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Default BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Preface: It has been 5 wonderful years of Jetta’s ownership. What a Sedan! A mod friendly one! An upgrade from this is always a headache with limited budget!! That too with C2 segment sedans crossing the 17L OTR mark!!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-dsc_9001.jpg

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-dsc_9000.jpg

As travel is part of my job, I spend considerable amount of time with the car in the traffic and that makes it important for me to invest so as to stay motivated. Initially, as a purist, I loved manual transmission as it could connect well and provide complete control of the car. But of late, with increase in Bangalore traffic, I started wishing that I had an Auto transmission. Well, maybe the age factor caught up too!

Even though I could feel the itch for an upgrade as the car was completing 5 years, I would have pulled-on for another couple of years, had I purchased Jetta with an Auto transmission. But then, I would have missed the experience of Jetta’s excellent manual transmission. Wish I could have the cake and eat it too!

Once the bug takes over, it becomes hard to resist and often it can prove dangerous as it seriously influences the timing of the activity itself. I am sure many will agree with me on this! And so, my resolve to wait for some more time went down the drain and I jumped into the market in search of an upgrade.

This was around the time when VW-Passat was launched.

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Initial thoughts: As a family, our requirement was that the new car should be an automatic, ride and handle as good as Jetta if not better; have practically acceptable ground clearance, provide decent interior space to seat 5 adults and should be a step-up in other departments. I personally dislike unnecessary attention and also dread high cost of ownership associated with expensive badges; therefore, no particular inclination towards the German big three. As always, it is the family’s collective decision that rules!

As we had VW family cars for the last 9 years and very happy with their built quality / services / cost of ownership, it was natural for us to look for an upgrade from their stable. Infact that was the only thought we had to begin with. This time around as we were to spend double the cost of Jetta, we planned to keep the car longer, for 10 years.

Unfortunately, neither Tiguan nor Passat with their current offerings convinced me that they can be the right upgrade for the Jetta. I could have followed the same path of modifications as I did for the Jetta, but not after spending an initial amount of 35L - 40L for the car. Passat’s DSG-DQ250 rated at 400Nm of torque would have been on the borderline after remap and I was not prepared to take the risk of a remap with a DSG in the long term. Also, Passat’s OTR price of over 40L in Karnataka pushed me to think of alternatives.

We had a look at Volvo V40 Cross Country. Even though it is a hatchback, it is wider than the Jetta and about a foot shorter; not small at all. Ground Clearance is manageable and the boot-space at 335L with split-folding rear seats was okay, considering that we had rarely utilized the 510L boot of Jetta in the past 5 years. It has a beautiful panoramic sunroof and loaded with all the features a car can have in this world! But rear seat space was strictly for 2 adults. This was one major deterrent. The other issue was; in India it is right now offered with a Diesel engine only in D3 tune mated with 6 speed automatic. This combination proved very dull & loud; the car though looks small, is quite heavy. This was the deal breaker for me.

Later, we had a look at Volvo-S60; Excellent built quality, comfortable interiors, manageable boot space, mouth-watering features, Diesel engine - D4 tune with twin sequential turbo chargers, Aisin 8 Speed Automatic Gear box, 190PS/400Nm ratings with decent ride and handling. But ground clearance was the issue. Also, Volvo’s thin dealership network made me think. Since I travel a lot in rural areas, I had my doubts.

More than a year back in 2016, I had casually visited BMW showroom to have a look at X1 and had left my business card with them. And then recently, I started receiving messages from BMW-Navnit Motors mentioning attractive discounts on select models that they had in stock. We thought of getting the details and called them. Even though I frankly told them that I may not be buying their car, as it is beyond my reach, they insisted on a test drive and arranged for one the same day. They very well know that once a man tastes blood, it is easy to get him to the table!!

