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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Thanks GTO for the amazing review of an "amaze-ing" car! A couple of points that I like to share:

I'm already a fan of this 1.5 diesel. It'll definitely be the best in business and I'll rate this over the 1.6 TDi. Just a quick question - is this a DOHC unit? I presume it is. Honda should've come up with an interesting nomenclature for a game changer engine. Earth Dreams *YAWN* what? The long term reliability of this engine is unknown territory but when it's a Honda, I reckon I can put my apprehensions to rest.

Pardon me for asking this, but what's wrong with panel gaps? Does it imply a manufacturing defect or something else? I've seen panel gaps but they don't seem to affect me, so just curious to know if I'm missing something.

Of all the features in the Amaze (apart from the engine of course!), what I love is that tiny little light near the charger to light up the coin holder. Really useful in the night when hunting for change in toll booths. I absolutely love this feature and miss it in my Ertiga.

A quick question to GTO. I understand we don't discuss speed on this forum and I hope this isn't one of them. How's the engine response at 120? Does it sound free-revving and eager or tight?

I find the cup holders in the centre armrest useless. Reason? It doesn't stand straight but droopy. Even resting our hands can be a pain if it doesn't stand firm at right angles to the backrest.

The Dzire is wider by a few mm and still seating 3 abreast is a challenge. I wish the Amaze was a bit wider to complement the ergonomic back seats.

Looking at how tightly the 1.5 is packed in the engine bay conveys that it's quite heavy and tight for a light body as the Amaze. Hope Honda has reinforced the suspension struts and transaxle joints to bear the extra weight/vibration/judder of the diesel. Did you guys who drove the diesel get a nose heavy feel?

The instrument cluster is too basic for a C1 segment car. They should have given an interesting binnacle design with a more comprehensive display. In this aspect, I'm a fan of Dzire's instrument cluster. Rather than giving those useless "ECO" indicators, they should've given a proper MID with 3 or 4 pod meter setup for the speedo, tacho and fuel. Having said that, I like the permanent backlit setup of the cluster.

I like the low viscosity oil used in this car. What's the change interval? Is it 10,000 kms? If it is, I don't see a huge advantage over other engine oils in the market. If it isn't, kudos to Honda!

Amaze diesel uses turbos supplied by Honeywell. For trivia sake, anyone know who supplies the turbo for Dzire's MJD, for both FGT and VGT?

Looks like MSIL have their work cut out in the engine department while Honda have theirs in sprucing up the interiors to C1 segment standards. It's not bad but its just that Dzire's a tad better. As GTO rightly said, Honda can teach Toyota a lesson or two on giving pleasing interiors even if its built to a cost.
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Brilliant review. The attention to detail is really worth mentioning. Honda despite the long delay has bounced with a winner. The diesel is clearly going to be a clincher. Dzire is going to feel the pinch, but I also see sales of the other sedans like Manza, Etios nose diving. Though the interiors look basic, quality is much better than Etios, Manza.
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Expecting this car very eagerly, esp the pricing. In my opinion this product would (finally) bring some much needed competition to the Dzire, which is enjoying almost monopoly, again in my opinion.

Excessive NVH is a sour point as well as the basic interiors. But Brio interiors were said to be good. I wonder how they've suddenly become spartan..

If things work in my way, I would exchange my current ride to this one!
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Brillinat review GTO!

As expected from Honda: great engine and great space utilization, lack of features, not great ride quality.
Not expected from Honda: Bad handling, bad NVH.

Still a killer in the sub 4m segment, if comparisons remain within this segment, especially for the space and the superb engine.

In my head, I am already comparing this with Etios, yes Etios is a much bigger vehicle, but I still do not know the pricing for Amaze, for me it all boils down to pricing. If it is anywhere near the price range of Etios, I would prefer Etios (my personal opinion) for the following reasons:
Note: I am only considering diesel vehicles.
1. Ride quality (for me this is priority no.1)
2. Better NVH levels (especially with the newer version of Etios)
3. More cabin space (comfortably seats 5 adults) and 1.5 times the boot space of Amaze.

