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Default My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

In the last one year, my wife and I had to take two not-so-easy decisions - choosing the right house and a right car - from all the available options out there, we are glad both the decisions are done.

Had booked the Aspire on 2 Aug on a hunch without the prices announced at the time. Details here.

I was driving the Figo 1.4 ZXi TDCi 2010 model – the first batch of Figos made in India, the initial ownership report is posted here.

After about 4.5 years and 95,000 kms, the car as expected, was up for tire change, AC coil upgrade, suspensions change, etc. These niggles notwithstanding, the car driving dynamics were still solid and drove like one solid block of metal. But I thought it would be nice to use this sweet spot of life of the car to exchanging a better Ford.

Hence the quest to buy a new car and the options were for the last 4 – 5 months Figo Aspire, Polo TDI, Vento TDI, i20 Active, S-Cross, Ciaz, Terrano, new Honda City. Yes the options ran across segments and across price brackets.

My requirement & usage pattern: Needed a car to be driven by a chauffeur on weekdays to and from office and in around Bombay/ New Bombay which was about 80 – 90 kms daily, a good mix of highway and bumper to bumper traffic. Self-driving over weekends for moderate to long drives. Should comfortably sit 4 people. Have comfortable rear and front seats and legrooms.

After my initial test drive of Figo Aspire, I was fixated on it as it gave me the follow through on the driving dynamics, pleasure, comfort and ease across all evaluation criteria after my benchmark of the old Figo.

Other reasons to buy: Eagerness and confidence of the dealer to sell and deliver the car and services as promised. Best exchange value for my old car, zero headache to sell the existing car from Pune in Bombay and the brand itself.
Reasons for choosing Titanium+ variant: Urge to quickly get behind the wheels of the new car. The Titanium version was available only by end of October.

Booking & delivery experience with the dealership
The estimated date of delivery on my booking form was Aug 24, 2015. Bhavna Ford (Nerul, New Bombay) and their teams of sales, old car exchangers, financiers, etc. were monumental in working towards meeting this deadline – two days before schedule.

After completing financing formalities – got 10.03% interest rate over 7 years from SBI, disbursal of loan amount in 3 hours – facilitated smoothly by Bhavna Ford’s team on Aug 19, the SA confirmed that I can take the car on Aug 22 with temporary registration. The number plates will be home delivered by Aug 25. I gave the old car to the dealer a day prior to the delivery approximately 24 hours before delivery of the new one.

At 12 noon on Saturday, Aug 22, was asked to arrive at the showroom to pick-up the car.

After a short meeting with the financing team, following was the break-up of the cost:
Ex-showroom price: Rs. 8,45,926 incl. taxes
RTO & Service charges: Rs. 93,053
CRTM (Temp. registration): Rs. 1,000
Extended warranty: 6,953
Depot charges: Rs. 6,250
Bajaj Allianz zero dep. Insurance: Rs. 37,009
Matting set + mud flaps: Rs. 5,000
Total on road price: Rs. 9,95,191
I had paid the following:
Booking amount: Rs. 30,000
Exchange car value: Rs. 2,35,000
Bank loan: Rs. 7,30,000
Cash outstanding: Rs. 489 (which I paid upfront)

By about 12:30 I was taken to the new car for demo and PDI. After crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s on my mental checklist and the dealer’s physical checklist, a short ceremony in the presence of SBI officials, Ford regional manager and Bhavna Ford owner, was handed over the keys. They informed mine was the first Aspire to be delivered in this region and hence the ceremony. So that was cool.

Some things I have requested the dealer to be added later which is not part of the car, but they said will be provided later: an extra set of fuses, engine cover under the hood, like the one Figo used to have. There are bushes to hold the cover in Aspire but the cover itself is not provided right now.

After driving out of the dealer at about 1:00 pm, the first order of business was to upgrade the tires and alloys. The OEM tires were Apollo Amazer 3G 175/65 R14. I was confident the ride quality would increase by leaps and bounds and had checked with my sources, visit to Ford’s Auto Expo stall where the concept vehicle was displayed, it supports 15 inch alloys and corresponding tires with no issues.

Went to Balaji Tires in Nerul and met Yogesh, the owner, who by the way is another maverick. He did some R&D with the tire sizes, we checked variations of wheels and tires and finally fitted Neo 15 inch alloys + 185/60 R15 Michelin XM2. With the exchange of OEM alloys and tires the deal cost me Rs. 18,000.