I had a bit of previous experience in driving RWD BMW 3 series with N47 engine + ZF gearbox. I felt X1’s B47 engine to be smoother and quieter. Even though I had test driven Aisin 8 Speed on S60, it felt smoother and different in X1. B47 on the new X1 is mated very well with Aisin 8 Speed Sports automatic transmission. Combination works very well with quick smooth gearshifts, excellent shift logic and zero shift-down shock. B47 in Sports mode is butter smooth and has an excellent spread of torque with close to zero lag. Even though the experience associated with driving a RWD in terms of the Drift and 50:50 weight distribution are missed, this car is an excellent handler and a thorough entertainer; particularly when compared to other FWD biased cars. As it is an AWD, drive influence on the steering is at its minimum. For the civilian roads, X1 surely does more than enough.

More on this later!!

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

A brief review of the cars we considered: To be honest, there is very little to complain with any of these cars. End of the day, choice depends on what one personally prefers!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-specifications-considered-cars.jpg

VW-Tiguan: Spacious, practical with flexible interiors, well designed and executed cabin, humongous boot space with electric tailgate, good built quality and has all the safety features required and some more! 7 Speed DSG is super quick and is well mated to the smooth and torquey 2.0 TDI engine. Cruise control, Auto electric hand brake, Auto wiper / Auto 3-zone AC / Auto Headlights / Auto dimming IRVM / Auto dimming ORVM, Memory seats, Panoramic sunroof, excellent safety features; all together makes it a comfortable car for a relaxed / spirited drive. AWD adds to the directional stability and aids traction.

Panoramic Sunroof is lovely and the family loved it. In-fact, the sunroof was one of the main attractions in the car, even though we liked everything else; leather seats, front camera and ventilated driver seat would have been nice though they were not considered as deal breakers.

GC was not an issue at all, contrary to so much being discussed on the subject; it feels like a car with 180-200mm GC. Braking is superb too. As a family, we have been used to only Sedans and possibly because of that, Tiguan’s ride felt bumpy and wobbly. Stiff suspension added to the problem. Adaptive suspension with ride height adjustment would have been great. Maybe, it is asking for too much for the segment, but not at this price point I suppose.

NVH should have been better controlled around the doors. Given that the panel gaps are uniform coupled with tight shut lines; it takes little to have quality door beadings.

Power is just about adequate and nothing exciting. IMO, 180/380 rating would do for this segment given the weight of the SUV. Higher Power and Adaptive suspension would have sealed the deal for me at this price point.

VW Passat: Wow!! What a Sedan! I was thoroughly impressed. Built quality, fit & finish, seating comfort, space, large boot, long list of safety and comfort features, Auto pilot, 360 degree camera, LED projectors; the list goes on and on and on! Would I have liked something more? Adaptive head lights and Adaptive Cruise control. Oh yes! I am greedy!!

Test drive was fun too! I took it out for a long drive and thoroughly checked GC in comfort mode, as I had my concerns. It came out with flying colours! Time tested 6 speed DSG was super quick with its shifts; no doubt it is rated at 8ms shift time! Shift shock was noticeable during downshift but was within acceptable limits. Power was adequate with minimum lag in normal mode and the car was quick in sport mode, but not enough to set the stage on fire. Difference in Adaptive dampener’s settings could be felt between Comfort and Sport modes. I would have preferred if the ride height could be lowered in the Sport mode.

Something was wrong. I noticed that if I drive just looking at the road ahead, forgetting that I was in a different car, I could not tell the difference between the Jetta and the Passat. They are so similar that at a point, it gets boring. Now, that is what I call nit-picking! Only difference being that Passat felt a little bit bigger to drive, but not much.

Again, NVH should have been better controlled around the doors. Given that the panel gaps are uniform coupled with tight shut lines; it doesn’t cost much to have quality door beadings. That can do wonders as it feels premium for passengers inside the car.

