I set a 30 day no-scratch personal challenge. Almost made 3 months. Then one day, during a noise-insulated duel with the wifey beside, it happened. Bikers squeezing and slotting themselves before me, the first car at the zebra line. Signal turned green, I release the clutch lightly. An avenger-rider toppled sideways in front of me. I scraped his exhaust for an inch. Damn 2 inch white line above the wheel arch! And No. I haven't stopped caring.

ORVMs of Steel
: Once again at a signal, an idiot biker is freewheeling between 2 lanes of still cars. Goes straight into my left ORVM. Before I could understand what was happened, the light turned greed, he picked himself up and fled the scene. On later inspection, the ORVM was bent backwards but bore no scars. I'm impressed by their build quality.
Ditto for the bumper, in order to accommodate a bus coming down a slope in the wrong lane, I braked in 2nd gear at the apex of the corner. A santro behind me didn't brake in time and nudged me. Fearing the worst, I stepped outside cursing. Miraculously no marks! Yay Ford!
Damage: INR 0

The dark passenger: One day, someone tells me there is a commotion next to my car in the office parking lot. Ran down. I see a pack of dogs being fended off by a couple of security guards. Apparently repeated attempts haven't fazed the dogs. Flashlight doesn't reveal anything. Drive the car out into the sunlight and the area above the left headlamp has been scratched silly - Double Damn. I console myself that it isn't visible unless it's 10 inches from my face; thankfully the paint is intact. Pop the bonnet again and I see a remnant of a stone above the battery. How did that get there ? And then while I was peering into the cracks with my flashlight, I saw it - a rat. Water, Noise, Engine heat nothing persuaded the rodent to leave my engine bay (which is closed from below). The next few hours, I spend researching the topic on team-bhp - or rather scaring myself shitless with all the horror stories.
Drove 20kms on the way home; extra pedal heavy to toast the critter. When I reach home, I arm myself with napthalene balls, Lizol and bucket loads of water. Couldn't get any tobacco. Cars for hire but no cats for hire.. Surprising!. Washed and Scrubbed out everything, no movement inside. That was the last of the rat - maybe the heat got too much for it.
Electronics and Dash are all operational. Just as I left my car, I tried the wiper and no dice. I hear a whirring motor like sound but no water. I guess maybe its out of water. Next day park my car in bright sunlight, refill and try again, still no water. I see a stream of water leaving near the left tyre. Pop the bonnet and retry, the water is squirting out of the engine bay. [Insert sonnet of curses] Damn you - you rodent from hell. Maybe the scratches were not enough, it had to take a shower too ??!!

Long story short, had a visit to AVK ford, Powai. Rat damage isn't covered by warranty. Turns out a small rubber pipe had been chewed out. However to replace it the left headlamp had to be removed. Lost 2-4hrs but the damage was ~250 bucks in all. Huge Sigh of relief. (I develop a compulsive disorder of leaving napthalene balls near the wheels - the sole entry point into the engine bay - so far so good.)
Damage: INR 250 odd

Houston, who turned off the lights? A couple of days later, I'm driving back from home. The car goes dark on me for a second and come back on while in motion. Radio trips, the AC is heating instead of cooling. Did I sense a loss in power, do I smell something burning? paranoia! I park the car nearby and suspect more residual damage by my nemesis. Bonnet watch doesn't reveal anything - no overheating. Hmm... a glitch? Try to start the car and she blacks out. The dash is all dark, Turning the key into ignition does nothing. Comatose. My window is rolled down too - can't leave the car here. Step out and frantically look for Wasan's emergency helpline - just as soon as it rings, she is back from the dead. Dash is online. The date and the AC temp have gone back to defaults - looks like a 'reboot'. Turn the key and we have ignition. Drive back slowly because I don't want to be dark and coast-y on the highway home. No recurrence of the problem. Possessed ?
First thing next morning, call up and I drive it back to Houston - aka Wasan Motors Chembur. No incidents during the 20kms on the way there. Manage to get lost while google-navigating to their service station - thank you Google Map annotators. The real service station is here. I explain the problem and they've never heard of anything like it - the only thing close was a faulty audio unit once. But my audio never sounded better. They connect a laptop to the car and run a diagnostic tool called Iris. My car passes the test. Was the fuel quality to blame? They recommend HP for diesel. I say:Nope, I always fill at the same station. Next suspect was the battery. They drive it into a bay and open the bonnet and sure enough, under a plastic flap over the battery: I see that the terminal and the wire are almost free of each other. The tech explains that surely this is it - must have lost contact intermittently. I've never tampered under the hood, so logically the only possibility seems to be that someone forgot to tighten it while at AVK Ford, either during the first servicing a month ago or while replacing the wiper pipe. No proof so I don't give them an earful.