Next stop was the 3M Car Care outlet on Palm Beach road, Seawoods. Booked a yearly package with upfront essential Powershine + anti rust under body coating + engine coating for Rs. 18,000. A CR70 3M film was booked for front windshield at Rs. 7,000. Total cost was Rs. 32,000. Car will be sent on Monday to 3M for fitment and treatment. The 3M film is legal as it has 70% transparency and absorbs 99.9% UV blockage.

Name:  teaser.JPG
Views: 83269
Size:  77.2 KB

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Default re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Congrats , this looks mini Aston Martin from front , Black looks awesome .

The OEM tires were Apollo Amazer 3G 175/65 R14. I was confident the ride quality would increase by leaps and bounds
Somehow OEM rims appears to be better built and looks good then after market . In case you have exchanged Rims and given back OEM - will suggest you to request shopkeeper not to sell for a while , perhaps you should have changed only Tyres to Michelins - just my two cents

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Congratulations! You just got an Aston Martin (looking car) at a fraction of the price. The Tuxedo Black colour looks awesome, the alloys making it even more drool worthy. You can enjoy the attention it gathers, till the Aspire maintains its exclusivity for some time.

How much did the OEM alloys go for? And is the CR70 film offered by 3M legal, even if it might have a high VLT?
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Default The Good Things

At the time of writing this review, I had driven 102 km. 65 km were on the odo at the time of the delivery.

After my detailed TD experience of 10 km here, not much has changed.

The good things:
  • The NVH levels are much better than the TD car. There is a pleasant hum like an aircraft cabin at cruising altitude
  • During my TD, I felt the visibility of the rear a bit in-sufficient, but now that has changed. After driving for about 100+ kms since yesterday, I have understood which mirrors give access to which rear side. In the case of the Figo, the mirror views from ORVMs and IRVM overlapped so looking either way would give you wider angles of visibility access. Anyways moving on.
  • The door closing clickers are better in the actual delivered car. All doors close with a nice reassuring thud rather than the one I mentioned in the TD vehicle which was more like a metallic click like the one that is heard when you close a Maruti Omni front door.
  • The new set of wheels and tires fit a lot better than the OEMís. The wheel arch is well covered now and the driving experience on the highway is loaded with confidence. Will report on FE figures as they appear over time.
  • The speed variance on the speedo after the tire upgrade from 175/65 R14 tires to 185/60 R15 is 3.41% which means when the speedo shows car speed at 100 kmph, the actual car speed is 103.41 kmph. This will hamper FE to some extent but I am ready to live with that as the driving experience and handling offset is significantly better.
  • The fuel efficiency in one day of driving is around 15 kmpl. I hope this will increase over time and especially after 1st service
  • The turning radius is impressive and easy to take U turns on two lane roads. I am yet to test the body roll on the car which I can only comment when I get on the expressway
  • Headlight power is adequate, unlike the Figo which I had to upgrade the bulbs in a couple of months, I do not think there is a need to do this in Aspire
  • The rear windows are huge compared to other segment competitors. Also, the rear windows open more than the Figo where 1/4th window glass would not go down.
  • The headlamp and tail lamp clusters are neatly organised. The tail lamp is a nice looking D shape which blends with complementing contours of the boot lid.
  • Nice exterior body creases running across the bonnet, doors and roof
  • Paint quality is good and the black has a nice coppery shimmer when looked at closely. The panel gaps could have been better. Not as accurate as the VW cars. Overall build quality is a little bit lower than the Ecosport or the Fiesta. I guess you can live with that if you had to make a segment to segment comparison; there is no compact sedan from VW yet.
Driving experience and engine response:
  • The engine is smoothest of the diesels I have driven so far and 100 bhp power does not disappoint when overtaking or in bumper to bumper traffic
  • The diesel motor starts without any hesitation at crank and the car does not vibrate at all while idling. In fact a part of this review was written while sitting in the car with ACC on. It felt like home.
  • At all gears except the first the engine responds with amazing agility above 1300 to 2500 rpm range. It has not jerked or stalled even once even when I mistakenly used a higher gear at crawling speeds. In fact, I tested if the car sets in motion from 2nd gear itself and at about 1300 rpm, it does start moving without any hesitation.
  • The gearshift is smooth and the throw is adequate. No major improvement over the Figo in this department. I think Hyundai and Maruti still lead in gear throws.
  • Steering is light when you start the car. It weighs up nicely as the speed increases and builds confidence as you grow with the car. I must say the EPAS has been tuned very well to work with the car. Ford claims it helps save fuel, though I am not sure how works, apparently it is not in the always-on mode. It works only when need arrives. Again, not an expert on this.
  • No major improvements in the clutch travel depth from the previous Fords. However, the clutch is lighter to use and feels less mechanical in nature. I used to get a noticeable jerk while clutch release in previous Figo after I had driven 40,000+ odd kms. This is not the case in Aspire at the moment.
  • Brakes have a bite thatís worth mentioning. Some wear is expected earlier than normal as I have upsized tires. EBD action is much needed/ helpful while in the ghats or highway turns. I have not felt the effect of the ABS yet.
  • The front driver seating position has multiple permutations possible due to its height and linear adjustments coupled with the steering rake adjustment
  • The suspension works well and is a bit stiff to suit the moody Indian roads. At moderate speeds the suspension balances the car well to keep the occupants snug and rested. I must say that it still doesnít match my personal benchmark of Honda Civicís suspension.
  • To summarize, Aspire is a compact sedan, drives like a hot hatch and feels like a mini SUV when the seat height is adjusted to maximum.