Having used to the Jetta with Bilstein-B6 and Pete’s remap, it is obvious that I am spoilt. But still, I felt that VW does not have products to retain customers upgrading from their quality products such as Jetta. VW better differentiate Audi‘s line of products by other means instead of down-grading the power / NVH rating of their own bread / butter products. Add to that, I somehow feel VW is acting a bit funny with their offers post Diesel-Gate. A Passat GTD @ 45L OTR would have sealed the deal for sure!

Volvo V40CC: This super hatch has every feature available on the planet; Just a step or two away from being a driver-less car! It rides and handles well and is priced similar to Tiguan! Even though the space on offer is good, the back seat width is strictly for 2 adults; bucket seats although comfortable, makes it difficult to accommodate a third passenger. Diesel engine in D3 tune (VGT turbo) is a bit loud; that mated with the Aisin 6 speed steptronic automatic transmission, feels very ordinary. If this car was offered with a D4 engine with Aisin 8 Speed Sport Automatic, it would have been extremely tempting though.

Volvo S60: Even though this is an outgoing model, it is one heck of a Sedan; I loved every bit of it. If the features are to be tabled and compared, most cars will have about 50% of the boxes unticked! Excellent built quality, comfortable seats, good for 5 adults; 380 litres of boot space with split folding rear seats is manageable. Headlights, even though Xenon projector, looks good and works great (Thor LED headlights in the upcoming model is not of projector type). Infotainment system is outdated for sure, but with Nokia buttons it looks classy and has all required features; with a healthy dose of workout for the brain every day, I thought it would help me delay Alzheimer’s disease!!

Engine comes with D4 tune, sequential twin turbo (both are single stage) and mated with Aisin 8 Speed Automatic transmission. The power/torque output is similar to X1, rated at 190/400. An official Polestar remap would boost this to 210/440 and also improve gear shift logic. With the discounts offered, the OTR prices were very close to that of Passat! Extremely tempting!!

Honestly speaking, the problem was the Ground Clearance. When we were taken to their stockyard to choose colour (we had reached that far!), the road had a few unscientific (normal for Indian standards) humps and the driver was sweating! Once we reached the service centre, on request, I was let in to see the under-body protection of a car that had come for service. Standard engine protection that comes with the car is plastic, which could be changed to a metal one which was optional and would cost 50K+. I also noticed that the owner had used spacers in all suspension springs probably to avoid bottoming. This dented my confidence as I travel a lot in rural parts of Karnataka. Brand new cars (dealer stock) were parked inside the compound without shelter; this, at this price range, looked unprofessional to me. But the brochures were accurate with all technical details since the car is a CBU. Atleast that way, one can be sure of what one is getting. Lovely quality though!! No doubt about it.

XC40 was discussed but was not considered as by the time the car was launched, we had already set our minds on X1. After driving X1, there was no way I would have liked XC40. X1’s engine / Gearbox combination + ride / handling combination are excellent; at the same time XC40 excels with safety and features, but the interiors are not to our taste. XC60 was one SUV we loved in the Volvo lineup, but it was totally off our budget.

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6864.jpg

X1 xDrive 20d M Sport: The platform of the first generation E84-X1 was based on E91-3 series touring which was basically a Sedan / Estate and therefore, the proportions were more like a jacked-up estate car. The second generation F48-X1 is based on BMW’s new front wheel based UKL2 platform which is shared with the likes of MINI Clubman / Countryman. Visual awkwardness of the first generation has disappeared and X1 now looks more like a conventional crossover with the exception being an added “D” pillar, which adds to the structural integrity, considering that the roof is almost completely covered with the panoramic sunroof. Angel eyes with an eyebrow, looks swell too! F48-X1 now looks more like a downsized X3/X5; BMW calls this a SAVSports Activity Vehicle.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-f4865535silhouette65535comparison65535with65535bmw65535x365535f2565535and65535bmw65535x565535f15.jpg

