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Default VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Finally I got the car I really wanted - the Polo GT TSI (the face lifted version). I have come to believe that the owner and the car's relationship are inextricably linked. Every car after it is owned evolves a personality of its own that is reflective of its relationship with the owner - from the way the mats are maintained to the blemishes that are accepted to the mods that are made. Maybe it's not true for everyone or for every car owned. But my wife often retorts when I tell her that women can chat endlessly about something as mundane as food or dress; that men do the same when it comes to cars!

So here I am with my own space to chat endlessly about my car. Being a "utilitarian-ist" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilitarianism I ask myself what purpose will my log serve? I am quite sure there will be no new knowledge I will add that you may not already know. So why should I waste some bytes, some bandwidth and your time and the valuable space in this highly reputed forum with my log? I don't know, maybe it's what my wife said about cars and men.

With that preface and warning I would like to divide my initial log into the following:

1. A bit about myself and my car-biography
2. From Octavia L&K Combi in 2007 to the Polo TSI in 2014
3. Purchase experience
4. The experience so far (likes / dislikes and so forth)
5. The thank yous

A bit about myself and my car-biography

My early life until '87 and for a brief in the mid-90s was in Bombay (now Mumbai - some may know what I mean ) in Kandivli and our family never owned even a bicycle. We used to walk to where ever we wanted to go; take the local train or a bus if it was more than 3 - 4 kms. Around 2/3rds of my life has been car-less! I am an engineer by education and education only. I also did an MBA - correctly called by Gujjus as an acronym for Mane Baddhu Avde to show people that I know everything. I found myself out of place in the corporate world. I just felt that almost always you work for your boss and not for your company. I found that I loved being in business. It sounded fair to let my customers decide how much money I should make than let the company I work for make most money from my work!

After running multiple businesses with mixed results, I now run money by investing in undervalued businesses. I think the laws of money are easier to understand (Buffett has said there are only two rules to making money - 1. Never lose money and 2. Never forget rule no 1) than say the laws of thermodynamics.

My entry into the world of vehicles was with Yamaha RX 100; I loved the sound of the engine and I would ride and ride just to hear that music. But it was often filched by my friends who would find a better use for the otherwise empty pillion, like say a ride with the opposite sex! Subsequently I had to sell the RX 100 when I moved out of town and again became "single".

It was seven years later in 2000 in Chennai, a year after I got married, my wife who had just conceived, decided that we needed a four wheeler to accommodate the impending expansion. Until then she had a Scooty which was our family transport. So she decided to join a driving school and she told me it was fun and soon I decided to learn driving as well and got my licence. It was time to buy a car and a pre-owned 1997 M 800 came our way. I asked a friend to look at it and after his go-ahead paid Rs 1.57 lakhs - about 80% of our family wealth and took the car. It was like buying a loaf of bread in a shop to me. He encashed the cheque and gave me the keys. We just didn't know a damn thing other than what we had learnt in the driving school; and driving in the real world was a completely different ball-game.

The most hilarious moment looking back now, was the next day when we ran out of fuel and the car stalled in traffic. We were searching for a switch to open the "reserve" tank. My wife said that if a two wheeler had one, a four wheeler should certainly have one (4 > 2). After furiously searching unsuccessfully for one we took help from another car owner who probably was stumped. He just asked us to get a liter of petrol and helped get it started. Soon after that we started loving the car and I realized how much it hurts when your car is even lightly brushed by someone or something. That hasn't changed since, but my management of my feelings has gotten better!

The 800 was cared for and kind of grew with us. Concurrently a friend of ours was moving out of the country for a short while and gave us his Palio till he came back. So now we had two cars but I continued to drive the 800 - I don't know why. And after our friend took back his Palio we had gotten used to 2 cars so we had to buy another one to replace the Palio. Bangalore traffic made me realize that we needed an automatic and after some research I settled on a Santro AT which we bought in August 2005 and is with us to this day. I just loved the new Santro design and even though mileage was poor it gave me the comfort I desired. We went on long trips, it took all kinds of abuses and I experienced the absolutely fantastic sales and service experience from Hyundai.

By this time the 800 started getting and feeling old and we were spending almost every month to keep it in shape. By then I was getting hooked on to cars and our family expanded to 4 members. So it was time for a new search!

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Default My Polo TSI ownership log - from a non-enthusiast - 3

A bit about myself and my car-biography - 2

By this time I had experienced 3 cars and felt I needed a family car. We dreamt of long drives and vacations; touring everywhere in a car and so forth. With that in mind I began searching in Nov 2007; and that search led me to Team BHP.