The Wasan lead tech oversees the whole thing and asks for a thorough re-examination to ensure no glitches on the road. At the end, the guy wants to take a drive-around as verification. By the end of it, my toes were curled inwards inside my shoes and fingers clutching the passenger's seat belt. He was in total control though.

All my repeat business is going to Wasan Ford.
Damage: INR 0


Buyer's Dilemma
Read further if you're really interested in my decision to buy this make

This was going to be my first car, so wasn't looking for a Batmobile. Was leveraging a company lease scheme so could stretch a bit. Had no know-how/contacts to distinguish a good used car from lemons – so no seconds.

Set my budget to top at 10L, although 6-7L would be best practically. Need ABS + 2 airbags-safety wise. Enough power for the city. Fuel efficient.
Went for diesel - due to price differential (which is shrinking by the day) and unsubstantiated hopes of better resale.

Read team-bhp (became a member too) like crazy for a couple of months.. so contenders
  • the Fords Figo, Fiesta Classic, New Fiesta
  • Vento
  • the Hyundais i20, Fluidic Verna
  • Marutis - long wait times + lack of confidence inspiring build reports kept me away
  • Skodas – wont touch them with the proverbial 9 foot pole. Poor After sales reports + low dealer count was a dealbreaker.
  • the Fiats – weren’t doing that well.. I hear they are good cars but need more outlets and better after sales.
So once I got my license from Maruti driving school (Thane),
Digression Review: A bit pricey (5k @ Mar 12) but got the job done. The simulator is good for people to get the lay of the land when in the car. You get 1hr x 10 sessions in a real car (configurable to your schedule e.g. I did only weekends). Pay attention, take control and make the most of it. Because when your 10 hours are up, you're done whether you can or cannot drive a car.

Shreeji Ford Thane (wouldn’t recommend buying a car; good for Test Drives):
They let me test drive the fords twice
- Pricey + No discounts/freebies. With some extended dealer on dealer play, promised 15-20k.
- Very lethargic to give me a letterhead quote.. Only 5K discount after nearly a week of delay. Didn’t bother to follow up either. Had a feeling that they were only interested in selling figos
- Never delivered on multiple promises of a Fiesta Classic TD. That car was always in “the workshop” – maybe it was because he spotted the ‘vista ad like grin’ plastered on my face during my new Fiesta TD.
- Had another salesperson call me up with a 1L discount on a White Dec 2011 model that they were trying to offload. Tried to convince me that the 2011 edition has more features than the 2012 one !
- Relatively new outlet – got the wrong vibe. Belongs to the same folks that run the adjoining Balaji Tata showroom.

The Figo: Test drove the Figo Titanium Diesel first - first time without the co-driver/training pedals.
+ First impression. Wheee! Handles like a charm. I can do this!
+ Great utility - feature rich (and saves money on a Swift which IMHO is now overpriced and milking the brand)
+ great car / rupee spent quotient. A very good “city car”
+ The AC was a freaking chill unit.
- However i was a bit chunky at that time and I found it a bit inconvenient to get in/out of the car.
- On a slope with 4 people + 1 kid, the lack of power was noticeable.. Downshift necessary.
- The color scheme was a bit tacky - esp the brick red interiors

The new Fiesta x 2: so feeling a bit brave after that, I ask for a test-drive of the new Moonbeam silver Fiesta Titanium Diesel (No kinetic blue??! Rehaan review pics had already stuck their hook in me.)
+ First impression. Scratch the figo Wheee! This is the new Whee standard. Love the steering – the car responds to my mind. I didn’t realize I was doing 60/80 on a single lane until I looked at the speedo. The next TD, I didn't realize I was doing 120 on the flyover. Honest mistake!
+ AC and sound system left a good first impression
+ Cabin NVH - brilliant
+ I was smiling (externally and internally)
+ No lack of power with the same load
- The front dash was a bit futuristic or jazzy for most tastes.
- Overpriced! 10.6 Lakhs ex-showroow/ 12-13 L Onroad

AVK Ford Powai (Satisfactory)
Was in touch with a guy called Mukhtar, who was helpful even though he had to ‘get back to me’ most of the time. Got a test-drive and they also took me to their lot in Bhiwandi – I wanted to see the rare Style variant of the Fiesta with my own eyes to confirm the feature gap.
A visit to their (smallish?) showroom in Powai once again gave me the wrong vibe.. had gone there in the rains to check out the rear park assist after calling up beforehand. Once I reach there, I get no demo + some excuse about misunderstanding over the phone + some insane pricing on accessories. The ‘accessories’ guy was kinda dismissive; like he was doing me a favor. Discounts were once again negligible. For all the talk of Ford not selling enough cars + being New Fiesta being overpriced, there is absolutely no discount no matter which dealership you talk to.