Build quality, fit & finish is top notch although panel gaps could have been a bit more uniform. Warranty covers even the suspensions, which speaks volume about the confidence the company has on the products. NVH is very well contained and it feels premium inside the car. Glass used all round are heat insulated with 70% visibility which helps avoid sun-film. Under-body is well protected especially below the oil sump. Automatic Dual Zone AC is very effective and cools fast but I am yet to test it under extreme conditions. Car is rated 5 Star by Euro NCAP and is equipped with a long list of safety features which includes 6 Airbags, Adaptive All Wheel Drive, Hill hold and Hill descent control, Driver attentive assistance, ABS with Brake assist, Cornering brake control, Dynamic Stability and Traction control, Tyre pressure monitoring system, Electronic Vehicle immobilizer and Crash detector, automatic headlights and wiper, etc.

X1’s weight distribution is a near-ideal 56%:46%, biased towards the front. AWD is based on fifth generation Haldex unit further modified by BMW. The response time of this system as claimed by BMW is 0.1 Sec and is active in most driving situations, except for high-speed highway drives involving top gears. As and when necessary, the AWD system can transfer 100% of the torque to the rear wheels. In comfort mode, the steering is a bit light to my liking, but in Sport mode it weighs up nicely and is very sharp and responsive. M-Sport steering wheel with paddle shifts looks classy and is extremely meaty to hold.

With the ARAI revising ground clearance measuring norms (Source), numbers specified by the manufacturers are often confusing. Some clearly specify as laden GC, whereas the others don’t. I have been very happy with the Jetta’s ground clearance practically. There has been no instance in the last five years wherein I had a problem or doubted it under any conditions I have been through. Comparatively, X1’s ground clearance feels at-least the same, if not better; front and rear overhangs are shorter. Being an SAV, X1’s approach and departure angles are much higher than the Jetta which is a Sedan. The combination makes X1 much more practical under similar conditions. Even though X1 is an AWD, coupled with Pirelli-P7 tyres meant for highways, it can at the best be a soft roader.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-f4865535silhouette65535comparison65535with65535bmw65535x165535e84.jpg
E84 X1 specifications: Approach angle 18, Departure angle 22.7 and Break-over angle is 16.8. F48 X1 looks similar too.

X1 is genuinely fun to drive and a very capable car. It is agile and the chassis responds very well to directional changes much like a smaller car. Coming from the Jetta, I find this extremely tractable, nimble to handle and dart through the highway traffic. It is undoubtedly an extremely competent handler. Bi-LED projector headlights have excellent throw and are very bright with a blue tinge which mimic bright daylight. Horn is very effective. Brakes are effective and the pedal feel / travel is well modulated. M-Sport suspensions are nicely balanced between ride and handling. Just for comparison, Bilstein-B6 suspensions were firmer but with a much longer travel. A reduced ride height of 10mm with stiffer suspension adds to the cornering ability keeping the body roll at its minimum. Car begs to be pushed hard through corners, but a tyre with 235mm width would have been better. This is going to be in my mind when the time is right for the tyre change. Run-flat tyre makes the ride brittle and unpleasant over road construction / warping joints (not the usual expansion joints); particularly the ones that are unscientific; but at this point, I am not sure if I would prefer Tubeless over the Run-flat tyres in future. Any suggestions on available tyres with 235mm width for 7.5J rims would be of great help; IMO both Run-flat (95W rating) and Tubeless (100Y rating) versions should be good as options; 100Y rating being intentional for tubeless as I would like to play safe.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6973.jpg

2.0L B47 engine is tried and tested; delivers a power of 190HP and a torque of 400Nm. It uses Garrett-Honeywell twin scroll VGT turbo. These turbos are self-lubricated type with ceramic ball bearing. Life of the turbo is claimed to be equal to that of the engine, which is estimated to be an average of 10L Kms! B47 engines are due for an update in 2018. This update dubbed as B47-TU1 will gain twin sequential turbochargers; smaller will be a VGT and the larger will be a single stage turbocharger. This is mainly to lower emission so as to comply with the stringent norms and will keep the power and torque at the same 190HP/400Nm rating. As B47 is time tested and less complicated with a single turbo, I decided to go ahead with it.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-bmwx1f48b4720d-power-x-torque-plot.jpg

