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Old 22nd July 2015, 01:10   #1006
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

While it may seem at surface value that Hyundai has priced it higher than what the masses expected, lets not be the ones who couldn't see the forest for the trees. This could very well be a brand positioning move by Hyundai.

Here's what comes to mind when you think about the common automotive brands in India:

Maruti = First car/ Affordable / Cheap (couldn't sell any premium segment until now, which explains why Nexa is born)
Tata = Cheap / Unreliable / Bad Service (no excuses here, they just don't learn)
Mahindra = A shade better than Tata but still Cheap / Unreliable / Poor Service (again, typical Indian company mindset, we'll fix it only when there's a gun on our head)
Chevrolet = American Brand with Korean offerings / lately disappearing / Cruze (diesel rocket that bombed on sales charts)
Renault = One Proven Engine / Same engine with different bodies / Duster (one car wonder if i were to call them that)
Nissan = Terrano (Duster with makeup) / Patrol (drool) / Niche (lost cause i feel)
Honda = Premium (at least in India) / Reliable / Expensive (big come back with Diesel and still command the premium)
Toyota = Rugged / Utilitarian / Reliable (less said the better, nothing exciting, it just works)
Skoda and VW = Good Cars / Bad Service / Expensive maintenance
Premium Germans and Europeans = Style / Fun / Super Expensive / Poor Reliability (but who cares)

Now coming to Hyundai

- Hyundai of the past = Korean / Copycat designs / mediocre cars / expensive service
- The new Hyundai = Fluidic designs / feature packed cars / premium feel / reliability like Hondas / expensive service

Given the changing face of the company, I don't think they'd want to market the Creta (which by the way looks pretty impressive both in specs and looks) as a commoditized car. So you can't really blame them for pricing it higher than the Duster (with its wafer thin body panels and clanky doors). Except for the ride quality there's nothing in the Duster that commands the 15L on-road price, but they had the first mover advantage and so they are the ones who set stage for the price range. If at all anyone has to be blamed its Renault for milking customers with the super cheap product for all these years.

If anyone was seriously looking at the Creta, I'm sure they weren't the same people who were also thinking seriously of the XUV as a choice, since otherwise they would have just bought the new XUV by now. They're two very different segment cars and apart from the price that brings them closer today, there's nothing more in common. It's like comparing the 2-cylinder Celerio to a 4 cylinder Tata Zest or Fiat Punto simply coz they're in 50-60k price difference. The XUV is a 2.2L, 140bhp, 7 seater SUV with 12kmpl mileage, mostly a highway runner, serviced by the "world-class" Mahindra team. On the other hand the Creta is a more frugal and smaller premium SUVish looking car thats good for the city runs and occassional highway duties, will easily return 18-20 kmpl, and it will be a trouble-free experience maintaining it with Hyundai. Now, I have nothing against Mahindra (apart from my experiences with the Thar) and I do think the XUV is a better full-grown SUV, but it's not the targeted at the same consumer though it looks very obvious.

Now coming to the comparisons over Duster, I think some of them are valid but even then the Creta has a lot more feel good factor than the Duster. And the comparison to the AWD Duster is uncalled for, if you are not sure you need a 4WD, then you don't need a 4WD, buying one only coz it seems cheaper than the Creta isn't going to be a good argument. So net-net, the 1L premium over Duster is going to place Hyundai a little above the utilitarian segment, which maybe what their intent has been. And even though the Creta may not top the sales charts, it'll help Hyundai build a brand that creates cars that are above the rest (in their own segments). And that will go a long way in their strategy if they have to sustain in India and compete with the Marutis in terms of revenue share if not market share.

So good luck to all those who are already contemplating/booking/buying the Creta. I'm going to wait for the reviews to come up and get a test drive just for kicks to test out whether Hyundai has managed to improve on their skills of making straight line cars.
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IMHV : we should wait for reviews/ test drive the car before we react to pricing. At this point we don't fully understand the product or its capabilities. If skoda with single digit sales found a reason to price refreshed yeti at 20+ L , Hyundai must have a good one to price it way beyond the category
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

For people who want to buy Creta with minimum Safety features( Airbags and ABS) either petrol or diesel should spend minimum of 13.45L( OTR Hyderabad - 1.6 SX+ VTVT) , Hyundai Creta is a different league here altogether. If some one have budget of 12 L and can stretch upto max of 13L and looking for safety features cannot buy Creta . There is only one version between 12 and 13L which is 1.4L S diesel which really does not worth its price without airbags and low spec engine. With this prices they should have kept Airbags as standard from version 'S', which can be compared to Ford Ecosport. Ford People can easily increase upto Rs.30000 for their Ecosport facelift with their new 99bhp engine and interior upgrades and some enhancements to ride and handling.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by SumitBahl View Post
What additional features do you get in SX(O) in comparison to SX?
I was wondering too - So I did some crude copy paste from Hyundai website - Here are the differences:
Name:  Screen Shot 20150722 at 1.04.14 am.png
Views: 10637
Size:  71.9 KB

I don't know how much these cost individually, but there are additional safety features (ESC, VSM, HAC), 4 additional airbags. You also get a 17'' diamond cut alloy and leather options.

