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Default Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Its been 11 years since my dad bought the Santro Xing. It's serving us very well even now. So, in a way, Hexa is a very big upgrade for us.

We were in the market since 2015 looking for something nearing an SUV. The usage pattern was mainly weekend getaways, rare visits to my native which is about 700kms away and occasional travel to the office. Also, since we are just a family of three, third row comfort in case of a 7-seater did not matter much. Considering these scenarios, mileage was not a concern and we were fixed on buying an MT variant, irrespective of which car we bought.

The only affordable car that would come close to being an SUV was XUV. Other alternatives that we considered were:-

Cars/Segments explored
1. Duster/Ecosport: These are the new breed of cars that have taken the market my storm! The looks are good and the mileage too is acceptable. And boy are these cars fun to drive! However, the space in these cars is similar to the hatchbacks and it doesn't really feel like you are driving an SUV/Crossover. We were looking out for the Ecosport face-lift. However, with just a few changes in the cabin and no major visual upgrades on the outside, we dropped it.

2. Elantra/City/Ciaz: High on the luxury quotient and great performance. Dad and I were interested in buying a sedan but my mom was not at all comfortable with them. We had a TD of the Elantra though. You tend to just sink into those seats and the driver feels like a king! However, with these Indian roads, the driver has to be always cautious of the GC and that kind of takes away the fun. Hence, had to rule them out.

3. Scorpio/Safari: Great cars to own but low on luxury. I always had a liking for the Safari, given its bold looks and solid build. Wish TATA comes up with a good upgraded version of the same with more features and a good AT variant.

4. XUV: Ticked all our boxes. It had the looks, features and performance at an affordable price. We did an extensive TD and were impressed with the performance. With multiple utility spaces, an attractive console and the many features it offered, we were outright convinced! So we decided to go ahead and book the same.

Fortunately, i landed up looking at a review of the Hexa. And then began the wonderful journey: from curiosity, to surprise, to fascination and finally, to ownership!
Though I have detailed out all there is to know about the car below, here's a snapshot:-

5. Hexa: Looks were great, and we loved the side profile of the car. Interiors were rich and the NVH levels were amazingly low. We loved the audio quality too.The engine refinement too is such that many of my friends and relatives were surprised that it was a diesel.

I now would like to compare the Hexa and the XUV as i feel these are the two cars that people will get confused the most while buying.

While the XUV looks more butch and SUV-like the Hexa's design says nothing of the sort. It looks simple and mature with the "nothing to prove" attitude.

With the brief TD experience i had of the XUV, both on highways and cities, i must say, the cabin is not a quiet place to be in. As you go faster, different sounds, or rather noises/vibrations tend to filter in. Given the kinds of plastic laid out in the cabin, this is to be expected i guess. Also, it could be that i'am wrong and the fault was with the TD car, which i must say was pretty new. The car is pretty easier to drive in the city given it's smooth steering. But, the clutch was an issue. Your ankle starts to hurt and one of my friends confirmed the same after driving a bit in the city. This is where i love the Hexa. The clutch is smooth and there are no vibrations in the cabin irrespective of the road conditions. One big bummer was that there was no dead pedal. Am used to it by now, bust still, i feel, there had to be a dead pedal in there!

Another major pointer is that ingress/egress in XUV is easier than the Hexa. You need to climb in and slide out of the latter!

Based on the above pointers, with comfort, quality and looks being priority, we chose the Hexa. To those of you who want the looks, utility spaces and features, and believe that "a known enemy is better than an unknown friend", go for the XUV. Although i must say, there are no major niggles experienced by any of the owners with whom am in touch.

Booking and delivery

Now, i need to take a moment here to thank my dealer: Prerana Motors, Lalbhagh road, Bangalore. Everyone, right from my family to friends, were sceptical about the Hexa. I could not wait to look at the car. I got a call from the dealers saying that a test drive vehicle was available and they were the first dealers in Bangalore to receive it. We rushed there on the same day.

The moment i saw the car, i was confused. An SUV? MUV? What in the world is this? And when i sat inside, i forgot all about the XUV! We drove it around and with every spin of those massive wheels, i fell more in love!

Now the reason why i thanked the dealers here is, right from that day on, they have been patiently addressing our doubts and queries and we fortunately got the chance of having a TD car at home to check out the parking space and have a highway run.

Also, we were particular on having the delivery on February, Friday (17th).