In a twin scroll turbo, exhaust gas is circulated to drive the Turbo through dual manifolds, one from cylinder 1&4 combined and the other from cylinder 2&3 combined. This helps in providing unidirectional flow of the exhaust gas improving kinetic energy and thereby improving turbo efficiency, as the exhaust gas from one set of cylinder does not flow back / foul with the other set of cylinder during its air intake cycle. This reduces Turbo-lag and improves efficiency. As of now, I am getting a combined fuel efficiency of about 14kmpl. Fuel tank capacity is 50 liters.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-twin-scroll-turbo.jpg

Engine is silent at idle but a slight diesel clatter & drone can be heard as the RPM builds. As the speed increases, the auto gearbox does an excellent job in keeping the engine silent. Slight lag can be felt in the Comfort mode which is well managed by the Auto box. In Sports mode the engine gets into a different league altogether and is ever ready to zip through with the slightest input from the A pedal. It is fun to dart through the highway traffic in sports mode. Power is more than adequate and readily available at any given point of time. M Sport suspension combined with Sports mode satisfies my need as an enthusiast; and that can save a lot of money in future, to say the least!

BMW X1 F48 M Sport uses an Aisin 8 speed sports automatic transmission. Aisin Seiki is a Japanese company co-owned by Toyota. AWF8Fxx Torque convertor 8 speed automatic transmissions are used by Lexus, Volvo, Mini, VW, GM and Peugeot. Gearbox is butter smooth and quick to shift both up and down. There is absolutely no swift shock. Even though Swift speed is nowhere near a DSG (8ms), it is comparable to ZF (200+ms). To be frank, the difference is not perceivable under most driving conditions, at-least in my case. Shift logic is spot-on and it does a very good job in keeping the engine RPM at the right level. It is quick to downshift too when required. But in case of urgency, shifting the stick to manual mode or a tap on the paddle shifts does the trick. The transmission supports start/stop function by aiding smooth operation during auto-start. It also supports coasting at idle between 50-160 Kmph which aids fuel economy. Shift logic is more aggressive in 8 speed automatic sport transmission and has launch control and steering mounted paddle shifts as additions, compared to the normal 8 speed transmission. With the DSC off or in Sport+ mode, one can be in total control of the gear shift as in a manual transmission (no automatic up-shift or kick-down). Launch control is limited to a maximum of 100 counts to avoid excessive wear and tear of engine / transmission parts.

Gear shift lever is of mechanical type directly sourced from the MINI’s part bin. It is positive and smooth to operate. But a one-touch wand as in ZF transmission would have been fantastic to use. It is not just about ergonomics, electronic gearshift lever can help in multiple ways. For example; selector lever can be programmed to shift to parking mode from drive mode, if the driver forgets to shift to parking mode and tries to get off the car by removing seat-belt OR selector lever can be programmed to automatically shift to Neutral when hand-brakes are engaged in traffic signal so that the clutch wear is minimised. These ways, having selector lever logic based on the engine / drive status can make the car safer / reliable and can totally change the way the automatics are driven.

Auto Start/Stop is a nice feature except that it engages too frequently. It does check that the battery is sufficiently charged, Engine oil temperature is within limits, cabin temperature is as desired, driver’s steering input has stopped, etc.; if all these parameters are met and if the car has attained a speed in excess of 7kmph before complete stop, it switches off the engine. This can be an irritant in B2B traffic. For Indian driving conditions, if this threshold is increased to (say) 30kmph, it can work like a charm; will have to check coding possibility! Turbo housing is further cooled through thermo siphon effect for a short while after the engine is turned off.

