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Talking My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

I Needed a car. But not just any car. A car with an auto transmission.

Use cases: City ride, ease of parking, comfort in traffic, hassle free anytime commute when the driver vanishes for the day/ week/ season (He handles the Ertiga n Swift).

Good to have: Maruti, decent average, hatchback (new or used immaterial)

Budget: anything below 8 Lacs as long as justified

Start point: The Mumbai Whatsapp Group and The Internet

Theory: Limited choice of models in an automatic transmission exist. Hence the short list was (in no specific order) i10 AT, Celerio AMT, Brio AT, City AT, A Star AT, Civic AT (Classic Confused Guy)

Hence a lot of reading, browsing google searches on the forum, reading ownership reviews, previous second hand buyers feedback etc, helped me narrow down the list to the i10, Celerio, City.

Celerio: A Maruti. Would be my fourth. Could be a eyes closed purchase for us. What went against it - Waiting period, already done this with the Swift and the Ertiga, so not going to do that again.

H City: Many decently used AT exist in Mumbai, could have bought one, but then the size and some “Whatsapp Group” factors went against it. Suffice to say, there are many City’s with the Mumbai chapter of Team BHP, and I did not want to swell (the ranks and heads) up further. Still considering this for purchase next year. (Nilesh-NSS, are you listening?)

H i10: The size is what I liked. Tiny and compact, yet decent boot and seats. Reviews showed me what to expect. Average of 8-10. Some niggles people have faced. Needs regular maintenance. So, the hunt began in earnest.

Car Search Scope: Internet, Maharashtra Newspapers.
Tools: TBHP Whatsapp, TBHP Classifieds, Cardekho and such, Quickr, OLX

The Process:

Started enquiring in the Mumbai group, as well as going through online classifieds. Found one with a fellow member that they wanted to relieve. It was a beautiful 2009-10 i10 AT base model with approx. 30K on the odo, well maintained car, drove beautifully as well. I was sure this would be the one I would buy. The only things that were a challenge were that it was a non MH car, and the cost and hassle of transfer would have been a bit large for an arm chair potato like yours truly. So this became my second choice.

Saw many many more advertisements, called up people, saw some decent cars, some poorly maintained cars, and a shocker. Without boring you with most of them, I would like to highlight one incident that stood out from the rest –

Saw an advertisement for a i10 2010 AT being sold for 3L with 33K on the ODO. This was the top model with all accessories and a sun roof as well (A Steal Deal!). Called up the gentleman whose number was posted and realised it was a broker from Chembur who was selling the car on behalf of someone in Andheri. Asked him to see the car, and agreed for the same afternoon. The place to meet was below the freeway, next to the old Dukes factory in Chembur. The car looked decent from a distance, body was in good condition and the bumpers were mildly scratched which may be considered for the age of the vehicle. Interiors were in good notch as well, clean seats, flooring, but I noticed odd scratches around the fuse box (or maybe some other box) cover below the steering, as well as approx. 5mm gap all around the AT transmission plastic cover. The proverbial Spidersense started to tingle. Without letting the broker get any inkling of what I was gonna look for, did a quick visual glass inspection. Lo and behold: all windows had the code BA, but the front windshield had the code BD! This meant the front glass was changed sometime in 2013, which could be due to a tree falling and damaging, or a frontal accident, usually with a live character. The sunroof and top looked stock and not touched, so I opened up the front bonnet. And, signs of welding. The work had not been done at an A-S-S but a F-N-G, looked like a competent one though. Next, tried to get eyes on the core prize, the automatic transmission. It was definitely something that had been worked upon. Scratch marks, slipped bolt heads were abundant. Wow. I was speechless. Nevertheless, it was good practice so far, so went for the rear. The broker mentioned something about a brand new Stepney and related accessories. My eyes went to the section below it, there were mounting brackets I had never seen in any i10 so far. And a hole, in the floor. Then it clicked, the owner had a CNG/ LPG kit in this car! A view of the front confirmed it, there were tell-tale small mounts presumably to fit the piping and associated pieces. What a horror of horrors this was turning out to be. Accident vehicle, CNG/ LPG – removed, and the piece-de-resistance was still to come. The broker had sauntered off for a cup of tea, and I asked the mechanic type guy with him about all my (assumed smart) findings. He confirmed my suspicions then showed me the trump card. The transmission was damaged in the accident, so they got another from the kurla market out of another accident i10 and replaced it as well. I messaged a friend from office to call me ASAP and talk loudly as if I was urgently needed back in office and scuttled away from this gem of an eye opener.