The RTO procedures and the PDI were both done on the same day and delivery was made by 8pm. It is a tungsten silver XT 4X2 7-seat configuration.

The staff were disappointed that they were unable to give us a proper ceremony. But, if anyone from Prerana is reading this, you guys were great! I wish all dealerships were like you guys! Friendly, patient and knowledgeable!

Also, it was firmly communicated right from the start that there would be no discounts as the car was new. The only thing we could bargain for was on the insurance part and accessories.
We chose extended warranty for 2 years and the total on road came upto approximately 20.6xx (thanks to Karnataka's higher tax). Post delivery, i was nervous while driving home as it was dark. Judgement was an issue. Still, from that day till now, after driving for 400kms, i can say the following:-


1. Road presence: The car is massive and the build is pretty solid. Heads do turn! I have even shared the dealer's number to a person at a signal who was about to book a Scorpio (thanks to the Bangalore traffic). Sometimes however, I feel the design is a bit simple and mature as i said previously. Its as if the designers knew what they were doing and had no intention of incorporating any loud body features to make it seem more like an SUV. The design is so balanced that, anyone in traffic who's in a hurry would not care to give it a second glance. But people who are into cars will definitely stop and stare! The questions that come at you are worth noting though! The most frequent one to watch out for is "Is it a TATA?!" Yes, the product surpasses the brand's image as far as the public is concerned.

2. Quality: Be it the materials used or the overall ride quality, you will have to experience it before believing. There's no need to fully slow down for potholes and speed-breakers. Many times, i just go over them and hear a satisfying "buff"! Seats are a bit hard though. But guess that's a plus for long touring. Add to that the mind blowing audio, you just start thinking its too good to be true!

3. Performance: Please make sure the car is in "dynamic" mode (for MT) when you want to check out its performance. It pulls, and the pull is felt evenly across the rpm band (tried till 3.5k rpm). The moment you put it in "comfort" mode, you will feel the engine go lazy in a flash. I have not yet tried the rough road mode and hope the difference is as clear as the comfort and dynamic/auto modes.

4. Audio: THE BEST system that i have heard in any car! People may add woofers or whatever they like in other cars. But in Hexa, it's different! All the highs, mids and lows are equally heard and the quality is rich! You increase the volume, there's absolutely no vibration in the car and importantly, no distortion in audio quality.

5. Space: Acres and acres of it! You actually start loving the interior of the car due to its space and quality of the materials. The arm-rest too is useful. Few people said it was not practical. But, in cities, when you ride around in 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear, the arm-rest feels comfortable. The huge windows offer the passengers with a great view and adds to the airy feel of the cabin. Wonder what would happen if i had a sunroof!

6. Driving: It was very easy to find a good driving posture. Though there's no dead pedal, i found the car even more comfortable to drive than the Santro. And thanks to the massive torque, there are no frequent gear-shifts. You get all the information you need and more on the MID and the infotainment display.

7. Turbo: Though this is not as important a factor as the rest, i just love the turbo on the Hexa. Am so addicted to the turbo whistle that i take the car out for a spin very often only to hear the sound! There is one sound that is heard when in 3rd or 4th gear. When you take your foot off the A-pedal with RPM hovering below 2000, you hear a "krrk" sound. My SA said that its the fins of the VGT opening and closing and that it is present in all the cars. Strange though, and you do get annoyed in the starting days of your ownership, but then get used to it. This same sound was reported by almost every owner i know.

8. Comfort: We had a 50-60kms trip where three women were seated in the third row. Thanks to the horizontal movement of the bench seats, the last row passengers felt comfortable and were confident that longer trips could easily be made in them.

Coming to the second and first row seats, they are amazing! You tend to doze off on the bench seats! Electronic adjustments however, in the driver seat, are sorely missed.


1. Height: The ride height is way above ground, which is really good. But getting in and out of the car is a task. Side steps are necessary. People reported issues of the door brushing against the floor when these were installed. But my dealer says there's no such issue in the cars which they have delivered. I, however, am not going with the side steps for now.

2. Horn: A very stupid horn. Sounds worse than my Santro! Need to replace it ASAP. Suggestions welcome! It is also dangerous because the people in front will not be able to judge the size of the car that has been honking at them! You tend to get frustrated in crowded areas.

3. Steering: A car of this size may not have a smooth steering. But looking at XUV and others, i think the Hexa's is a bit stiff. It does weigh up when speed builds which increases confidence. But looking at the comments on the net which say that you do not have to hit the gym if you have the hexa and such stuff, I would like to say, it's BS. I love the way the steering is and how the car responds!