Panoramic sunroof is all electric, fully functional and excellent to use. It has a ventilation mode which is very effective. Sports seats in the front are super supportive with very good under thigh support. Seating height / position is in-between a Sedan and a SUV; very comfortable with excellent all round view. Seat position along with the ORVM position can be stored under the driver's profile. Rear seats are with mechanical fore / aft adjustment and the backrest recline angle can be altered. Very comfortable except that the seat base could have been a couple of inches longer for better under thigh support, particularly for taller passengers. Both front and back leg room is very good. Boot space is excellent with a flat load lip. Infact, practically speaking, this boot is better usable than that of the Jetta, even though they are of similar volume.

Infotainment system consists of an iDrive touch-pad controller with 8.8 inch colour touch display, split screen function and Navigation maps. Touch screen experience is superb, much better than an iPhone IMO. Audio unit is a 7 speaker 205w Hi-Fi unit which does an excellent job. Bluetooth is seamless to connect and the audio quality is superb. Head up Display is very useful and of superb quality. At the time of sale, Navnit Motors had confirmed that 2018 model X1 has Touch Screen and Apple CarPlay in addition to the 2017 model sold in India. With iOS 12 update expected by September 2018, Apple CarPlay will support Google Maps and that is one heck of an advantage. In my car, ACP is not activated. This is because, even though my car has the latest ID6 version touch display and the touch pad controller, the head unit supplied is ENAV (Entry Navigation) instead of NBT-EVO which is required to support Apple CarPlay. These missing / wrong-shipped items to activate Apple CarPlay, is being arranged by Navnit / BMW and the same will be retrofitted by October this year. I will update once this activity is completed. Barring this omission, my overall experience with Navnit Motors has been excellent. I thank them and the BMW for all the support extended.

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Purchase experience: After the test drive, we visited Navnit Motors on the very next day as we needed further details on financials. Coincidentally, we met Mr Sharath Singh who had sold us the Jetta 5 years back at KPR Cars, Mysore! He is now working for Navnit Motors and is in-charge of Mysore operations and was on a routine visit to his office at Bangalore. As he knew that I was crisp in taking decisions, he directly asked me if I am willing to conclude the deal on the same day and place the order. I said that I was looking at sDrive xLine and if he can match the OTR price with Passat, I can book it immediately. He spoke to the Sales Executive Mr Bharath who was handling my case and our discussion started. We were given a list of vehicles in their stock and as per the colors available we selected an xLine and an Msport, both 2018 models. There were 2017 model cars in the yard which were cheaper for obvious reasons. Also, 2018 model cars had Touch screen infotainment system and Apple CarPlay as additional features. We started the discussion by 12 noon and concluded by 5pm. It was Msport in the end and even though we had to stretch our budget, we felt that it was worthwhile with the added features; Msport suspension, AWD, HUD, larger display and the choice of colour along with premium leather interiors made the difference; front wheel drive with a normal suspension would not have been an upgrade from the Jetta. Car was invoiced during the third week of May. As I was to travel for 3 weeks, I did a PDI on 11th June and took delivery on 14th June after registration. At the time of delivery, ODO was reading 4 Kms.

My interaction with the staff at Navnit Motors was very pleasant, even though it is difficult to get them to lower the price! In general, I felt that they were a team of honest people. Except for some minor irritation such as delay in providing receipts / invoice and general coordination, the experience was good. As mentioned earlier, Apple Car Play was promised during negotiations but was not active in my car. Once I brought-up this issue with Navnit Motors / BMW, they owned the responsibility and have committed to get the same rectified within a reasonable period of time.

I should also mention that the service facility / stock yard they have is one of the best in business and their service team is both knowledgeable and courteous. This gives assurance and satisfaction for having chosen the brand.

However, from my experience, I would suggest prospective first time buyers to get a quotation detailing all the features before concluding the deal. It is a good idea to verify the same through the VIN decoder. I know that this is very basic, but it can be easily missed as a lot will be transpiring in our head. The brochure on BMW web-site can be sometimes misleading. BMW does not religiously update their web-site on time. Forewarned is forearmed! In the end, it avoids human errors and can save a lot of heartburn.