Service experience & intervals:
  • The first service is due on 2500 kms. Following services are at 10,000 km intervals
  • First two services are free with charges levied only on consumables. Will report on the actual service cost as and when it happens.
  • Warranty is valid for 3 years after including extended warranty for 1 year. There are more expensive options to get even more extended warranties upto 5 years in total. Will take a call only after 2 years.
  • My past experience of owning a Figo for 5 years has been pleasant. I have had conversations with the Ford customer car on feedback of the dealer, service reminders, resolving warranty issues for my ICE. The experience was seamless and hassle free. Look forward to a similar experience with the Aspire as well.

Some exterior pictures:
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-front.jpg

My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-front-qtr.jpg

My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-rear-qtr-view.jpg

My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-rear-qtr-view1.jpg

Name:  rear view.JPG
Views: 88737
Size:  231.9 KB

Exterior features:

Nice D shaped big break lamps cluster with integrated rear fog lamps (in red)
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-brake-light-cluster.jpg

Chunky/ fat (smaller than Figo in width) ORVM
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-chunky-orvm.jpg

Well defined creases on the hood. Ignore the cat.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-creases-hood-ignore-cat.jpg

Creases along the length on the roof
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-creases-roof.jpg

Nice quality glossy plastics on the door panel
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-door-spacing.jpg

Dummy chrome inserts on the sides below ORVMs
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-dummy-chrome.jpg

Sweet little overhang on the front lip
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-front-lip.jpg

Well integrated and functional dealer installed mud flaps
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-front-mudflaps.jpg

Aerodynamic headlamp cluster bulge
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-headlamp-cluster-bulge.jpg

Crisp, powerful, functional headlamps
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-headlamp-clusters.jpg

OEM 14" alloys & Apollo tires
Name:  OEM alloys.JPG
Views: 74826
Size:  46.8 KB

Upgraded 15" Neo alloys and Michelin XM2 tires
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-neo-alloys.jpg

There is still ample space between tires and suspension
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-space-between-suspension-n-tires.jpg

Good space under the hood between the radiator and engine
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-radiatorengine-spacing.jpg

Both the turn indicators in action
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-turn-indicator.jpg

Plastic two front windshield sprays better than Figo's one metal spray which was exposed to rusting and reduced efficacy.
Name:  windshield spray.JPG
Views: 72989
Size:  118.6 KB

Nice two-step rear seat tray with slots
Name:  rear tray  with slots.JPG
Views: 72769
Size:  30.6 KB

A soft and flexible guard just below the front bumper
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-soft-guard.jpg

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Default The Good Things - Interiors

The good things - Interiors:
  • The interiors feel roomy due to the beige colours
  • The legroom is sufficient for four people in the car. Yet to try with 5 people
  • The SYNC music system works as expected. Yet to give the car to driver so havenít experienced the Ford MyKey feature.
  • A nifty feature of the MyKey is that when the unlock button is pressed twice, the car horn beeps and indicators blink to help you locate it in a large parking space.
  • The sound system is good. I will evaluate the sub-woofer as an accessory once it is available with the dealer
  • The most important feature which I hope I do not have to use ever, are the six airbags
  • Have driven the car with 3 adults through some really large speed bumps and there was no under body contact Ė good ground clearance
  • AC works well in the monsoon heat of the Bombay. The Auto climate control is worth its money
  • The seats are plush leather in the Titanium+ variant and have semi-bucket seats like feel in the front. With my bulky body shape, I find them comfortable and has a very nice lower back support