4. Gear shifts: Notchy, Rubbery, call it what you like. It is a bit hard shifting to and from the first two gears. Other gears are pretty smooth, including slotting into reverse. Also, you do hear the gears getting engaged when you are driving and the windows are rolled down. Good or bad, I have no clue!

Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-img20170217wa0017.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-img20170217wa0015.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-img20170219wa0012.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170218_083730.jpg

1st March-17

While the above was written after a few days of ownership, here I am again after a 1600kms trip. I have now understood the car much better and have few things to share. Although I have mentioned these in the official review page, here they go:-

The first leg of the trip was done in comfort mode. And trust me, it feels like driving four different cars thanks to the four different modes! While the comfort mode is lazy, the moment you put it to dynamic, you get a smile on your face! Also, I observed that it was impossible for me to cross 120+ kmph in the comfort mode. In dynamic, however, it was way easier. The cruise control too worked exactly as per my expectations. Though you tend to brake or accelerate depending on the conditions, you can resume your speed by just a press of a button.

Few issues/points worth mentioning:-

1. The passenger seat's plastic cover came loose when the lock broke while my dad was getting down. This definitely is a design flaw and the second lock already looks to be on the verge of breaking point. Either the folks assembling it may have miss-aligned the same and the strain on the locking system may have been unevenly distributed. Or the quality is sub-standard, which is highly unlikely looking at the car on the whole. The former is the only reason that i can think of.
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170227_093906.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170227_094001.jpg

I got the same rectified under warranty. The service personnel came home on a weekend and installed a new cover within 15 minutes and left. Pretty quick i should say. Nice work Prerana!

2. There was a very annoying rattling sound when the car went on potholes or speed-breakers. The technician immediately visited our home and after a brief TD, narrowed down the possibility to the bonnet hinges. There seemed to be a play between the hinges when the bonnet was closed. Problem was sorted out on the same day and now, the car is quiet no matter where you drive!
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170301_204602.jpg

3. The space to hold your sunglasses is quiet small and if you have oversized aviators, you can see them protruding out like this:-
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170301_204759.jpg

4. Although I said that the audio was THE BEST above, after this trip, i feel strongly that TATA should have worked a bit more on the BASS when the volume is below 10. Above this mark, the audio inside the cabin is, I repeat, THE BEST!
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-jbl.jpg

5. Not an issue though but thought of posting it. When parked outside, this happened on the next day after delivery. A kid lost balance on his cycle and fell on the car. Thanks to the light body colour, it is not so obviously visible:-
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170301_204921.jpg

6. Quality of the output from the rear cam is very low at night. However, it does a good job of guiding the driver. You can clearly see the rear guard and since that is the only portion of the car that protrudes out, you can safely park with confidence. It's something like this:-
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-reverse.jpg

During the day, the camera is very good and you can switch it on irrespective of the speeds that you are doing!

7. Getting the phone connected to the infotainment system is a task. Sometimes, no matter how much you unplug and plug your phone back, Navimaps do not work and the app does not detect the car. BT pairing however works flawlessly every time. Fellow owners experienced the same with the Connectnext app and have found a work-around. You need to connect it to the infotainment before pairing the phone via BT to the system. Looks like an annoying bug. Having said this, the maps are brilliant. It is real time (unlike few stop-and-go maps) and have accurate speed based zoom along with important details like the next fuel station, restaurants, etc. However, the phone has to be connected always via USB.
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-maps.jpg

8. There's a sound of air leak which the service personnel said was actually the wind cutting noise. There's no air leaking into the cabin though. Just the sound when you are doing triple digit speeds. It comes from the A/C inlet flaps under the dashboard near the passenger side which is normal (As explained by the SA). Other owners need to confirm this.

Another important issue that kept me up the previous night of the trip was the alloy heating. After discussions in various groups, i found that there were many cases in different cars, specially the Crysta with Tyre burst issues. This could happen with excessive heating of the alloys and i did not have Nitrogen in the tyres. However, after breaking the next day post 300kms, i found that the alloys were just warm. I've noticed that they do tend to heat up insanely in cities. That could be mostly due to excessive breaking.