Bought One: Found an Ad on OLX just as soon as I installed the phone app. Called up the gentleman, and fixed a time for the same day. Saw the car. A lovely i10 AT Sport 2011, Grey, 18K on the odo. Excellent condition, full service history albeit at Orix in Marol. Car had no major work, except rear brake cylinders had been changed, but anyway got it inspected by an H technician. The car came with a MRF tyres and a new Exide lifetime sealed battery, and the owner provided the necessary documents for the same. The seller was very happy to know that I took all precautions and was very careful throughout the process. We negotiated and closed the deal within the week. RTO Transfer work is in progress right now.

It was the first time he sold something on OLX, as well the first time I bought something on OLX. It is Addictive, please be careful or you will buy and sell stuff without deep thought.

We put it to Hyundai ASS right away for inspection and service. The Service Advisor called to inform that the car did not need any work at all, it was in good condition from their perspective. Truly this was a decent pre-worshipped boat. However, it did have the dreaded rare and random knocking issue between 30-50 Kmph (Some other forum users have already faced this issue). I was confident that this was nothing an ECU update would not fix. Out came a GSCAN machine at Hyundai A-S-S, the technician picked a patch after listening to me(#303), flashed it. Not had the problem since. Highly recommended to existing and future owners, check for updates at your A-S-S, there may be solutions to issues you are facing. I went to Modi Hyundai in Thane to get this work done. Note that there are numerous patches available with them now, so let them choose based on the issue you project to them.

To Do List: The owner kept the car bone stock, so –
1. Headlight Upgrade – Hella – Done.
2. Fog lights – Next Month
3. Parking Sensors (Basic Type – Numerical Only) – Next Month
4. Fabric Seat Covers – Post Monsoon
5. Spark Plugs replacement – under research. NGK Iridium will suit this engine?
6. Wipers
7. Interior LED's

Driving Report (Initial 500 Kms - i.e. 18,300 to 18,800):

Since I have a primarily Maruti vehicles experience background, the comfort is very decent, and comparable to the Swift. The headroom or the legroom are adequate for our family, and the boot seems a tad bigger, as we are able to fit comparatively larger stuff inside it. Surprising stuff for us was that both the front sunguards have a mirror in them, as against only the passengers having it. The audio system is stock, and supports iPod, USB and AUX input, all of which are appreciated by the family depending on who is using the car. NVH levels are very respectable, and a journey form Thane to Gorai during daytime and Ghodbunder Road traffic was very smooth for all involved. The Cooling of the vehicle is at par for its class of vehicle and is not bone chilling. We wish it had automatic climate control, that would have been a boon. (There is one on ebay.in that I am exploring at present). The suspension however, is probably two shades below the Swift in quality. It can handle potholes, but becomes a bit jittery on rough roads and is not as composed as our Swift Zxi. Now, I know about the steering rack issue that some of the readers are obligated to point out at this time, and I assure you this is not the same. Its just how the car is, but as a city runabout vehicle, it is acceptable to us. My One year old son simply loves the bright blue display everywhere and now prefers the i10 to any of the other two cars probably because of this. He loves to play with the dials and buttons, and of course we ensure he is in his infant car seat when we travel, however, as an indulgent parent, when we are parked, we let him have his fun. Perhaps this is a new demographic that other car manufacturers should consider.