I was also clearer about my own attitude towards cars. I loved driving but was not obsessive about them. I kept them in good shape, serviced them regularly but limited my time on them because there's always something else to do. My primary passion is my work and every ounce of time is weighed before it is spent. Cars are also depreciating assets so you know they have a natural rate of decay and I did not want to fight against mighty nature . At the same time I like to keep things for long because ...... I just like it that way.

So I decided to spend a little more if needed but buy a car that is purposefully made to last long. With that in mind we started searching. Until then I did not know anything about Skoda except that their cars always looked like new. I felt I could not distinguish a new Skoda from an old one on the road so it must be good. I decided to try it out.

On one fine Saturday morning in late 2007 the smaller Skoda dealer sent a diesel Octavia for a test drive. Until then I had never seated myself in any German car let alone drive one. The car was spanking new and the salesman asked me to take the driver's seat. I pulled the grab handle, got into the driver's seat and shut the door.

There are a few moments in one's life that carry feelings of exhilaration that are not easily replicable. I have two such instances. The first and by far the best was finding my name among those clearing an entrance exam. The second, a shade lower was an interviewer telling me I have been selected for the job I desperately wanted. We all have experienced such feelings but cannot adequately describe it or even create conditions to replicate it. It's just a feeling of a high, a feeling of a perfect world.

Neuro-scientists would say that your brain just produced a lot of dopamine. http://www.slate.com/articles/health...on_reward.html

The third instance was when I shut the door, smelt the car, locked the first gear and pressed the accelerator gently. I just did not know what hit me and I vividly recall that 5 second moment and the kind of exhilaration I had. "This is exactly how a car should be" gushed into every inch of my body and it took me a while before my "thinking brain" took control once again. I really can't put a finger on what exactly gave me that feeling. But the outcome was clear - I wanted a Skoda! From then on, the question changed to "Why should I not buy a Skoda?" from "What car should I buy?".

After searching for all the models, looking at reviews and caution from Team BHP I narrowed in on L&K Octavia Combi and everything was settled, except for the PDI and formalities. @ajmat had warned about the dealer and I was quite cautious though far more excited about bringing my prized possession home and getting high over and over again!

Alas that was not to happen - On Dec 09, 2007, a bright Sunday morning, with the Team BHP PDI check list in my hand and the car in the bay I started evaluating the car. My spirits kept falling as I got convinced that I am being cheated. The dealer passed off an old, damaged and repaired car to me. In fact he told me I had no option but to take the car because it was registered already - even though I had NOT signed on any forms! I of course would have none of it. I was distraught and overcome with shock initially. It appeared too asinine to imagine that this large and 'respected' South Indian conglomerate would be associated with forgery to get a few rupees from a Mr Nobody like me! They would rather catch bigger bakras. It took me a while to get my wits back to fight it out, but thankfully it ended well and ended soon.

If you have some time on your hands you can get the details here - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...signature.html.

This was indeed a horrifying experience but in the bargain I got hooked on to Team BHP and formed a few relationships with people who helped me out just so that what's right wins.

Debts denominated in cash can be repaid and closed but debts of gratitude always stay. To Team BHP, I owe a debt of gratitude.

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Default re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

The Skoda experience from exhilaration to exasperation made me super cautious. By this time we had sold our 800 and needed to make a decision soon. I decided to play safe and went to Hyundai and placed an order for a Verna diesel. I knew its car related shortcomings but the trust I had on the dealer and the manufacturer weighed heavily in my mind. Of course my door for Skoda was and continues to be shut forever. My feelings for Skoda is best expressed by the lines from William Congreve's 1697 poem, "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned".

Verna was great while it lasted, but I just could not get my mind of that feeling of the "third instance" of exhilaration. Verna had loads of torque and I realized the wisdom's of @ B G Chetan 's byline - "People buy horsepower, but drive torque". I felt that's exactly what my car needs. But the car did not give a feeling of stability at high speeds and the clutch was too tight. Besides a long drive would make me stiff and exhausted. I knew Verna was always a stop-gap but what next?

What do I want from my car?

