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Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Brought the car on 21st Decí15. Apologies for delaying the review

Original(prev gen) Discovery is still one of my favourite SUV's. Happy with the same name on nose. (Poor quality pics coming in. Sorry).
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-3-front.jpg

  • First things first. It has good on-road presence. Perfect SUV for city driving and decent fun for off-road
  • Good acceleration. 240 horses petrol motor has that amazing V6 kick. You can actually see the DS nose jumping at full throttle. For those who loves engine noise, you'll love DS even more.
  • Ford sourced engine loves to be revved. Blink your eye once and you're already past 5k, blink one more time and its 6k, 7k and above are very easy to reach
  • Land Roverís Terrain Response System is a fuss free off-road feature for newcomers like me.
  • The best 4 wheel drive in the segment. Built to go anywhere ability.
  • Outstanding middle row seat slides forward, backward, reclines and seats 3 passengers in comfort. Leg space with middle bench pushed far back is in leagues of bigger Range Rover
  • 5 year warranty, services, repair and maintenance package for a car that loves sand, mud and snow more than tarmac
  • Engine has outstanding drivability
  • 5 Star Steering response
  • 5 Star safety NCAP ratings. Amazing level of kit - 7 Airbags (including one in the nose), ABS, EBD, TCS, DSC, Hill Descent Control, Roll Stability Control, ISOFIX Anchor points
  • Approach angle 25, Ramp angle 20 and Departure angle at 31 degrees. Removable front bumper lower lip provides extra approach angle
  • Good Space for a compact SUV
  • Feels stable at high speed, Complaint ride quality
  • Boot space matches that of Bigger Range Rover when last two rows are folded flat. A perfect car for moving homes and for.. Gangsters
  • You simply walk and sit in the car. To help ingress-egress for the driver, the seat moves completely down and backwards when engine switches-off and door opens. Seat returns to its original position only once you have sat and start the car next time.
  • Canít disagree, 7 seats is the novelty feature in this segment. Used it many times and kids LOVE to sit in the back
  • Panoramic sunroof makes it a green house
  • Has a hidden compartment under cup holder
  • New Infotainment setup is good for a premium car. Best ever in any LR product(shares with Jaguar XE)
  • Green badge commands good resale value in pre-owned market. Badge value has only gone up
  • Power Operated Child locks
  • Illuminated paddle Shifter
  • Four 5V sockets, Two USB charging points
  • Personalisation options for Exterior colour, Interior trim, Roof colour, wheels size, wheel colour, front grill colour, letter colour, mirror colour. They even let you choose the roof trim fabric colour! Have a great time customising
  • Storage options deserve special mention. Front door pockets easily swallows 3 one litre bottles,rear door two 1 litre bottle and last row 1!
  • Amazing sound set up even on the lower variants. HSE has 11 speaker set up and would easily please most of the bass lovers
  • One of the best Wiper and headlamp stalks on any production car. Awesome quality.
  • Electric pull-type levers make folding middle seat childís play
  • Electric boot release from remote. Electric lid close button too.
  • The Jaguar sourced gearshift controller is a pure drama when Start button is pressed

  • That BADASS image of FREELANDER 2 has gone with the new family face. No goon-ism now.
  • Mediocre Brakes. Takes long to stop. Nosedives on emergency braking. Puny discs on wheels don't look good either
  • Notorious service at JLR is the real pain
  • Either the car has drinking problems or I've high revving issues. But one thing's for sure, Petrol DS needs frequent filling
  • Missing Equipments in some countries even in top variants, viz, Surround Camera, Part Assist, Adaptive Dampers, Torque Vectoring
  • 9 Speed Gearbox shouldíve been dual clutch instead of torque converter
  • Steering has so many many hard buttons(not that I use them)
  • Like the LR2, Window controls are located oddly at the top of door trim. Prone to dust, water (I've actually got used to them in past 1 year)
  • Pricey top end HSE Luxury option falls *into Segment above.*X5, Macan, Q7 and bigger Discovery are all very close. Even the HSE undercuts Nissan Patrol, Toyota LC, X5, Q5,etc.
  • Dash center fascia doesn't match with car's overall design. Center AC vents are a big turn off. Only saving grace is Jaguar F-typeís AC control knobs and the rotary gear knob.
  • Touch screen infotainment takes your eyes away from road. Touch Response is good but system is slow in response.
  • Some amount of Body roll present. No sedan style driving like with the X5 or the Macan. My Ertiga feels more planted
  • Like all other manufacturers, Options and extras takes the price up
  • No Discounts available anywhere. Long wait wherever you are. God bless if youíve gone personalisation route
  • Long service interval of 13000 KMís. First service after 13k KMís for a Land Rover(or for that matter, any car) is a risky affair
Came across this funny statement somewhere - Land Rover is the best car to go off-road but if you want to come back home, opt a Toyota instead