But, the advantages Amaze has over Etios:
1. No taxi image
2. Great Diesel Engine -> better city driveability & better mileage
3. More premium feel

Note: In the "Chief Competitors" segment of review; under Etios cons - poor NVH is still mentioned; I believe this is fairly reduced with the newer version of Etios.

In my opinion, the interiors of Amaze and Etios look equally bland. I personally prefer the front of Etios over Amaze, but the rear is where Amaze is exceptional.

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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Brilliant review as usual, GTO.

I feel Amaze has all the traditional Honda attributes(except the diesel car's NVH), which is enough to bring in a good number of buyers. I really loved the maroon shade which looks premium in this segment. I guess no other competing car has the same color shade.

As mentioned by you, other manufacturers(especially Toyota & Chevrolet) should learn something from Honda about making budget cars that doesn't feel so. If Maruti & Honda can do it, then why not others?

Does Honda offer a automatic option with the diesel engine?

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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Great Review GTO. I especially liked the first pic. Brouchure material.

Now all that remains to see is the pricing.

Oh God, please let Honda learn from Jazz and price this one sensibly.

Rating the thread a well deserved 5 stars.
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Fantastic review, thanks GTO for the amazing work!

Coming to the car - A diesel from Honda was Dzired from long time now and I guess there will be hardly any desire for Maruti Dzire.

Amaze will definitely eat up market share and Maruti must be thinking about it.

The main point is the pricing and that what must be done very sensibly by Honda.

If I was in car market today, Amaze would have been my first choice. May be some years down the line it may replace my WagonR!

It's now time for Honda to bring City diesel too and create a sensation in the market.

PS - How I wish you guys also included a diesel engine startup video.

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Front page AD in today's Times of India (Chennai Edition).

Honda Amaze : BOOKINGS OPEN!!
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Honda India has confirmed the launch of the Amaze on the 11th of April.

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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Originally Posted by rubicon View Post
Front page AD in today's Times of India (Chennai Edition).

Honda Amaze : BOOKINGS OPEN!!
and in the goa edition, the heading of the page says "THE FUTURE"
seems like a very well timed launch, and I for one will be keeping a close eye on how the initial response pans out.

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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Excellent Review! Rated 5 Stars.

Saw an ad on Deccan Herald that bookings are open and immediately came over to Team BHP to check latest on it.

Going by the review, I am tempted to book the car right now. Hope Honda doesn't put a price which makes me go
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

great review GTO.

This will be a great self driven car and an occasional chauffeur (Etios would be perfect for that in this price range) driven one. In big cities, i hardly see any reason for anyone to choose DeZire, when Amaze is much better in most aspects. In rural areas though, Suzuki will be preferred for their huge dealer network.

I am keen to see the pricing though. They should price it at a premium to DeZire, but hopefully not too much. Up to 40K is good for a better brand and a more powerful engine.
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Good review GTO. Rated the thread 5 stars.

The dashboard is indeed disappointing, but looking at the overall package and the Honda badge, people hunting for a junior sedan will do consider this in their top 3 shortlisted models. The success of the car will come down to its pricing, and I really hope Honda has learnt from their previous mistakes.
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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Just wondering if Honda missed a trick by not introducing a CNG variant in the Amaze lineup. That would have definitely enabled them to steal a march over the Dzire & Etios. Or maybe they wanted to avoid the potential taxi cab sales that would have accompanied the CNG variant?


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Default re: Review: 1st-gen Honda Amaze (2013)

Amaze looks all set to give the Dzire a 'low blow'!

The carryover of Brio dashboard and the absence of goodies is a downer but maybe they point towards a lower price tag then what we are guessing! Maybe Honda has some price slot in mind where they don't want Amaze and City price to overlap. Anyways there's always a room to increase price as the sales zoom (as in Duster) plus a facelift down the line (as in Etios and liva).

I am expecting Maruti to take some drastic action like a price cut and ready availability. As rightly pointed out by GTO, the other contenders (Manza, fiesta, verito and possibly sunny,scala,rapid, vento, I20 and polo)are in for a worse time as there sales will drop as the two Japanese Sumo wrestlers (Honda and Maruti)slug it out.
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