I examined a wide range of cars across categories and segments. What I desired from a car was also evolving. I knew that I am not a tyre burner. In fact my mind screeches louder than my car's brakes whenever I do something that trades money for evanescent pleasure. I wanted a car that provided me with a lot of comfort and lot of convenience which certainly meant an automatic. It also meant negotiating city roads, typically battered by rain, and road overload, digging etc, with confidence. I considered an SUV after reading this engaging debate http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...uv-debate.html. I wanted easy manoeuvrability in the city and not break into a sweat for parking. So I did not want the car to be of a length beyond my current comfort. I wanted the car to last long, really long. And I wanted the car to be reliable and dealt with by trustworthy people.

What were my quirks / irrationalities?

Buying a car is not a wholly rational decision beyond a point. I recognised that and found that I loved owning a car with a good design. It's something that I discovered about myself when I found I just loved German designs. Isn't it fascinating that a Mercedes W 124 looks just as good and fresh even though it's 30 years old? But a similar aged equivalent Toyota looks really old. Maybe it's gotta do with the build quality; but it's also got to do with design. There are, I feel, some elements of design that stay fresh for long and some elements that look faddish.

Conversely I felt a car that designed itself just to catch attention drove me away from it!

There is also an element of "this car deserves to be owned". There are some features in a car that you feel can be brought about only by someone who's deeply thought about cars. For instance when I sat in @androdev's Laura I was fascinated that the left ORVM would automatically tilt down when reversing so you can see better. So simple but so useful! So a car that had such thoughtful features captured me emotionally!

How much was I willing to pay for the car?

Car are costly to buy in India and I wanted to keep my effective per km costs, minus fuel and without adjusting for time value of money, within limits of say Rs 10 / km. Some qualitative factors may increase or decrease what I was willing to pay.

I considered luxury badges briefly including a test drive of the X1, looked at their ownership costs. But I concluded I also did not want my car to carry a luxury badge. Ultimately you end up paying substantially to carry a badge for the kind of car I wanted, and I did not need it.

It is also the law of economics that a car that sells more will generally be cheaper to maintain, quicker to repair and so on; hence there was an added risk to have a car that sold sparsely.

I also knew that once I bought a costly car (say upwards of 15 lakhs) I would be psychologically compelled to hold on to it even if cost me to keep it in shape. I would do that just to justify my own decision to buy the car in the first place - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunk_co...k_cost_fallacy

So I played a lot of little games in my mind about what car to buy and own and it was fun for me, though it was harrowing for my family. My wife was convinced that I will never make up my mind.

Booking the Ford Ecosport Automatic

But finally I had settled on the Ford Ecosport Automatic. The Team BHP reviews on Ecosport were positive and Ford always made a fun to drive car. Besides the DCT automatic and the SUV-ish stance would give me what I wanted. I would lack the low end torque and I knew it won't have the the build of a German car, but after my Skoda experience I was wary. I was following the industry closely - being an investor I enjoyed watching it evolve, how VW, Toyota and others planned to exploit the large and vastly complex Indian market. I closely followed the VW launches of Jetta, Polo and the Vento. VW initially seemed to be going the Skoda way in terms of dealer-customer experience; but seemed like realizing a need to re-look their channel strategy.

So I paid the booking amount in June 2013 and was told to wait for 6 months; which I did. I did test drive the Polo TSI launched in April 2013 but recoiled thinking about the DSG reliability.

However @androdev, that wolf in sheep's clothing was silently plotting different things!

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Default re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Steering away from the Ford Ecosport to the Polo TSI

@androdev had helped me when I faced the mighty Skoda and we stayed in touch. I think the one thing that can bond man-to-man that is non-alcoholic is cars. We can yap about it for hours and feel energised yet. He loves German cars and has often chided me for keeping a closed purse when it came to cars. His single minded mission, now that I can see it, was to veer me to spend on a German car.

He loves the thoughtful and precise engineering that goes into making fun to drive cars even though they require a lot of love and attention to maintain. For me cars are necessitated because of man's need to travel independently at will. They should just do their job at a price and need minimal attention. I mean I have better things to do ! But having experienced a Skoda earlier I was willing to look hither and kept my mind a little open to prods from him.

So we decided in early Nov 2013 to do a test drive of both the Ecosport and the Polo TSI back-to-back at the Palace Cross showrooms. That's when I had the opportunity to do a cross comparison and the difference stood out. He did the driving and convinced me why the Polo drive was vastly superior - and I took him at his word. Imagine there are two manufacturers. Manufacturer A wants to make something that takes you from point A to point B safely, with minimal effort and keeps you in the same shape. Manufacturer B knows all the car LEGO pieces, decides which pieces to put and then assembles the car. The difference in outcome was stark in a back-to-back comparison. And I succumbed. Manufacturer A really deserved to be bought, and I went back to my check-list of what I wanted from my car.