The center console looks inspired from the batman logo
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-center-console.jpg

I have explained the functions of the MID in the below picture
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-indicators.png

The range of the height adjustable seatbelts
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-seatbelt.png

A total of three 1 Ltr and six 500 ml water bottle holders are available. Though would have likes at least one bottle holder in passenger doors
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-cubby-holes.jpg

Foldable key with nice buttons
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-key-nice-buttons.jpg

View from IRVM
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-irvm.jpg

Classy looking AC controls. Some might find the push buttonsí size small to operate while driving.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-ac-controls.jpg

Beautiful chrome finished AC knobs
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-ac-knob.jpg

Daytime visibility of the SYNC console is good. It dims marginally when headlights are switched on to adjust to night time driving conditions.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-sync.jpg

The SYNC audio input options include AUX, USB audio, Bluetooth Audio. The USB input also doubles up as a charging point. So, you can charge two phones simultaneously using the 12 V charger on the side. The iPhone was also detected as an USB drive to play music directly. Many apps like Gaana, Wynk, etc. Are compatible with SYNC so you get all song information on the center display. Which is convenient.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-audio-inputs.jpg

Both left and right sun visors have mirrors with lids.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-sun-visors.jpg

Two microphone inserts: one in front of the cabin light and one just in front of the driverís left knee. The voice commands understands Indian accents and is not frustrating to use yet.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-microphones.jpg

The light control button cluster includes the headlight, front and rear fog lamps, boot lid controls and front beam height adjustment buttons.
Name:  Light controls.JPG
Views: 71207
Size:  168.1 KB

The turn indicator and wiper stalks are nice and chunky. The places are switched of the stalks compared to conventional Ford cars. Some say this in line with Indian customer demands. Debatable.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-indicator-stalks.jpg

Power window buttons on driver side which also has rear window child and pet locks. Good quality overall there.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-power-window-buttons.jpg

The foot well of the Aspire and the matting supplied by the dealer.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-footwell.jpg

Bonnet opening switch has moved to driver side under the steering which is convenient especially if you go to malls, premium hotels regularly.
Name:  Bonnet opener.JPG
Views: 69984
Size:  133.6 KB

Boot space is adequate for my need but do notice the exposed metal at the back. More on that later. A questionable and probably handy boot opening manual pull lever from inside (R).
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-boot-space.jpg

The plastics quality on dashboard, doors and even pillars is top notch according to me. The texture is uniform but the shades vary. This shows a lot of thought has gone in designing the cabin.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-plastic-quality.jpg

All four colour tones used in the in one picture
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-all-four-tones.jpg

Back seats do not feel claustrophobic thanks to huge windows. Also notice the fabric inserts on the door.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-roomy-back-seat.jpg

Steering controls could have been better
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-steering-controls.jpg

The glove box fits two one litre bottles in it.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-glove-box.jpg

The door hinges and associated connectors.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-door-hinges.jpg

The center of the dash board has this sensor or set of sensors. What do they do, I am yet to find out.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-sensor.jpg

The AC vent cover has a nice ribbed design which looks and feels sturdy.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-ac-flaps.jpg

Overall the interiors are well laid out and it is a pleasure to ride in the Aspire.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-interiors.jpg

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Default The Not So Good Things

The not so good things:
  • Beige interiors will it difficult to keep the car clean
  • No rear wiper or washer
  • I happened to drive in heavy rain for about 10 minutes and the rain clatter on the roof and windshields was much louder than I had experienced in the Figo. This indicates that the roof cladding and metal thickness is lesser than the older Fords.
  • The front bumper I think, is virtually non-functional in the event of front collision as the hood protrudes further than the bumper. This definitely is a bummer
  • The fuel tank capacity is 40 litres vs. Figoís 45 litres
  • I wanted to install the shark fin radio antenna as an accessory. I was told that it is just a dummy antenna. The actual wired antenna will continue to exist as the FM wires run only towards the front of the roof. Weird!!