Time for some pictures!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6865.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6871.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6880.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6886.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6894.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6901.jpg
I have started feeling excited about having a spare tyre! I feel so great! Couldn't have believed this a few months back!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6905.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6907.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6910.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6912.jpg
Sense of open space can get better only in a convertible!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6917.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6922.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6930.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6931.jpg
Sports seat - you get the feeling of sitting IN it and not ON it.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6932.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6934.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6936.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6937.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6938.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc7007.jpg
Love the steering wheel. But the cruise control is sorely missed. Dummy buttons on the steering wheel looks cheap.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6941.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6946.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6949.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6950.jpg
OBD port and the lever to open the bonnet.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6951.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6954.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6957.jpg
Double stitches on the leather looks awesome!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6988.jpg
Ventilation mode - Very effective - Superb!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc7005.jpg
Rear headrest does not obstruct the view. Superb!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6991.jpg
RFT: Love it - Hate it relationship!

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Some more pictures!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6979.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6968.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc7009.jpg

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6992.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6993.jpg
Panel gaps could have been uniform.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc7008.jpg
Navigation maps are good for the city. Cautions before entering into a narrow lane. Love that!

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc6996.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc7001.jpg
Touch screen display is awesome!! Very bright and Fantastic quality.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-_dsc7002.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-img_0872.jpg
Excellent tough sump guard. Plastic cover in the middle is to drain engine oil; entire sump guard need not be removed during periodical oil-change service.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-img_0873.jpg
Even though all exposed parts are neatly tucked-in, a plastic under-body cladding would have been preferred.

Things that I like;

1. Dead pedal – size, angle and positioning.
2. Piano type Accelerator pedal – Infact, none of the other cars I considered had this!
3. Excellent packaging of interior space with top-notch built quality.
4. Excellent colour combination – Mineral white exterior with Mocha Interiors and black roofline.
5. Panoramic sunroof!!! - Creates a sense of open space.
6. Driver side door need not be opened to release bonnet. Convenient during security checks at malls.
7. Heat insulated glass all round with 70% visibility. Love this!
8. Cubby storage space under the front seats and in the dashboard - Cool!
9. Digital Compass on the infotainment display! – Perfect.
10. TPMS shows individual tyre pressure and temperature too.
11. Sports display is awesome for the party trick!
12. Rear seat headrests do not obstruct visibility.
13. Rear view camera quality is awesome!!
14. Infotainment system has a built-in user manual – Convenient!
15. Spare wheel – I should be happy that X1 has one!!

Things that I dislike;

1. Key fob is required to open the door, but not to start the engine!
2. Even though electro-mechanical hand brake is standard, auto-hand brake is omitted!
3. Tail gate locking mechanism is pathetic! One has to literally bang the boot-lid to lock it even though it is heavy! I think that the mechanism is designed for the electric tail-gate available in the international market and is not modified to suite manual closure.
4. As Bi-LED projectors are used, the inner projector of the headlamp housing is left dummy! This is to accommodate BMW design language wrt Angel DRLs. Atleast an additional fog-lamps in this space would have been logical / practical.
5. All door pockets hold one litre water bottles. But if the bottle is more than 7 inches tall, it angles / jets outwards. I am using a half litre bottle with a wider base to suit the space.
6. Exterior electric folding mirrors do not fold / unfold with a single click during lock / unlock cycle using the key fob.
7. Lane change indicator has an option to select either 1 or 3 blinks. An option of 3 and 5 would have been practical.
8. Even after centre-locking, the doors from inside open with a single pull of the door-lock lever! This was the same with Jetta too. Safety concern!
9. Navigation maps are good within the city limits but not dependable in rural areas.
10. Expensive BSI packages.