Loved my 520i to the core and never ever felt of leaving it. But that SUV need for my work (and 7 seats need) forced me to part ways with our 5 series. Found a new customer for the 5 series as I joined the Disco (Sport).

It has just been over a year since our Land Rover Discovery Sport joined the family. In this time she has clocked over 14000 KM's and was liked by whoever has seen and sat in it.

Cars considered : None.
Didn't even visit any other car showroom. Was hell-bent towards Discovery Sport.

For Comparison's sake in my mind(and heart), there were a few cars which I thought-of for a day or two but never got serious about.

I can tell you that I LOVE Bimmers, I'm a die hard fan of brand BMW. Even got BMW a new customer in India. However, not going in for X5 was really not that tough. X5 is the one of the best machine money can buy, itís a machine which is built to drive fast and please you with the driving satisfaction. If I were to buy a performance machine which could go fast on straight lines or round the corners, I would have got the Macan instead. For that matter, even my 520i was a better bet than the X5 or the Macan. X5 is a great car, but Iíd rather go with X6 if I were eyeing X5. One big issue(if you really love your cars) with most of german cars is, you really need to keep them clean. I mean, the interiors get dirty even in normal daily use. I already had a terrible experience visiting car wash center's frequently for maintaining our 520i. No such thing with Land Rovers. More on this later.

The DS feels more like a SUV(with some off road credibility) - Heavier, solid and higher off the ground...even though it's not bigger (haven't measured, but the DS seems pretty close to the X5 parked side by side). I prefer the overall feel of the DS as it is new, fresh and looks good(at least to me). X3 looked and felt quite small inside out to me. So never thought of it.

Other cars including XC60/XC90 weren't considered at all. I don't know why, but I wouldn't spend my money on unknown service of Volvo. It doesn't make you feel special either. The Jeepís are potent, and even offer maximum horsepower for your buck(the Grand Cherokee) but these don't command the road presence of a Land Rover. (Sorry Jeep owners, but thatís what I feel.)

With the Discovery Sport, its about comfort, space, (off-road sometimes) and the most important thing, Style (when you pay so much). The Disco is new, and would definitely look refreshing for some more time. I am assuming that most buyers sign the cheque just by the looks of the car. The Disco Sport, for sure, would find many such takers. While there are plenty of competing cars that can do everything a Discovery Sport does, only the Disco would make you feel special in a way that is very hard to explain. It's a task in itself to find a major deficiency in this Land Rover. With all other cars in the segment, itís the Disco Sport that feels like it can venture off the beaten path, and thatís what most of us look for in a SUV.

If that wasn't enough, the DS was tested extremely in Dubai and thatís enough reason for me to buy it. While I know, TEAM-BHP has many haters(including many mods) for the brand Land Rover(due to the poor service, or the exaggeration of it), I was smiling when I saw this. Brand has got a few admirers as well.(Happy Feeling) I hope my membership stays alive even after this.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-car-year.png

The Discovery Sport wears compact dimensions (see the short overhangs)
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-5-side.jpg

The rear end is unique.(vis a vis evoque)
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-rear.jpg

I prefer its design and style package over the competition
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-4-side.jpg

While the vehicle handover took more than 3 months post booking, the delivery was made in style.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-1.jpg
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-2.jpg

Size comparo with the Big Daddy
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-6-size-camparo.jpg

One of the best alloys in LR range. I don't like alloys of the India specific DS
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-7-tyre.jpg

I actually booked the HSE Luxury at the first place but later realised that paying 7500$ would've been a foolish decision. The more accomplished Discovery was a mere 4k$ away(not that I wouldíve bought it) and on top of that Land Rover silently removed Surround Camera, Park Assist and few nifty features from HSE Luxury a month before I booked the car.