Modi Hyundai Thane
A bustling showroom. You had to wait for your turn. Salespeople good. However they have acquired a Maruti-esque ‘take it or someone else will’ stance. No discounts - best they could do was deliver in 2 weeks.
To top all of this, someone let the air out of my bike which was parked in the designated area beside their showroom – had to push my bike in the afternoon sun and missed Krishna Motors as a result. Divine intervention or Human “khujli” ?

The Verna TD (Purple Fantasia Diesel SX) one lower than their top-end
+ Best in segment looks. Love the styling.
+ A veritable gift bag of features and goodies. Safety features, Rear parking assist, 6 airbags, push start, power, 6 gears with shift-assist.
- The car isn’t as big as you’d hope – I found it a bit cramped once inside.
- The car picks up speed effortlessly but has a strange floating behavior & coupled with a feather-ish zero-feedback steering ; a deal-breaker for me.
- Headroom limited in the rear again due to the flowing arcs.
- Has a low stance which limits front visibility. Rear visibility poor due to the high rear end. Less Glass adds to the effect.

I20 (No test drive) Once again, too pricey for a hatch. Apart from the Hyundai feature richness, could not see what the hoopla was all about. Didn’t like the beige overdosed cramped interiors similar to the verna.

Volkswagen gallerie Thane
Time for the logical/head choice- the Vento. The sales outlet was probably the best I had stepped into. Very professional. The salesperson Manish was by-the-book good. Felt like they wanted to sell their car; created a very tantalizing deal during talks (the best I got). Followed up religiously – engaged.

Vento Highline Diesel
+ Nothing much to complain about – you get what you see. German understated elegance, power, build quality and reliability. Spacious luxurious interiors both front and rear. Liked the short shift stick – although I like my reverse in the usual place). It felt like a 10L car.
- The ORVMs are too miniscule. The rear view mirror is too tiny– that’s the first thing you’d replace if you bought it.
- The dash looks straight out of cars a decade ago. If there was ever an Galaxy Y-ish Uncle ad for cars, this dash would be asking for it. No Bluetooth or usb ?! (They’ve added it now I think)
- The engine was a tad noisy/clatter-y. Also there was some vibration feedback from the clutch ; seemed annoying for daily use.
- the non-trivial hump for the guy stuck in the middle of the rear seat. Coffee-table ?
Priciest in its segment at that time.. but offered the best deal as well.
If things had gone a different way, I’d be driving a Shadow blue Vento.

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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Let me be the first one to congratulate you on your new possession. Looks fab in that shade of blue! How do you go about maintaining it in your daily runs? I've always dreaded the A/C effectiveness of dark colored cars specially during the summers - hows the A/C on this one?
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Congratulations. That's one fine handling car you've got there. Looks striking in this color . The slit-like head-lamps make it look sporty as well.
Any more mods planned? How about a spoiler to enhance the looks?
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Originally Posted by 9thsphinx View Post
Let me be the first one to congratulate you on your new possession. Looks fab in that shade of blue! How do you go about maintaining it in your daily runs? I've always dreaded the A/C effectiveness of dark colored cars specially during the summers - hows the A/C on this one?
Ford needs to pay Rehaan (for his official review pics) every time a Kinetic Blue Fiesta is sold. The color demands frequent showers but I'll make the same choice every single time!
Recently been to a wedding in a dustbowl kinda place; dust is easily visible from close range. The first thing I did after getting back was a full clean-up @ Premjis tyreplus. Good as new! Within the city, no problem but the car is still washed daily.

IMHO Ford has the best ACs (can vouch for Figo, Fiesta) - I rarely turn the dial below 25. The only time I had to go below : insta cooling with 5 adults ; no rear vents.

Originally Posted by Caffeinated View Post
Any more mods planned? How about a spoiler to enhance the looks?
I'll give it a year before I tweak.. A body-colored spoiler would be brilliant but needs to be tastefully done. Will take a peek in the Mumbai directory.. recommendations welcome
Right now I love her as she is.
Thanks guys!
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Congratulations. The new Fiesta is indeed a rare breed. Very few spotted in Mumbai.