The last line (rheostat) was uber funny - Reminded me of my engineering days.

I don't know why Hyundai thought the AT customer will not want the above features. They should have simply provided the AT option to SX(O) as well.

Additionally, I found it interesting that the 60:40 split seats and child seat anchor (don't know what is it) is available only in the AT. Again, I don't know why Hyundai thought these are not applicable to non-AT folks (I am pretty positive that these two feature are not related to the transmission )
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Default The Launch

Dear all,

Few days back I got an invitation from the manager of the local Hyundai dealership to attend the launch of Creta.

Today after recovering from the shock of knowing the on road price of Creta,I managed to reach the function about 30 min late.Despite the price there were lot of people showing interest in the car.Few people (like us) were complaining that the car is overpriced.But most of the invitees were happy about the car.

Lot of people were waiting to test drive the car.I also joined the rat race and managed to drive both petrol(SX+) and diesel(SX-0) versions.Being a Bhpian I knew more about the car than the sales executives.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-showroom2.jpg

My first impressions

Exterior - The Mini SUV has a good road presence.Its not small or too big.The size of the SUV is ideal for a city like Trivandrum with many narrow bylanes.

The test drive cars were white. Creta's best colour seems to be Polar white.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-test-drive.jpg

Interior - I didn't feel some of the plastics,especially door pads to be premium. I liked the fit and finish of the dashboard.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-door-pad-1.jpg

The drive - I was surprised by the refinement and performance of the petrol. Ravenavi had observed the same.Even though it may not be in the league of the free revving VTECs,Hyundai is getting closer to Honda.

Since many prospective owners were waiting for the test drive of the diesel ,I couldn't drive the diesel long enough to comment.The diesel engined Creta had a very quiet cabin.I felt that the petrol Creta may be as quick as the diesel.Light steering and clutch in both the cars make it effortless to drive.I managed to drive the Creta over some large craters in the road.The suspension seems to be good.Back seat space is just comfortable for 3 moderately built adults.I am afraid that my folks will reject the car after comparing it with the excellent back seat of our 4th Gen Honda City.

Sales men from Honda wearing Jazz T-shirts.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-honda-staff.jpg

Honda will be relieved to know the pricing of Creta.In Trivandrum the Pothen's group owns both the Honda (Perfect Honda) and Pothens Hyundai dealership.

Creta on road price Trivandrum

Preview: Hyundai Creta-creta-price-list0001.jpg

There is about 3 lakh difference between the manual petrol (SX+) and diesel (SX-0) versions.Petrol Creta is definitely VFM compared to the diesel.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-engine.jpg

Petrol engine (DOHC.16V) - Honda be careful.

Please bring the turbo charged VTECS or you will be losing some fanboys like me to Hyundai.

I am looking for a car to replace 3rd Gen Honda City(iVTEC).Which has done about 1,18,000 km in 6 years.It runs better than the day it was bought.Clutch has not been replaced and not a single bulb has been fused.
Waiting for the Team Bhp's detailed review.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by methecupid View Post
What we have earned in options in the number of cars, we have lost in options that really command our aspirations.
Very well said. My feelings exactly - we are now expected to ante up the equivalent of what was paid for D segment saloons a few years back, and buy hatchbacks on stilts instead. It is quite an achievement to make the Renault Ruster seem like VFM - that was the original con-job.

It's not like we have much of a choice either - the D segment itself has now gravitated towards the 30-lakh plus mark.

I live out of the country, so let me ask a question - have earnings doubled during this period, or are people being suckered into paying more for less?
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Had my mind set on upgrading only to an suv/softroader, having driven a hatch as my primary drive in the last 14 years. I'm a sucker for creature comforts and gizmos, so only the top end trim would cut it for me. Plus had to have a spacious boot for me to slot in twin woofers (for the audiophile in me).

1. XUV - feature Laden, but out of reach at that moment

2. Duster - disqualified due to its utilitarian interiors, next to zero gizmos and price. Also the fact that Ecosport launch was eminent

3. Ecosport - feature laden but disqualified due to its cramped interiors and lack of boot space..

This put my upgrade plans on hold, as by then news of Hyundai working on an suv began trickling in. Decided it would be worth the wait.

IX25 is revealed.

Had my heart set on it ever since and was super convinced that this would be it. But looking at how expensive it will be on my wallet, I cannot help but think on the following lines:

1. Creta SX(O) is 17.2 lakhs on road here

2. XUV W8 is 17.4 lakhs

3. XUV W10 is 18.5 lakhs!

4. Renault is definitely not going to just sit and do nothing. Expecting the Duster face-lift with better interiors, updated looks to go with and now with the addition of a few features to launch soon - end of 2015/first half of 2016?

And the mother of all 5. S-Cross launch just around the corner. The s-cross is similarly spec'd (I see it having cruise control + all around discs as 2 significant pluses over creta) and Maruti will most definitely undercut Creta by a minimum of 1+ lakh Rupees variant-to-variant. That in itself will make it a more compelling buy.