My biggest grudge is about the boot interior Ė I think the space is ignored completely while designing and most of the cost cutting has happened there: The metal surface on the top and inside is not painted, the door open & close assembly is exposed and eats up into the boot space when it comes to storing suitcases. See pictures below to understand what I mean.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-boot-interior-noncolored-metal.jpg

My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-boot-springs-exposed.jpg

Notice how much the boot lever interferes with the boot space
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-boot-lever-closed-state.jpg

The ugly and exposed sharp edges at the back of the boot. This will definitely damage a fabric suitcase if pushed in too hard.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-sharp-edges-back-boot.jpg

The Figo and other Fords had neat looking engine covers which is not the case with Aspire. After checking with the demo guy at the dealer, he showed me that there is a provision to fit one (picture below), he will call me once it is available.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-engine-without-cover.jpg

My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-engine-cover-supports.jpg

The ORVM turn indicator bulbs intensity is insufficient in my opinion for the role they are supposed to play.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-puny-turn-indicator-bulb.jpg

The follow me home lamp bulbs are also puny
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-follow-me-home-lamp.jpg

The sides of the rear seats have fabric, not leather. I donít know the logic
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-fabric-rear-seat.jpg

Smaller than required ORVMs
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-orvm-size.jpg

While egression from the driver side, the lower right corner of the door always hits the foot until you completely open the door. That beige corner is going to turn black/ brown very soon. :(
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-egress.jpg

The front passenger seat gets squished on the right hand when slid to its furthermost position. This is not good as while travelling with a chauffeur it restricts that seat to be taken as much in front as possible.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-squished-seat.jpg

To summarize, Aspire is worth its money and I am confident it will be good to maintain too. For someone who loves to drive and has one eye on fuel efficiency and the other on safety, I think Aspire offers a perfect package.

The car is definitely a looker. I have had stares from strangers on traffic lights and random people walked up to me in shops to chat about the car. A little discomforting for someone who hates attention.

...and lastly, ignore the cat.
My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)-ignore-cat.jpg
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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Wow! The first ownership review of the Aspire and what a brilliant review as well.

This car looks very very nice in black. The colour actually masks the compact sedan dimensions and gives it a big car feel. It's good you changed the alloy wheels but they are a bit plain Would have looked awesome with smoked alloys.

The top end with 6 airbags at that price is a brilliant package that is very difficult to overlook.
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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Congratulations on a fantastic car. Lovely color, and that grille is killer!
Loved the real world review with apt pictures.

I think finally someone has managed to understand that a CS can be a good looking car, and doesn't necessarily have to look like, er, what they look like. Kudos to Ford.
As for the handling, dont worry. If the Figo's underpinnings are retained, you're ok. And you can get direct replacement LED follow me home bulbs. easy to put in, easy to remove without any impact your warranty.

PS:Nice Kitty!

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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

So we have the first Aspire report on Team BHP. Thank you for the detailed review and impressions. Hearty Congratulations and wish you all the best.

A good all round product. Hope the Indian Car buyers recognize its value and make it a roaring success.

First time seeing a cat in a review. Looks like the cat also has high 'Aspire'ations
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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Congratulations. Enjoy your ride.

I never really liked the looks of aspire but this is now growing on me. This one looks fantastic in black and I must say the changed alloys are bringing the best out of this car.

I wish ford does more advertising and marketing of this car to make it a success.
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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Congratulations on your car! Also, thanks for the detailed pictures walking us through the finer points of your car.

1. The sensor at the center of the dashboard - is the IR temperature sensor for the ACC. It detects the outside temperature and uses this to determine whether the outside is hotter or colder, and based on that triggers the heater or AC.
2. No leather on the sides of the seats - cost management. In my EcoSport, the undersides of the headrests are made of cloth, since they are not visible, the other sides are leather. Same reason.

Finally - a cat on a black car? Oh dear, you better chase away that feline, or invest in paint protection film!
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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Congratulations on a wonderful acquisition! Wishing you plenty of happy (s)miles ahead with your spanking new Ford.

Full marks to the Blue Oval for having brought out such a wonderful, all-round package. This has the full potential to be a segment bestseller in the days to come. I agree with Viddy - smoked or gunmetal alloys would have made it a fantastic combo with the black shade. As it is, these "Linea"-ish alloys also compliment the car quite well.

As for the "cat on a hot black hood", maybe it's a sign of things to come: "Watch out, neighbourhood, for the cool cats are on the prowl!"

The attention to detail is exquisite, hence rated your thread a fully deserving 5-stars!

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Default Re: My Ford Figo Aspire Titanium+ (Tuxedo Black)

Congrats @witwiky. Excellent review and nice pics of your baby. Did you get your wheels upgraded on 22nd in Sector 3 Nerul? I saw a black aspire at the Neo wheels dealer and it definitely looked a stunner. Enjoy your ride and drive safe.
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Originally Posted by gr8guzzler View Post
Did you get your wheels upgraded on 22nd in Sector 3 Nerul?
He took the delivery on 23rd.
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