Functionally I loved the fact that I am also getting good torque at low RPM, something I desired in my driving. And I was giving up on an SUV-ish stance that helps navigate bad roads. I was buying into a poor track record on reliability but was confident that VW was trying harder. The DSG was a question mark and I decided to swallow it. I looked-up the track record of the dealership and it was decent; and most importantly making money.

I got my refund from the Ford dealer and went ahead and booked the Polo TSI. I was elated because I felt I made the most optimal decision pleasing my mind and my heart. I was also not spending so much that the car ownership starts giving me tension. I wanted to possess the car, I did not want the car to possess me .

The booking experience was smooth, and I really had no expectations from the SA except to give me realistic feedback on when I can expect to get the car. When I learnt that a facelift was around the corner I told the SA that I would like to pass-up my chance of taking delivery and would like to wait for the face-lift. I was looking for bigger changes in the face-lift but decided that just the double barrel headlamps were worth the wait.

Ultimately on 16 September 2014 I took delivery (after a PDI of course). In the meanwhile I read up all the posts / threads on TSI. @Gannu_1's ownership thread was outstanding and gave me the confidence that I can manage my ownership. I wanted to take no chances and took extended warranty and "Drive Assure" insurance policy.

The delivery process was quite elaborate and complete. Though the systems that exist in a Hyundai dealership were missing (the invoice for instance is a dead give-away); they made for it by extra calls and some goodies.

I avoided the ribbon and the customary puja. Though not a 100% atheist I am confident that the Almighty will not discriminate me.

If you have survived reading so far you really deserve to see some pics. And that follows in the next post

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The cost sheet

VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast-car-overall-cost-sheet-polo-tsi.gif

The documents you are supposed to read before you move the car

VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast-documents-polo.jpg

The TSI from the front

Name:  The TSI  front.JPG
Views: 14550
Size:  264.5 KB

Frontal shot

Name:  TSI  frontal shot2.JPG
Views: 16251
Size:  183.4 KB

Side shot

Name:  TSI  the side.JPG
Views: 14367
Size:  82.6 KB

Three quarter shot, as they call it (or is it?)

Name:  TSI 3q.JPG
Views: 14468
Size:  272.1 KB

The headlamps

Name:  The headlamps.JPG
Views: 14310
Size:  183.9 KB

The laser seam weld

Name:  The laser seam weld.jpg
Views: 14206
Size:  123.9 KB

The 3 stages of the open door and they are very useful. The stages are really firm unlike in our Ertiga

Stage 1
Name:  Stage 1.JPG
Views: 14170
Size:  120.3 KB

Stage 2
Name:  Stage 2.JPG
Views: 14118
Size:  117.2 KB

Stage 3
Name:  Stage 3.JPG
Views: 14099
Size:  116.5 KB

The back
Name:  The back.JPG
Views: 14045
Size:  159.5 KB

And some more follow ...

The rear space after my daughter is seated.
Name:  Daughter seated.JPG
Views: 13942
Size:  91.3 KB

The footwell lamp is nice.
Name:  Footwell lamp.JPG
Views: 13935
Size:  83.8 KB

The valve-cap says "Wonder Italy". Why would one import valve caps?
Name:  Valve caps.JPG
Views: 13984
Size:  69.3 KB

The low beam
Name:  Low beam.jpg
Views: 13875
Size:  107.6 KB

and, the high beam. Note that some objects become visible in high beam.
Name:  High beam.jpg
Views: 13888
Size:  130.9 KB

and a video that shows how the cornering light functions (boy, does it take time to upload a video)

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My experience with the car so far

I have driven about 1300 kms, with a 750 kms trip to Bekal and back. You can read our travelogue here - http://alwaysonthegreenerside.blogsp...-to-bekal.html. The car is an absolute pleasure to drive. I drove for 7 hours nearly non-stop and I was surprised to see myself in great shape even after the drive. It drives smoothly and silently as if it were almost gliding. It manages twisted roads with poise at decent speeds. The suspension bears almost all manageable undulations on the road; as a result you hear the noise but do not feel the thud.

The DSG up-shifts and down-shifts are quicker than what I can possibly do making the driving very relaxed. The music system is quite average but I do not listen to music much while driving.

I follow Team BHP guidelines while starting and shutting the engine; and @rohan_shetty's guidelines on how to use the DSG in go-stop-go

The engine RPM starts higher when there is a cold start and settles down to 600 - 800 rpm as can be seen in the video. Can someone explain why?