Mind says, put Creta to rest, check out the s-cross, but the heart says, sx(o) looks so desireable, the mind jumps in saying, buddy, few thousand more and you get a full grown xuv w8 and a lakh more will get you the w10!

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

The cozy, elitist i20 lady spotted with the highest of the high heels?
Attached Thumbnails
Preview: Hyundai Creta-h1.jpg  

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Our cars are finally coming of age with mature offerings. Loving it. With the 6 speed AT I am sure a lot of the potential Duster and Terrano buyers will now come here to Hyundai. Waiting when the ix35 will be launched. I saw it while in UK last year and wished it was here before I upgraded my ride 5 months ago.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by McLaren Roxx View Post

Mind says, put Creta to rest, check out the s-cross, but the heart says, sx(o) looks so desireable, the mind jumps in saying, buddy, few thousand more and you get a full grown xuv w8 and a lakh more will get you the w10!

Absolutely! with you on this struggle. I have prebooked Creta. I am going to use the wait time to think it over and make a final decision - Creta vs. W8 vs. W10.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

I am amazed at the difference in the Insurance cost listed in the dealer pricing. Logistics cost shows a huge variance too.

This is illogical and driving the cost up even further.

Bangalore Dealer Pricing
Name:  Bangalore.jpg
Views: 21951
Size:  205.7 KB

Cochin Dealer Pricing
Preview: Hyundai Creta-cochin.jpg

Insurance offering from the Bangalore Dealers (All Dealers in Bangalore quote the same insurance) is 40% higher than the Cochin Dealer for the SX(O). Secondly the Cochin Dealer has 33% higher logistics cost.

The customer unfortunately remains the target for all

Source : Prices taken from this Forum


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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

I for sure had no doubt about what price band they would be targeting. Because I some how refused to believe that they could price it below Verna. And this pricing actually confirmed my thoughts.

In fact to what Amol said earlier, it perfectly makes sense. A good comfortable 5 seater with all gizmos (2WD being good enough for most cases) with a ground clearance is good for urban lifestyle.

The only points where I see a snag is:

- Does it have improved ride quality to cruise long distances without putting people to motion sickness (Hopefully it should have)
- More importantly, can it take 3 people in comfort for long distances in the rear

In fact the second part is where, it can hit some of us. In spite of paying 17-18L, if the back seat is not comfortable for 3, some of the potential buyers may turn away towards the XUV/Others. They will be in two minds shifting away from the premium looking Creta to something else. But still they surely may not compromise on space.

Other than the above two points, I guess rest all seems well for this segment. It has taken quite some time and many of us have harped (including me) since the Duster days that we dont have any good product in the 15-20L range. I hope Creta release is just the beginning of this segment opening up.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

This one is for Team BHP support, and is kind of OT:

This thread has seen about 20 full pages of comments since yesterday, and yet is not anywhere on the 'Hot Threads' list. Are we missing something?
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Default Hyundai Creta : Official Preview

Originally Posted by KPS View Post
I am amazed at the difference in the Insurance cost listed in the dealer pricing. Logistics cost shows a huge variance too.

This is illogical and driving the cost up even further.

Bangalore Dealer Pricing
Attachment 1394286

Cochin Dealer Pricing
Attachment 1394287

Insurance offering from the Bangalore Dealers (All Dealers in Bangalore quote the same insurance) is 40% higher than the Cochin Dealer for the SX(O). Secondly the Cochin Dealer has 33% higher logistics cost.

The customer unfortunately remains the target for all

Source : Prices taken from this Forum



It's not the insurance or the logistics that kills us in Bangalore. It's the road tax. The Kerala road tax is exactly half of what is prevailing in Karnataka. So it is 8% in Kerala and 16% in Karnataka.

Insurance can be had outside of the dealer and will probably cost 25% less.

Creta, I believe is still value for the modern design, good interiors, decent space,fuss free ownership, small enough for the city and big enough for the highway feel and fully loaded features SX(O).

I was disappointed with the pricing yesterday as it was going to be my second car. I had a 15L OTR budget for it and it is now up by another 2L. I am not still ruling it out. It's probably going to be a 5 year 150 thousand Kms decision. I will reserve my decision till I do a comprehensive test drive and the official review by our forum.

Hyundai is now trying to reposition themselves as a premium player in all the segments. Right from the Eon up to the Santa Fe they demand a premium for their fully loaded products. I would say that only the Elantra is cheaper in its segment compared to the competition.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

One thing that keeps getting missed out is the ideal size of the Creta, Duster and Terrano. Given the terrible traffic at least in BLR, even if the XUV and the Storme were priced the same as the first 3, I would not buy the latter 2. The XUV is too wide while the Storme is simply too long. Both are a handful in bumper to bumper vicious traffic as well as difficult to maneuver into many MLCP parking bays.

I would prefer a nimble low footprint crossover any day for my use case at least. Looking forward to the TBHP review!
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