The features I missed from the HSE Luxury variant were 20Ē alloys(looked too big), cooled front seats(which I really miss), Meridian Sound System with 17 speakers, chrome lining on door handles, premium mat designs, and a different leather design on interior trim. The features really aren't worth the premium.

Factor-in the discounts on other cars, and the HSE Luxury dangerously falls into the X5, Q7 and XC90 segment and the fact is, 10/15% here or there, I couldíve got any SUV from Patrol, LC, X5,Q7, XC90, etc. But then, thatís the price you pay for a new launched car.

As Iím writing this, Discovery Sport has already become LR's best selling model. Quite an achievement if you ask me.
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re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport


Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-parting-shot-side.jpg
The new design of Discovery Sport is undoubtedly the most interesting in the segment and probably the best looking car in the segment(at least for me, it really is). The Evoque was a head turner and you might find the DS as a beefed-up version of the Evoque, which is a good thing. Thereís no arguing the fact that this car has good on-road presence.

The short overhangs, skid plates, and rugged wheel lips. Itís clearly a vehicle that was built to get dirty.

The short overhangs
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-alloys.jpg

The HID Headlamps along with the COOL looking LED running lights make it an eye candy when viewed upfront. Not that the rear (or the side profile) is an eyesore, but the rear might not get many takers when compared to the front of the car. I, however, prefer the toned version of the carís rear end.
I found these 19Ē alloys as the best looking design in the DS range. The 20Ē looked little overkill and offered very little side profile. Sadly, the 17Ē/18Ē which provided more side wall were reserved only for the lower variants.

The rear LED drama
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-rear-lighs.jpg

The DS provides as many as 10 colours including two tones of white, that sweet stone and maroon-ish red among others. A few premium colours are also available which cost close to 2500$. I went away with my favourite white.
The DS offers personalisation of black and gray packs which makes the car looks menacing. I'd be going in for it very soon.

Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-9a-dash.jpg

The dashboard looks a bit ordinary and many may be put off by lack of designer piano black or wooden trim, but this is a pure purposeful design in-line with the LRís tradition. It wonít match Audi and BMW, and not even close to RRís Evoque, certainly, but it has its own new and original setup rather than a toned down version of Evoque.

The cabin is less luxurious than you might find in other premium sport SUVís, but it looks classy with high quality materials and functions well. Thereís no hard plastic, poor quality of material anywhere. Everything feels sturdy and well laid, built with purpose for this car. The only missing stuff is that oomph factor of Evoque's centre fascia.

Few zoomed-in pics of Dash equipments.

The Steering offers good grip and feels rich to hold. Horn pad is not that premium, though.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-11a-steering.jpg

Center Fascia looks and feels rugged. AC knobs are straight lift from the f-type. All physical buttons have a premium feel while opearting
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-10b-night-mode.jpg

The Meter console
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-11-meter-1.jpg

The Gear Knob looks really cool
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-13-gear.jpg

The control stalks
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-11c.jpg

AC Vents are similar to the one's found in prev gen RR Sport
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-16-ac-vent.jpg

Large sized glove box
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-16b-glove-box.jpg

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re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Dash Storage for front passenger. Has a mobile charging point too
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-18c-dash-storage.jpg

See the dead pedal. I find it in a bit upright position.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-17b-dead-pedal.jpg

Some more control for Dash light & Boot Lid
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-17-other-switch.jpg

Comfy Armrest
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-arm-rest.jpg

Has good under storage capacity. USB and Nav sticks loaded here.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-14-armrest-understorage.jpg

The piano black finished slider beneath armrest reveals cup holders
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-15-cup-holder.jpg

..which also has a hidden space to store valuables
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-15-cup-holder-2.jpg

Controls for Seat Adjustment. Circular control is for lumbar support.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-17-other-switch-2.jpg

Front Door. Opens in 3 stage and feels very heavy. You really have to slam the door while closing. Land Rover stuff(saw this in prev gen Discovery as well as Freelander2). Dont like it though.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-17c-front-zdoor.jpg