We also noticed there is no dedicated boot opener in the car. Instead, if you unlock the front driver door, the boot gets unlocked at the same time. The boot has a nice bright light inside (just like the swift) however, there is no switch to turn it off. The previous owner mentioned this light as the reason he had to change batteries, since if the boot is not properly closed, the light stays on, and the battery goes low. I plan to change this to a low power consumption warm white LED, and if possible put a simple switch on the line. Further I will also change the front interior light to a warm white LED soon.

Inside, there are Two 12V charging ports (Swift has two as well, but the Ertiga has only one). One below the audio system and the other at the base of the hand brake.The cubby holes and cup holders between the seats and below the audio system seem a bit inadequate right now for open storage space, but we may get used to it. As an example, if I keep my phone, in particular positions the hand brake does not come down fully as the phone/ charger cable fouls with it. Perhaps a arm rest is in order here.

AT box notes: The AT pulls from a standing start with great ease. Just a dab of the pedal and you are off the signal. I have often noticed that we are first off the line, perhaps simply because we do not wait to engage a gear or two. The AT box responds in different manners based on how you press the pedal. A light touch, and its a city ambler, moving ahead like a hippo, slow and steady, switching bands at approx 2500 to 3000 rpm. Press it little more and the AT lets the engine reach 4000 rpm before moving to the next band. However, and this I have tried only once, if you really mash the pedal, the AT lets the engine revolve ahead of 5000 rpm to just before the painted redline range before switching bands. On our local EEH and WEH, its a cinch to cruise at 80 Kmph, beyond which the pedal needs a bit of nudge, since this is a 4 speed box. As is normal, the car moves when you slot into D without any pedal nudging upto a speed of approx 8 Kmph. Please note that pre ECU update the car would idle at 1300 rpm approx, which is now 800 rpm approx post the ECU update. Slopes on Ghodbunder Road or on the Mira Road - Gorai stretch were not a problem with 5 people on board, and the AT simply glided up with ease.

Reverse is not very inspiring for me right now, since I am used to a manual system, with parking sensors to guide me. Perhaps I will settle in and adjust to this system in a few more days.

Braking in the vehicle is decent, but I miss my automated ABS from the other two cars. Thankfully I had learned a lot of pedal control and tricks when I had a Maruti 800, so it is back to a human based ABS system for now. I do not believe it would be easy to retrofit an ABS into this car, and if it can, it may not be in a reasonable cost. If you, the reader have any inputs to share with me on this, please mention the same via a PM/ comment below.

This car has an OBD port. Its below the dash, but it is clearly mentioned in English at the base of the dash plastic. The same interface was used for flashing the ECU, and perhaps in some time, I will source an OBD2 reader for myself with help from the Mumbai group of BHPians (yogeshnagpal please let me know if you see a deal).

The most important piece of information - the KMPL figure - between 8 and 9. Something that I was aware of pre-purchase for this car, and I believe will settle as we get used to this car.

Final Words: It’s a boy toy. I use it like a well behaved go-kart and I use it to go anytime anywhere. Try to spot me on the road (Mid Sized URL Sticker on the rear windshield).

Pictures: None. I am extremely photo-shy, hence I request the readers to specifically ask what they like to see regarding the car, and I will oblige you all 100%, unless it invades my privacy or I need to disassemble something to get to it, in which case I will state the same.

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped i10 AT '11 - Thanks to TBHP Mumbai

Congratulations on what seems to be a really nice and sweet deal! Wishing you many many more miles with this effortless city car. I'm glad you've already upgraded the Headlights, much needed I'm sure.
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Congratulations Akshay. A very well thought of purchase. As they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Request you to kindly post as many pictures as possible! Also, if possible, bring the car to office, when you are here next time

Happy motoring!
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Originally Posted by latentpotential View Post

This car has an OBD port. Its below the dash, but it is clearly mentioned in English at the base of the dash plastic. The same interface was used for flashing the ECU, and perhaps in some time, I will source an OBD2 reader for myself with help from the Mumbai group of BHPians (yogeshnagpal please let me know if you see a deal).