The Present

The car right now has 2500kms on the ODO. As far as the 1600kms trip is concerned, I have got a calculated mileage (tankful-to-tankful) of 14.8kmpl. And the indicated mileage for approximately half of the trip is:-
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170225_175717.jpg


Although I might have spoke briefly on the driveability part of the car, would like to elaborate on the same:-

Highway: Let me talk of the performance of the car starting from bad highway patches to 6-lane highways. Given that the car has low profile tyres, it is surprising to feel just how little of the bumps seep into the cabin when you are driving on a bad stretch of highway. Thanks to this, while other sedans and hatchbacks and even some Crossovers have to crawl at about 15-20kmph on roads with gravel, this thing can sail past on such stretches without having to shift down to 2nd. Not that the other cars cannot do it, but there is relatively very less tossing around in the cabin.
Coming to the single lane roads, this car being big, you will have to be prepared to leave the tarmac on one side if you want to overtake or give way to an oncoming vehicle. As i have just said previously, given its excellent capability to handle bad patches, this maneuver is a piece of cake. The occupants will never know! Initially though, you will have to be mindful of the extended RVM design and the huge wheel arches while overtaking/giving way. you wouldn't want to scratch any of those!

On a 2, 4 and 6 lane highway, there's no worries. You drive with them buttons! Cruise control in this car is amazing and easy to use. No hassle of a long press. Once you set a speed, when you either brake or accelerate from the preset speed, you can feel yourself being pushed back, which is kind of fun! The only sounds that seem to increase in the cabin with speed are the road and the wind noise. But still, it's not as bad as in other cars from this segment.

Now, if i have to talk about the engine itself, it's quite refined, but hesitates to rev. Unlike the XUV for example which is known for being peppy in cites and fun to drive. In the Hexa however, you tend to end up listening to the engine! No matter how much of a hurry you are in, the engine performs the same way. And you feel so because of the turbo lag. It does need getting used to. But, in the dynamic mode, the story changes. As i said, thanks to the driving modes, it feels like driving four different cars! In dynamic, the lag is considerably reduced and you fell the pull all the way till 4k RPM. And that is the maximum that i have gone. My SA said that the Varicor on Safari is tuned to behave similarly to the Hexa's Varicor when in dynamic. And that's why people observe Safari to perform better. He recommended for me to drive in dynamic while checking out performance. Might be true because the nature of the car in comfort and dynamic modes is poles apart.

While am talking about the engine, would like to add a few points on the clutch and gear. I observed that the shifts were pretty hard, specially for the first two gears. However, as of now, after reaching 2.5k kms on the ODO, I do feel that the shifts have become way more smoother than before. Also, though the clutch travel is pretty long, i love the smoothness that it has. This translates to easier driving in the city. While in the XUV, i had a totally opposite experience, though it had a dead pedal. Many friends who drove my Hexa, (one of them owns XUV), found that they could easily adjust themselves to the clutch play, and hence, there was no situation of engine stalling while moving the car from standstill, irrespective of the surface incline.

Hill ascent control could also have played it's part in this to some extent and i think its a very handy feature to have! When active (which is automatically activated when the system detects that the car is on an incline), there is no play in the brake lever. No matter how much you depress it, it doesn't budge. When you lift your foot however, the car keeps the brakes applied for 3 seconds after which it releases it. Within that time, if you accelerate, and if there is sufficient power available to get the car move forward without rolling back, the ascent control de-activates.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

You tend to forget what the NVH means when you are in Hexa. Noise: Apart from the engine when the RPMs cross 2.5k RPM, there is nothing heard from that department. As you build up speeds, past 110-120kmph, the wind noise becomes audible in the form of a small air leak. Nothing more than that which i think is acceptable. Road noise again is minimal and depends on the surface too. I have not observed any road noise in all these kilometers done. On concrete surface however, it does become audible a lot. Taking the size of the tyres into consideration, i was surprised to not hear any such noise at high speeds. Maybe the wind noise masks it.

Vibrations: None. I would love to end it with that single word, but, let me elaborate. Possible areas for vibrations to arise in this car could be from speakers/tweeters when volume is high, from the dashboard area, door handles, door locks and roof mounted panels. The reason why i mentioned these was that they are pretty loose to the touch and, in case of the dashboard, from various things stored in the storage spaces. But, you do not hear anything, from anywhere! Irrespective of your speed or the road surface or the RPM, there is nothing you can hear. Although there was a rattling sound from the bonnet area which i have mentioned with a picture, there is nothing now.

Harshness: Again, nothing. Engine is refined which is very unlike TATA!