ORVM provides good view. Shared with its cousins
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-17d-front-orvm.jpg

Each door pocket can hold at least 3 1ltr bottles!!
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-17e-front-door-pocket.jpg

3 Memory settings for Seats & ORVM. Door auto unlocks at predefined limit set by the driver or by the small switch near the inside door latch. Tweeter visible
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-18a-door-panel.jpg

Everything Photocopied for non driver seat as well
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-18b-door-panel.jpg

Did I forget the greenhouse effect?
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-20-panaromic.jpg

Car has Airbags printed everywhere. Inside and outside(for pedestrains)
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-19-front-seat.jpg

Can you find the no of airbag markings in the view
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-panorama-airbags.jpg

Lets go to the back.

Rear Doors don't miss on any goodies. Loads of storage space.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-19a-rear-door.jpg

Rear Vents are placed on the B pillars. Air throw is limited.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-18-rear-vent.jpg

Controls (namesake) for rear passenger. Charging point and mobile holder only. Dummy button lookalike is for AC control. That option was astonishing 1500$!!
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-22e-rear-controls.jpg

Middle row seats
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-22b-middle-row.jpg

Leg space is in league with bigger Range Rover cousins. Competitors are simply no match.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-22c-middle-row-seats.jpg

Indian saheb will love the recline feature.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-22a-rear-recline-angle.jpg

Now this is one area where the Discovery Sport will outgun all other cars in the segment. The middle row seats slide and recline separately apart from having a 60/40 split. The second row seats have some bit of bolstering for added comfort and support. There's just no shortage of head room, legroom or elbow room in the first two rows.

ISOFIX mounts aplenty
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-isofix.jpg

I love the company supplied floor mats.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-29-floor-mat.jpg

Last row of seats for kids (or enemies). Anyone wants a test drive here?
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-maximum-last-row-space.jpg

FSI wise, the new Discovery Sportís interior feels more spacious than its size would suggest. For comparison's sake, it is 90 mm longer than the car it replaces and the wheelbase is a mere 1 mm more, and yet manages to squeeze that extra row.

Sure, the Discovery Sport is based on a modified Evoque platform, and has a longer wheelbase, but, with some clever packaging, Land Rover has slapped a third row seat into the Discovery Sport which none in the competition could manage. Moreover, LR is not shouting about the third row as a full size row. The brochure clearly refers it as 5+2 seats with last row best suited for kids or adults over a short journey. I found the last row on par with the Ertiga which we have at home. The two third-row seats are pretty flat and basic but they do have nice high head restraints for added safety. They might take away the Oscars for the biggest head rest and smallest seats!

To place the third row of seats, Land Rover removed the full size spare which comes in the 5 seater and provides a space saver on 5+2 version in the carís rear bottom.

May be, some folks would buy the DS just for its seating capacity, but thatís just my assumption.

Boot Space
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-boot-seats-up-.jpg
Though the Disco Sport looks is smaller than all major competitors in the segment, it actually has a bigger boot. The boot space is good at 981 litres of storage with the tray removed and 3rd row folded down and an impressive 1698 litres with the second-row of seats folded.(Boot capacity copied from brochures)

Boot Space with last row of seats down. Folding last row seats is a childís play. Simply pull these straps to fold the seats. Want them back in shape? Just pull the straps again!
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-boot-seats-down.jpg

See the pull type handle above. The tool kit in boot gets secured here
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-28-tool-kit.jpg

The useful electric pull type buttons aids in folding the middle row seats. Also see the nifty lights for the last row.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-img_3865.jpg

Charging slot even in the last row. Seat belt secured by a clip.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-img_3868.jpg

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Re: Life with Land Rover Discovery Sport

LR shouts loud in its Discovery Sport brochure about 5-Star Euro-NCAP rating as well as 5-Star ANCAP ratings. There are numerous airbags inside the car apart from few other safety measures like Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control, Roll Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking Systems, Emergency Brake Lights, ISOFIX mounts, etc.