I ordered my obd2 device from ebay.com, for $10 and it works like a charm on the torque pro app.

Just look up obd2 devices on the site, and check for a $10 item, pm the seller and ask him the rate for a bulk order.

Last but not the least, we're waiting to see the pics of your ride (interiors, exteriors, engine bay, boot space, tyres).

Also, are you planning any ICE upgrades, typre upsize?

I think a wider spec tyre should help in getting a firmer steering feel. Any thoughts?
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Congratulations Akshay. Good choice. Your left knee must be thanking you!
Do post some pictures as and when you get the time. Put that new Canon to some use.
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Nice choice mate, My Paa was a proud owner of a pre-owned Premier Padmini for 15 years. He was really very happy with it's stability and reliability. For me, a pre owned car is always better than a new one because it helps in bringing your imaginations regarding the upgrades to life just like you plan a couple of good upgrades for your car. Irrespective of the year of manufacturing, the thing that matters the most in a used car is the perfect upkeep and I am sure you will keep it in mint condition.

I am really very comfortable in a used car because a person like me can experiment his ideas on that instead of destroying a new car and entering in the "good" books of my parents.

(I have destroyed my Honda City I-vtec as per Paa)

Finally, A small suggestion, Do use Nitrogen for the wheels. It enhances their life and reduces the chances of puncture.

All the very best for the car and your future. May god bless it with a long and joyful life.

Drife Safe!!


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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Good choice Akshay. Seems like i10 AT is becoming a favourite in the used car + second car category. Pics would do a lot more justice so please get out there and click some nice pics of the interiors / exteriors (any thread is incomplete with the pics)
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Originally Posted by ad3952n View Post

(I have destroyed my Honda City I-vtec as per Paa)

Without hijacking this thread, I would agree with him to an extent. There are a few mods which were probably unnecessary. I'll comment on those, on your thread.

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Congratulations brother! i10 is a pocket rocket, manual or auto. Love it.
Contact cartman for a photoshoot, I will jump in too.
Waiting to spot you now.
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Congratulations on the car Akshay. I simply knew you will dump all your other boys-toys moment you start driving this small torquey machine. And with an AT box at your command, the fun doubles up.

Do note there is this small O/D switch on your gear lever to help you give an extra boost of power, that you may need while going up hill. This basically works as Sports mode in this car where it shifts the gears at high rpm thus enabling you to tackle the ghats with ease.

Have a detailed eye on your mileage as this car tends to dig a hole in your pocket. With best of my efforts, the maximum that I could extract from my pocket rocket is 11 kmpl, though haven't taken the car on the highway yet, these are city medium traffic figures.
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Congratulations on your BoyToy !! Its a great car to own and the AT is a pleasure to drive. Wishing many happy miles ahead. Keep revving !
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

Congrats and what a time to put up the ownership review of an AT hatch. We are also in the market to get a AT hatch (unsure on whether used or new) and the comparison is between the Celerio & Grand i10. I like the Maruti but the waiting period is too high, the least I got was 5 months.

Quick question, the mileage posted is that with 100% a/c and in Mumbai city?
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Default Re: My Pre-worshipped '11 Hyundai i10 AT (Thanks to Team-BHP Mumbai)

What a great narration !
Your story clearly opened my eyes about these brokers.
Congratulations on your great find, please post some pics of the car.
What was the final price you paid ?

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Congrats on the i10 AT - utterly reliable car ! Do change your tyres to 175/70 R13 to improve handling. As long as you don't rip, it's a dream to drive, and at the risk of flaming myself, it has better steering feel than my Polo tsi. And btw, the AT seems to have even better interior quality than the manual model (export ?) . For all prospective performance hatch AT buyers though , the tsi is the way to go !
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