Features that I miss which were part of the Jetta;

1. Front parking sensors! With the tight parking space almost everywhere in Bangalore, I really miss this.
2. Cruise control – With an Auto Gearbox, I still can’t believe that I do not have it!
3. Pause/Mute button on the steering wheel.
4. Telephone – one touch dialler.
5. Tubeless tyres! – Big time!!

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Accessories and extras purchased:

1. Extended warranty covering 5 years. I will extend it to the 6th year at a later date.
2. BSI Basic for 5 years – 80K Kms.
3. Quartz coating with a 4 year warranty package from Ultimate Detailerz.
4. 3D Kagu Mats - Planned.

BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-bmw-service-packages.jpg
BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!-img0881.jpg

Credits: I would like to thank fellow Bhpians Santosh Bhat and Shunil for their timely inputs. I thank my daughter Rachana for being the photographer and contributing to this thread. It has been a wonderful feeling to know that Jetta is in the safest hands possible. Thanks to fellow Bhpian Atul Chandra to make this happen.


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Aisin AWF8FXX series 8-speed automatic transmission

That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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Default re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Thanks for the very detailed review Chetan -what a great way to start the day!

The X1 is a really good package overall and well suited for Indian conditions in terms of size (especially in traffic), interior space and usable power. I loved the interiors as well - just the right mix of quality and tech for the price.

Very happy to hear also of the good experience with BMW BLR dealer Navneet Motors - this is the make or break experience - especially on a high end motor such as the X1.

In-fact, I was very impressed on how they owned up and resolved the Apple Carplay situation for you. Top marks to them.

While VW may not have had a proper upgrade for you from Jetta, BMW surely has many - if the dealership experience continues this way, I fear you will own BMWs for life

With the discounts going around, the X1 - in rather perverse way, is great value. When helping a friend and fellow BHPian with his X1 purchase - Navneet Motors straightaway offered a discount of 9.5L on a Nov 2017 X line variant for an on-road price in BLR of just over 40 L. But he chose to go with the 2018 variant as the touchscreen and controls were upgraded.
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Default Re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Excellent Opening post, write up, pictures & a very technically detailed review of the F48 X1.

The X1 in the M Sport trim looks extremely desirable & sure means business

Enjoy !

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Default Re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Congrats on your drive, get the moulded rubber mats from your dealer rather than Kagu
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Default Re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Congrats on your new drive Chetan ji. Looks awesome! This interior and exterior colour combination is my favourite on any BMW.

I'm surprised you didn't test drive the XC40.
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Default Re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Congrats on your new car!

Excellent detailed review

Your F48 X1 looks brilliant, way better than the E84 X1.

Since you already had a Volkswagen and considered the Passat and Tiguan, why didn't you look at cars from Skoda? Was the Kodiaq too big for your requirements?

It's good to see that you are getting good service from Navnit Motors. Hope that continues for long and hope they keep their word on Apple CarPlay.

Btw, where were the exterior shots of the X1 taken?
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No cruise control in a ~50L OTR car in its highest M sport variant. I find it really hard to believe considering even not very well equipped budget cars like the Jazz cvt have this feature these days. Now that most cars are coming with semi autonomous driving especially the luxury manufacturers absence of cruise control is a glaring omission. I agree with you about the front parking sensors I miss them on my Fortuner too but these should have been part of the top variant at least.

Other than this it's a fantastic car and I feel it's the most practical and VFM luxury car from the big 3 German manufacturers in India today. Wishing you lots of trouble free miles with your favourite machine.
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Default Re: BMW X1 (F48) xDrive 20d M-Sport : My favorite machine!

Lovely review - As a fellow manual 2012 Jetta TDI owner, i completely related with what you probably were probably going through in your head, it really is a great car to own and live with. Could you please consider sharing your impressions of driving the car in traffic, especially from a Bangalore perspective, my car is also entering the 6th year and hence a thought after reading your thread. Have you opted for any maintenance package ? Sorry i am not familiar with the BMW options. Wish you a great experience with the X1.

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