Nice looking color. Gels well with the alloys. Do take good care of her. Darker shades are a pain to maintain. Head over to the Detailing Guide if you are a DIY person.

Enjoy your drives. Cheers!!!
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

You got the best colour in town! And indeed all the versions of Fiesta have ably equipped.
A good car and would also yield you good service if you maintain it well.

All the best again and wish you many a miles.
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Beautifully written post! Enjoyed how you described your experiences and the car. Guess we can have some more pics; not in the sun though. Had a check on this car last week and was quite happy with the quality of parts. A TD is coming soon.

Between, do I see an RD box coming?!

Wish you miles of happy & safe motoring!
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Congrats on the ownership of the beautiful Kinetic Blue Fiesta.

Welcome to the small but growing club of Fiesta owners on TBhp.

Wish you a million miles on this wonderful machine.
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Congrats gishu.
Nicely written review.

New Fiesta is the best drives' car I have come across in the price range.
It was in my wish list last year but vitamin M was the reason I had to drop it.

Those alloys look great.

Wish you many happy miles.
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Awesome color. Have the same colour Fiesta. Got the Powershift Petrol though. We are a small minority on the roads. Keep updating your experiences.
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Originally Posted by swiftnfurious View Post
Guess we can have some more pics; not in the sun though.
Between, do I see an RD box coming?!
Sure; will add more pics. As for the RD box, considering that it isn't even a year since I started driving, I'll prepare for the responsibility that comes with more power.

Originally Posted by MAS View Post
Congrats on the ownership of the beautiful Kinetic Blue Fiesta.

Welcome to the small but growing club of Fiesta owners on TBhp.
Thanks MAS - I'm indebted to you (Rehaan and Aseem it was I think). I read your reviews so many times; I was ready for a recital. Every time, the Vento beat some sense into me, I'd open up your posts. One glance at the pics and hooked again. My friends stopped discussing cars with me - 'we know you're going to buy the Ford. Stop wasting our time and book it already!'

During my PDI, I checked for rusted cast iron parts, the rubber beading, et. all. Thanks for writing that up!

Originally Posted by S.MJet View Post
Congrats gishu.
It was in my wish list last year but vitamin M was the reason I had to drop it.
Those alloys look great.
Well Vitamin M was why I don't have the Titanium edition. If I could speak to the car, I'd be like Koothrapalli with Siri. Too much time watching KnightRider when I was a kid, I guess. I had a hard time convincing myself that I don't need the gizmos. 'Want' however never went away...

I thought I picked the wrong alloys for the first couple of days. (I also made the mistake of browsing the Lenso catalog - Vit M deficiency saved me.) Not sure how people visualize the end-result without installing - but in hindsight, it turned out okay. Gels with the car.

Originally Posted by dsvikki View Post
Awesome color. Have the same colour Fiesta.
Keep updating your experiences.
I intend to. Just read your review. I was wondering why you call her J-Lo... then I had a Sir Mix-A-lot blast from the past. I can't lie either...Baby got Back! Will have the song playing in my head, everytime I open the boot now

Thanks everyone else for the kind words. A bit OT but how do I update the title of the post later like '... EDIT: 10K - First Service done.' I was hoping to edit the first post over time so as to keep the info in one place; but it seems the Edit button has gone off.
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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Hi gishu,
That's a beauty you got there sir! Any day better than J-Lo!!
Congratulations and wishing you a million and more happy miles.

And on your writing, it is one of the most grabbing Initial ownership report I have read. Good dose of humour and great structuring, very clever in moving down the TD part.
Best of all was 'cars for hire but no cats for hire', i was literally ROFL, it best captured your frustration and your humour. If you don't blog already, please start one soon.

Thread voted a well deserved 5.


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Default Re: Memoirs of my new Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

Hi Gishu,

Congrats on the new car! That's a very well written review of your new Fiesta. I just loved the blue colour, and it matches very well with the alloys that you have chosen. Drive safe, and do keep the updates posted here. Your review has got me hooked to the new Fiesta. I am now re-reading the official reviews of the new Fiesta and its automatic variant Were you considering the automatic variant of this very car; when buying?
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@Delta 5 thanks for the encouragement.
@wag - nope. they did not have a TD car for the the cost was outta budget. However kamen-rider and dsvikki should help you out.both drive the petrol powershift.
It's a pity.with some lee way on the pricing, Ford could have done a figo with this car. Oh well hope the eco sport does better.

From my phone
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