Apart from auto headlamps and rain sensitive wipers which have become a norm now, The DS offers some more features for the convenience seekers.
It has a sun load sensor that continuously monitors the sun-rays, and automatically adjusts the air conditioning to minimise the heat inside the cabin. What this means is, there will always be some air flowing through the vents even if AC/Fan is off. In winters, it throws hot air! The Climate control also detects the high pollution levels outside and switches automatically to re-circulation mode.

The system also has a sensor somewhere fitted in the car which automatically detects and clears windscreen misting.

Most variants comes with leather trims and ten-way electric adjustment for the front seats along with the memory function. The front seats offer good amount of support with excellent bolstering for thigh and the numerous combination for the adjustment for back and lumbar support(I LOVE it). Take into account the height & reach adjustable steering, and you easily get the perfect driving position.

The best part about the seats is the comfort access which aids in easy ingress-egress for the driver.
Switch off the engine, open the door and you’ll see the driver seat moving back and down. Get out as in you would do in a Wagon R.
Next time, when you get into the car, close the door, press the start button, the seat returns back to its original position.

Another handy feature : Rotate the gear knob to P, remove the seat belt, and the car automatically shuts down.

For Coffee lovers, the Disco has 2 cup holders for all three row of seats and separate storage bins for all the individual seats. Even the last row of occupants have got their mobile storage area!

The scratch prone remote.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-img_6699.jpg

The boot lid has a button housed above the number plate trim which auto opens the boot lid and a button is also provide inside the boot lid which shuts in a slow manner. If you’ve got a low height parking space, you can even program the lid to open only to the position where it doesn't touches the roof.


The steering wheel is adequately sized for a SUV and has a nice soft feel attached to it. Its meatier to hold too.

However, the buttons are hard(probably to ensure that they aren't mistakenly pressed) and the horn pad takes effort for the thumb to press. The Freelander 2 had a far superior set up with best-in-class twin soft and large horn buttons and pull type steering controls for phone controls. Old is Gold.

This steering unit is a EPAS and is direct, very light at slow speeds and weighs up significantly during high speeds. The steering responds in a very linear fashion, making the car easy to place on the road. The feedback is good if you’ve come from a hydraulic steering age. Enthusiast will like it for its heavy-ness. If you’ve driven a bimmer, you’d understand what i’m trying to say. Its good and you don't feel any artificial effect while driving. During most of my drives in fast lanes I felt it was just perfect.

The only gripe I have is the lazy steering return back action. At U-turns and roundabouts, It’s dead slow in returning to its original position and that, after the large turning circle at 11.6m.


GCC countries enjoy petrol powered vehicles more than any other country. I feel so blessed

At maximum power rating of 240 PS and 340 NM Torque, this is the same FORD Ecoboost petrol motor which is used in over a dozen cars world over and in most of Ford’s SUVs. I’m relieved that the engine is sourced from FORD and not the in-house LR production. You probably know why.

The motor feels adequately powered for a SUV this size. The engine’s quite loud at low speeds and is still audible at higher revs(something which we all like). My 520i had a better motor but it didn't sound well. Really. For music lovers, this motor's sound is quite good.

A gentle press on the accelerator pedal and you’ll get that V6 feeling and not that of the 4 cylinders. Motor has the kick to throw you back in the seat. Its lightning fast. The power flow is violent and very easily accessible through an automatic nine-speed transmission that quickly ticked through its gears, unless you play with paddle shifters.

I’ve covered 14000 KM’s till now and can vouch that during every drive, the car takes off at good speed at signals. All in all, a wonderful experience but Land Rover could've offered more choices in petrol engines as market for petrol engine is huge and gaining popularity everywhere. Good that they launched this in India too.

Something which was not to be missed is, the turbo lag(slight), very less at that(below 1800-2000 rpms). You wont notice when that’s gone. It doesn't have the magic of diesel units below 2,000 RPM but not something that you’ll complain about. It never feels like it's struggling with the load. The petrol only becomes brutal past the 2,000 RPM mark which you’ll achieve once you’ve crossed the 20-30 kmph mark. The petrol motor doesn't have the low-down torque to match that of premium diesels but its just fine.