Some areas of irritation:

1. The ORVM controls are transported from the design of a left hand driving car. As a result if you want to adjust the left side mirror you have to turn the knob right !!

Name:  OVRM knobs.JPG
Views: 13905
Size:  86.7 KB

2. Reflection of the dash in the right ORVM. As a result what you see in the mirror can get confusing at times.

Name:  Reflection in the right ORVM.jpg
Views: 13824
Size:  135.6 KB

That's all I have to share for now folks. I hope to keep this updated as the car clocks reasonable kms on the odo. Further feel free to ask me any query, and I can guarantee that the only limitation to response will be my knowledge and not my intent!

Post the mod's right nudge to write more about the car 's features and likes and dislikes; I decided to wait till I was really comfortable with the car.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to cover close to 800 kms in a day over 11 hours of driving - did a Bangalore - Chennai trip in a day. I thought that would torture me enough to spill the beans on true likes and dislikes of driving the car!

Here are my thoughts and I as write them bear in mind that my car drive experience is largely limited to M 800, Santro AT, Verna diesel and Ertiga ZDI.

Overall driving experience

In one word - outstanding. I have managed to find a snug position that keeps me erect and non-slouched; and keep my hands on the steering continuously without pain. The steering feels good to touch though response from the wheels is poor.

The car is steady even as I pushed her to 150 kmph over short stretches though fuel consumption takes a hit. I drove over large stretches at 110 - 120 kmph continuously and boy, the car just says; give me more, give me more. If the road is good and clear you have the feeling of gliding over.

There is a tremendous confidence at such speeds that I have not felt in any other cars I had. I think it's because car feels like one unit and unrestrained even at high speeds. Whereas in my Verna (2008 model) the seats would make me feel slouched and I knew I cannot drive for more than 3 hours without a break. My body would need a stretch badly. Further and more important the car wont "feel" like a unit. I mean you are not sure if all parts of the car are in it together. At such speeds it feels like many may have a mind of their own and react adversely to such speeds independent of what the engine transmits. The same with all my other cars and Ertiga lived up to that feeling in a minor accident I had earlier this year with a speed of just 80 kmph.

When I reached Chennai after six and half hours, the person I met was surprised I was as fresh and energetic belying my travel.

The other thing I liked was torque on tap which allowed me to overtake other vehicles over really short stretches and small openings very confidently. Imagine you have to get inside a room though a door that's just slamming shut fast. This car can be relied on to do the job!

What was disappointing was fuel consumption. It returned about 14 kmpl when on the D mode and far less (though cannot recall) when on S mode.

Some other areas of disappointment were the inadequate dead pedal and a dash that touches left leg at the knee. The DSG it appears always seeks continuous inputs from either the accelerator or the brake; so you cannot remove your right feet fully and expect car to be in a cruise mode. Cruise control may have been useful here.

Braking / Suspension

I haven't had to brake the car suddenly to a near dead stop. So far most of my braking has been under normal conditions even at high speeds. Braking does seem adequate to me at speeds of say 80 kmph or so. At higher speeds I am not so sure. So I suggest maintaining sufficient distance with the car in front at higher speeds (in the UK you are asked to maintain 2 chevrons - 72 m I guess) on highways.

The suspension as I understand has two purposes - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suspension_%28vehicle%29 and one of them is to keep the occupants insulated from road noise, bumps and vibrations. This I think is extremely well achieved in the car. Under normal conditions, most of the undulations in the road seem to be absorbed before it reaches the occupants. That's one of the reasons you feel at ease and fully comfortable in the car over long drives. The other purpose of the suspension (which is at odds with the earlier purpose) is to contribute towards good active-road safety. I am afraid I haven't had the occasion to push the car hard to test its active road safety via sudden cornering. But I would hazard to say that I was not totally at ease taking road curves with shorter than normal radius at high speeds of 100 kmph or so.


As far as the NVH http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noise,_..._and_harshness of the car goes, V & H are top class - from what I observed above. In fact I am convinced that that's what keep you fresh even after long drives.

The noise levels are very muted inside the cabin. Outside noise is substantially attenuated because in part the car is well sealed once you shut the door. Engine noise (or music depending on one's taste ) is low unless the car is taken in the S mode; when the noise is louder and audible inside the cabin.

I have no particular views on the tyres which have been reviewed to be noisy, though better now with Apollo Alnac. It never seemed to me the tyres were irritatingly noisy, but I am not so sure.