Overall NVH levels are amazingly low and this further adds to the luxurious appeal of the car!


Comparing to the XUV, the steering here is pretty stiff. But not so stuff that it could be a deal breaker. However, with time, you tend to get used to it and by and by, you will start to love it! The feel and the response it gives makes you feel like you are driving a hatchback! You will feel the car easy to control in narrow roads and traffic. I love jockeying around in traffic and boy, its fun! Coming to parking this beast, the rear cam and the steering make it easier (will not comment on how ladies will feel about the steering) to position the car in parallel parking spots. However, in limited spaces, it is quite difficult. So I would not worry taking out this car to malls or places where you know there will be spaces to park. But it becomes rather difficult to park on roads.
When doing triple digit speeds, the steering tends to wobble past 140. It also depends on the road conditions too. On bad roads, the wobble could set in as low as 110-120kmph. However, given the nature of this steering, the wobbles are rather minimized if you compare to other cars and it weigh up in higher speeds which gives you confidence.


During my first TD in a manual Hexa, i nearly panicked because the brakes seemed to apply effectively only when the pedal were depressed to nearly half their travel. However, post this, the brakes bite and bite hard! Currently, in my car, i love the brakes so much that i naturally tend to overspeed on highways and overtake with confidence. Lane switching in the last minute is fun and the brakes make sure the 2-tonne car is controlled and at the same time, stable. Whatever i have explained in these lines is not at all suggested. I felt like mentioning it so that folks could get a better picture as to what the car is capable of irrespective of size. Body roll too is acceptable for a car of this size. People in the third row however, tend to get tossed around, but the second and first row occupants can sit back and enjoy the ride! In double digit speeds however, body roll is very minimal and you feel you are in a sedan!

So the above points i hope covers all the driveability aspect of the car. Here are some random pictures within the cabin:-

I wish there was a light strip around this, on the roof of the front row. Would have increased the overall appeal of the cabin. This display just lights up on either of the two options, whichever is active. I feel that it was not needed to be given such a prominent place.
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-front-1.jpg

The front row light panel. Three bright lights with either sides being very effectively directed such that they do not disturb the other passengers.
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-front-2.jpg

The middle row panel with the controls for the B and C pillar vents. Buttons are designed pretty well and there are no vibrations from the panel unlike the TD car which i had driven. There was an issue reported by multiple owners saying that once the AC is turned on, and all pillar vents are closed, there is still some leak in the vents. I understand that it will have to be so because the air is blowing and when all vents are closed shut, there has to be a way for the air to escape. Maybe i have understood the issue wrongly so please correct me if wrong!
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-untitled1.jpg

The third row panel.
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-rear.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-rear-light.jpg

I prefer charging my Asus through this port as it charges way faster than the other ports. But still, for even quicker charging, I would recommend buying a good quality car charger. Until then, this does the job pretty well!
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-2.4a.jpg

The TeamBHP tag!
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170225_105507.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-sticker.jpg
Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2-p_20170226_163950.jpg

Talking about the controls and MID, having come from a Santro, it took me some time to understand them. But getting the AC to work and understanding the infotainment system was a piece of cake. Driver ergonomics are brilliant and I had found the right posture by the time i exited the dealer's compound during delivery! Although the 1st gear is a bit of a stretch and the gear shifts are hard, strangely you do tend to like it! Add to that, the mirrors are long which gives you a good view of everything happening behind. However, one needs to be careful while parking in narrow spaces as these tend to come in the way. Driver's visibility is great and ALL the passengers get their share of the view thanks to the huge windows! It adds more to the airy and spacious feeling inside the car.

To sum up my entire ownership experience, we liked the space which this car offered. Relatives and friends who sat in the third row for a couple of hours never complained. And even in full load, there was no difference in performance. The car just keeps pulling with even a slight pedal input.
Coming to the AC, just to make it easier to understand, the temperatures in my native hovers around 35+ and even reaches way higher than 40. The cooling inside was very quick. You have loads of vents placed effectively around the cabin to make sure the car cools down pretty quick. Every passenger no matter where he sits, feels comfortable!

Speaking of passengers, each one gets their share of cup-holders and charging points. However, wish the designers had given much more thought to the poor driver. There's no place to keep even a cell phone. I just put it in front of the gear knob as there's plenty of space there and it does not fall off.