Drive wise, I love how Land Rover has managed to give this 2 ton SUV such agility and performance figures. The only issue arises is when the car moves fast from slow speeds, like in the overtaking scenarios. The sudden acceleration from stand still has that rubbery feeling, probably because of the gearbox.

On a funnier note, Slamming your foot to the floor before 2k RPM's gives an experience what you normally see with supercars (Roaring engine before moving fast, drama, everyone staring at you.. ).


The Disco's engine is bolted to the ZF sourced 9-speed auto tranny, which is not a dual clutch, and also does duty on the Evoque and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The transmission is setup in a way that the car takes off in the 2nd gear and not the 1st. The 1st gear is reserved for very slow speeds encountered during off road situations, inclines & slopes.

Land Rover salesman who had received the training on Disco explains that this is to maximise fuel economy and reduce the weight of the car as using a dual clutch gearbox would have increased the overall car weight. Talking of weight, the body panels like the fenders, bonnet hood, doors, roof and tailgate, are all made of aluminium to reduce the weight. LR has made many measures but Disco still is a heavy car. Close to 2 tons.

Gearbox is named 9HP and supports in reducing fuel consumption figure over 12 percent in petrol powered SUV when driven over 120 KM/H. At the same time, the engine speeds at 100 km/h is approximately 700 rpm lower compared to the Freelander 2’s 6-speed tranny. The 9HP aids engine in lower noise level as the rotational level is on the lower side during fast speeds.

The only issue I had with the gearbox is that it takes time to respond only below the speeds of 40/50 KMPH. Beyond these speeds its lightning quick, the gear changes are smooth and there’s just no rubber band effect. Moreover, if you've gone on a pedal to metal mode, the gearshifts are amazing, its during those times, you’d not even notice the gear change happening, it feels butter smooth. To me, this engine gearbox combo is ideal for spirited driving, slow in gear changes only during those few moments when you start from a complete halt. But once you’re off that zone, you’ll beam with a big smile.

I am no expert here, I’m in fact pretty novice to this stuff, but I’ve driven a 5 series for almost 7k KM’s over a period of six months and I can say that this unit on Discovery Sport is not slow by any means. Probably the combination of diesel engines which are bolted to the gearbox aren't mated precisely, probably! If you're on car shopping, Please do check reviews of the Ingenium engines and better wait for those engines to arrive before concluding anything on this tranny. It really boils down to how the engine and gearbox are mated together rather than how a specific gearbox shifts or an engine performs. Fact is, my 520i had way lower power output and a ZF 8 speed dual clutch which made the car lightning fast.

I wonder why so many reviewers cry over something that is so trivial.

The DS also provides paddle shifters as standard across all variants and that eye grabbing Jaguar gear shift knob is present here as well. For those who still feel that the gearbox is a lazy unit, the illuminated Paddle shifters might just save. No more waiting for those downshifts! The paddles might also just help you in engine braking when going downhill.

Trivia : The 9HP is an intelligent adaptive gearbox. It adapts to the driving style of the driver and will keep changing its shift strategy to adapt with the driver. Part of the reason why gearbox seems slow but is actually not!

So when the driving style is sedate, Shift to taller gears are made frequent, while in pedal to metal driving situations, downshift is more eager and lower gears are held for long time. Passionate drivers will admire the fact that Disco can hold onto specific gears for much longer time. Gives you complete control and feel of manual driving.

On Road Behaviour, Ride Quality
There is a little bit of body roll on corners but that is acceptable given its ride height. The Discovery Sport is proof that Land Rover can make good handling cars. While not as sporty as a Macan or the X5, but manages to bring smile on your face. Drivewise, the DS has got good acceleration and improved performance when the sport mode is engaged.
I'm adjusting to pushing the DS slowly around corners for last year or so.
Mostly, I learnt to work with the car and understand how it responds. By adjusting my driving style a bit, I find it to be a very enjoyable experience. The germans are a bit more effortless though.

Among the cars I have been in, The DS handles potholes, uneven pavement, and vertical movements better than almost every car I sat in(including Innova). The ride quality is impressive, the Discovery Sport manages to take bumps on the road without any nervousness.


Small puny discs all-around is what you'll find in the car which costs twice as much as a CRV/Fortuner!