Some notable features

Some minor features that took my attention are as follows:

1. There is a nice "ding" sound when the stalk is engaged in reverse. It helps me reverse confidently for some really strange reason.

2. The audio sensors scare the wits out of you even if you are at sufficient distance (we are in India you see). So often I park to avoid the high frequency beep sounds only to find there's a big gap between my car and the object behind.

3. You cannot engage the car from N unless your foot is on the brake. A nice touch to avoid accidental accidents

4. I lost little air pressure even after I refilled it after many weeks. Maybe the valve caps I talked about earlier had something to do with it.

5. I haven't been able to get the caller names on the media screen after pairing blue-tooth with my mobile. That can be irritating at times, because you cannot identify the caller when picking the call; and the caller assumes (rightly so) that you know who's calling. Of course no one forgets their wife's number or else ....

6. The hill hold assist feature is useful on ramps.

The most notable feature in the facelifted Polo

Without any doubt the most notable feature for me is the double barrel headlamps. After early vacillation I find this is easily the best addition to the facelift. The double barrel head lamps light the road ahead sufficiently well, and sufficiently long to assist night driving. This had been a pain for me in my other cars; so night driving in Verna for instance would slow down to 60 kmph. I could do 100 kmph for long at night in the car, something I have never done earlier out of poor visibility.

The fog lamps acting as cornering lamps are also useful.

Biggest dislike

My biggest dislike is the cramped rear. My children can be comfortable (till they grow up); but I know my parents will feel cramped, so if I have to ferry them they would prefer the Ertiga.


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Default re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

The thank yous

Over the 6 years of association with Team BHP, I have learnt quite a bit about driving, about cars and the car industry.

There was a time when our family would hit the car or get hit once in 3 months and on most occasions the fault was ours. Then I tried what a BHPian mentioned in his byline - "always yield". I do not know who it was but those two words have saved my cars a lot of blushes and money!

Thanks are due to @androdev who felt that preparations were on at Wolfsburg the VW HQ to deliver the car to me for all the fuss I made to get the right car. Thanks are also due to @gannu_1 whose thread is a great read, to @BG Chethan, to @rohan_shetty and @prithwi-81. Car is a complex piece of tech for me and you guys make it all simple. Thanks also to @GTO and @ajmat and other mods who have made this community I am so proud to be a part of. To all you guys I will be pleased to offer my car for a drive any time you want.


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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Congratulations diffsoft on the Polo GT. Wish you many many happy miles in the GT.

And your description, particularly your biography was wonderfully great stuff to read. Lovely. Truly five star. Rated it that way.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Excellent write up! GT Tsi is one of those cars for which I wouldnt have to think twice before buying. Sort of a dream car for me. For me, rear seat is not much in contention as I drive alone and therefore polo makes a lot of sense. Wish you a million miles of trouble free driving. Keep us updated with your views about the car.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

First, congratulations on your new Polo GT TSI! Wish you an absolutely niggle-free ride with many happy miles logged on the odometer.
Second, that is heartfelt writing. Your writing breathes life into the psychological nuances of the whole car buying decision making process. Also, I got sidetracked by your Octavia Combi experience. It has been a wonderful experience to read, not to mention looking forward to the more happy updates you keep adding to this thread. Bookmarking now!
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Firstly Many congratulations "diffsoft" for the Polo GT TSI. An amazing car with an amazing buying experience, a truly deserved 5 stars. I am sure your subtle and detailed log of buying experience will influence more buying decisions in favour of POLO GT TSI.

Happy mile crunching and looking forward to your ownership experience as time passes.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Congratulations diffsoft. Beautiful write up and thoroughly engaging.

How do you find the ground clearance of the Polo? Since you are in Bangalore as well, any rubs on the belly so far?
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Hi Diffsoft,

Must admit your creative writing. Different taste same food I would say.
Thanks for your efforts.

GT TSI is the car to own for a performance & Auto hatchback.
Does it have any competition? None I can think of.

What about headlights ? Are they adequate, does not look good from picture but may the car stood at an angle to the Road.
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Default Re: VW Polo 1.2L TSI DSG Ownership Log - From a non-enthusiast

Hearty congrats Kimi!

VAG cars deserve that extra bit of TLC from their owners to have them running in proper shape unlike the Marutis and Hyundais which are usually the fill-it-and-forget-it types. I am sure you’re loving the drive. Take care and do ping me whenever you need some help.

Drive safe!

PS: Lovely report. Non-enthusiast, a Skoda L&K before and a Polo TSI now. Ok!
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