Also, i tried taking out the spare wheel just to understand how long it might take to do so. I felt it was pretty simple. However, the fairer sex may find it difficult. Speaking of which, I feel this car will be a bit difficult for the ladies as it could be understood from the review posted on one of a media channel's youtube page. Getting the steering to work while doing a 3-point turn, lifting up the bonnet, working the gears, etc will definitely not be as easy.

Would like to also talk about the manual for both, the car and the infotainment system. While TATA has launched an app which contains brief, yet sufficient information of the car, i preferred reading the physical manual. It is pretty comprehensive with detailed images to complement the text and is easily understandable.

Finally, i must add that having come across multiple owners facing QC issues which are not serious, but very annoying I checked my car for the same and found none. As long as TATA responds promptly and we feel that we are being heard, we are happy owners!

That's it! These negatives for me are nothing compared to what the car is offering and the pricing is also competitive.

I just wish Tata Motors good luck with this product. In this case, the product is amazing, but the brand has to gain more trust.

And with dealers like mine, with their selfless commitment, am pretty sure that Tata Motors can now grow to new heights and make us proud!

Will keep on adding my experiences with the car and it would be great if fellow owners too share their valuable comments and advise.

Thank You!

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Default re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

I'll be the first to congratulate you on your ownership thread - many congratulations, the car does look stunning!!

P.S: You are bound to get a note from the moderators about making the ownership thread much more detailed! I started my own car's thread 6 months back, still didn't get to the level of detail needed for Tbhp standard
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Let me be the second one to congratulate you on the purchase. The XUV and the Hexa have been on top of my recommendation list since the launch of the latter.

The only thing Tata needs to work on is Q.C. I think customer feedback will eventually sort these gremlins out . The Hexa is a quantum leap ahead for Tata.

Wish you many more happy miles with her.


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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Congrats on your wonderful new machine.
Enjoyed reading this first owner review in Team-Bhp.
If I were in the market for a 7 seater, the Hexa would have definitely been in the reckoning. The description of the ride quality makes it even more tempting.
Here's wishing you many happy miles of motoring.
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I would like to thank the mods for approving the thread and for guiding me through the process.
Kindly excuse if the contents seem broken up here and there. Will keep updating the thread as and how my ownership progresses.
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Congrats on your new Hexa. It looks stunning! It's very encouraging to hear TATA dealers are improving. Hopefully, people put aside that negative brand image of TATA and have a serious look at this car.
wishing you many happy miles
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Great thread and detail abhi. As promised I now need to add my ownership review on the thread as well. You have set the bar really high on quality of the detailed articulation, hope I can come close.
Congratulations once again!
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Congrats on getting the Hexa home. Do keep the thread updated regularly as it would be a rich source of information from an owner which can help a prospective buyer.

Enjoy many more happy miles with the HEXA.
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

A much awaited report on a much discussed car. Congrats on bringing the behemoth home. I could understand your impatience about the report staying put in the assembly line. Nevertheless, better late than never. Wish you peaceful times with the HEXA.
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Thanks a lot for the wishes! Will keep updating as and how my ownership progresses. As of now, the car has done 2600kms and needs 2400kms more for its first service. During this, would insist on changing the oil and wiper blades (as one of the blades is leaving behind a trail of droplets).
Also, i need suggestions for a good quality horn for the car! Preferably low frequency than the squeaky one that's there.
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Originally Posted by abhi7013 View Post
Also, i need suggestions for a good quality horn for the car! Preferably low frequency than the squeaky one that's there.
I have always upgraded the horns on my vehicles and for the Hexa, I'd suggest you go with Hella Twintones. They are loud without being jarring and are like the German "paaarp" horns. Also, unlike what has been said about them, they last long too. I've had them for as long as 5 years.
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Congrats abhi7013 on getting the beast home. Rated a well deserved 5 stars. My own beast is stuck in the quagmire of Tamil Nadu RTO for the last 15 days. I wish you a million miles of safe driving.
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Default Re: Our Big Boy: Tata Hexa XT 4x2

Congratulations on you new car abhi. Great looking car and good color too. Please do mention the on-road price. I know for a newly launched car none of the dealers give any discounts. Happy and safe motoring to you!!!
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Originally Posted by gr8guyme View Post
Congratulations on you new car abhi. Great looking car and good color too. Please do mention the on-road price. I know for a newly launched car none of the dealers give any discounts. Happy and safe motoring to you!!!
Thanks for the wishes!
The on road was 20,61,000 which includes extended warranty.
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