I have lost the count of times, I’ve missed the 5 series while sudden braking. Land Rover should’ve focused more on the braking as I really can live with the poor gearbox response but this was a big downer for me. The brakes takes time to stop and more importantly, the car nosedives on heavy braking as well. Braking at small speeds also takes long to respond. I would rate braking inability as the biggest disadvantage of Discovery Sport. The less I speak of it, the better.

Fuel Consumption

I have received a combined fuel consumption of close to 5-6 KMPL but I'll blame my driving style for that. It clocked in a fair 10 to a liter during some of my highway runs.

There's a stop-start function which is quick to turn-off and turn-on the engine again. It doesn't gives the jerk I felt in my 5 series(or a scorpio for comparison's sake), the engine gives no vibrations whatsoever during starts but the whole process is still awful(money not well spent).

While the car computer fiddles with the Start-Stop mechanism, it’s the AC that takes the toll which reduces cooling in extreme climate of Dubai.

Service Experience

Gave the car for service at 11000 KM as I didn't want to wait for manufacturer claimed 1st service at 13k KM's. The service guys were polite and made sure all my basic complaints were sorted out.

One thing which I would like to highlight is this: This Land Rover has got no issues at all! I was a bit hesitant in going in for a Land Rover after reading few incidents in team-bhp but over the last 14k KM's, I haven't faced a single issue with the car. LR actually tested this car for close to 2 years before launching. Money well spent

All in All, a great car and I really don't regret a bit buying it. View it as a chic and sporty crossover with great cargo space and you'll revel in its ownership. I miss the 520i more than I’ve missed anything in my life. But yes, DS gives me practicality which I missed with the bimmer. I have used Disco extensively for my business activities as well, which I know, I couldn't have done in any sedan.

Gearbox is far from the best and Go-kart abilities of Macan absent, but these can't stop a prospect from buying one.

I don't bother about the service and other issues which LR is infamous for. I said it in my other ownership review and would say it again- Life’s too short to worry about stuff like these.

You only live once.


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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport


The infotainment unit is a all new eight-inch touchscreen which embeds many new features. Its better than any of LR/RR models too slow! Wish it had a better processor.

The speaker setup is excellent. I missed the bass on my 5 series but the subwoofer on
Discovery Sport will get you in Disco mode every time, during every song play. I liked the setup on my cousin’s Freelander and love the set up on DS too. For those who’re not going for the full option 17 speaker meridian unit from HSE luxury, please do see that this Alpine unit is up there with the best. I am not a critic, but I am that desi Indian songs lover who loves bass and good quality even at low volumes and this 11 speaker system is indeed impressive.

There is an option of choosing the dual-view technology that allows the front seat passenger to watch a movie while the driver is using the navigation. But that’s an 'Option'.
Since I don't use voice controls, I would just say that voice command thing is really over hyped by auto makers. Blame it on my accent, but the experience is just not worth it.

For detailed review of the ICE, Vid6639 has already covered it in detail during F-Pace review here.
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Hi Viren,

Nice review of the Discovery Sport. Thanks for sharing.

I was quite impressed by the car when I had a close look at it at the 2016 Auto Expo. It's quite a lot better than its predecessor - the Freelander 2. It looks very good and has good capability. I am also a fan of Land Rover's interior designs. I believe that's how they should be in an SUV, not too car-like. The Meridian audio system is easily among the best in the business as well. Despite the rather steep price, the car seems to have gained a lot of popularity here in India - see a lot of them on the roads of Mumbai.

What I didn't like is like most JLR products out there, the plastics used in the Discovery Sport don't feel premium enough. Additionally, while the build is good and the vehicles feel tough, the finish in parts is not quite up there with say Audi or Mercedes-Benz.

That said, this is very much the SUV I'd buy if I was looking for an vehicle in the segment. Wish you many happy miles of motoring.
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport


Very detailed and nice review. I believe if i have to get a SUV in that price bracket i will definitely choose Disco Sport. Its truly a head turner for me

Happy motoring.
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Nice review and detailed description of each aspect of the SUV.

Just one question though have you tried the machine on off road and what is your feel about the vehicle behaviour?
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Congrats Viren! That is one heck of an SUV, and a fitting review for it too. Thanks for sharing.

Read your thread with keen interest as you were a 5-Series owner before.

I love Land Rover's styling and applaud them for keeping it clean & classy in this era of overdone designs. Based on your review, she sounds like quite an all-rounder SUV.

Originally Posted by viren83 View Post
One thing which I would like to highlight is this: This Land Rover has got no issues at all! I was a bit hesitant in going in for a Land Rover after reading few incidents in team-bhp but over the last 14k KM's, I haven't faced a single issue with the car.
Am not surprised. The Discovery Sport has a lot in common with the Evoque, which in turn has a lot in common with the Freelander2. My brother-in-law has completed over 70,000 km and his Freelander has been very reliable. That 5 year warranty should have you covered as well.

The unreliable Land Rovers are basically...the complicated higher-end Range Rovers .

Originally Posted by viren83 View Post
Mediocre Brakes. Takes long to stop. Nosedives on emergency braking. Puny discs on wheels don't look good either
Hmmmm, disappointing. Premium cars usually have awesome brakes & I can't think of any I've driven with ordinary stopping power. Even entry-level luxury cars (e.g. Mercedes C-Class) have powerful brakes.

Notorious service at JLR is the real pain
Looks like Jaguar-Land Rover is consistent in this area in every country .

Congrats again! Wish you many years of driving pleasure with her.
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Hi Viren83, it was real nice to read an ownership review coming from Dubai. As i'm working in Dubai too .

The Discovery Sport is a superb choice. It stands out in UAE among the sea of Land Cruiser's, Patrol's and Pajero's.

Congratulations on your ride and wish you many miles of safe motoring!
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
What I didn't like is like most JLR products out there, the plastics used in the Discovery Sport don't feel premium enough. Additionally, while the build is good and the vehicles feel tough, the finish in parts is not quite up there with say Audi or Mercedes-Benz.
Thanks Aditya!

Agree 100% with you. More than a year and I've just one thing to share with you- I like it the interior that ways.(I just don't like the dash center fascia). The interior plastic quality isn't German grade but I've also not found a single plastic bit which is hard or don't feel nice. It's just that it doesn't feel premium because of the application that this car was made for. I was already terrified with maintenance of our 5 series which was allergic to dust and shoe marks. With Discovery Sport, you can live life as if you're driving an open jeep.

BTW, I feel material quality found in Discovery Sport is built to last instead of premium. Here's the control stalks to prove my point.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-11c.jpg

Look at the aluminium frame(or rails). Who would've thought of placing such materials in today's car
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-screenshot-20170128-16.58.22.png

The dashboard material is not soft touch (unless you press it) but somewhere between japs & germans.
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-img_3592.jpg

For places where it matters, they've indeed kept the right material grade in place. The storage space under armrest(and sunglass holder) has good velvet lining
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-img_3765.jpg

Would anyone do something like this in their premium cars?
Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport-img_5896.jpg

I feel Land Rover's are built for a purpose. If they had given premium feeling interiors, it would simply become a beefed up Evoque, which it actually isn't.

Although a marketing gimmick. Hope you've seen it already. cheers!

Originally Posted by vineet1712 View Post
Happy motoring.
Thanks Vineet!

Originally Posted by malgudi View Post
Just one question though have you tried the machine on off road and what is your feel about the vehicle behaviour?
I've been dying to do it since the day I brought her home. Even joined dubai Discovery Sport club as well. Couldn't give in enough time because of work. I shall be taking her to the below place very soon(once I've some company) but I feel off road review/feedback is best left for mods and off-roading pro's.

Name:  DaretheDunes.png
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Congrats Viren!

Hmmmm, disappointing. Premium cars usually have awesome brakes & I can't think of any I've driven with ordinary stopping power. Even entry-level luxury cars (e.g. Mercedes C-Class) have powerful brakes.
Thanks GTO! I wouldn't have noticed it that much if I hadn't driven a 5 series before
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Congratulations for the new car. It is really good we have members sharing ownership reviews from different parts of world.

BTW is there any difference in price in Dubai vs India.
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Re: Life with a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Hi Viren, I have been waiting further updates in your thread. Its been a while could you please update your experience further with the DS ?
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